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Game blog: Clemson 40, Miami 37- final

Hi everybody. Justin Azpiazu here at Land Shark Stadium filling in for devoted Hurricanes blogger Manny Navarro, who is at a wedding.

We are a little less than an hour away from game time and both teams are going through their pregame routines on the field.

No. 8 Miami is going to have their hands full against a talented Clemson team that has lost several close games this season. The Canes offense is matching up with one of the fastest defenses in the nation and will have to lock down the offensive line if they want to beat the Tigers.  On the offensive side Clemson has a couple of speedy wide receivers that challenged Georgia Tech's defense to start the season. Wide out Jacoby Ford and running back C.J. Spiller are two-world class sprinters that the Canes' defense needs to keep an eye on.

After a rainy start to the afternoon the sun has come out at Land Shark Stadium, which should help the Hurricanes' offense.

Feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer them quickly.

Sorry everyone no Cover It Live for today's game.

Weather for the game: 83 degrees under cloudy skies.

Clemson will receive. 


First drive of the game Clemson starts on their 25-yard line.

Clemson connects on a long pass play to move the ball to the Miami 43.

Canes' big third down. UM gives up 15-yard pass over the middle for another Clemson first down.

Canes' defense has so far shutdown the Clemson rushing attack but has struggled through the air.

Clemson ball on the Miami 24.

Miami hold on third down to force a 41-yard field goal.

Clemson kicker misses.

11:03 - Miami gets the ball on their 24-yard line.

Cooper breaks 8-yard run and Berry gains 7 yards.

Wow, on a play action Harris and Hankerson connect on a 20 yard pass. Hankerson made a great one handed grab of the ball.  

Hankerson makes another nice catch, this one for 14 yards to move the ball to the Miami 20-yard line.

On first down Harris looks at Hankerson again who tips the ball into the waiting hands of a Clemson DB.

Clemson ball on their own 30.

Miami's defense needs to buckle down and get more pressure on Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker.

Canes get a break on an intentional grounding penalty that pushes the ball back to the Clemson 33-yard line. Time out Clemson with 5:15 left in the first quarter.

Another big penalty on Clemson makes it 3 and 25.Clemson's offense has imploded since the intentional grounding penalty. In the last two plays Clemson has gotten two clipping penalties to make it 3 and 49.

Tigers 47-yard punt.

Miami ball on their 35.

First play of the drive Harris connects with Collier for a 20-yard pass.

Two straight rushes makes it 3 and 2 from the Clemson 37.

Harris and Cooper connect for a  3-yard pass for another first down.

Miami is 3-3 on third down conversions.Holding on Miami makes it 1 and 20 from the 40.

End of first quarter Miami 0, Clemson 0.


Miami gets on the board first with a 49-yard field goal by Matt Bosher.

Scoring drive: 8 plays, 33 yards. Time 4:21.

Miami kickoff Clemson gets the ball on their own 38.

Miami continues to stop the run but gives up another first down on a pass.

Hold your breath everyone Sean Spence is down but slowly walks off the field.

Spence is having is left knee checked out on the sideline, no word on what happened.

Ramon Buchanan takes over for Spence. Big turnover for Miami Collin McCarthy forces a fumble Andrew Smith recovers. On the first play of the drive Miami breaks a long play but is brought back on a penalty.

Spence still being worked on. He's surrounded by three trainers. Good news Canes fans Spence is off the trainers table and is running on the sideline. Trainers put an elastic sleave over his left knee and it looks like he will be able to return to the game.

After the penalty Miami's drive has stalled forcing 4 and 13 from the Miami 25. On third down Harris tries for a long pass down the sideline that fell incomplete.
Fourth down Miami back to punt. Bosher kicks a 47-yard punt.

Spence update: he's still on the sideline warming up on the exercise bike and not in on Miami's first defensive play of the drive. Canes continue to get burned by the pass giving up another first down.

3 and 3 for Clemson from the 40.Clemson converts another pass for first down. Miami is going to have to make some adjustments at halftime to stop the Tigers' passing attack.
No word on if or when Spence is going to return. He's standing on the sideline with no helmet near by.

Spence is back on the trainers table with a bag of ice on his knee.

The pass continues to kill Miami. Canes give up 18-yard touchdown to Michael Palmer make it 7-3 Clemson. 

Clemson scoring drive 11 plays, 72 yards, time 4:12.

