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3 more ruled out for season, injured list grows

UM coach Randy Shannon might not like talking about injuries, but his team is having to deal with a lot more of them lately. 

Three new players have been ruled out for the season because they've had or will have surgery -- defensive tackle Marcus Forston (ankle), tight end Richard Gordon (shoulder) and defensive end Adewale Ojomo (jaw) according to an injury report released Thursday. 

Six others have been ruled out for Saturday's 7:30 kickoff against UCF for the ninth-ranked Hurricanes (4-1): fullback Patrick Hill (lower extremity), defensive tackle Josh Holmes (lower extremity), receiver Aldarius Johnson (shoulder), defensive end Eric Moncur (groin), safety Jojo Nicolas (shoulder) and safety Randy Phillips (forearm). 

Right guard Joel Figueroa, who has been seeing more playing time over the past couple of weeks, is listed as doubtful with a lower extremity injury. 

Running backs Graig Cooper (hip) and Lee Chambers (ankle) are listed as probable and expected back.

> UM's defensive line will be short just about everywhere on its defensive line with only eight healthy available players. Look for Allen Bailey, who has been moved outside for the last three games, to play a lot more inside there with Joe Joseph, Micanor Regis and Curtis Porter. Steven Wesley, Marcus Robinson, Andrew Smith and Olivier Vernon are the healthy defensive ends. 


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The injuries are starting to mount up. We need the "Out" guys to come back soon.

Forston wasn't having a good year and Ryan Hill hadn't received much play time, so their losses don't hurt too awfully bad.

But we'd be a much better team with Holmes, Hill, Moncur, Phillips, AJ, and JoJo back. Hope they recover quickly.

God's speed.

Damn, what is up with all these injuries?! Forston hasn't been playing well all year so the injury must have been bugging him. Gordon hasn't been a factor, and Ojomo hasn't even seen the field. Ojomo isn't even in playing shape anyways so I'm sure the coaches just told him it's better to beef up for next year rather than waste a year of eligibility on playing half a year in sub-par shape.

I think I'm supposed to type first, but instead I'll type -- Yikes! Or maybe Ouch!!

An amazing number of injuries this year. I can't imagine this is the strength coach's fault, Swasey has a great rep. Bad luck happens, I guess.

Just curious, what does this mean for Richard Gordon's career? Is there a possibility he can play next year, redshirt, special medical redshirt, anything? We need a tight end next year, he would have the job all to himself.

I noticed no mention of Smith at DE or Regis at DT. Are they out too?

manny, did you miscount or did something happen to andrew smith & regis?

So what - we have Ray Ray!

Good then these guys will be ready and fresh for Clemson. We can get by without them against UCF. No problem

manny, did you miscount or did something happen to andrew smith & regis? Posted by: j0s | October 15, 2009 at 06:22 PM

A: I did. Skipped right over the 54 and 48. My bad. For what it's worth, Jeremy Lewis and Luther Robinson are also available. But they aren't ready to play yet.


Wait so Regis and Smith are out too?


off topic but whats going on w/ prince kent? is he still going to UM afer prep school?

i guess my previous post was too strong...sorry! RAWPIMPLE IS A WEENIE! is that better!

Through cable companies and satellite providers, CBS College Sports Network is available to nearly 9 out of 10 multichannel video households. Approximately 32 million subscribers subscribe to the channel. Major providers include: Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Insight Communications, Mediacom, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FIOS.

That makes 5 of 6 games that we have had on national television! FU started their "Championship" run with the 1st 2 games against cup cakes on pay-per-view!!! Top rated college football games on ESPN?!?!? The Miami Hurricanes, Nuff Said.

And by: 9 out of 10 multichannel video households, they mean those houses with $... Looks like the Trailers in SwampVille won't get to see us play, oh well.

Hey Pimple; does your trailer get TV?

guys have to to step up and play thats all...
1st stringers increase a work load a little decrease the rotation a little

Pinple's trailer doesn't get TV. He has to go to his mom's house just to use the computer in order to share his moronic views. Get a life brother.....get a life.

Was very concerned when it was said that the game would be shown on 744 for Comcast as a preview. Checked the guide & 744 was not there!!! I called Comcast & they confirmed that the game will be shown on 744 as a preview for all Comcast customers with or without the sports package & the channel will show on the guide when the preview starts! I hope the lady I talked to is not playing with my emotions...

Randy is working them too hard.
Scared as hell of UCF.
FAMU was more physical.

