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Gameday blog: UM-Oklahoma

Whenever the Canes hooked up with Oklahoma when I was a kid, it was one of the most exciting games to get up for -- right up there with Notre Dame, Florida State, Penn State and the hated Gators.

But a lot has changed since the Brian Bosworth-Vinny Testaverde days. The Sooners don't run the wishbone anymore and Miami doesn't play the kind of defense it used to. Tonight's game will pit an eight-ranked Sooners team that has one of the best defensive front sevens in the country and a do it all offense (even with redshirt freshman quarterback Landry Jones at the helm) against a UM team looking to bounce back from an embarrassing loss at Virginia Tech.

Before the season started, I expected Miami to go 2-2 against its tough opening four-game stretch. I thought that would be good enough to show us this team has improved. But the closer we get to kickoff, the more I see this game as a giant measuring stick for Randy Shannon and his staff. This is year No. 3 and its time for UM to start showing signs it can really compete against the nation's elite teams. I know they're shorthanded on defense (safety, defensive end). But it feels like crunch time to me.

REWIND: UM owned the Sooners back in the 1980s when both teams were regular national title contenders. Their 2007 meeting in Norman was good for a half before the Sooners pulled away 51-13.


> UM wins because: Jacory Harris plays like a Heisman candidate again and LandShark Stadium rocks like the Orange Bowl. That means UM's offensive line plays lights out and protects Harris and his receivers don't drop balls like they did last week. Defensively, UM is going to be hard pressed to shutdown Oklahoma's balanced offense. But the key for the Canes will be eliminating big, deflating plays and creating a few turnovers to slow the Sooners down at least a little.

> OU wins because: Quarterback Landry Jones doesn't make mistakes and the Sooners don't have breakdowns in the secondary. Pound-for-pound, Oklahoma is the better team in this matchup. The only place UM really has the advantage is at quarterback and receiver. That means unless the Canes outplay them or OU makes a few gaffs, the Sooner should win this.

> My pick: Oklahoma 30, UM 21. Last week, I picked with my heart. I really was beginning to believe Miami had something special going. They still could if they win tonight. But what Virginia Tech did was unmask a lot of the Canes' deficiencies. Like it or not, the Canes' offensive line -- and running game -- still has a long way to go. The defense has to prove it can do the basics -- like tackling -- consistently. Those aren't the type of troubles a team about to beat a Top 10 ranked team has to deal with. Then again, here's to hoping I'm dead wrong.

> Game balls - Offense: Jacory Harris. If UM's going to win, he'll be the triggerman. Defense: Eric Moncur. If the UM defense is going to surprise us tonight, create turnovers and turn the tables, the key will be getting pressure on Jones. It would be nice to see a kid like Moncur provide a lot of that. Special teams: Matt Bosher. He's missed a pair of field goals against Georgia Tech and had a punt blocked last week. A game-winning field goal would be nice wouldn't it?


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Worst officiating I've seen in many a day.
OU's Left guard and tight end hold nearly every play...just grab and hold...ref's right there...no call. Horrible spots as well.
The interference flags when the ball is uncatchable...not sure the NFL rule applies, but just the same, egregiously bad work by this crew.
You could see our guys getting discouraged late 3rd quarter.
Not Lovett's fault. Defensive recruiting seems to take longer, especially in Fla.

Way to turn the page and move on from last weeks lost. GO CANES!

LOL. I love going back and reading all the comments from the fair weather Canes fans. People yelling that the game was over after the first qtr, haha you all look foolish now. Piss off, we dont want you supporting this team.

What recruits were there to watch UM beat Oklahoma ???????

pedro, where are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

sean spence answered the naysayers TONIGHT. 10 tackles man he played his butt off. RAY RAY also came with 7 tackles the defense played lights out great job from whip,randy and lovett. hiiiiiiii haters!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

hopefully GT can beat VT. how does a 3 way tie breaker work

Posted by: bob | October 03, 2009 at 11:59 PM

If GT beats VT then its the BCS rankings, and by the looks of the rest of the schedules U would probably the highest ranked out of the three teams if GT beat VT. But if GT beats VT; and UM, GT, and VT all loose 2 conference games it would come down to the best atlantic division record then the BCS rankings

Ur LUCKY I Didn't Play ... And U Know It .

Haha the excuses are out already.

O U...lost.

Bradford? LMBO!

Let's see. Landry broke Bradfords record for 6 TDs. The offense was the same so it's not like their game plan had to change. Most importantly...


Our running game looked great. Our passing started shakey but looked great in the second half. Our defense played great considering going againt a no huddle all night long. I think the refs saved 100 OU drives. That for sure. We can only get better.


Another call in the game that we never talked about was on the fake FG in the 1st half... OK received a very favorable spot and on the replays it looked like his elbow was down before the 1st down...

Whoever has TIVO, take a look at that play... The funniest thing is that the punk refs didn't even review the spot... Could Randy have requested a review on that play?

Ray Ray is the man. Great game. The crowd was loud as well.

2 things about Randy Shannon last nite.