Miami's passing defense has looked horrible in the first half.

Clemson kickoff Miami gets the ball on their 20.

Harris connects with Collier for 10 yards and another Hurricanes first down. Harris finds Jimmy Graham for 8 yards. 2 and 2 for Miami on their 49-yard line.

Harris gets pressured and fumbles but Cooper recovers loss of 6. Harris comes back and finds Hankerson for 26-yard gain. Clemson takes their third and final timeout. 

Miami has the ball on the Clemson 31.On first down Berry gets 7 on a run up the middle. Second down Berry breaks it 23 yards for a touchdown. Mike James had a huge block on the run. Miami 10, Clemson 7.

Scoring drive 10 plays, 80 yards time 4:24.

On the kickoff Clemson running back C.J. Spiller takes it 90 yards for a touchdown. The speedy Spiller is one of the top track and field runners in the country and he really showed his speed on that return. Great blocking by Clemson's special teams.

Clemson 14, Miami 10.

Miami gets the ball on their 39-yard line. On first down Cooper gets 8 yards on a run to the outside. After the timeout Cooper breaks a 25-yard run to move the ball to the Clemson 32-yard line.

Miami takes its third and final timeout of the half.

With :20 seconds left in the second quarter Miami gets called for two many men on the field pushing the ball back to the 37. On 1 and 15 Harris throws a long pass to Jimmy Graham who can't find the ball. 

On 2 and 15 Harris is pressured and throws up a terrible pass to three Clemson DBs.


First half summary

The Canes' offense has looked good so far, but two picks by Harris and bad clock management to end the second quarter have really hurt. 

Clemson has torched Miami's passing defense for a 129 yards and a touchdown. Tigers' qb Kyle Parker is 10 for 15. The Hurricanes have limited Clemson's running game holding Spiller to 28 yards.

Even though the Canes are down look for Miami to turn things around in the second half. This season the Canes have rocketed out the gate in the third quarter.

If Miami wants to win today's contest they will need to put pressure on  qb Parker and make him throw some picks. The Canes haven't come close to sacking Parker and he's had all the time in the world to find open receivers. Canes' special team's is going to have to lock down on Spiller and stop him from taking the game over. Spiller has already scored on one long return and has 110 yards on two tries. 


On the first play of the third quarter Harris connects with Hankerson for a 22-yard catch. 1 and 10 Cooper runs for 3 yards.

On 1 and 10 Harris throws to LaRon Byrd who draws a defensive pass interference penalty to move the ball to the Clemson 29. On first down Berry runs for 8 yards up the middle. On second down Berry gets a yard. Miami Calls timeout and is facing a 3 and 2 from the Clemson 21.

On 3 and 2 Harris finds Epps for a 16-catch to move the ball to the Clemson 5-yard line. 1 and 5 Berry takes it 4 yards to 1-yard line. Berry has picked up the slack for Javarris James whose only had one carry in the game.

On second down Berry scores but the play is called back after an illegal formation penalty on Miami.

On 3 and 3 Harris connects with Hankerson for a 5-yard touchdown pass. Hankerson was meet at the goal-line by a Clemson defender but pushed his way in for the score. Miami 17, Clemson 14

Scoring drive: 9 plays 80 yards, time 4:08.

After a kickoff by Bosher Clemson takes over on their 30. 1 and 10 Spiller rushes for 3 yards.

Spence update

He's back!!! and makes the tackle on his first play.

2 and 7 Parker connects with Spiller for 5 yards. 3 and 3 from the Clemson 40 - Darryl Sharpton blows up Spiller for a 3-yard loss. Clemson punt.

Miami takes over on their 17-yard line.

1 and 10 for the Canes - Cooper rushes for 5 yards. On 2 and 5 Harris throws incomplete. Canes need to continue putting the pressure on the Clemson defense. On third down Harris gets sacked by Clemson's Brandon May. Bosher back to punt. Spiller back to return. 

Clemson takes over on their 27-yard line.

This game has turned into a shoot out. With Clemson scoring on a long touchdown pass from Parker to Spiller for 56 yards. Spiller is killing the Hurricanes. He's got two scores so far and a ton of yards.

Clemson 21, Miami 14

Scoring drive 3 plays 73 yards time 1:21.

Today's attendance 43,778.

Miami gets the ball back after the kickoff rolls into the endzone. On first down Collier fumbles the ball after getting hit and its recovered by Clemson in Miami's redzone.