Which is it?

CSTV is carrying the game up here in Mass saturday night.

Manny, what about Luther Robinson and Jeremy Lewis??

channelsurfing.net u can watch for free any college, nfl ufc, nba game for free. try it out

Andrew Smith?

Like I said...MONCOR and Phillips...are uslesss...let em go play the future...

Forston seems a bust he has like 10 tackles his whole career....some kids just are not D-1...caliber...I hope I am wrong.

Forston being hurt is actually a benefit to the Canes. Guy spent more time on his back than Pamela Anderson on a boat.

Jacory Harris is a turnover machine. How many fumbles does he have this year already? Guy is like Sammie Smith at the goaline.

Where is Sarasota'cane? The library must be closed.

Is Randy Shannon still taking over Red Zone offense? That red zone offense is ranked like 100 out of 117 teams. Pathetic.

How do the recruits like being on the internet instead of national tv? or taking school buses to their away games?

donna shalala is really royally messing up this program but at least she is saving a few bucks with a school bus and a poor head coach.

This is RS doind things smart. Let's get healthy against the UCF and FAMU's of the world and be as close to full strenght when we return to ACC play. But U don't want to just say we're holding these guys out because we know that we'll probably when without them U just say that they're out with a "lower extremity" which is coach speak for if we really needed some of these guys they could play but it's UCF so let's try to get these guys as close to full health as possible. Watch Graig Cooper wil end up not playing much either and Mike James will probably get a bunch of carries.

So if I still have dial-up, can I watch the game in real time?

Guys do you know if the Miami-Dade public library is open on Saturday during the time of the Canes game??? Do they have dial-up or high speed there?

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 15, 2009 at 07:15 PM

go on campus or to FIU, they both have free publicly available computers at the library.

guys im telling u can watch the miami game live online for free at channelsurfing.net for free. its great they all the college, nfl, nba ufc fights on there. ive watched every bmore game this year. try it out right now theres like 4 college games going on right now and nba games..

4-star DT Louis Nix updates his commitment status.

There have been a lot of rumors going around about the commitment status of four-star defensive tackle Louis Nix so Scout went right to the source.

Anyone know anything about this?



How about "injuries sustained through lack of muscle memory". Shannon has these kids practicing at 5:30 in the morning...they have been playing all their games at night...think about it...the Canes back in the Johnson days praticed in the mornings during two a days...but when the season started...they practiced in the afternoons...they played in the afternoon times...just a thought...


why do you keep harping on um taking a bus? its quicker than flying by the time they get the entire team to the airport and through security. what is it about this you don't understand? most of the schools in the acc bus to the games between the carolina's and virginia. its not a big deal.

In Shannon's first season, some of us realized that Tim Walton was clueless as DC and wanted him gone. Randy finally came around and fired him at season's end. In season one and two, some of us realized that Nix was clueless as OC and wanted him gone. Randy finally came around and fired him at the end of last season. Over the past couple of years some of us have realized that this team is poorly conditioned and suffers far too many injuries. Will Randy finally come around and clean house in the Strength and Conditioning Department at the end of this season? Let us hope so...not just for the sake of wins and losses but, more importantly, for the sake of the well-being of these young men.

@MTX-Cane - This is from Rivals:

Louis Nix just can't shake the feeling.

The four-star defensive tackle and Miami verbal commitment has already taken two trips to Notre Dame - one for a camp in June and another for an official visit the weekend of the Michigan State game - and each time he's left more impressed.

Now comes another interesting turn in Nix's recruitment. He's set an unofficial visit for this weekend's game against USC.

"The first time I was there for camp it was great," Nix said. "The second time, I had a wonderful time for my official visit. You know what they say, the third time is always the charm … It's USC against Notre Dame. It's a big rivalry. Even though everyone is a rival when they play Notre Dame, I feel like it's going to be real exciting."

Nix maintained he still feels good about his commitment to Miami and the way the Hurricanes have played so far this year.

He did, however, say that at the very least Notre Dame is a school to which he will remain open until National Signing Day in February.

"Yeah," Nix said. "You could say that."

I have a raw pimple on my ass. Get better brain cells.

what is it with all of these injuries? This is ridiculous. IS it lack of conditioning, too much or just plain soft players? or are they freak injuries?

Players play through injuries why not these? "Lower extremity injury" what? a bruised calf? a twisted ankle? a sore toe? an ingrown toe nail?

