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Clemson injury report

The past couple of Thursdays have been chalk full of bad news when the Canes injury report has been released. This week, the news appears to be better. The only player out for Saturday's game against Clemson -- not having season-ending surgery -- fullback Pat Hill, who still isn't back from his high ankle sprain.

Nine other players are listed as probable -- including a few new names: RB Graig Cooper (hip), RB Javarris James (lower extremity), RB Mike James (ankle), WR Aldarius Johnson (shoulder), OL Joel Figueroa (lower extremity), DL Josh Holmes (lower extremity), DL Eric Moncur (groin), DB JoJo Nicolas (arm), DB Randy Phillips (torn labrum).

You never know who will really play on Saturday until kickoff. Somebody could come down with the flu like Randy Phillips did last week. Personally, I'd be shocked if Aldarius Johnson played. But that's just my opinion. We'll see.


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Is anyone else as worried as I am about this Clemson game? It bothers me. We have played shaky as well as the coaching and offensive line have been to shaky. And Matt pipho is playing some f the worst football I've seen at the U in a long time.

Quite honestly, I'd be shocked to see half of those guys play. I think this is the Boss' way of not letting Clemson narrow down their list of who they have to prepare for.

Manny's earlier articles on Special Teams is on point. They have to step up. Defense has been doing better. Offensive line strong side needs to grow up fast to give J12 more time in the pocket. But, Jacory also has to not hold onto the ball too long and not force as many plays as he has been doing. Clemson is no joke. Their another VaTech waiting to happen.

Clemson's front 7 starting Bowers and Sapp will give us fits if we dont max protect. Fox and Frank are doing an okay job on the left side, but Pipho is killing me! When are Jones Washington and Johnson going to get serious reps?

If we arm tackle against these athletes, it will be over by halftime. Come fellas lets get this s*&# together!

we get to check out UNC tonight. lets see if that will be a challenge for us in Chapel Hill. im dying to mop the floor with Butch Davis

Clemson is loaded with athletes, their problem and not just this season has been coaching.. this team has the talent but some reason just cant get it all together.. It be a total surprise if the Canes come out flat and thats not happening.. I think Clemson has their attention..

Field position , and thus special teams, the rest of the schedule is big. The offense and defense have improved, need special teams to improve to cruise until the last game. S fla game could be a battle.

go canes no exscuses


Clemson haven't played anyone!


The weekly, if we lose these will be the excUses thread.

LOVE IT!!!!!

Virginia 2-0 3-3
Georgia Tech 4-1 6-1
Virginia Tech 3-1 5-2
Miami (FL) 2-1 5-1
Duke 1-1 3-3
North Carolina 0-2 4-2


Clemson will upset Miami. We are on the way!!!

Hmm lets see. Should Jacory get rid of the ball quicker or should we replace Pihpo to allow Jacory more time to throw?? I think the latter. A 3 step drop shouldnt be getting pressure, and if you all paid attention to Pihpo on run blocking, he drops the ball also. Pihpo may be a good guy, but he is a inconsistant Olineman. Oline and special teams must do bettr in order for us to be considered as a complete team. Berry may start,a s well as Jones or another Olinemen gettin more reps at RT. Shannon gives out very little info and purposely gives out misleading info as not to give the opponet any edge.Its not that he owes us UM fans any information update. His priority is winning gamkes and strategizing to put us in the best situation to win.

Miami will win by three touchdowns. its no contest.

the line is 7. take the u. fear the u. close your eyes and bet the u,
say no to obama. randy for president.

It was good to see Coach Bowden's team come from behind and Beat UNC. I was torn because a UNC win would strengthen our SOS for the BCS (I guess the same can be said about a FSU win) Even though I am a die hard UM fan I have the upmost respect for Bobby Bowden (Having his players run stairs aside). I am not saying that his time has not past or that he should not leave, but I hate the way that he is being treated and it was great to see his team come back (even though I know he is just a figure head).

As regards UNC, it was a horrible lose for them (they have not won any ACC games this year). I love what Butch Davis did for UM while he was here and how he brought so much talent to Coral Gables. I have to say though, it was good to see him lose. After how he tried to recruit the Northwestern guys by telling them that Coach Shannon would be fired after his 2nd year, I lost a lot of respect for him. I know that recruiting is a dirty game at times, but for him to say that about a Coach that was on his staff rubbed me the wrong way. Also, everyone has raved about him as a coach. I know that the season is not over yet, but look at where UNC is now and where UM is. I know that it is just one season and he has recruited well at UNC, but I think Coach Shannon has also recruited well at UM. I wonder if he is going to be "raked over the coals" for blowing a 17 point 2nd half lead? Can you imagine if that happened to Coach Shannon? I like and support Coach Shannon and I think UM has a bright present and future. I also believe that Coach Davis is still a good Coach and can recruit. Over the next 5 yrs., who do you guys think will have more success, Coach Shannon or Coach Davis?