On first down Parker throws for two yards. On second down Parker has heavy pressure and fumbles. Marcus Robinson picks up the fumble and runs 54 yards for a huge Miami touchdown.

Miami 24, Clemson 21. 

After a Bosher kick, Clemson takes over at their own 32 yard line. Clemson passing game picks up another first down.

Parker is picking apart the Miami defense and so far this drive the Canes have given up two first down for 11 yards each.

1 and 10 for the Miami 47 - McCarthy tackles Ellington for a 2-yard loss. 2 and 13 Parker connects with Ellington for a 10-yard gain.

Spence watch

Spence is hurt again and is on the sideline with no helmet. Spence has been limping for much of the game after hurting his left knee in the first quarter. 

Clemson is having no trouble moving the ball on Miami. On first down Parker over throws a wide open Ellington for what would have been a touchdown. The Canes completely missed Ellington and he was never covered during the play. The Hurricanes got a huge break but unless the defense can tighten up this game is going to be close. 

Miami's defense finally gets a stop on third down after Brandon Harris breaks up a pass. Clemson ties the game on a 43-yard field goal.

Scoring drive: 10 plays, 48 yards time 3:59.

Tie ball game folks. Both teams have fought hard and it feels like this ones going to come down to who has the ball last.

Miami gets the ball back after the kickoff.

On first down Benjamine losses 14 yards on a pitch.


Jacory continues to be great on third down connecting with Byrd for a first down. On first down Javarris James breaks a long run for 45 yards to move the ball to the Clemson 25-yard line. The carry was James second run of the game. 

Miami burns third timeout with 12:28 in the fourth quarter.

3 and 10 for Miami and Jacory goes down on a blindside sack. Clemson has three sacks on J12 in the game. Bosher out for 51-yard kick and he nailed it. Shows why a couple of years ago he was named team MVP.

Miami 27, Clemson 24

On the kickoff Spiller is stopped by Miami's special teams. 

On first down Parker connects with TE Michael Palmer who got destroyed by Darryl Sharpton. Palmer fumbled but the ball was ruled down. Palmer's helmet fell off and he was knocked out cold.

Canes force punt and get the ball back at their 15-yard line.

On first down Jacory throws a pick to DeAndre McDaniel who returns it for  a 23-yard touchdown.

McDaniel, who has two picks today, leads the nation with seven picks.

Miami is having a tough time in this game and it seems that every time they get a break they mess it up. Miami need to score on this drive if the want to stay in the game.

Clemson 31, Miami 27

Miami gets the ball back after a nice return by Cooper. On first down Harris connects with Benjamin for a 69-yard touchdown pass. Jacory makes up for his pick.

Miami 34, Clemson 31

Clemson continues to move the ball at will against Miami. The Canes have no answer and have been on the ropes for much of the game. After giving up another long run to Spiller the Canes are faced with a 3 and 1 from their 6-yard line.

Clemson converts on third down and have 1 and goal from the 5.


Randy Phillips takes the ball in the endzone. Miami's defense comes up huge. Miami starts at their 20-yard line. Three straight rushes and the Canes have to punt the ball back.

I don't understand how Miami could run the ball on third down.

Clemson gets the ball back at their 40-yard line. Miami is going to have to buckle down and stop Clemson again if they want to win the game. 

Clemson continues to pound Miami on the ground gaining another first down. Parker takes a draw up the middle by is meet by DT Joe Joseph. Clemson's called that same run twice and both have been ugly.

3 and 6 for Clemson - Canes give up a short pass over the middle to Spiller who comes up short of the first down. Clemson rushes for it on fourth down and gets two yards for a first down.

This one is going to come down to wire. Miami's defense is either going to win it or lose it.

On 1 and 10 Miami allows a 13-yard run to move the ball to their 10-yard line. 

Clemson ties the game 34-34 on a 30 -yard field goal.


Miami starts on offense and on the first play Cooper gains 19 yards on a run to the outside. Canes have the ball on the Clemson 6-yard line. James gains 3 yards on first down.

On third down Harris scrambled in the pocket but had to throw the ball away.

Bosher out for field goal and nails it. Miami takes 37-34 lead. 

Clemson takes over on the 30-yard line and Parker has to throw it away after being pressured. On second down

3 and 11 for Clemson connects on a 26-yard touchdown pass. Game over 40-37.

tough loss for the Canes. See ya later everyone.