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Grading The Canes: Clemson

I couldn't make it to Saturday's game -- I had a wedding -- but I spent my Sunday night breaking down the game on my DVR. Before I get to the grades, a few thoughts:

UM-Clemson -- My overwhelming sense from this game was a flat out lack of aggression and confidence from the Canes, whose reputation has always been quite the opposite. It was almost as if they were playing not to lose. I'm not just talking about the three running plays by Javarris James in the fourth quarter when UM was trying to run the clock out. I had less of a problem with that and more of a stink with the overall attitude. Where was the pressure on Kyle Parker? Why did John Lovett not go after the redshirt freshman with more than just his four-man front? Where were the deep downfield passes from Jacory Harris? Yes, he connected on that 69-yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin. But why did that feel like the only time Mark Whipple went for the big play? Bottomline, one team came in the 10th-ranked team in the country according to the BCS and the other was 3-3. Yet, you couldn't tell which team UM was supposed to be. That should speak volumes to you about this program and where it is still at.

-- Three times the Canes took over on offense with the lead (following a defensive stop) and three times they looked uncomfortable having it. The sign of a great team is that when it has its opponent reeling, it goes for the jugular. Even against UCF two weeks ago, you didn't get that sense from this Miami team. Ditto in the Oklahoma game and ditto against Georgia Tech. If you want to really be the best, you have to have that attitude. This Miami football team is improved. It is Top 25 worthy. But it still isn't back to Canes standards. And Randy Shannon knows it. 

-- Before you go handing CJ Spiller the Heisman trophy like a certain pair of radio announcers were about to do Saturday night (I was listening to the broadcast on my way to the reception) let's take a look at what Clemson's star running back really did Saturday. He ran back a kickoff 90 yards for a score. Not sure if you guys noticed it, but there was nobody within 25 yards of Spiller when he caught the low-line drive kick from Alex Uribe (Orlando Franklin might have been able to bring that kick back for a score). Spiller also had a 56-yard touchdown pass from Kyle Parker on a play when a gimpy Sean Spence (who shouldn't have been on the field) tried to cover him with no help. And Spiller had a 48-yard burst in the fourth quarter to move Clemson deep down field (he had 33 yards on his 13 other carries). I'm not saying Spiller isn't a great player. I'm just saying he wasn't Heisman-esque or the reason UM lost this game.

-- Enough with the Kool-aid drinking. Miami is flat out weak when it comes to pass blocking and not nearly deep enough at linebacker. In fact, other than running back and receiver, this team really has no real depth right now. For all the talk about Ben Jones, Brandon Washington and the other young linemen Miami has and how light bulbs are coming on, there is a reason Matt Pipho was still on the field for every offensive snap. Those other guys aren't ready. Ditto for Spence. He came back out in the third quarter (50 percent at best) and only got pulled after he got burned for the 56-yard score. What else does it say when the Canes would prefer to have a banged up Spence instead of a 100-percent Ramon Buchanon?

And now to the grades...

> Quarterback play: Before you go ripping Jacory Harris for his three picks, remember this is a guy working with an average at best offensive line and still just a sophomore. Is he making bad decisions? Yes. The interception before halftime was pathetic. The lob pass taken back for a touchdown by DeAndre McDaniel was Kirby Freeman-esque. But Jacory is still better than anything this program has had at quarterback in awhile. And frankly, I think this dink and dunk offense Mark Whipple had him in Saturday doesn't play up to his strengths or Miami's big and fast receivers. Harris finished 17-of-27 for 256 yards, 2 TDs and three picks. But he might have done a little better if he hadn't thrown the ball just six times after UM scored on the opening possession of the second half. Yes, he threw the ball just six times. It goes back to that aggression talk earlier. Grade: C.

> Running backs: If any unit deserved a helmet sticker for their effort Saturday, it was the Canes backfield trio of Graig Cooper, Javarris James and Damien Berry. Together, they produced 210 yards on 31 carries -- a whopping 6.7-yard average against one of the country's best run defenses. So where did the Canes falter? Picking up blitzes. James and Cooper both were slow getting to blocks and it led to two costly sacks in this game that derailed drives. Grade: B.

