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FAMU postgame notes, thoughts

About to headout of Land Shark Stadium, but here are a few notes and thoughts from UM's 48-16 win over Florida A&M.

> Great debut for junior Damien Berry -- even if it wast against a tired FAMU defense in the second half. Berry's 162 yards on 14 carries were the most for a UM running back since Tyrone Moss ran for 195 yards against North Carolina in 2005 at the Orange Bowl. 

I know what you're thinking... Why did Berry have to wait until tonight to get his first carry? Here's my theory: he might not be enough of an alpha male. All he kept talking about after his performance was how great the offensive line played. When asked if he's frustrated by the fact he's the scout team running back, he said "I'll play wherever my coaches put." Come on Damien, be a little more like Keyshawn! Tell them you want the dang ball! In all seriousness, Berry has a lot of studs in front of him. If he were good enough, he'd be playing against someone other than FAMU.

> UM coach Randy Shannon said earlier this week he wanted freshman AJ Highsmith to get some "meaningful playing time." Guess three pass attempts for 36 yards was meaningful. To Highsmith's credit, he did make a nice pass to a wide open Tommy Streeter for a 29-yard gain. And he said he wasn't nervous. I just wonder if and when we'll see him again. 

> The real concern coming out of this game will be the health of the right shoulder of receiver Aldarius Johnson. He stood on the sidelines in the second quarter with his pads off with his arm in a sling. Richard Gordon hurt his shoulder against FSU and hasn't been back since.

> Receiver Tommy Streeter says he isn't going anywhere. For all of you reading rumors on message boards this is what Mr. Streeter told me tonight about it: "I'm 100 percent a Cane, 110 percent. I'm dedicated to this program and I'm not going anywhere. I'm just staying humble and waiting for my opportunity, my name to be called. I'm just trying to work hard, show coaches I can make plays and that they can trust in me."


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with that performance, Berry JUMPS to #4 on the depth chart. c'mon...


loved the way the kid ran though. Chambers looked like a sally out there. He stays at 5 only because Miller is a redshirt. Chambers ran like a menopausal woman out there. based on that performance, bottom line, Chambers should be on string duty, nothing more, nothing less

berry on the other hand, nice punishing running, kid. keep it up!
Not to knock Coop, at least he can break it now and then, but a couple times, watching Chambers, I started to wonder if Coop was playing after all, disguised in a 32 jersey, dippin and dodgin behind the line of scrimmage, trading in yards in order to avoid gettin touched at all costs...

when i say MORE Mike James, can I get a AMEN?
I dunno what the question is, but my answer is MIKE freekin JAMES!!!

How can anyone look at the RBs in this game and not say Berry should get more touches. Chambers was tenative at best. He may drop to number 5 on the depth chart.

I've always said since the spring game that Berry is the next best power back behind J. James. When J. James leaves, Berry should step right into J. James role, and that's if his blocking and catching skills are up to par also. Tonite's running by Berry was no aberration. This kid did the same to UM's defense. If Cooper decides to leave, Chambers should step in his role giving us as nice a one two punch as we have now with J. James and Coop. Through in a little M. James, and its a perfect recipe. Streeter as well as Ray Ray are as advertised. Ray Ray is physical as hell. Loves to play all over the fiels. Loves to be agressive. Although he needs to learn system and more pass coverage. Right now we know for sure he will take of your head if given the opportunity. He took it to FAMU's qb and made him funble only for the ref's to call a helmet to helmet hit. C'mon let the kids play. The hit was harder than the OU hit last week!!! Streeter glides and looks taller than Graham. Kid catches the ball like he's been on the field just as long as the other receivers. No jitters. Defense could play much better. Gave up a few too many long plays to a sub-par team. There were many more stories, but those stood out. Hope I helped some of u guys who couldn't come out.

Berry was Mr do all at Glades Central and is a true Cane. I hope he gets an opportunity next year. I honestly thought he was a senior

It was a great game. The defense still needs to work on assignments. Some of the big plays given were just people not being where they needed to be. On the other hand you have to give some credit to FAMU's QB cause he did find openings in the Cover 2 formation that we are running. Mike James is a bear but Berry showed he can play with the rest of them. I really wanted to see what Highsmith, Lamar Miller, an even Arthur Brown had to offer. They haven't been plugged into the games cause their hasn't been many opportunites for them but this was the perfect game to do that and nothing. Maybe next week against UCF we can see a little bit more of the depth in our squad. Other than that our boys looked sharp with the exception of the 2 pics by Jacory. We did what we needed to do and blew out a far inferior opponent. Great week for us. We need to keep winning our games a week at a time and hopefully Va Tech stumbles and loses 2 ACC games and we can get put in the running for an ACC and a huge BCS bowl game. C-A-N-E-S GO CANES!!!