Forston is young. Give him the benfit of thedoubt-dont call hima bust unless by this time next yr he isnt making an impact!

People contemplating decommiting from the U??? Say it aint so? Wait until all the transfers come spring and fall. You think Lamar Miller is going to stick when he might not play any significant time until his senior year? How about Tommy Streeter who might not have much significant opportunity to play either? How about Arthur Brown? I thought da U played ALL their young people? Guess not. I think it was just a ploy to give a poor head coach more time and another excUse. Cant spell excUse or bUs without da U.

Dont expect many if any young people to play from here on out.

Hopefully all the recruits can see what their exposure will be like this weekend. Please turn on the TV or the internet and compare your exposure at da U to most other schools. Where do you want to be: on the internet or some obscure sports channel that barely anyone has or on national TV?
Heck even Notre Dame is on every week.

LOL Pimple. what a joke you are. Can U really toleratee waking up every morning and seeing yourself in the mirror. with people like you, no wonder our country is in trouble.

It's not the fact that you have an opinion that is sttooopid,its the fact that it is baseless. Your comments are silly, moronic, petty, dumb, ignorant, uninformed, ill-prepared, lacking perception, under-researched, unintelligent, unclear, vague, lacking in depth, irrational, and overall they deomnstrate a lack of understanding of reality.

How many people have to tell you that UM recruiting has never beenbased on so-called "star ratings"? How many NC does UM have, and hardly ever was a UM class ranked in the top 5, 10 even 15, while they dominated the 80s, part of the 90s and part of the 2000s? All based on local and florida talent, whether they were 2, 3 or 4 stars, it never mattered.

example of so called blue chip recruits coming to Um and busting are plenty- Kyle Wright, lance leggett, robert marve, Willie Williams. Not that it matters now, and everyone's opinion about Coker's recruiting is on the record, but do you think Coker would have gotten away with NOT recruiting local talent, #1, 2 rated linebacker Willie Williams? Well, he pulled all the stops to keep him, and looked what happened. Mr.all-world, Mr. all Dade. What was his nickname? DA Predator? here's his new nickname: Jail BAit BUst!

So- I dont care about any of those all wordl me me me me me 5 star players. If they want to play ball, be team players, commit to working hard, commit to the University, commit to a sysytem and wait their turn, fine. Those are the real players. Willis McGahee bided his time, behind Portis, Jackson, davenport and even Gore. And really only started about 1- 1/2 yrs. Look what the outcome was.

Those "5 star players" who want to decommit, or those who arleady here who are whining about playingtime. My answer- leave. You aint cane material. Go to the gators or USC where you will DEFINITELY sit behind 4, 5 other players like you.

Hopefully all the recruits can see what their exposure will be like this weekend. Please turn on the TV or the internet and compare your exposure at da U to most other schools. Where do you want to be: on the internet or some obscure sports channel that barely anyone has or on national TV?

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | October 16, 2009 at 07:37 AM

as has been explained ad nauseam …
conference USA’s media partner owns the U @ ucf rights …



CBS College Sports is the first dedicated exclusively to college sports 24 hours a day. … seen in more than 20 million homes via cable and satellite
-- wiki

why let inconvenient facts interfere with self-serving fiction …



a resurgent U gnaws at the grimy gaturd …
next spring, ACCepts bids on a new TV deal …
the most conservative estimates peg bundled basketball & football rights at $120M a year or $1.8B over 15 years a la the yes-e-c …
as a point of comparison, disney pays the bigbad10 $1B over 10 years for theirs …
throw in A-1 baseball, women’s basketball & olympic sports …
not to mention Raycom partnering with Comcast or FitTV selling equity stake or ESPN rebranding Classic to distribute the brand new ACC network nationally …
don’t fret for me my friend …
no other conference can match our depth, reach & market size …
from Miami to boston …
going my way …


I've been to Notre Dame and I don't understand what there is to like about that place. You're in the middle of nowhere and it smells. Don't get me started on the women....

Someone take that kid to South Beach or something.


I don't have an anwer to that question from a Cane point of view. We should ask UFelony what it feels like to play on obscure channels or internet. They blazed that trail the first three weeks of their weak, mediocre season.

It probably helped them since no one who didn't live in a trailer could see the garbage vs. garbage that was played.

Canes schedule gets weaker and weaker with every FSU loss.

