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3 more ruled out for season, injured list grows

UM coach Randy Shannon might not like talking about injuries, but his team is having to deal with a lot more of them lately. 

Three new players have been ruled out for the season because they've had or will have surgery -- defensive tackle Marcus Forston (ankle), tight end Richard Gordon (shoulder) and defensive end Adewale Ojomo (jaw) according to an injury report released Thursday. 

Six others have been ruled out for Saturday's 7:30 kickoff against UCF for the ninth-ranked Hurricanes (4-1): fullback Patrick Hill (lower extremity), defensive tackle Josh Holmes (lower extremity), receiver Aldarius Johnson (shoulder), defensive end Eric Moncur (groin), safety Jojo Nicolas (shoulder) and safety Randy Phillips (forearm). 

Right guard Joel Figueroa, who has been seeing more playing time over the past couple of weeks, is listed as doubtful with a lower extremity injury. 

Running backs Graig Cooper (hip) and Lee Chambers (ankle) are listed as probable and expected back.

> UM's defensive line will be short just about everywhere on its defensive line with only eight healthy available players. Look for Allen Bailey, who has been moved outside for the last three games, to play a lot more inside there with Joe Joseph, Micanor Regis and Curtis Porter. Steven Wesley, Marcus Robinson, Andrew Smith and Olivier Vernon are the healthy defensive ends. 


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Once GT loses to VT and OU loses to Texas, your strength of schedule continues to diminish.

Ummmm, you take the teams you play as of the day you play them. Hindsight is great but meaningless. They were ranked at the time played.

We hear all this SEC garbage about how tough their schedule is, yet as of now, who is ranked on UFelony's schedule? LSU? One team? An over-rated LSU which should have two additional losses easily?

Using your criteria, UFelony has no ranked teams on its regular season schedule. That is pathetic for a team that thinks so highly of itself.

Glass houses, dude. Glass houses.

No worries, I am sure the strength of schedule rises vs Alabama in the SEC Championship Game and our NC championship game.


Woo hoo.

well, SOS will rise v. Bama but the loss will drop you. No doubt.

Does anyone have an update on Prince Kent?
I would really like to see MY Hurricanes
land Joshua Shaw, Josh Shirley, Ivan, Machaelee
Corey, David Perry, Willis Wright(Kids a BEAST)and Prince Kent(2009 class). That would be a very strong close out...

We beat FSU when they were ranked. thanks to farce called preseason rankings (the same farce hat continues to have F-U ranked #1 despite playing Troy, Ch Southern, and Tennesee). The Oklahoma game-- All you silly wags keep saying We beat a team without Sam Bradford. Well, Sam Bradford would have been sacked just as the other Qb was- The other Qb actually threw the ball quite well too- and last time I checked, Sam bradford would not have stopped Jacorry and Javarris etal. Furthermore, Their star rb (who didnt play against UF last year, was stopped dead on). In addition, UM was without several players including Ojomo, and others. So excuses work for you but not for us?????

And finally- the great equalizer: Big 12 referees. They attempted to equalize the lack of Sam Bradford by a horrendously called game. they gave Ok a TD, but even that wasnt enough. translation. Um won. See ya.

Yes the refs did us in! As did the rain, as did the new Dolphin TD song.

true and rawpimple.. suck on my dick, hows that? I dropped my intelligence down to your level for that comment.

are these guys lives really this pathetic?

they should be shot.

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