Cane26, don't mean to dampen your enthusiasm, but
1-Lamar Miller is a redshirt, yer not gonna see him this year
2-the defense was pathetic. the opening drive and field goal, I can deal with, but giving up 16 points... PATHETIC
3-loved the way Berry played, but he is not in the same league with the two James boys. Mike James is the REAL DEAL. Kid does whatever is asked of him and EXCELS AT IT, no matter what.
4-Arthur Brown, too early to say this now, but he may well be a bust. Futch and Buchanan are WAY better already.
5-2 picks and 2 scores from Jascory, NOT a win.

BOTTOM LINE: we lost too many players and DID NOT LOOK CRISP.

WAKEUP CALL: we play like this the rest of the year, we lose 2 more games.

LOVE the Canes, want to see the best. Guys, Randy is PISSED and for good reason. Pick it up and take it out on USF. Let's see what you're really made of.


sorry, meant UCF, not USF, not my best effort either, heading into the locker room for my flogging now...

SJMPARMAN: Chambers is only 5 on the depth chart because we don't have a 6th string. Kid embarassed himself tonight. Maybe he just didn't get a chance to change his tampon at halftime. Either way, he's on string pulling duty from here on out.

I still won't rule out Chambers. He is a good player, just had a bad game.

What was that kid thinking flashing the U sign at miami's bench. Im surprised no body got hurt from FAMU and it would have been that morons fault.

That was a bush play but credit the Canes for not making it a big deal. Players responded by sacking the QB but not by abandoning their assignments.

"Berry has a lot of studs in front of him. If he was that good, he'd be playing against someone other than FAMU."

I hope you really meant to say, "If he WASN'T that good" he'd be playing with another team. I believe he is that good and I like his team player attitude.

A couple thoughts on tonight's game. It was good to see a few new faces gettig some reps; AJ, Berry, KT, Streeter, to name a few. We've been hearing about these kids for a while now and I'm glad they got some reps tonight. In some cases it's much needed. I was pretty disappointed at first to see Harris not play at all in the second half but it's a smart move. I think Harris still needs work and really needs to work on being consistently accurate, but getting AJ some reps in an actual game was probably more important. I was disappointed that the defense didn't completely shut them down. The difference in talent was so obvious and Miami's DEs seemed like they could get around the OL at will at times. It's frustrating to see them not get more turnovers. As much as we hear that turnovers have been a big focus going back to the spring, you'd think they'd at least get 2 or 3 against FAMU. In games like this I kind of hope to see them basically accomplish everything they try to accomplish against other teams. So if we hear all the time about how they're really trying to work on not having the missed tackles on defense, not having missed assignments, and getting turnovers, then it's frustrating when you see FAMU moving effectively down the field and you see the lack of turnovers created.

Agreed David!

"Berry has a lot of studs in front of him. If he was that good, he'd be playing against someone other than FAMU."

I hope you really meant to say, "If he WASN'T that good" he'd be playing with another team. I believe he is that good and I like his team player attitude.

Posted by: Jacomo | October 11, 2009 at 01:56 AM

If you're going to edit Manny, at least find the correct flaw in the sentence structure. Manny misused the subjunctive mood. It is always, "If I WERE," not "If I WAS."


Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | August 27, 2009 at 11:38 AM


48K on hand for famu …


you have love these couch coaches and editor's!!!!!!!!

I didnt get a chance to see the game but i have been calling for a youth movement and upgrades at certain positions and RB was one of them. I know baby J had a good Oklahoma game but that's one in 4yrs. To me he is more of a fullback. Coop is more of a change of pace back. Hopefully D.Berry,L.Chambers and M.James can get more carries.

I know baby J had a good Oklahoma game but that's one in 4yrs.

Posted by: duvalcanesfan | October 11, 2009 at 09:54 AM


James redeemed himself. His career-high 150 rushing yards were the most a Miami player ever racked up against Oklahoma
-- heather dinich


Status on Aldarius????

It doesnt matter- The bottom line is we are stacked at wr and rb. AJ got hurt, unfortunately, so in comes Streeter and/or Thompkins. Hankerson is come into his own. He is definitely improved vs last yr. Jimmy Graham is also improving. Remember guys- JH was pressured a lot because RS played 3 underclassmen at O-line. Whats going on with Arthur Brown? Maybe he'll learn his position and make the best out of his last 2 years.