Ditto for UFelony with every UGA, Charlie Southern, Troy and Tennessee loss. Those four will have more losses than any four teams the Canes play. Throw in FIU, Vandy and Miss. St. and you have puke for a schedule.

i think guys like phillips, jojo, and Sam Shields playing less is not a bad thing. they dont do crap when they play except make mistakes.

Think thank many of the injuries on this team are not conditioning-related? Then read this article concerning the Bengals from 2007. It explains where many of these "lower extremity injuries" may be coming from. If you still have your doubts, contact the expert who gave this opinion, his phone number and web site are listed on the bottom of this page!

Fitness expert: Bengals should be fined for poor conditioning

CINCINNATI, OHIO October 14, 2007

(PRLEAP.COM) CINCINNATI, Ohio — The laundry list of injured Bengals players is unacceptable and could have been prevented with proper conditioning, according to a local fitness guru.

Rocco Castellano, an internationally known fitness expert and Cincinnati personality who is celebrated for telling it like it is, said professional athletes have an obligation to their coaches, owners and fans to be in peak condition and that those who fall victim to avoidable injuries such as pulled groins and hamstrings should be fined for each day they are not able to participate on the field.

“These football players are making millions of dollars and it is their job to be in their best physical shape when they come to training camp,” said Castellano, who adds that Sports Illustrated lists a total of eight Bengals players who have been sidelined owing to such injuries — which is double the number of problems that other teams in the AFC are facing — since Aug. 1. “Instead, what we are seeing is a bunch of athletes who are playing catch-up on their conditioning and, as a result, they are pulling muscles left and right.”

The fitness expert, who has worked with everyone from stay-at-home moms to beauty queens and professional athletes, and is now training a young woman for an upcoming episode of MTV’s “MADE,” said the Bengals’ strength coaches and team trainers are either ignorant, absent or indifferent about this situation.

“Some athletes don’t have a clue about conditioning and it is up to their strength coaches or trainers to have the knowledge and interest to help them live up to their potential, but this isn’t happening with the Bengals,” he said. “For example, Rudi Johnson, their star running back who has led the team in rushing yards and touch downs for the last three years, has a hamstring pull. No properly conditioned athlete should ever suffer that injury.”

Castellano says these injuries — and the loss of key players — can be easily avoided by structuring proper workout regimens for these athletes. He said most hamstring pulls are directly related to an imbalance in strength from the quadriceps and the hip muscle because the stronger muscles overpower the weaker ones. Additionally, he said that hamstring pulls tend to occur more in the weight room because athletes think they should be doing heavy squats when, instead, the muscle needs to be worked the way it was intended to move, by pulling the lower leg toward the buttocks.

“There is no excuse for being in poor condition,” said Castellano. “Barring sudden impact injuries such as a helmet to the knee or bruised ribs from an opposing player’s shoulder tackle, I believe that athletes who get conditioning-related injuries should be fined for every day they miss practice. It is their job to be fit for practice and play hard on game day.”

Castellano is the founder and CEO of askROCCO.com and he will be on tour in 2008 to offer boot camps throughout the country. For information, visit www.askrocco.com or call (513) 421-2651.


These injuries could realy become a problem when we have to take on tougher teams. Clemson and North Carolina will be better quality teams and the "U" needs to be as healthy as possible for those games. This is when one realizes how important depth at every position is. GO CANES! STAY FOCUSED! A couple of more strong recruiting classes and we will be deep and talented.

I agree- everyone bows down to swazey and his genius knowledge at conditioning, but he should be answering these questions about the uncanny number of injured canes, many of whcih are NOT due to say a direct hit etc. Not only does Shannon need to answer these q's but Swayze as well. Because, as it is, if UM loses directly the result of these injuries, heads will begin to roll.

While Nix is busy going to South Bendover, he should look at the DL roster @ UM and should be salavating and see that his chances of playing time is better @ UM than anywhere else. I haven't seen much of him on film but if he is top billing like people say that he is than he should see the field early. As for getting rid of the Strength and Conditoning coaches ? From what I've seen over the years Andrew Swassey is one of the best in the business. Injuries happen and sometimes it's not a conditioning issue. Plus must be something in the weight room because alot of the UM alums in the NFL come back and train there.

Then quit saying we beat three ranked teams to start the year. Ya beat a 2-4 FSU team on the last play, an OU team without their Heisman QB at home by 1 pt. I'll give you the victory over a one dimensional GT but you got crushed by VT. No ACC Championship AGAIN. Focus on winning the ACC and trust me things will come to U in 2010.

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