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Gameday blog: UM-FAMU

LAND SHARK STADIUM -- FAMU's Marching 100 Band should provide a nice soundtrack to fun night. The last time the Canes and Rattlers hooked up in 2006, UM crushed FAMU 51-10. There's no reason to think UM shouldn't dominate this game again. But strange things have happened before. Ask Michigan, Duke and Virginia and about playing good FCS schools.

I'm not going to bother with breaking this game down. Just a prediction: UM 44, FAMU 13. If Miami doesn't let return man LeRoy Vann or quarterback Chris Pulley kill them, they should win easily.

For those of you looking for the online broadcast go to espn360.com if not, tune into WQAM.com.

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Lets go Yellow Jackets, Im just saying we need them to keep winning

The Verizon fiber optic network is the bomb! We have 2 laptops and 2 TV's playing 4 games!

Go 'canes!

i want the fios.......but i might have to move to tampa to get it

uh oh...

time to see this kid highsmith........

any update on the johnson injury

good to hear shields doing good things

smh int in the red zone


Family function:(

31 - 3 Miami at halftime.


OK so since I didn't watch the whole half thus far I have to go with the boxscore. Great its 31-3 at the half but to nit pick a little, J12 is throwing too many picks on the season.

any info on AJ?

wow... i think it's too early to bring AJ out

Johnson is in a sling

i meant A Johnson, but at the same time I do not disagree with putting Highsmith in to get some real reps now

aj starting the second half

wow.. we need a new QB..... AJ is not looking good.

good return!

i like this kid berry

I agree. Wow, one man show on that drive. He has looked really good. I know it is only FAMU and they are tired but none of our other backs have shown that much explosiveness.

Man have they killed Vann tonight or what? Great coverage.

What happned to A. Johnson?

A. Johnson has a right shoulder injury, his arm is in a sling.

Score please. Thanks

I agree Damien Berry is looking like a beast out there. 48 - 16 Miami, Jester with 45 seconds left in the game.


Gd job canes they took an early lead and played alot of reserves that needed some experience. Ray Ray needs to see what he hits, keep ya head up. See y'all in Orlando at UCF....peace out!

Berry needs to play - he looked great in Spring and is the ONLY Miami RB with speed that actually runs north/south with power. Coop and James still have their place but Berry HAS TO PLAY. We'll absolutely need his style of running on the road.

Thanks Carol City Canes

So much for all the hype around their return man Vann. We need an injury update on AJ. Looks like his elbow not sholder???

off subject but people were talkin about it during the game feed and i just feel like saying it cause we need a guy opposite of harris bad. - patrick peterson's a scumbag. was totally committed to the U. miami fan his whole life. UM relatives. then out of nowhere decommits after an LSU visit. all because shannon wasnt showin him the love after he COMMITTED? (as in you no longer need to be swayed on where to go to school) it just doesnt make any sense. then his family suddenly strikes it rich. you tell me. seems like foul play to me. he was paid off. the NCAA needs to do an investigation.

Any one who can be paid off is not some one we want. Cause if he can be paid off to go to a school, he can be paid off when Vegas wants a game to tilt their way. These kids we have are young, mature and very hungry. It is fun to watch.

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