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Cooper questionable for FAMU

Fresh off the email, the Canes extremity report. Or what we refer to as the injury report.

Probable: DL Olivier Vernon – Lower Extremity

Questionable: RB Graig Cooper - Lower Extremity; LS/TE Jake Byrne - Illness

Doubtful: DT  Marcus Forston – Lower Extremity; DL  Steven Wesley – Lower Extremity.

Out: DL Dyron Dye - Leg; TE Richard Gordon – Upper Extremity; FB Patrick Hill – Lower Extremity; DB Ryan Hill – Upper Extremity; DB JoJo Nicolas – Upper Extremity; DE Adewale Ojomo – Jaw; DB Randy Phillips – Upper Extremity.


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Go Canes!

That's alot of banged up guys, FAMU came at the perfect time!

This is rest week. Not that we're taking FAMU lightly though. Rest 'em when U can. Also let's second stringers get much needed PT.


Kinda wonder how many of these guys would play if we were playing North Carolina or someone in the division. Hope it's just a rest week for most of these guys, hate to have to lose some key players for extended periods of time.

Guys, come join my live in-game blog during the Miami Central-Miami Northwestern game. Four Canes assistants are here tonight for the game, which will be televised on ESPN2.

Marcus Forston = SOFT

Jacory Harris = Lamar Thomas - the talent + butter fingers


what a fool ones a qb and ones a wr
gr8 comparison you really know your football

Be watching.

little interesting tidbit,

latwan anderson was supposed to make his decision saturday but held off to make sure he made the right decision. word is he picked miami. (learned this from youtube. but the last time i learned from youtube it turned out to be true. i knew kadron boone was going to TTU about a month b4 it was officially announced.) also travis williams is down to 3 schools and im pretty confident he's one of the LB's miami's going after. << im pretty sure were gonna get him too (the other 2 schools are UNC and WVU).

Off subject but will the canes go 11-1? Is south fla the toughest remaining team on the schedule? Have we played our best ball of the season or do we have yet to peek? AND WILL LS U BEAT FLORIDA?!!!

Is Kool aid serious?

Dah U

Home of preseason HYPE.

excUses...like....it's coker's fault, we are too young, jacory had a cold, its the O-coordinator, its the D-coordinator, its anyone but wacko shannon.

Home of the 3 star recruit.

I have finally put up my Canes flag because I am once again proud to be a Hurricane. They better not lose one of these easy remaining games or I will go back to being a USF fan.

We may get 3 star recruits but we are going to make a bowl game this year. Thats all that matters. We just want to make it to a bowl.

Win or lose you should always proud to be a cane. If you are not then you are not really a fan. Randy is a man of dignity and integrity and that is reflected in the caliber of players he is recruiting for the U. He knows from his own life that it is passion, hard work and perseverance that is the recipe for success. It is the heart and mind of his student athletes that is important not the number of stars awarded by some recruiting analyst . And most importantly for his players and their parents is Randy's commitment to ensure that U student athletes are as successful off the field as they are on the field. The U is lucky to have him as head coach.

It's a good thing ur not a fairweather fan Sarasota

If Randy Phillips and Jojo are out again, we might see Ray Ray play the whole game.

Sarasota, youre exactly the type of fans that arent true U fans....

stay off our bandwagon! Youre supposed to be a fan through thick and thing, win or lose.......

fugazzi ass Canes fan...

Ray Ray will play...we need his fire..COOP is banged up for sure...Forston is a bust unless he gets healthy and shows A TON of improvement...NO TACKLES wow...the front 7 will be on fire this week...THE FAMU QB is also their leading rusher..so we have to deal with that again..GO CANES>.

srasotacane , true canes fans fly their flags all the time. Win or loose.One of my buddies ,happens to be a gator,asked me mon. after the VT game why I had my flags on my truck.Another buddy was there ,happens to be a gator too,told him it was because I was a true fan.Made me proud a gator was smart enough to answer that question for me.

Hope to see ya'll at THE SHARK sat. I'll be there. CANE TIL' I DIE!!!

I want to see mike James (who?) run the rock! Maybe some Streeter? Hope the game goes smooth to see our second stringers...

Dear Koolaid / Hung / Nolefan / Gatorfan,

Tell you what. I'll take a motivated 3 star recruit who wants to get better over a pampered 5 start recruit who wants the world handed to him. The definition of hype is the correllation between a recruit's 'star rating' and his success in college or the NFL...

No team in D-1 wanted to give Jim Kelly a scholarship to play quarterback - head ended up in the NFL Hall of Fame. He will be joined by Edgarring James, Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed in the not-too-distant future, and none of them were considered 'lead-pipe locks' coming out of high school. Who has your school produced?

