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Canes reel in Gainesville High corner Davis

For those of you looking for the first signs of recruiting success after UM's 3-1 start, here you go: Gainesville High cornerback Devont'a Davis decided about an hour ago he wants to be a Miami Hurricane.

Devont'a Davis is considered a Rivals and ESPN.com three-star recruit The 6-1, 180-pound senior gave UM assistants Micheal Barrow and defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff the call, admitting he's fallen in love with the Hurricanes despite growing up a die-hard Gators fan. 

"My family just really wanted me to wait things out, see how I felt, make sure I was making the right decision," said Davis, who had been flirting with the idea of committing to UM since teammate and star linebacker Kevin Nelson committed to the Canes two weeks after school ended in June.

"I'm a Hurricane now. I feel like Florida missed the boat on me. I'm always going to be a Gators fan. But I'm wearing orange and green from now on."

The Gators never formally offered Davis, who passed on offers from FIU, Arkansas, UCF, South Carolina, Iowa State, Rutgers and Tennessee to pick UM. Davis, who said he has four interceptions and 35 tackles this season, is rated a three-star recruit by both Rivals and ESPN.com.

Gainesville High coach Ryan Smith said Davis is also averaging 35 yards on kickoff returns and said the Canes are getting a player who did an outstanding job shutting down Ocala Trinity Catholic's Kadron Boone, a four-star recruit headed to Texas Tech, earlier this season. 

"If you look at him, he looks like my cousin Demarcus [Van Dyke]," Nelson said. "He's 6-2, got long arms. He's a tall corner. He plays with a lot of passion. He can hit even though he's between 170 and 180. He can tackle, he can catch. He's gotten way better from last year. All summer when we were in workouts, all he would talk about was that Trinity Catholic game. He said all summer he was going to shutdown Kadron Boone. I said OK, tighten up. He came into that game and shut him down. He held him to 59 yards receiving on six catches. Normally, that man goes for 100, 200 yards. [Davis] can play."

The commitment is the 19th for the Canes, who are looking to sign between five to seven more players. One player counted in UM's class is a silent commitment.

Davis and Nelson are the first two players UM has recruited from Gainesville High since Clinton Portis. Davis told me Portis visited his alma mater this summer and talked to the players about the benefit of playing for UM. 

"He told us how the Gators really didn't want him either," Davis said. "I think it's funny how God works."

Davis said he plans to attend UM's game Saturday against Florida A&M.

> For those of you clamoring about the Gators getting commitments this weekend from Booker T. Washington defensive end Lynden Trail and receiver Quinton Dunbar, I was told by two UM sources the Hurricanes turned Trail down when he tried to jump on the bandwagon two weeks ago and Dunbar stopped being recruited after he decommitted from UM this summer. 

> Here is the link to the audio interviews from this afternoon. Included among them: Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, Defensive coordinator John Lovett, coach Randy Shannon, receivers Leonard Hankerson and Aldarius Johnson, safety Ray Ray Armstrong, cornerback Brandon Harris, linebacker Colin McCarthy and fullback Mike James. 


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hopefully clements jumps on board with the U.

we got edo!!! yessir!!!

dam dat was quick manny. i was just reading about this 2 seconds ago and all of a sudden... there it is. anyways, coach Shannon is moving up the state of Florida. first, dyron dye and r.r. Armstrong from Sanford and now gainesville. respect da progress. Coach shannonn already has south florida on lock, despite what these naysayers have to say. One huge question: who da hell is da silent commitment? whoever it is, it must be someone special otherwise, it wouldn't b special. Joyner, gore, McCartney... who?

clements, emilio.

Manny that will not count the early enrollment players right, so there is still quite a bit of room.

Here's what I gathered today and will share formally in a blog later this week with some names...