> Receivers/tight ends: Big ups to Leonard Hankerson, who has clearly taken a step forward yet again. He finished with five catches for 87 yards and a touchdown, including a beautiful one-handed grab on the opening drive. Too bad we didn't see him again after his six-yard touchdown catch. At least I didn't see him. Travis Benjamin also looked good, hauling in the 69-yard touchdown. We've seen him do it more than a few times now, beating his man one-on-one and getting wide open downfield. It's a shame we don't see it more often than once every two or three games. Grade: A.

> Blocking: If all Miami's starting five had to do was run block, they'd probably be one of the better units in the country. But unfortunately, stopping hard charging defensive ends and picking up blitzes simply isn't their strength. Orlando Franklin, who moved outside to left tackle on several plays, provided evidence why he's a guard, getting beat twice on what turned out to be big Clemson plays. Much maligned right tackle Matt Pipho had a better effort. But collectively, it wasn't a great night. When you can't run screens well or give your quarterback nearly as much time as the other team does, you aren't winning the other half of the battle up front. Grade: C.

Marcus Robinson celebrates his 56-yard fumble return for a score > Front seven: Except for one 48-yard Spiller run, the Canes run defense was spectacular. Linebacker Colin McCarthy was all over the place. He absolutely crushed Spiller, causing a fumble in the first half. Darryl Sharpton did a good job swarming to the football. In all, the Tigers finished with 84 yards on 34 attempts for a 2.5 average. Take away the 48-yard burst and Clemson had 36 yards on 33 attempts. Now let's talk pass rush... There wasn't much. Allen Bailey provided nearly all of it. His sack, strip and fumble led to Marcus Robinson's 56-yard fumble return for a score. But other than that, Kyle Parker had time to Facebook his friends in the pocket. Miami blitzed him on occasion. But it wasn't nearly enough to disrupt him. And the four offsides penalties? Just bad. This game just provided further proof UM's defensive line, while better against the run, still has a long way to go. Grade: C.

> Secondary: When you don't get much of a pass rush, it's really hard to cover downfield for more than five to six seconds. Miami fell victim to that way too often. But the big breakdowns were in the middle of the field. I'm not sure if it's Darryl Sharpton's responsibility or Colin McCarthy or Randy Philips, but Clemson's tight ends had a field day in the middle of the field. They combined to catch nine passes and quite a few on third and long for first downs. The game-winning touchdown catch by Jacoby Ford? Middle of the field. John Lovett might want to look into that little problem. Grade: D.

> Special teams: Anytime you give up a kickoff return for a score, you've had a bad day. But aside from Alex Uribe's mental gaff -- he was supposed to squib kick it instead of giving CJ Spiller a head start in a foot race -- Miami's special teams was very, very good. By that I mean Matt Bosher. He had two long field goals and did a great job on kickoffs and punts. He got plenty of hangtime to negate the punt returns (Clemson didn't have any) and he even was able to salvage good field position despite having to kickoff from his own 15. Grade: C.

> Coaching: Here's where the biggest breakdowns happened. Not only did the Canes have to burn timeouts again because they didn't have the right personnel on the field, this team was never in the right mind set. Both Lovett and Whipple needed to be more aggressive in this game. Lovett with the blitz and Whipple with his best weapon -- his receivers. Neither called for their best weapons enough. Grade: D.


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The loss is to reminiscent of the last 2 seasons to blame the new coordinators. The same problems exist as in the previous seasons, and yet again Randy Shanon gets out coached. Enough points were scored but the bad defense is the downfall once again. Randy Shannon will never win big consistently if at all.


You broke down the game as if you were there. Made many good points. One thing that we seem to keep forgetting is that Randy Shannon IS the head coach. Why didn't Shannon have any input as to the offensive and defensive schemes for this game? Randy was a position coach at the professional level. He couldn't tell Lovett to put in a couple of more blitz packages to put pressure on that kid? The TE was WIDE open the whole damn game. The backs out of the backfield....wide OPEN as well. Whipple never gave his receivers a chance in this game. It's your strength, you play to your strengths. We threw this one away. I was sick about it the whole weekend.

