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Canes reel in Gainesville High corner Davis

For those of you looking for the first signs of recruiting success after UM's 3-1 start, here you go: Gainesville High cornerback Devont'a Davis decided about an hour ago he wants to be a Miami Hurricane.

Devont'a Davis is considered a Rivals and ESPN.com three-star recruit The 6-1, 180-pound senior gave UM assistants Micheal Barrow and defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff the call, admitting he's fallen in love with the Hurricanes despite growing up a die-hard Gators fan. 

"My family just really wanted me to wait things out, see how I felt, make sure I was making the right decision," said Davis, who had been flirting with the idea of committing to UM since teammate and star linebacker Kevin Nelson committed to the Canes two weeks after school ended in June.

"I'm a Hurricane now. I feel like Florida missed the boat on me. I'm always going to be a Gators fan. But I'm wearing orange and green from now on."

The Gators never formally offered Davis, who passed on offers from FIU, Arkansas, UCF, South Carolina, Iowa State, Rutgers and Tennessee to pick UM. Davis, who said he has four interceptions and 35 tackles this season, is rated a three-star recruit by both Rivals and ESPN.com.

Gainesville High coach Ryan Smith said Davis is also averaging 35 yards on kickoff returns and said the Canes are getting a player who did an outstanding job shutting down Ocala Trinity Catholic's Kadron Boone, a four-star recruit headed to Texas Tech, earlier this season. 

"If you look at him, he looks like my cousin Demarcus [Van Dyke]," Nelson said. "He's 6-2, got long arms. He's a tall corner. He plays with a lot of passion. He can hit even though he's between 170 and 180. He can tackle, he can catch. He's gotten way better from last year. All summer when we were in workouts, all he would talk about was that Trinity Catholic game. He said all summer he was going to shutdown Kadron Boone. I said OK, tighten up. He came into that game and shut him down. He held him to 59 yards receiving on six catches. Normally, that man goes for 100, 200 yards. [Davis] can play."

The commitment is the 19th for the Canes, who are looking to sign between five to seven more players. One player counted in UM's class is a silent commitment.

Davis and Nelson are the first two players UM has recruited from Gainesville High since Clinton Portis. Davis told me Portis visited his alma mater this summer and talked to the players about the benefit of playing for UM. 

"He told us how the Gators really didn't want him either," Davis said. "I think it's funny how God works."

Davis said he plans to attend UM's game Saturday against Florida A&M.

> For those of you clamoring about the Gators getting commitments this weekend from Booker T. Washington defensive end Lynden Trail and receiver Quinton Dunbar, I was told by two UM sources the Hurricanes turned Trail down when he tried to jump on the bandwagon two weeks ago and Dunbar stopped being recruited after he decommitted from UM this summer. 

> Here is the link to the audio interviews from this afternoon. Included among them: Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, Defensive coordinator John Lovett, coach Randy Shannon, receivers Leonard Hankerson and Aldarius Johnson, safety Ray Ray Armstrong, cornerback Brandon Harris, linebacker Colin McCarthy and fullback Mike James. 


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VFmint...he was never worked hard...he came in to camp injured and they took it slow the entire time trying to rehab his hammy that he injured in a track meet.
Posted by: Max | October 07, 2009 at 06:28 PM

Very funny. I thought scumbag Meyer was complaining that Debose was not at all ready to replace Harvin and he couldn't do anything correctly in the camp. I heard some rumbling from someone close to the team, so we shall see.

Anybody know y Dez Bryant was ruled inelugable to play it was something about Deion Sanders

He won't transfer either way they don't have a number 1 wide reciever and next y would he come here be behind 6-7 other guys or USF or UCF where he'll get no attention no matter how much he hates urban cryer

How about some FACTS for you KOOL AID drinkers.


FACT #2: Randy Shannon's record as a head coach is 15-14 (8-11 in da WEAK ACC) and 0-1 in bowl games. He doesnt have a worse record in bowl games because he didnt make one of the thousand bowl games in his first year.

Fact #3: The Canes rank #21 overall (according to Rivals) in team recruiting for the upcoming year. That is far behind the top teams and behind teams like Clemson, Texas Tech, Stanford, and BYU. Yes, I said BYU.

Fact #4: The high powered Canes offense ranks #64 in total offense. Some notable teams ahead of them, Colorado State, Baylor, SMU, La Monroe, and Utah State.

Fact #5: Good coaches preach turnover margin. Where do the Canes rank? #82 overall! Way to go WAAAAAAAAAaandy!!!!

Fact #5: Not only has Miami never won the ACC, they havent even made their own conference championship game. Far cry from those independent days where they could just stroll through that Temple, FAMU schedule and play home National Title games. Not so easy now, is it Miami????

Fact #6: The hype on here will continue, but Miami will not win the ACC this year, or NEXT YEAR. Mark my words!!!!!! The fall is going to be great!!! No more "young" excuses and "Coker" excuses and this coordinator and that coordinator. It's all falling on the main guy. I just hope you sign that loser to a big extension before it happens!

Max wrote: Can you provide an example of a recent big name transfer who did not sit out a year based on this rule?