The Canes are looking for...
> 1-2 more LBs and are considering three (Jeff Luc is not among them)
> 1 more CB after Davis, Buxton and Rodgers...
> 2-3 OL after Glenn, Bunche, Feliciano, McDermott...
> 1 DE...
> 3 WRs if that
> 1 safety if quality is available
> 1 TE if quality is available....

Hey Manny...

Any word of who the silent is?

Any word of who the silent is? Posted by: Ronny | October 06, 2009 at 11:16 PM

A: Can't let the cat out of the bag. Just know he's a big timer who wants to save the party for signing day.

hey manny - what about QBs?

I could be wrong about this, but I doubt the silent commit is Clements. From the beginning of his recruiting process, way back in 2008, Clements has given the Canes the cold shoulder. I can tell he likes The U, but I don't think he really wants to play here because of the competition. He's really interested in playing as a freshman and his prospects at the U look bleak at best with Lamar Miller, Mike James, Lee Chambers AND (if he decides to play another year) Coop, not to mention 2010 commits Darion Hall and Maurice Hagens (a FB whose coach says is interested in becoming a RB). Read around or watch his interview by Manny... it's always "The U? I like them, but......." Plus, his two teammates just picked UF. Anyways, I'd be surprised if he came here.

My money is on Jeff Luc. Here's a kid who was born and raised in Miami but started getting into trouble, so his family moved to Tampa. Even though he got his life together there and became a football star, his heart has always been in Miami. I even read an article at some point where he claimed The U was his dream school and the program he rooted for ever since he was a kid. The problem, however, is that his family is very worried that he'll reunite with old acquaintances if he came back to Miami, something I'm sure the competition is blowing out of proportion. His case reminds me of Ramon Buchanan, whose family was bent on him going to UF, though he made up his own mind on signing day and picked The U.

Welcome to the U family Devont'a!!!



Shannon is both the best recruiter in the game and the best non-recruiter. Sometimes it's the kids you turn away (cf. Bryce, Gore, Trail) that makes a team.

Man I won't ask who, but is he from in state?

Oh yeah.. his family was very close to Bryan Pata's family. I remember even reading somewhere that Shannon promised him Pata's number should he pick The U. Not sure if this helps us or hurts us. It helps that Luc wants to come here to honor Pata; it hurts that Pata got shot and killed, which is what worries Luc's mom. I sure hope he picks the U! GO CANES!!!

This is exactly what I said would happen. Now is the time for recruits that have any plans on choosing Miami to further their education and play college football with the real chance of getting a NC ring better sign up early. If they wait till DEC-FEB it might be to late. This is what surprises me, maybe I'm wrong but we need another QB. We need 1-2 TE's and we need a kicker a good punter/kickoff type of guy. Finally we need some more OF line guys. If Harrris keeps playing the rest of this year and next like he is now, he will not be here as a SR. I'd like to see Central's QB at Miami but it looks like that won't happen. I'd like to see Gore come here just because of his family ties. I do not put alot of faith in the star ratings. No difference between 5-3 stars the coaches know what to look for. I trust our coaches. I just want kids to come here to play. If your good enough to play as a FM thats great. If you have to sit on the bench and grow and learn do it with pride. The last several years we have had kids skip out, and thats ok if you do not want to be here leave, however I'd like to see players come on board and stay for the 4 years but the NFL and big bucks will have some going early. I do not plame then 2 QB's that stayed Bradford and Tebow are seeing now that it would have been better to take the money and run. Thanks for the memories

Manny, you're asking to get kidnapped at the stadium until you tell us! haha.

Great reporting as usual Mr. Navarro.

Keion Payne another candidate for silent commit.

The Canes are looking for...
> 1-2 more LBs and are considering three (Jeff Luc is not among them)

Manny just stated the Luc isn't being recruited.

The Canes are looking for...
> 1-2 more LBs and are considering three (Jeff Luc is not among them)

Manny just stated the Luc isn't being recruited.

Posted by: MTX-Cane | October 06, 2009 at 11:47 PM

That's cuz they got him!