Manny if our coaches do not 2nd guess play calls, they tell me how they improve? They are not infallable, the whole you call a play it is supposed to work sounds stupid, there is a reason most people run on 1st down instead of throwing hail mary's, RS sounds stupid with that comment. They should 2nd guess their play calling that is how you get better.

Manny, I agree 100% with your comments. I still fully support this team and the coaching staff but I said three weeks ago that Damien Berry is the only back on this team that can CONSISTANTLY take pressure off of Jacory. Both Coop and James need big holes but Berry turns small holes into big gains with north/south power and immediate acceleration to go along with finishing speed. Berry is averaging 7.7 ypc and has slmost the same # of yards as Coop with 24 less carries - he has one less TD (3 vs. 4) as JJ with less than half the carries. Berry would have 'housed' JJ's 44 yd. run where he went out of bounds (which BTW ended in a FG after Coop went NOWHERE on consecutive runs). Not having Berry in the game late was a HUGE mistake -especially when tough yards were needed. BTW, Rudy of InsidetheU feels exactly the same way about Berry vs. the other RBs. I said to a Cane friend several weeks ago that Berry won't become UM's feature back until we lose a game (or maybe two) we should win. I saw it in the Spring but I KNEW Berry wouldn't see the field ahead of JJ and Coop (even though neither are feature backs). Both should compliment Berry not the other way around. Miami lacks three things that seem fairly obvious: 1) a dominant feature back (though Berry could fit that bill) 2) consistent pass rush (injuries have hurt and more recruiting under way & needed) 3) ball hawks - nobody on Canes knows how to anticipate and jump routes (even when we have a pass rush these guys have neither the instincts nor courage/confidence to jump a rout).

Last year, Jacory was our best QB but we went with Marve and it cost us wins - this year Berry is our best RB but we go with mediocre James and 'situational' Coop. Coop and James are true/commited Canes but they can't be relied on as feature backs. Bottom line, some of the team's weaknesses can be fixed now (if the coaches are willing to put the BEST players on the field) and others still require continued growth and recruiting which we certainly understand... Go Canes and PLEASE put the best players on the field!!!

The only thing wrong, Manny, is you do not give Clemson enough credit. Maybe THEY were the better TEAM Saturday. That ever cross your mind?


The critiscm of Whipple is TOTALLY unwarranted. How can you throw deep (being aggressive in your analysis), if you you don't have adaquate blocking? We put up 30pts and 400+ yards on a really good defense. If it weren't for Mark, this team would be 3 - 4 and this was a very good gameplan again. The pass to Travis was off play action and quick throw.

The problem is in player development on the defensive side of the ball. How many guys (highly recruited by every notable school) do we have that have under produced? Grant, Hill, Bailey, Forston, Robinson, Buchanon, Brown, etc.

What exactly does Hurtt do besides recruit? It doesn't show on the field. How about McGriff? D-back play has been suspect for several years. And Barrow? He landed the highly recruited kids but what have they done collectively. Further, Shannon is a defensive coach and this team is weak on that side of the ball. Teams, over time, mirror their coaches. Over three years...we are still not discplined, effort and intensity is sporadic, and they often seem unprepared.

I cant wait until I read dont worry guys this group is only seniors lets wait until next year they will be better.


Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, etc. would not have lost that game period!

Couldn't agree more! Lots of big, momentum shifting plays during that game. That being said, we had the ball at the end of the game with the lead and played too conservatively. The way our D had been getting gashed, I would much rather have the ball in our offense's hands and taken our chances. As practically everyone has commented on, our strengths have been at WR and we needed to throw. But as you say, it's more than that. It's a mentality-thing. We need to play with the mindset of "screw the score, screw the time...we're coming after you on every play." It's when you start looking at the scoreboard or clock that you start not playing like you should. How many times had we punted in the second half or for the game before that last possession? Our coaches also need to be able to adapt somewhat given the level of injuries on the defensive side. When it's clear that rushing 4 is not cutting it and giving the QB way too much time, then adjustments need to be made instead of wasting 1st and 2nd down efforts only to let them him have all day to throw on third and keep the drive going. MOST IMPORTANTLY... now that we do have another loss and the outlook for bowls/titles is different we absolutely have to play the backup O-linesmen more. These will be the guys next year and it will be an abolute waste next year if J12, RB's, and WR's don't have the time or space to show their talent. Being an overall more experienced team won't mean a thing if the O-line is no good.

