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Gameday blog: UM-UCF

ORLANDO -- The ninth-ranked Canes (4-1) will take on UCF (3-2) tonight at 7:30 p.m. In case you missed my prediction, I'm picking the Canes to win 30-16. For the rest of my pregame thoughts, check out the previous blog.

TV INFO: Here's what I know about the television broadcast... the game will be available on Comcast Digital Cable Channel 744 locally in Miami-Dade, Broward and the Keys. The Dish Network (channel 152) and DirectTV (channel 613) carry the CBS College Sports channel. The game is also being made available to watch online through hurricanesports.cstv.com at a pay per view rate of $14.95 for standard definition and $19.95 for high definition. If you need more info, call your cable local provider. WQAM will have the radio broadcast.

Reminder for Gameday blog participants: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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graham is 6'8 260 with 4.5 speed......that should warrant some draft consideration

once again harris taking a sack

I'm incredibly tired and this game isn't helping!

Hankerson HUGE tonite...

i must say i was downing hankerson before this season started........i got to give him credit he has made me eat crow all season so far

Big thing with Graham is soft hands (VT game notwithstanding).

nice run up the middle

Yes. Let get that TT.



Nice running last couple plays

Hankerson, and all the wide outs have been great this year. But I think the quarterback play last year was the issue. Marve running around never gave them a point to expect where the ball was going to come from. Jacory has pocket presence and the recievers always had the talent.


allright time to get to home depot to get some nails for ucf's coffin

Thats it Canes finish them with a run score .

And he doesn't get rattled.

No doubt - JHarris has been a BIG reason our receivers are sooooo much better this year. But the receivers are certainly better at (a) looking the ball in and catching it (b) running better routes and (c) fighting off the initial jam and downfield blocks. Just much better play all around in the aerial game...

He has been hit way too much for me liking though. I would like to see more max protect. Those three wideouts can get open against anyone. Jacory can't keep getting hit like this especially against an inferior opponent like this.

So gt offed vt... I'm about to go on break and see how bama is doing...

This is where recruiting comes in. Most of those 5 star guys don't have the grades to get into the U. That is why miami does not win in national recruiting according to rivals, etc. Trust RS, he knows what he is doing.

You are right Caned again.

Absolutely. Now we can win the coastal with VTs loss. Coupled with OUs loss we should move up two. BCS out this week.

I thought we were rooting for OU today...

OU meaning Ohio State?


No oklahomo, they take off Texas and it helps us 2 ways... Oh well...

Why would we want OU to win. They were ranked ahead of us.

Sorry I did mean Ohio state


if it comes down to them drawing a name out of a hat, the ACC should b ashamed.

i can't watch the game this suks

I'm actually watching and rooting for Spurrier now!

Go SC!

Well they were close wins so it will help anyway, Florida barely got away too

As far as the voters go, a W is a W. Look at Boise states and cincinattis schedules, who they beat and how they're ranked.

Did Cooper play tonite - don't recall hearing his name but I thought he was healthy.

I think we should be at least 7th but possibly 6th on Monday, anyone buying?

Man that phantom personal foul penalty on 96 for Arkansas today was as bad as officiating gets. Total gift to UF. If referees would fairly call the UF games, they would not be undefeated. The reciever last week held the defender on their touchdown and wasn't called. But being cheaters will catch up to them.

Margin of victory counts with the bcs computer though...

Yeah - TERRIBLE officiating in the UF game. Embarassing...

We will be hurt in the BCS due to losses by OU and FSU. The computers won't like that.

You have to credit Tebows feet though I think ALA will beat them.

True, I wonder how the three way split will factor out, maybe the computer will freeze up...

BY has two losses. We beat GT, so we have the edge if we win out.

Good job canes! Did what u needed to.

Heaters on the sideline!! This cane fan is luvn tha 60deg weather!

35 where I am.

Aaron Taylor is such a U hater!!!

great win fellas. went into a hostile environment and played well. props to lovett for finally bringing some pressure.

How does the acc tiebreaker work now, highest bcs rank or what?

yea highest bcs rank, then a raffle

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