I doubt Manny would make it that blatant. He knows we all read into every sentence he writes...

dam CanesFanStuckInCali u reminded me. jus thinkin about pata brings tears to my eyes. jus picture what his mom went through, his family. imagine your mom with an endless stream of tears and no shoulder to cry on. das y da U family needs to be strong and united. live life to da fullest everyday. Even Pata's circumstances were extremely unusual.(shot in kendall) whoever shot him had a deep grudge with him. Same goes for SEAN TAYLOR, his daughter has to grow up without ever knowing her dad. Not only was he one of da hardest hitting safeties to play the game, but he was apart of something a lot more special: racially mixed love, something that hits close to my heart.

cali youre dumb. clements has said that hes a silent commit til signing day. its 100%. its him.

I doubt Manny would make it that blatant. He knows we all read into every sentence he writes...

Posted by: Morehouse Cane | October 06, 2009 at 11:54 PM

That's a good point. Anyways, my money is still on Luc. It's been all over the blogs for awhile now. If not Luc, then definitely not Clements.

Can't wait till signing day. Reminds me of 2000. GO CANES!!!

As u should notice Shannon is no longer recruiting the 5 star prospects. Our highest rated commits are two 4 star DT's. I think its a good thing that the coaches are really analyzing the entire state and finding real hard working players. The only big time recruit i would love to have is Lamarcus Joyner!!! That kid really has that Dade County Swagg, he's a true baller.

If it is Clements, then the Canes did an amazing job of changing his opinion. I'm sure his parents also helped convince him as it's been widely known that the U was their favorite even though Clements is an FSU fan.

Maybe this Clements interview with Manny made too much of a lasting impression on me, in which Clements specifically stated that he didn't want to sit on the bench when asked about his chances of picking Miami (starting around 1:25): http://www.miamiherald.com/video/index.html?media_id=4120678 .

I dunno... I wasn't convinced that he really wanted the Canes at that point--he didn't even talk about the U until Manny pressed him about it and his body language wasn't convincing, at least not to me. Maybe The U staff, the players (I think he has a Godbrother on the team.. Brandon Harris?), and his family helped turn things around?

If it is Clements, then awesome! We shall see.



As u should notice Shannon is no longer recruiting the 5 star prospects. Our highest rated commits are two 4 star DT's. I think its a good thing that the coaches are really analyzing the entire state and finding real hard working players. The only big time recruit i would love to have is Lamarcus Joyner!!! That kid really has that Dade County Swagg, he's a true baller.

Posted by: Mello | October 07, 2009 at 12:25 AM

Lamarcus Joyner would be an AMAZING addition to our secondary, but for whatever reason he hasn't shown The U any love. Supposedly FSU is his favorite, which would be devastating IMO since they would have Greg Reid AND Joyner in the same secondary and return game, which would be scary as hell to say the least.

MANNY - any thoughts on Lamarcus Joyner vis-a-vis The U?


Sup Fellas. Davis kid sounds like he got some skill sets to turn into a good corner/safety. Trail and Dunbar was average at best and I don't believe Coach wants bandwagoneers on the train he wants kids that got good grades and work hard in practice. Manny said the Canes are in a position to be selective and that means they will get kids that wanna flip over to UM. He also said this year's run will set us up dtrong for 2011. I have no idea who the silent commit is but he gotta be a 5 star kid. I'm also wondering why is he silent unless he's already committed. Here's my 2010 wish list:

Silent commit-Clements, Luc, Tapley, Dowling, Joyner, Payne, or Dunkley. Manny make sure you let us know who the silent commit was after signing day. Anybody want to put a list of the five to seven players UM trying to close out with.

Recruit wish list
Luc,Dunkley,Michealee Harris,Dior Mathis,Linder,Clements,Wright,Perry,McCartney,Ferguson,

Of those names if I had to pick 7 it would be Luc,Dunkley,Clements,Linder,Ferguson,Mathis,andHarris.