Not that the washington redskins are any kind of good example or anything, but......how about Jimmy Johnson as Consultant to the Head Coach? Miami didn't invent swagger - Jimmy did!

Lovett sucks, fire him! I think everytime hes called a blitz this season something good has happened. How can you have a LB cover Spiller, its not going to happen. The only playmaker Clemson has was Ford and Spiller. Lovett has to go. He has the speed to disrupt but his schemes suck. Kudos to the running game. When is Harris ever going to account for the safeties. Why are best players not on the field. Robinson, Bailey, Joeseph, Vernon get to the fcking quarterback. Wat was with all the tight sets. Spread the field Byrd, Aldarius, Hank, and Benjamin. How in the world can you stop all of them.


How is Berry our best back? The kid had a big game against UCF and that's it. Talent-wise Cooper is our best back. He's fast and lately he's been running harder than ever. Did you see him run that Clemson safety over? The catch against FSU? Mike James is at fullback now, but he'll be back at RB soon. JJ is also running well lately.

Adding consultants to the problem isn't going to get things fixed. You'd effectively be telling Shannon he's in over his head. You might as well fire him if you're going to do that.

I don't think the coaching staff lost the game. I think they made mistakes, but no coaching staff does everything perfect.

The problem is that we play to the level of our opponents. A good team comes in and we raise our game, a bad team and we play at 50%. This team needs to find consistency, that's the problem. Coaches can effect it, but it's mostly the players.

I blame Randy for not taking the offside penalty in OT and trying to score a TD from the 2 1/2 yard line. We hadn't stopped Clemson all game. Why would he thing a field goal would hold up for a W? Once again, playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Regroup and put it in the locker. The best way to get over a tough loss is to HAMMER the next opponent. Wake that just happens to be you. Demon Deacs this isn't basketball, you're going down.

blame Randy for not taking the offside penalty in OT and trying to score a TD from the 2 1/2 yard line. We hadn't stopped Clemson all game. Why would he thing a field goal would hold up for a W? Once again, playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Posted by: UFan

I read you man, but we had them 3rd and 11 on their posession in OT, and then they hit that TD pass, so really that wasn't a bad call. What stank is us getting 19 yards from Coop on our first poss in OT, and then nothing after that.

Hey Manny and 'CLEMSON FEAR US'...it may be silly to be superstitious or I may not count as a fan cause I live in New Mexico, but about five days after The U lost to Washington back in 2000, I bought a canes Hawaiian shirt and wore it while watching the game the next week. For the next two and a half years I wore that shirt for every game. After the blown call and loss against Ohio State, I never wore the shirt again. So, like I said I'm superstitious. Like I said, the last time you wrote a column with the title "Why U should fear..." our boys got beat. So....STOP with the article. Make the next one "Why U Can't Lose." It may help.

We had our chances and blew it, and the kids know it. Hopefully they'll not let it eat at them too bad. Still have the makings for a GREAT season.

Good post Manny, but excuse me if I dont drink the kool-aid... Miami entire staff and players blew this game.. way too much respect for a team with 1WR and 1RB..Lovett called this game like he was going against Colt McCoy and Whip really played it close..if dont trust the line how bout the shotgun and you have 6'3 WR's against man coverage.. another avg. QB they made look great, that hadn't completed 50% for the season..WTF!!!

"mcgriff was out fighting crime" Now that's funny.

Wat was with all the tight sets. Spread the field Byrd, Aldarius, Hank, and Benjamin. How in the world can you stop all of them.

Posted by: SoFloSportsFan | October 26, 2009 at 01:24 PM

U want J. Harris to leave on a stretcher ?

Spread the field gets U 5 blocking 6 .

J-12 goes down and U lose every game there after.

Another glaring example of Ur lack of depth .