Syracuse's QB transferring from Duke. There are more but you have Google, use it. lol

Thank you Kool aid for your delightful and I'm SURE from your head football coach/recruiting insight into college footbal Fact Im happy we are 3-1 even if we were outscored Fact 2 if we get kids we want in recruiting does it matter about the stars as I recall Ed Reed was a 2 star so there's ur great theory fact 3 rivals gave ole miss the number 1 class last year because they had 33 no matter the potential or stars of the kids please visit again in the year 2064 if we haven't won an acc championship by then the Florida gators will have beaten us to quickness of a confrence title...if ur not a gator fan please tell us ur football team unless ur to embaressed/scared to say it...canesftw

I'm pretty sure the silent commit is Josh Shirley.

Also keep in mind the loopholes in transferring rules. If one college has a course the other does not then they don't have to sit out. Happens all the time and most of these kids are undecided anyway.

Posted by: 360Cane | October 07, 2009 at 06:06 PM

Xavier Shannon

Ohhh joy!!! A 3 star recruit!!!!

That is a sure sign USF who is signing 4 star recruits has now passed dah U.

Kool Aide when are you going to realize that stats dont mean anything and that every team besides UM has already played a D2 school and a cupcake from the sun belt.
FACT 1) We WON 3 out of 4 games against top 25 "big 6 conference" teams. Winning is winning.

FACE 2) Randy finally has his players so its unfair to judge his or any coaches first 2 years of rebuilding a program.

FACT 3) Does recruiting rankings win you ball games? No so that fact is irrelevant and useless. P.S how many top 5 recruiting rankings does USC have the past 5 years? how many NC have they won? ZERO you sound smart.

FACT 4) Unlike every other school in the nation UM doesn't need to pad their stats in the fourth quarter. Only 1 team shut down UM and that was VT in a monsoon. Can you tell me what conference these teams are in: Colorado State, Baylor, SMU, La Monroe, and Utah State? Also, who have they beaten? And what are their national rankings. Once again you provide irrelevant stats and make yourself look like a jackas.

FACT 5) If you want to talk about the past we sure can. 5 National championships, the college with the most NFL players on active rosters, 14 strait years with atleast 1 first round draft choice. At UM we dont care about ACC championships we aim for NC.

Kool Aide are you a FSU or a UF fan? Please dont tell me your a USF fan

Fear da u isn't funny how he just disappears...

VFMint, you are such a "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

sweet gold chain Navarro! Its a canes thang!

This site is getting so crazy. It's my steady day in and day out my good laugh. When we beat FSU everyone was saying we have the ACC in our pocket. Then we go 2-1 after 3 games and then we go not only the ACC but NC if we beat OU. We wim that game and go 3-1 and not only have we won the ACC but we are playing FU or Tex. for the NC. Now there is this talk about recruiting. If you remember we had a few good pic's in our pocket just to go to Feb and the whole thing blew up. Second guess everyone you want. Just do not get your hopes up for a 2 wheel bike for Christmas, Santa may not be able to fit in his sleigh. Lets just sit back and enjoy the 2009 season. Let's take each game as it comes. We will be going to a bowl. Lets have the players play, and the coaches coach. Our job is plain and simple back our team. If it is at the Joe Robbie stadium lets get the place full. If it's on TV then tell everyone to watch so we can set all time high ratings for games broadcasted. Thanks

ease up Michael h have faith in the seniors, their the leaders of the team.

Jeff Luc, Chris Dunkley, Ivan McCartney = all Gator silents. Matt Elam solid to Florida...

I can't believe how much nicer the blog comments has been here. Manny, are you banning or at least suspending access for those that just hate?

Anyway, great post and it really doesn't matter who the silent is. We are recruiting according to needs cause we have a good core of a great team and we can develop guys to take over in an orderly fashion -- ala USC.

I hope we get lucky at QB cause QB's like Jacory only come once in a while. really, really hard to find.

Let's play Streeter next game. Keep sending in multiple 4 or 5 wr sets just to have fun.

xavier didnt have to sit out because he had graduated already...had nothing to do with UM having different courses

Buckhead Cane - great job, homey!

Max, where U at? We're 2 for 2 now! We play as a team here! lol


Even though I think Unbearable is unbearable, he is correct. X got his BS, and that is a new rule implemented just a couple years ago.

Greg Paulus also had to get a waiver so he could have his final year of eligibility from another sport.

I thought for sure you could transfer if your current school did not have a course you required without losing a year. I thought I heard/read that somewhere, but I could have misinterpreted it. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


Good Morning,

Recruiting starts do not mean anything. Ray lewis was lighlty recruited. He Had like 2-3 offers from Div 1 schools that was it and of course UM was one of them. Our 2008 class is already playing dividens and our some of 2009 class is starting to play role on this team. We will be fine. Go Canes!

Jeff Luc, Chris Dunkley, Ivan McCartney = all Gator silents. Matt Elam solid to Florida...

Posted by: ReptilesRule | October 07, 2009 at 11:40 PM

Not so fast my friend!!! Elam is not solid as you think.

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