Oh, and if you are the Gator fan I suspect you are, do you really think UF can beat LSU if Timmy Tebow doesn't play on Saturday. Then your oh-so-vaunted team will have the same number of losses as Miami.

Never come to a battle of wits without ammunition.

I have to stick up for my boy 'sota. That's not the true U 'sota. I've been on this blog for a very long time and it's the same demwhit that is other teams fans, kehoe, Pedro, rawpimple, etc. It is the same Turd on here every day at all hours. He uses the same writing techniques and has the same grammer.

The real 'sota has a typepad account therefore his name will be highlighted in blue for a clickable link.

This guy that cannot post under his true alias and pretends to be so many is simply a lifeless Gafor. He is full of so much hate and does this so people talk to him. He knows nothing about football and knows he can only be involved in conversations by spewing venom.

Just ignore him. He is a true idiot.


On a side note: who's gonna watch FAMU's band after the game? I've seen those guys, they're always fun to watch.

that guy isn't the true Sarasota Cane....that's an imposter....first...the real one has a lower case s and lower case c ... also it's the same Kool Aid guy who is a gayturd troll who is just trying to be a smartass...

I'm sure Coop and a few of the other guys on the disabled list could play if the coaches asked them to. But it's FAMU! This game should be a step up from practice for these Canes.

No disrespect to the Rattlers, but they're in another league than the Canes, both literally and figuratively. Canes should come out with high intensity in the first half before handing the game over to Highsmith and the rest of the 2nd and 3rd stringers so they can get some reps.

FINAL SCORE PREDICTION = 52-10. Can't wait to see Rusty98UM11's highlights on YouTube (assuming he'll be able to put them together over ESPN 360 of FAMU's Internet- based FamCast). They're the best Canes highlights around! http://www.youtube.com/user/rusty98um11


Maybe Coop will watch the film of his ass dancing in the hole and just hit it next time so he don't get popped. I hope he learns quickly he needs to make one cut and go. Miami NW came back on Central and I must say those bulls #44Edwards, Harris, and Bridgewater would look really good in the U helmet.
FAMU should be gettinhg the whiplash handed to them by the third quarter. They secondary should not stay up with WR's. Should be 42-7 by the fourth.

Of course it's not me, it's "D" Bag! That turd pretends to be me, and then he answers his own messages! But thanks for having my back!

What a freak! It's such bad karma! Besides that "D" Bag, your "I know you are but what am I" schtick is getting so lame! Step it up you little puzzy!

Go 'canes!

Everyone: please don't answer or even acknowledge that inbred Gaytor Moron who trolls these blogs from his mother's basement. He is an insignificant mental midget with no life.

Let's talk about the Canes and how special this year could be. We always planned on next year being the year we make a run for our sixth ring, this year may be like 2000 all over again. GO CANES.

Kool Aid, your right. Miami keeps getting these 3 star recruits, and i love it. Its so nice that Miami puts all these 2 star pro bowlers in the NFL, while all The Gators produce bust after bust. We make our 2 stars better then your 5 stars. How many prow Bowlers Fla. have last year?

For all the Gator fans that talk about Miami recruiting. Miami has the most players CURRENTLY in the NFL. MIami has the most pro bowlers CURENTLY in the NFL. Miami has the BEST LB group in the NFL. Beason, Vilma, Williams, Lewis. Best RBS. Portis, James, Mcgahee, Gore. Best WR's. Johnson, Moss, Wayne. We know how to recruit, dont worry.

How many of you remember not only the UF fans, but also the FIU and USF fans talking smack prior to the season? Well it seems we have shut up one group of fans with two more to go.

Tonight I watched the MNW vs Miami Central game on ESPN2. While watching it they showed the entire FIU stadium. Wow, it seems they forget to finish it. They don't have an open endzone, they have an open sideline, with bleachers. Did they just forget to finish it? That was the ugliest stadium I have ever seen. Then I went online and looked up FIU's record and they are 0-4. Damn! Where are all the FIU smack talkers at now?

Come November we get to shut up the USF fans and maybe just maybe we get to see a certain University in January. That is of course if they can make it through their conference schedule without two losses.

I suppose my new found respect for school fans must fall onto the UCF fans. Apparently the only fans that know better than to talk smack that they can't back up.

Note to FIU fans, you are not, nor have you ever been at our level. I wish Mario Cristobal good luck, because it appears he needs all the luck he can get being at the 'other' school in Miami. And for the record to the USF fans, there are only 3 big schools in Florida. And everybody knows who they are.

Sounds like someone has been drinking too much Kool-AID

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