How is Berry our best back? The kid had a big game against UCF and that's it. Talent-wise Cooper is our best back. He's fast and lately he's been running harder than ever. Did you see him run that Clemson safety over? The catch against FSU? Mike James is at fullback now, but he'll be back at RB soon. JJ is also running well lately.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 26, 2009 at 01:29 PM

Canesjunkie, Coop is a great 3rd down type back and HAS to be a part of this offense (10+ touches on draws ,screens, etc.) but he IS NOT a feature back. He's got speed IF he can get past the D-line but lacks power, great vision, and durability (injured/nicked-up every year). I saw Coop kock over that safety and that is VERY rare that he does that - he had a head of steam on that one run but he OFTEN gets zero yards at the line of scrimage. I am 100% convinced that Coop will be even more successful complimenting Berry than actually being the feature back. BTW, Coop's top-end speed is slightly faster than Berry but Berry reaches top speed nearly immediatley. This is why Berry has TWICE walked in near the corner of the endzone while Coop has dove for the pilon last year and this year...

I agree with spreading the field would get JH killed, however, we didn't have ANY short dump off passes, which would keep JH from getting hurt, and allow the playmakers to use their abilities more.

Anybody know who Paco or whatever is talking too, lol?

Let the excuses begin?

too young, too slow, it rained, it was too hot, it was too cold, there was fog, we did have enought fans in the stands, we rode a bus, we got on a plane, Jacory had the flu, we watched spongedbob, we got the wrong haircut, i left my mouth piece in the lockerroom, shannon had diarrhea in the brain, whip looks like a tomato when angry, hurtt was missing, barrow was lost, mcgriff was out fighting crime, no senior leadership, we are just freshmen, the towel boy forgot the water bottles, pipho looks like a swinging gate, blown coverage but hey at least.....



Posted by: Pedro | October 26, 2009 at 01:33 PM

FUNNIEST COMMENTS BY FAR (standing ovation for "Pedro")

I agree with spreading the field would get JH killed, however, we didn't have ANY short dump off passes, which would keep JH from getting hurt, and allow the playmakers to use their abilities more.

Posted by: ColaCane | October 26, 2009 at 01:59 PM

He'd still get pressured and hit time and time again even if he dumps it off ... All it takes is one wrap up tackle like what happened to Bradford and it's over ... Hence, Whipple is OVER protecting J-12 even at the cost of spreading the field, dropping 5-7 steps, sit in the pocket and stand and deliver for BIG plays ... That part of their offensive design is in the playbook but the risk just outweighs the reward. So they'll have to find different ways to get the outside guys the ball... Makes it tough though.

As always, there are a ton of comments here and not sure you read all of them but absolutely spot on with the analysis. Only thing I wonder about is what the heck happened at the end of the half, who's fault was it?

Also, I wonder one more thing (I lied), where do you think this Miami team is now that we are more than 50% done. I think they are right where I truly expected them to be. Pretty good overall, not nearly enough depth, flashes of brilliance and just missing a few key pieces to get over the hump. I'm thinking those pieces are in the secondary and play calling.

That being said, I really really really hope Randy Shannon sticks around for a while, he seems to have this program on the right path. They are not back, but you get the feeling that they are getting better each year, and I think next year will be better than this year. Now let's hope they can finish the year strong, 9-3 would be a big improvement over last year. 10-2 would be GREAT.

duhhhhh Hey Cane Fans , U like Fishsticks ?

Well how 'bout them Fishsticks duhhhhhhh


this one hurts

Spot on Manny.

Tough loss but Clemson has played to the level of their opponents all year. For the life of me I could not figure out why Lovett did not blitz more. Did he not learn from the FSU game that if your D-line is not putting pressure on the QB then one must blitz more? Clemson's QB has a strong arm but in previous games when rattled he would lose his accuracy. Did Lovett not see this? Can you say new Defensive coordinator. GO CANES!

blame Randy for not taking the offside penalty in OT and trying to score a TD from the 2 1/2 yard line. We hadn't stopped Clemson all game. Why would he thing a field goal would hold up for a W? Once again, playing not to lose instead of playing to win.