Cherry picking! Mike James was a 3 star and he's already starting and returning kicks. Glad we are back to the basics.


I wanna say Clements cause he did say no matter what he's waiting until signing day to announce. On the other hand I see Cali's point about it being somebody out the box. I never thought of Joyner cause I felt he was not on UM at all. He is a balla too and I would hate to see him and Reid in the secondary. Most of these kids get offered and forget about Miami as soon as the school they really want to go to finds out Miami looking at them. Amazing that Coker was using rivals and scout sites to recruit. That guy was a joke for real. Man it could be anybody but I gotta go with Joyner or Luc. I think Clements was always a UM kid but he wanted to see how good they were gonna be. Miami is only going after one back this year so it might not be Clements. If its gonna shake the media wires come signing day it could be anybody from Marcus Lattimore to Gainer or Gio Bernard. This is racking my brain to know now.

What we have to understand is that a lot of the players who arent being recrited, dont have the grades to qualify at the U. And this is why u hear a lot of players who are highly recruited saying they arent considering the U. Reason being is b/c they they dont qualify anyways.

It would be sick if it was Luc, that kid is a man child. But i think its clements, he has openly said he has made his choice and is waiting til signing day. But, going into next season we have a stable at running back.
Manny why no more recruiting Luc? Is is because of off-field problems?

CaneBoss sup homie. You hit it on the head. Most dynamic kid as far as stars go down qualify for UM's high academic standards. Most of those kids really want to go to Miami don't qualify and play it off like they wasn't interested in UM any. Examples of these kids are Jose Jose, Dunbar,and Trail. When I played on state champ teams in high school the kids we practiced against were studs and didn't mind sittin the bench cause knew they time was coming. They also knew the better the team played the more people look at your program. Same goes for college. Its hard not to start Cortez Kennedy unless you got Jerome Brown as a starter. Its hard to start Vilma when Morgan is so good. You need depth to build a dynasty and that is happening right now.


can i ask why miami turned down trail? he seems to have the size, the upside, the production, the ability, and the BTW ties to UM. we're still recruiting a DE and he can play both sides of the ball. we have depth at the position and he could use the redshirt year to develop. there doesnt seem to be any reason why they would turn him down. it just doesnt make any sense to me. (maybe grades?)

Seems like everyone is hyped up over clements and i dont see why. He has never rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season, he's overrated to me. UM's not even recruiting the best back in Dade, which would be Brandon Gainer. Just watch wat he does to northwestern tomorrow night

Larry the kneck chain choker and nix later on down the line really hurt the depth of our program. lookn at all those 5 star recruits on computer screens from the far ends of the country. all he needed to do was recruit the state and go handpick a couple of special players from those who wanted to play for the U. this 3-1 start should really help close some of those recruits like Luc and others. i beleive he could come in and play for the national championship next year. I asked about ray ray first and someone said special teams at best. Go Canes

...Manny. Great article... Thanks.

Mello..."UM's not even recruiting the best back in Dade"

It's been said a thousand times... Miami isn't interested in everyone, just because he has a high rating. Yes, those guys are great players and yes, they might become a star somewhere. and yes, they can play... but what luggage are they bringing with them?

Many 5 star kids today, only see the bright lights and have egos the size of Texas... It's all about me and It's what I want, not what they can do for the team. Bryce is a perfect example... A good /great player that wanted it all with all of the hype... and finding a desperate coach that promised him the world, including starting out of the gate... Well he got his wish but did he make the right choice?... I don't think so. Tenn is 4 years out from being a national contender. Yes, he might become the star but of mediocre team.

Other 5 stars... don't have the maturity needed to play at the U... A mature player knows that if joining a team that is a contender, then there's a depth chart and the only way to jump that line is hard work and drive to be the best... and depending on the position, may require to redshirt a year for positioning to leap into the mix...