This could have easily been >60. Randy knows that, but he called off the dogs knowingly. UM's last score came with 9 minutes remaining. Plus, JH got a little too aggressive and comfortable in there, and he is starting to worry me because of the number of ints he is throwing- most bad reads.

48k that is awesome- +/- same as GTech game.

Bottom line: we pound the ground with 25-30 carries, that will open up lanes for our stud receivers- Nobody can stop the U. But limit the t-os J12, limit the t-os.

As for the turds- please. How desperate were they to put an injured tebow in. Yes injured. That was wrong. That, in m y opinion could have been malpractice if he had been hurt- in fact he did take a blow to the head once. LSU is and was grossly overrtaed. Their qb stinks. So they made them run the ball, whcih they couldnt. game over. LSU struggled against Georgia (which stinks), and MSU. Why were they even #4? VTech looks awefully good. Seems to be getting better each week. Can't see them losing 2 ACC games.

FSU is in shambles.

we should of had more turnovers harris had one but dropped 2 ints. d berry, t streeter and tompkins should get more playing time. b jones and b washington are the future on the left side of the line. alot of people are knocking on spence but he made alot of tackles. harris and dvd look really good at the corner postion. vaughn and ray ray are the real deal at safety. keep collier at punt return and put him in kick return too.

Some optomistic points:
1. FAMU did not move the ball at all outside of the first drive, which we handed them with 3 penalties after they were stopped. We still held them to a field goal, and they did squat until the 4th against our 3rd stringers who were a mish-mash of players not accustomed to playing with each other and therefore not in tune. I don't know what you guys were watching, but FAMU did nothing when it mattered, and little after that (13 points in garbage time, for God sake).
2. We destroyed Leroy Vann...stop talking about these bush league guys like they're studs.
3. We got a pick, and we got a special teams score. Finally.

Pessimistic points:
1. Why bring Highsmith into this game and not let him throw? What a waste! He completed all 3 passes, looked in control...why not let him play?
2. Why were we so pass-happy in the first half? Were we protecting the RB's? Trying to pad JH's stats? I thought practicing the running game was a priority, but we threw all over the place instead, and that was strange.
3. Two picks? C'mon Jacory, that's no good. He was never right tonight, missing a couple long balls to wide open receivers and throwing those picks.
4. I wanted more picks (Harris had a second bounce off his chest, but still), and our punt team still didn't do very much.

We took them seriously, but we still weren't completely focused. I guess it's nice that we destroyed them anyway, because it could have been much worse.

Go Canes.

Oh, and Streeter is HUGE! I couldn't believe it when I saw him. The guy is a freaking giraffe out there, and watching him running deep was a lot of fun. Just once, I'd like to see him, Byrd, AJ and Graham out there at the same time. It would be almost comical looking...they would tower over everyone.

As for the turds- please. How desperate were they to put an injured tebow in. Yes injured. That was wrong. That, in m y opinion could have been malpractice if he had been hurt- in fact he did take a blow to the head once. LSU is and was grossly overrtaed. Their qb stinks. So they made them run the ball, whcih they couldnt. game over. LSU struggled against Georgia (which stinks), and MSU. Why were they even #4? VTech looks awefully good. Seems to be getting better each week. Can't see them losing 2 ACC games.

FSU is in shambles.

Posted by: Boys need to continue getting better. | October 11, 2009 at 10:38 AM

Dude, you're reaching here. Gators just beat a very good, fast, and athletic team in LSU on their home turf. And I don't like to use the transitive property in sports but LSU beat UW in Seattle. The same UW who beat USC. How about lets just talk about the Canes, OK thanks.

Damien Berry would have the same performance against OKLA or Better if the coaches give him a chance. Lee Chambers should not get more playing time than Berry.


I missed the game, did any of the young ol guys play like Jones, Washington, and Johnson?

Ur fool. doesnt matter who beat who. anything can happen in a game. you cant rank a team by who they beat.

Michael yes they did... Ben Jones and Washington was opening up huge holes in the second half... I dont know if Johnson played though.. Symonette played as well But you can watch the game only again if you want at www.espn360.com

LSU is good on D-that is it. Jefferson sks. There is no passing game. LSU literally LOST to MSU, stopped them at the 1 3 times. LSU is overrated. period. they are not Number 4- Marlins ins seattle- After watching VT do you not think VT is better than LSU? Furthermore, LSU barely beat Georgia, which is not even comparable to Alabama. Ala will dismantle them and VT played with Ala quite closely till the end, when ALa just pounded them.

