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Gameday blog: UM-UCF

ORLANDO -- The ninth-ranked Canes (4-1) will take on UCF (3-2) tonight at 7:30 p.m. In case you missed my prediction, I'm picking the Canes to win 30-16. For the rest of my pregame thoughts, check out the previous blog.

TV INFO: Here's what I know about the television broadcast... the game will be available on Comcast Digital Cable Channel 744 locally in Miami-Dade, Broward and the Keys. The Dish Network (channel 152) and DirectTV (channel 613) carry the CBS College Sports channel. The game is also being made available to watch online through hurricanesports.cstv.com at a pay per view rate of $14.95 for standard definition and $19.95 for high definition. If you need more info, call your cable local provider. WQAM will have the radio broadcast.

Reminder for Gameday blog participants: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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17 10 Kentucky 10mins left... LOL.. Beat the inbreeds !!!

Sorry 20-13..

Anybody in Dade or Broward getting channel 744 to come through with Comcast? It's 6:40 and I'm not getting it...maybe it won't come through until gametime, but I'm just wondering if anyone can see the channel already.

nope i dont see it either

UFags in a battle 20-20. lets go hogs...

Yeah, I wish UF would lose but it's not looking good. UF is in position for a chip shot field goal.

Refs giving it to UF

allright alot of top teams could have lost this weekend lets not mess around guys

I lik sebastians PP

sorry i mean like

smh @ spence.......you got to pick that off

good missed field goal .........not they better not let ucf march down the field again

that a boy jimmy !

What happened

TD !!!

that was a impressive drive.......running game not looking strong yet.........harris 7 for 7 so far

UCF is playing eight guys in the box, so Jacory is making them pay. They will back out of that now and the running game will get going.

nice drive by the defense

yeah ive noticed that but the thing about miami is they could literally actually throw the ball every down if they wanted too......few teams can cover the receivers and the tightends

Lovin GT right now

The game isn't on up here in P-cola gang, help me out PLEASE. Are we up 7-0?

http://www.atdhe.net/ go there for the online links

canes up 7-0

GT is doing what we failed to do and that is whup vt's butt

What's the score please

10 - 0 miami has the ball again

GT baby !

TD GT up by 12

How is harris looking tonight

harris looks allright........we only scored 10 points in the half.ed .....defense has play pretty well

Still 10-0?

GT wins, Miami wins out and they are in the ACC Championship if they stay higher in BCS.

hey guys go here to watch the game, its better quality than justintv like.


Don't worry the player is virus free.

HEY! For you knuckleheads complaining about not getting the game - go to channelsurfing.net and click on the link to the game. I'm in Mass. and watching on that site...DO IT!!!

third and 4 and a pass to the endzone, what kind of play calling is that, go for the first down, we are moving the ball with the short passes

Comcast Ft. Laud is showing on channel 120.52

im watching the game online via http://www.atdhe.net/ .......... yeah thanks gt for helping us out........we need to come out and annihilate the knights.....they actthink they ually can beat us

go to espn.com and go to gamecast

Miami is playing the same game plan as last week...not to flashy just productive...they will
wear down UCF in the 2nd half...uch has played there best ball in the 2nd half that stops today...GT winning was nice..

Miami 31-3 final

i thought the plan was to go up big early so they can play some of the young guys again......

the miami blitz game is working in full effect tonight

17-0 and continue.....

TD miami ............17- 0

Go Canes Baby James TD

Sean Spence is playing pretty well tonight huh? Gotta love it.. about to be 17-0!!

lol @ me... I paused the dvr a little while ago and didn't realize I was behind in time..

wow bit on the playaction fake.........cmon defense step up


i smell an opportunity for a int.......man we could have use that fumble

Cmon D

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