What most young lions don't understand, is that sometimes it's to their advantage to sit back with a redshirt and watch the progression and learn from the guys in front of them.


Really enjoyed Whip's interview immensely...
A breath of fresh air... and great to hear someone telling us the way it is, without whitewashing it first... Players and now fans are hearing it straight.

Recruits... listen up!

U said it Cat 5:

Frank Gore
Tyrone Moss
Willis McGahee
Najeh Davenport
James Jackson
Clinton Portis
DJ Williams was fb/rb at one point

There you go. 2000, 2001, 2002 That was the depth at rb at UM. Did everyone start as #1 rb always? No.

question- Whne has UM ever been Connesus #1 recruiting ever? I say never.UM has built its dynasties with local talent, sprinkled in by out of staters and even canadiens (the big hogs up front). even Coker brought in so-called 5star, 4 star talent (Kyle Wright, Lance leggett, Williw Williams) and look what happened. POOF! busts.

I think some of you get caught up in the recruiting hype of rivals, espn, and scout.

Clint Hurtt, Miami's recruiting coordinator, said late last year that Miami had not done a good job recruiting at the end of the Coker era, because they were giving these sites too much credit. They were actually giving scholarships based off these sites without seeing a kid play???

Now they are being far more selective, bringing winners, and a certain kid. I'm glad Miami has turned down Trail, he is very undersized, also Dunbar, who has been playing games with UM. We don't need Dunbar, hopefully we can keep Tommy Streeter and get him some touches.

The kids Miami must grab in this class are the following.

Brandon Linder-St Thomas
Chris Dunkley-Pahokee
Ivan McCartney-Miramar
Matt Elam-Palm Beach Gardens (UF commit, but rumors have it, he might decommit in order to play right away in college)
Cory Lemonier-Hialegh
Leon Payne-St. Thomas

If Miami brings in three or four of these guys, this will add depth for the future, and lets not forget Miami is still pretty young. Can't keep bringing in classes like the 2008 class if you want kids to stay. This year's class should be small, but meet the needs of o-lineman, d-lineman, some backup qbs, a few linebackers, and secondary help. And that is what Shannon and Hurtt is doing.

We are the U... great stat!

Talking of stats... that wasn't said by Whipple, is that Whipple didn't try to defend our low rating stats of being in the 70's, 80's 90's in certain category's... like punt return yardage or total yards or what ever...

What he didn't say that has a huge effect on stats, is that we played 4 top rated 20 teams. When playing top rated teams, your stats will suffer big time compared to teams that start off the season with cup cakes for opponents. Look at all of the top 20 teams and then look at who the played and then break down their stats... looking at it straight up and why they are rated in the top of the stat charts.

Oklahoma was a great example before we played them... Not taking anything away from Okee... they are a top 10 team but their number 1 rated defense was based upon who they played and what type of offense they played against... the bottom line is that 2 of the 3 were cup cakes with 64/0 and 49/0 scores and although stats don't lie, they can be misleading!

OK, I'm out, but make no mistake about Whipple. Whipple is a Pro coming to the U at the right time... and having the right coach with the right players, makes all the difference in the world !!!


Awe damn-it, I can't leave before finishing my thought...

NFL bound... IMO... Providing Whipple stays... Any kid who comes to the U, will be looked upon by the NFL as having already been seasoned as a Pro candidate entering the draft. The plays that he will learn and the studied requirements that he will learn under Whip has gotta push the kid to the front of the pack for consideration... whether it be first or late round draft picks...
Again IMO

Brandon Gainer has said numerous times we have to many running backs, and he wants to play early. I thnk he kind of turned UM off with that statement about to many rb. That shows a sign of not wanting to compete and having somethn handed to you. He loves FSU, u knw why they 2 rbs and he will get immediate playing time. Plus they have a package deal jeff, reese, and gainer b n shopped.