Damn all our runningbacks are hurt. Thank GOD for the emergence of Damien Berry

Clemson plays man to man in the secondary. If our line blocks up to their potential Jacory should have a field day. We shut down their run and make them 1 dementional their QB is suspect. Special teams will be the key! They have to step up. I believe whipple will have a good game plan to keep them off balance. It should be a great game! C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!


i agree with you on the whole bobby bowden thing. personally, i love bobby bowden and i think he's getting a bad rap for things that arent really his fault. theyve just had alot of things fall the wrong way this year and they just dont have the horses to keep up right now. i wanted to see him win cause i have the utmost respect for him and he's a class act. he respects The U too. he's made FSU what they are and he deserves better. hopefully the win against UNC will springboard them to a successful season. lets be honest despite all the animosity between the two, we need them and they need us. (cant live with em, cant live without em) not to mention that UNC is in the coastal and we could use the help.

as far as butch davis, thats the first ive heard of his negative recruiting. im kind of surprised he'd say that but sometimes thats what you gotta do in this business i guess.

as far as him vs. shannon in 5 years i think its kind of unfair to compare the two because of their respective programs. ones a football school with a rich tradition of championships, whereas the other is a basketball school whos traditionally a doormat in ACC football. its just hard when you compare the name recognition as far recruiting goes. everyone wants to play for The U regardless of whos coaching, but the same doesnt go for UNC. but ultimately i think theyll each have relatively equal success. i think randy will get us back to being a championship power program. but i also think butch will put UNC on the map and a consistent top 25 team during the upcoming years of his tenure (despite the recent lack of success this year. [they lost some good players to the draft]). he's brought in alot of talent and is well on his way to making them not just a basketball school. it should make for some good ACC coastal battles in the future.

i dont feel so bad about christian ponder torching our secondary now. that guy is a beast.

Posted by: green impostor | October 22, 2009 at 08:30 PM

assumed identity ...


And as long as we're talking about the SEC, it's obvious that the SEC is the supreme conference and a monopoly over college football, if you ask me. The championship game is only one of their monopolistic features, for it gives their teams a second chance at the NC game almost every year.

End rant.

Posted by: ==>CanesFanStuckInCali==> | October 19, 2009 at 05:11 PM


Looking beyond the next 5 years, I don't know if there's going to be a BCS, frankly.
… You see what's going on with Congress in regards to the playoffs, and you know how the schools and conferences across the country feel relative to that issue. At some point or another, I think people are going to be going back to the old system. The BCS was really instituted as an attempt … to create a 1-2 championship game. It may not be perfect. … But we all felt it was better than what was before. But with the issue of a playoff … to the people at the schools, they're not supportive of that. If there are two choices on the table (playoffs or old system), I think they'll go back to the old system.
-- big east commissioner john marinatto


This will help- It is becoming clear that FSU, like Clemson, has the athletes but they are very undisciplined and are 1,2 plays away from breaking loose. Now it can become clear to the rest of the nation, and all the moronic coaches who vote in the coaches poll, that UM deserves more respect in the polls. That the FSU win and the 3-1 start was no fluke. I hear all the blabber that Ok was without Bradford, but Um scored more points on the vaunbted OK D than Texas, and we could have score more but unlike the like of Urban Liar, RS called off the dogs. The VT game was a fluke. An aberration. Hope they got that out of their system.

However, EVERY team will get up to play UM, every single one. To the world, playing and beating the canes is a dream. Therefore for the canes, it is a challenge to be up every game. But, that's why you play the game. Hello!

U playaz: This is a major challenge, and theU still gets no respect. Go out there and punch em in the mouth first. Let them know, not in our house. I say the 58 home game winning streak record is in jeopardy.

And in a totally non-football related comment...Manny, it's not chalk full, it's chock full.

One day to 6-1!



Good article about Jacory and some of the new guys stepping up.


I'm expecting us to run the ball a lot tomorrow; we tend to do that in big games against good pass rushers. I'm thinking we'll pretty much do the same thing we did against OU, but with Whipple you never know.

Let's see how we defend Stiller...I'm looking for a big game from McCarthy, Spence, and Ray Ray Armstrong.

"Chalk (sic) full" ??????

Originally a person or thing stuffed to the point of choking was “choke-full.” In modern speech this expression has become “chock-full,” or in less formal American English, “chuck-full.” Chalk has nothing to do with it.


MAKE NOT MISTAKE ABOUT THIS GAME...if the CANES do not show up to play, and play hard for 60 mins, this will be ugly...


i dont feel so bad about christian ponder torching our secondary now. that guy is a beast.

Posted by: ooster | October 23, 2009 at 04:18 AM

I'm with you on that! If Ponders continues to play like that he will work himeself into a 1st round pick!

So FoxSports.com released its “Power Rankings” today in regards to college football. Of course they have Alabama first and Florida second…but they have Iowa at 4…and they have Georgia Tech at 6 and Virginia Tech at 7, while they ranked Miami 8th!!!! WTF!?!? I am not too upset about how VT is above Miami because VT laid a whooping on Miami, but to have GT ahead of Miami is appalling!! Miami toasted those guys and yet they are a better team than Miami??