That was my point nothing more nothing less. I do feel UM could beat VT, if they are focused. I think GT will beat VT. Just an opinion.

From game: Streeter looked a lot more physically developed than I expected, that was good to see.

Barry looked like the most atheletic RB on th Miami squad, fluid , big strong hit the hole RB. He did the same thing in the spring game.

Only thing Barry lacks is experience, My football eye, which I trust , says Barry has NFL potential and needs to be developed fast.

Would Barry have got the yards JJ did against OU, who knows JJ did it Barry did not but I must trust my instincts, and it is a blog, Barry is, right now ,the best RB that the U has.

Bowden has become a parody of himself. One of the knocks this week was that he never wears a headset, and has no real function during games. So all of a sudden Mickey has him wearing a head set and supposedly "contributing" on defense! What a joke!

Bowden had every right to leave on his own terms about 3-4 years ago. Now the fans have had enough, and everyone is pointing fingers about how to "appropriately" tell him to leave! Bowden is done as a coach.

As a UM fan, I hope he stays for 10 more years! As a State of Florida Taxpayer, I say he has to go at the end of the year! If ONE SINGLE tax dollar goes into this travesty, FSU should be required to pay it back in FULL!

Go 'canes!

Berry is a beast and one pf the true Canes. This guy (just like Sheilds) would drink gas and die for the U. I wish we could play him more but James, James, and Coop are to valuable to keep off th feild.

p.s. Lee Chambers transfers to Miss ST next year, Coop and James enter the draft. We retain M. James as the starter, Berry, Eduardo Clements, and L. Miller in that order.

ps, I know the holes were huge, but forget that and look at the speed, fluid power, of Barry.

VT played with Ala quite closely till the end

Posted by: Boys need to continue getting better. | October 11, 2009 at 12:04 PM

until the yes-e-c refs intervened …


Chambers was playing hurt. He's fighting through a knee injury and was limoing on and off the field all night. His performance last night isnt indicitive of his true ability. Berry is the real deal. Everyone wants to annoint him better than J. James but not so fast my friends. Have you checked his blocking???? Have you checked his pass catching???? J. James is out best complete back, people just look at yards and think b/c Berry ran through a lot of wide open holes, he should be the starter and is the best back. Berry will contribute and will be our best power back AFTER J. James leaves!

Arthur Brown. I wish they would get him on the field more. What about Oliver Vernon? Didn't recall seeing him at all and does anyone know the extent of AJ's shoulder injury

Anyone ever pay attention to how agressive GT's receivers block.If our receivers blocked agressively like GT's receivers, we would break a lot more long runs.

What's the obsession with throwing people under the bus about? Chambers has had many great runs in a UM uniform and had a couple great performances last year. The guy had a mediocre few plays last night while he fights through an injury. Big deal.

Berry is clearly talented, but he was also running against an FCS team that had been worn down in the first half. I appreciate his stellar performance, but take it with a grain of salt.

DVD looked great during the opening minutes. Brandon Harris is a future first-rounder and the heart of our defense at the moment. Ray Ray clearly has loads of talent and all the right intangibles, but he's young and will continue to make inexperienced mistakes for a while (he was caught sleeping and out of position on that FAMU TD).

One of Jacory's two INTs was off a deflection, so I can't really fault him that one. Don't underestimate how important it is that he doesn't play favorites with his receivers--it makes Whipple's offense that much more menacing. He's starting to rely a little too much on Graham deep in the red zone, but with that kid's height, can you blame him?

... But speaking earlier about throwing people under the bus: anyone else notice how the Shannon haters have disappeared (or at least shut their mouths)? The guys calling last night's game were talking contract extensions and, how at $1.5 million/year, Shannon is a steal.

AP we are 9th. Coaches poll 11th.

Denver Cane
Yes I did and then they used the "C" word......Coveted

ben jones looks very athletic. Love the downfield hustle. Glad to see some younger ol guys playing too.

D.Berry excelled at CanesFest & is a much more powerful & explosive back than Chambers.

I do think Baby J & Coop will both enter the NFL draft (though Coop should stay for his senior yr.)

However, L. Miller is the real deal. If he continues to work & gets bigger & stronger, he should be #1 back next yr.

Jacory Harris fumbles and throws more picks than anyone I have ever seen.


Where have U GONE!

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