I like what our recruiters are doing!! If the kids don't want to come down here... forget them. I don't care if they're from Miami. You got to have that Orange and Green in your heart to get a chance to play for THE U!! You missed your boat Dunbar and Trail!

Let us all remember why we are enjoying this season so far. Coach Shannon has brought in student athletes with good character. I am not saying these kids that don't come to the U aren't good kids....but I WILL NOT QUESTION COACH SHANNON'S RECRUITING SKILLS!!!!!! So just sit back and enjoy the season and see who he brings in and stop worrying about why someone is going to UF rather than coming to UM.

Even spongebob believes


I definitely think the silent recruit is Clements. This article was posted by InsidetheU.com on Sept 3, and sounds a lot like the situation Manny is describing.

Begin article:

Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements isn’t announcing which school he is committing to the public yet, but he has reached a decision.

According to Clements, he and his family have come to a decision which school he will be signing with on National Signing Day, but he will wait until that day to make that decision public.

Clements says he has a top four of Miami, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Florida.

“I have already made my decision with me and my family as far as where I am going to be going, but nobody will know until signing day,” Clements said. “I have made my decision and I will keep that with my family. I don’t want the hassle of recruiting going into the season.”

“I have let the school know that I will be coming.”

Clements says he decided on the school he picked because he clicked with that school’s coaching staff.

“I like the coaching staff,” Clements said of the school he has chosen. “They are very down to Earth and they are all about the kids. There are some coaches that are just about winning, but these coaches are about school first and the way they talk to me, it is different. There were guys who play the position I play and they took me away and talked to me about what it is like. I know I will need that type of support my freshman year.”

Clements says he is excited to watch Miami play this season and he thinks UM is poised to have a strong season. Clements says he plans to attend all the UM home games he can get to.

Randy Shannon is assembling a defensive backfield with size and speed. If all your corners are over 6 ft tall and you have 6'4 Ray Ray at safety there wont be ally oop completions you see on the small corners.
Getting 2 fine players out of Gainesville and 2 from Jacksonville(Nix and Glenn) shows the Canes are generating momentum and are on their way back.

All signs so far pointing towards Eduardo Clements being the silent commit:

1. Manny stated in his weekly chat last month look for Eduardo Clements to possibly commit to the U, in the next weeks to a month. (Not sure which week it was but check the archives).

2. Clements stated he had made his school decision and has already let that particular school know, but he will not let the world know until National Signing Day (that sounds like a silent commitment to me, lol)

3. The University of Miami isnt recruiting more running backs this year. Yes they have Hagens and Hall already committed, but you no longer hear about Tevin Drake, Drake's reason for this UM was no longer show interest in him, what other reason to stop showing interest a particular running back that was on high on Miami, than to have the guy you really want at the position tell you he is coming to your school, same can be said with the whole Jakari Gore situation.

4. Family Ties: You can't discount the fact the kid has a godbrother on the team already, and if Brandon Harris is the godbrother then he has a godbrother and a godfather on the team, lol. Besides that, that is where his parents want him ultimately to go, and that plays heavily into in college decision.

***I could be wrong though.....The thing that has me stomped though is that Manny said the kid is a big timer, so it might surprise from left field on Signing Day.***

What I enjoyed about the posts today is the commentary offered is proof we turned the corner. For all that posted I ask you to go back and reflect on the posts of two or three years ago. We were desperate and it showed. Most of you believed everyone wanted to be a CANE. It wasn't so then but times have changed and good kids are coming our way. My suggestion to all is continue to support the football program, be realistic, don't allow yourself to get carried away with the 3-1 start as great as it is. Understand there are some bumps in the road but the good part is if our present team remains focused there's a possibility we run the table and boy does that put the BCS in a hole. :) My congratualations to Shannon and staff, particularly Whippple and a group of young men that looked horrendous in Blacksburg but showed their intestinal fortitude in the OU game. It's called TEAM and that's what they looked like.

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