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Gameday blog: UM-UCF

ORLANDO -- The ninth-ranked Canes (4-1) will take on UCF (3-2) tonight at 7:30 p.m. In case you missed my prediction, I'm picking the Canes to win 30-16. For the rest of my pregame thoughts, check out the previous blog.

TV INFO: Here's what I know about the television broadcast... the game will be available on Comcast Digital Cable Channel 744 locally in Miami-Dade, Broward and the Keys. The Dish Network (channel 152) and DirectTV (channel 613) carry the CBS College Sports channel. The game is also being made available to watch online through hurricanesports.cstv.com at a pay per view rate of $14.95 for standard definition and $19.95 for high definition. If you need more info, call your cable local provider. WQAM will have the radio broadcast.

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We should move up at least 2 spots in the standings and we should make the BCS top 10. If we win out then we'll be in the ACC Championship game. We just need for a few more teams to fall from the top spot and we should be where we wished to be by season's end.

We should move up at least 2 spots in the standings and we should make the BCS top 10. If we win out then we'll be in the ACC Championship game. We just need for a few more teams to fall from the top spot and we should be where we wished to be by season's end.

ACC champ game and BCS game is good. Bama is too strong for everyone with Nick Satan. But NC game would be great.

as far as UF...

they have looked like crap against a garbage schedule. barely beat tenn at home. beat an overrated LSU team with help from refs on the offensive pass interference that wasnt called. barely beat arkansas at home with help from the refs on the PI and unnecessary roughness. (wtf is up w/ SEC officials!? UGA/LSU was ruined too.) and then 3 patsies. if arkansas makes those FG's they win too. and somehow theyll stay #1. the SEC is overrated this year big time. UF's offense sucks.

A W is a W

Clemson will be a test......

Football Recruiting Update from Scout.com
Pos Nat'l
Rank Nat'l
Rating Name
School, Hometown Video HT/ WT/ 40 Interest
Level Offer? Schools of Interest

MLB 1 Jeff Luc
(Treasure Coast HS)
Port Saint Lucie, FL 6-1/240 Med Yes Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Miami (Fl), Notre Dame, Ohio State, Southern Miss, Tennessee, USC, Oklahoma

S 1 Matt Elam
(William T. Dwyer HS)
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 6-1/205/4.45 Low Yes Florida, Florida State, Miami (Fl), South Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia

CB 2 Lamarcus Joyner
(St. Thomas Aquinas HS)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 5-8.5/165/4.40 Med Yes Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami (Fl), Notre Dame, USC

DT 4 Sharrif Floyd
(George Washington HS)
Philadelphia, PA 6-2/311/5.12 Low Yes Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Penn State, USC, Boston College, Miami (Fl), Michigan, Rutgers, West Virginia

DE 4 Corey Lemonier
(Hialeah Senior HS)
Hialeah, FL 6-4/225/4.80 Med Yes Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Illinois, Miami (Fl), Mississippi, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Tennessee

WR 5 Chris Dunkley
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C 1 Brandon Linder
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Fort Lauderdale, FL 6-6/290/5.20 Med Yes Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami (Fl), Notre Dame, Ohio State

OLB 6 Christian Jones
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Winter Park, FL 6-4/215/4.70 Med Yes Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami (Fl), Oklahoma, USC

OLB 7 Josh Shirley
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Fontana, CA 6-2/220/4.55 Med Yes Arizona, California, Miami (Fl), Notre Dame, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Washington

OLB 9 Aramide Olaniyan
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Woodberry Forest, VA 6-2/200/4.60 Med No Duke, Miami (Fl), Michigan, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, UCLA, Vanderbilt

RB 10 Eduardo Clements
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CB 10 Tony Grimes
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Hollywood, FL 6-0/173/4.50 Med No Michigan, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia, Miami (Fl), Ohio State, Oregon

DT 11 Michael Thornton
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Great win Canes!! 5-1 who would have thunk it. I tell u what. It's great, to be, a Miami Hurricane!! Offense,Defense and Special teams were all solid tonight. The O-Line did not have a good game. They have work to do. Manny any word on a extension for Shannon?

Miami Hurricanes after six games historically:

Year Points For Point Allowed
1994: 219-77 (record 5-1)
1995: 154-125 (record 3-3)
1996: 182-78 (record 4-2)
1997: 136-177 (record 2-4)
1998: 225-130 (record 4-2)
1999: 178-128 (record 3-3)
2000: 273-105 (record 5-1)
2001: 269-65 (record 6-0)
2002: 262-101 (record 6-0)
2003: 201-93 (record 6-0)
2004: 215-99 (record 6-0)
2005: 179-63 (record 5-1)
2006: 144-74 (record 4-2)
2007: 152-127 (record 4-2)
2008: 179-139 (record 3-3)
2009: 184-125 (record 5-1)

Good game tonite!