And what really gets me is FoxSports.com’s reasoning for Miami’s placement is that the game against GT was a month ago and Miami beat an Oklahoma team with Landry Jones at quarterback!! Are you kidding me??? I don’t care how long ago Miami beat GT, the fact is that Miami beat GT and beat them thoroughly. And the jab about Oklahoma really got me cooked. I mean what a way to make a lame excuse. Oklahoma’s previous game to Miami they crushed Tulsa 45-0…and that is because Stoops pulled back on the reigns with Landry at the helm. And additionally, Oklahoma had a frickin’ bye week to prepare for the Miami game!!

It is not just FoxSports.com who is disrespecting Miami and how they have beaten 3 ranked opponents so far, it the majority of the media. Man that stuff ticks me off!

Manny, you better start talkin to some of your buddies in the media and letting them know that Miami's schedule is one of the most legitimate in the country.

Power rankings don't mean anything, just a biased sports writer's opinion. Only poll that matters is BCS. Win out and everything will take care of itself.

I know they don't mean squat pal, but the same people that do these rankings also have votes in the AP Poll. That is why we should care.

And also, not sure if anyone has talked about this yet. But did you guys hear about how the SEC suspended the officiating crew that did the Arkansas-Florida game last week? That crew called a personal foul roughing the passer against Tebow because of a blow to the head when the defender was nowhere close to his head. This is also the same crew that called unsportsmanlike conduct against Georgia in the LSU game.

After those two instances, it is no wonder that the SEC suspended the crew. I mean, the SEC has to cover up how they are doing whatever is necessary to keep their so-called “powerhouses” atop the rankings so the SEC goes back to the National Championship.

These guys come back in the middle of November. I wonder if they will do any Alabama games and give them a helping hand? (However I believe Alabama is a good enough team that will not need help, but you never know)

That’s right, I’m calling out a conspiracy theory!! Ha!

Butch Davis is a snake in the grass. He will do or say anything to get what he wants.

Look at him during games on the sideline always whinning & working the officials.

He left us right in the middle of recruiting in January after saying he was not leaving. He went to Cleveland & failed miserably.

However, he is a good recruiter & decent coach who has Randy's number. He has beaten him the last three yr's in a row.

We need to get up for that game at Chapel Hill on 11/14/09 & beat them down. It will finally put Randy over the top against Butch & lessen their claim over recruits in our area.

Go Canes!!

I agree with sharkdaddy. I've always said how I hate Butch Davis for leaving us hanging dry. Ba-trd left after he said he wouldn't leave (i.e. he flat out lied), and he left in the middle of recruiting, 2 mos prior to signing day. He left without "finishing the job". And to top it off, he s-ked at Cleveland, screwed Kenny Dorsey's chances of developing into a reasonable QB, he has stolen So Fl recruits, using UM's latest bad yrs to his advantage, and then he bad mouthed RS like the slime that he is. To me, he is no better than Nick Saban, Urban Liar, or pete Carroll.

Butch Davis= I am glad Old Bobby humiliated you last night by coming back from 18 pts. You are a snake in the grass. Um is coming over to put down the wood on your rednk a%$.

We need to get up for that game at Chapel Hill on 11/14/09 & beat them down. It will finally put Randy over the top against Butch & lessen their claim over recruits in our area.

Posted by: sharkdaddy | October 23, 2009 at 10:57 AM


With his four recruiting classes since joining the Tar Heels, Davis has signed three Florida players.
-- the post and courier


Let's not forget that Butch came to Sean Taylor's funeral and used the tragedy to woo recruit's while he was here!

I'm glad he didn't come back to UM. He was out-coached last night, he was out-coached when he was here, and he was out-coached in Cleveland. Good ridden's!

Go 'canes!



Yeah, Butch was all up in the potato salad recruiting at Taylor's funeral. I was there and saw the whole thing. Probably with a gayturd or semihole.

Canesfan, I hear ya BUT AP means nothing in BCS mix and that's the crap system we are under now. Worry more about coached and Harris polls where the real politican is.

Those polls are where urban lier and Nick Satan are really doing the damage

Yeah, the Urban Liers, Nick Sabans, and fa fa fooeys.

Football News

Miami Leery of Dangerous Clemson


UConn killing witnesses threatened online


Yeah, the Urban Liers, Nick Sabans, and fa fa fooeys.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 23, 2009 at 02:54 PM

fa fa fooey's?

Is that Les Miles, or Bobby Petrino?

Thanks again "fake" Sarasota! It's nice to know someone is thinking of me and my favorite team 24/7, 365!

You should become a 'cane fan "D" Bag. With your schizophrenia, we could put over 1000 crazed nuts into the stands for the price of one ticket! What a bargain!

Go 'canes!

If you use the Firefox browser, I would recommend the NCAA Football add-on. It allows you to customize the top of the browser to display current NCAA football headlines and have stats, videos, ticket info, etc., of the Canes....I mean your favorite team, available with a click. It doesn't get in the way of other functions and is very kewl. No, I do not get any residuals for this information, although I probably should.

Mikepete24...point well taken pal. So I guess there is only one thing left to do then.........win the whole f'n thing!!!


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