1. In his pregame speech he told the players to play with his intensity.

2. From Dave Hyde...And when running back Javarris James ripped off the final of his big runs, Miami coach Randy Shannon went down the sideline hugging coaches, high-fiving players.

I've seen enough....lock him down longterm.

Ray Ray is for real...believe the hype. Unbelievable for a true freshman to play that way.

Brandon Harris went from freshman to senior in one year.

The OL finally showed us something...great job.

Sam Shields won't quit, the guy gets beat and keeps coming back to make plays. The maturity and heart he displays is fantastic.

My pick: Oklahoma 30, UM 21. Last week, I picked with my heart. I really was beginning to believe Miami had something special going. They still could if they win tonight. But what Virginia Tech did was unmask a lot of the Canes' deficiencies. Like it or not, the Canes' offensive line -- and running game -- still has a long way to go. The defense has to prove it can do the basics -- like tackling -- consistently. Those aren't the type of troubles a team about to beat a Top 10 ranked team has to deal with. Then again, here's to hoping I'm dead wrong........ Manny

You should always follow your HEART ..... BELIEVERS and CANES FANS DO.

Don't quit your day job ........ and NEVER bet against the CANES at HOME on a SATURDAY NIGHT

Manny where are UUUUUUUUUU????

First of all the refs kept Ok in the game- The moron who said We are lucky that bradford wasnt playing, well, it was evened out by the Big 12 crooks who called that absolutely positively non-existent roughing the punter play, which at most at most should have been a 5 yarder, and gave Okie dokie the first down! ACC officials should be looking into that debacle of officiating. It must have been Terry Porter calling them and paying them off! The next bad call was the pas int play that gave Ok the TD in the 1st half! man. It was beyond pathetic. And finally, the zillions of non-calls for holding. That was THE worse officiated game I've seen since the 2002 fiesta bowl.

So all in all, the score was closer than people thought and Ok was lucky as sheeet. Bradford or no Bradford, the O-line is the same, and our D-line would have had him and broken his other shoulder. At least this kid got to play 3 games prior to UM and got his rhythm. He wasnt that bad. Made some tough throws.

Pedro, Kehoe, sammynole and the other doooooosssh bags where are they now?

Here is what them losers have been saying for 6 months up until last night:

RS is pathetic
Spaggheti arm
U are done
blah blah

F=U all of U

Da U is back. And take that to the cleaners.

ESPN just beat MAnny to the punch- KirbyHocutt announced that he wants RS for the ling term. next step- talk money. After that, keep Whip. I'm ok with Lovett. we need athletes.

And for FSU fans- Sorry dudes. Now you now what we were going through for the last 4 years. BB needs to hang it up. Start the Post Bowden era. This team is pathetic.

UF- the turds still number 1? Alabama beat the same Uk team, and a top 5 team in Va Tech!. I cant see the reasoning behind this farce!

The "REAL" top 10:

1) Alabama
2) texas
3) LSU
4) UF
5) Boise State
6) va Tech
7) TCU
8) Cinci
9) USF
10) UM

The BCS will sort it out next week.

Mexico? Oh come on Pedro!!! Even Mexico is too educated having you come from there...

Sam Bradford got his butt beat by BYU. He wouldn't of done much better... Hey Bradford, rest the arm up and just get ready for the NFL. Your season is over.... Go CANES!!!

Great,Great,Great win for da U. Game balls go to everybody and extra game ball goes to Coach Shannon(For having the team prepared, Time to start talking contract extension).Baby J(Yall know i been all over the brother but if He keep ballin like that he may be a draft pick). Finally Ray Ray ( I told U, I told U, I told U talent trumps experience. Say goodbye to R. Phillips. Man that guy looks like Sean Taylor). Oooh and the O-Line played a hell of a game. Still must learn to finsh games better. I think we took our foot off the gas pedal to early but i'm liking what i see from da CANES. We must learn how to play as a favorite. Go CANES!!

It's 10/4 waited to give you mu take of the game. Folks we are back. I've seen this picture before. Like an old re-run on TV just with different actors. This team erminds me alot of the SWAGGER (lol) statement. I like the term we will not be defeated we will only loose if we let ourselves be defeated. I will say great game to the players and coaches. A big OK goes to JG nice catch and great seeing that after the VT game. Coach Stoops needs to be horse whipped for yelling at one of his players just becasue he made a mistake. I hope the recruits saw this display...Hey kid you might be next. Would never allow my son or grand-son to play for a coach with that kind of mentality. Now on to the REF"S poorest officiating I've seen since the rose bowl and OSU. The ruffing the kicker penilty needed to be reviewed. Our player never touched him and even the kicker knew it. It was all over his face on the sideline, after the first down was rewarded. But OSU got their just rewards the loss kills their revisit to the NC game. They will loose more evrn if their BOY goes back to the field. Him and Tebo should have gone pro.... ALWAYS TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN.....now on to the next 2 weeks. After the dust settles as of 11/1 Miami will be #1 in our DIV of the ACC.

Excuses Pedro. I thought from all the garbage you wrote about how we Canes fans are full of excuses you would have the balls not to. Rip those who make excuses yet here you are doing the same. Figures.

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