We are not a good road team yet...we don't look comfortable in another stadium. It will come, but it's not there yet.

Our defense needs to get more turnovers...this will also come with time. Brandon Harris keeps getting better every week. DVD did well tonite.

It's got to be difficult for DC's to scout Miami. There are no tendencies in Whipples playcalling. Are we running or passing? Who is the receiver a defense would have to take away...pick Byrd and Hankerson will get you, take away Benjamin and Byrd will get you.

OL has to get better at picking up blitzes. We should expect blitz-heavy defenses the rest of the season. They've really got to work on protection schemes. We also need more slants and skinny post routes so that Jacory can get the ball out quicker.

Good win though.

Hardest tests left are NC and USF both road games

^^^ and clemson. but i like our chances at home.

This team is just better than average. They are good but not great. No way should UCF be in this game. It was ridiculous. One of those wideouts or the backs should have taken the calls to the house. Yeah we beat an inferior opponent but not this way, this was bad. The polls will reflect same.

^At least were not like the Gators. If it wasnt fo the refs they wud have lost to Arkansas at home lmao. Alabama's going to kill them. Il put money its going to be double digits.

Espn sucks. I didn't see any coverage tonight.

I think the SEC lost some credibility on Saturday. Seriously, I think their refs protect their top teams. First you had LSU in the GA game, now Florida against Arkansas. Their last touchdown drive was given to them in the form of a pass interference call that should have been offensive (gotta protect your heiman winner though when he throws a short ball that should have been picked).

for all you technologically handicapped people- you could have gone on espn.com and gotten a failry up to dtae streamer feed of field position, score, narratives etc of the game, with only about 30 sec delay.

SMparjaman or whatever- The same could have been said about USC "allowing ND to almost tie them at the end", UF barely beating Ak, Boise State, Texas beating Okl by 3, etc. etc.

Texas, No 2 in the country, put less points on Ok than we did. Although Um beat ok by 1, at the end, heck, Randy stopped the drive. A fg would have made it 4. so what UM won. Thats all that matters.

The only thing I agree with is the O-line protection. Pathetic. agre Pipho is horribly inconsistent. His worse 2 games: UCF and VTech. What is he doing out there? randy Shannonshould scrub recruiting for wideouts or rbs. For 2010, 2011, he should scour the farms of Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, etc for big huge farm boys to stack on the O-line. Thats what we need. That also is the reason the running game has not shined.

Shout out to Edgerrin JAmes- Today should move into the top 10 all time, passing USC's MArcus Allen. My man EJ.

MAnny- Was Cooper held out b/c of injury and because they are savinghim for Clemson?

Every FIU loss weakens the UFelony strength of schedule. What a fraud of a team.

All those 5 stars and they play like puke. #1 defense. Ridiculous. #1 in homecookin' calls. Absolutely.

Teblow the worst QB of all top-20 teams. Yesssssssssss.

The o line, especially pipho, was horrendous. Jacory doesn't umderstand blitzes at all therefore can't take advantage. And our defense is not good because we never pressure the qb. We can't get turnovers to
Save our life.oh and btw, Clemson is playing great ball. This is our year. If we don't get to a bcs it's a huge disappointment, and we better take Clemson seriously.

What is it with the media stillkeeping UF at No.1?????? Is it because they dont want to admit how wrong theyve been?

On the CBS SPORTS broadcast, the studio announcer that big guy, said something about how much weaker the ACC is comapred to the BIg 12. LOL.

VT beat Nebraska
UM beat Oklahoma.

Any questions?

The SEC is waaaaaaay overrtaed this yr. Sure this parity and they play each other hard, but the way SI, and ESPN and Brent Musberger make it sound is like they are so superior than everyone else. If that were true... What happened to georgia? So CAr? Ole MIss? And UF looks mediocre at best. They keep getting ref calls.

Its becoming more and more apparent that theUm-VT was an aberration. Ok they may have lost but that was not a true pic of UM.
Man! if Um could have gotten that Ryan williams kid. That kid is a stud.

To me the only real SEC team is bama. Theyre scary good. GT is going to lambast Ga this year

It should be:
1. Bama
2. Texas
3. UF
4. Boise State
5. Iowa
6. UM
7. USC
8. TCU
9. Penn State
10. W TF cares

Should drop out of the top 25---I'm tired of their s--t: Oh State and ND. Period

What kind of s Blog is this? VT looses to GT and no comments? By the way Canes beat UCF...

We are playing as expected. For people to be upset right now, think back to how you thought the season would go. I, for one, said 9-3 but a realistic 8-4. We are way ahead of schedule and will only get better with time.

Bama is the only team in this country playing Championship caliber games. Bama all the way unless they beat themselves. It's a down year in CFB this year. My pick...Texas vs. Bama in a BCS. It will be interesting to see where a one loss UF team plays and a one loss UM team plays. I'm gitty! lol


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