I like randy on national TV asking the official if it was a first down after Clemson was off sides on the OT FG....for the entire CFB world to see...my 9 year old daughter knows we were 4th and goal....makes you go UMMMMMMMM......By the way kicking the FG was the right thing....Jacory had us in the position to win with 3 to go....QUit looking at playcalling...it is our D and D only...so what we allow short Kick offs....our D needs to step up...IT is all our D not SHANNON not whipple (god bless whip)..Lovett is the guy we need to asking questions to...wny no blitzes ..cant we cover..why not other players now..we see what he have and they are bad at best...when I see the D make some plays you know the talent and ability is there...but not for an entire game...makes you wonder

Manny I somewhat agreed with your post and also a bout 70% of what other fans have written in. There were alot of posts I failed to read becasuse when I see the name I imediately skip it becasuse of past history statements. Here's my take on the game. First Clemson is not a sloutch team. I've been on the bus with the U for a very long time and this game was not the first nor will it ever be the last loss by not playing hard for 60 minutes. Remember East Carolina in 99 played in Raleigh? Remember playing Maryland and loosing in 4th Qtr by large amount? Then I also remembered how we have won games in the end by a field goal or TD and I'm not counting all the FSU games. SO you win some you loose some. Thats the beauty of the game. Go ahead blame the coaches, blame the players, however also blame the Sunday morning QB"s the so called fans that will nit-pick every play and disect the game llike disecting a frog in HS Biology. Remember we are still a very young team and I will stand behind these players and the coaches 100%. Now next year of the year after and they have a game like this & I just might not be so unforgiving. However will or loose I will always have the highest respect for my home town team. Play every year with 3 goals set. 1. The NC 2. the ACC Championship 3. With the luck of the Gods of NCAA football both 1&2 4. Win enough games to play in a good paying bowl game. 5. Win enough good games to get the respect of the HS SR.'s those players that may have the wish to play for one of the elite NCAA college football teams for the last 30 years. To the players that read all the posts and just might read this one. I know it is a tuff loss to swallow. Just regroup, watch the films, live and learn, play a little harder for 60 minutes next week. Do this and you will be back on the winners list. Play with doubts and fears and you will only slip further away from your goals. And who knows I remember a wize old sports player once said when I was very young. "It ain't over till the big fat lady sings her tune." For me a die hard CANES fan the song ain't over yet. Keep playing your music one note at a time. Thanks

Hey Pedro you're a more-freaking-ron!
Canes need 2 Stud DT's.
-Lovett to put some pressure on these 2 star QB's that we make look like all-americans.
-Quit calling these useless time outs at the wrong times.
-Quit worrying about Cooper and James and give the ball to Barry, who at least hits the hole like a raging bull.
-Play to win the game. A pass to a back would of got us a firstdown at the end of regulation.
_If we don't change Carolina will do the same thing to us and there offense is about as good as Clemson's, oh I forgot, Clemson didn't discover their offense until they played us.
How can you beat Oklahoma, Ga. Tech & Fla. St who have good offenses and lose to Clemson whose QB only had completed 49% of his passes this year, the answer GIVE HIM 10 SECONDS TO THROW that will surely give him confidence and get his completion rate at 25 for 37 afternoon.
-when are we ever going to get some interceptions like we give up. We must be last in intercepting the football.

I just checked and Jacory is not on the Heisman watch anymore. I can't believe how powerful the ACC has become. Duke has a better ACC record then the Canes.

Pedro your thoughts?

At some point the coaches have to trust in their players. A winner goes for the first on fourth down. If you make it you build confidence, if you don't you build trust between coaches and players. The trust and lack of confidence was not there and it rippled from the coaches through the players. Clemson took more chances and tricks and ended up winning the game.

Play to win!

@ ktctippett...that was Whipple that called that timeout. Shannon knew the situation, thats why he was upset...stop looking for ways to blame Shannon for every lil thing.

Assistant coaches just shouldnt be allowed to call time-outs. It should be da QB, Head Coach, and a designated player on defense (preferably the MLB or free safety since dey call most if not all of da plays on defense)

Why dosen't Randy take over the defense, it is his specialty isn't it?

How can you blame Whipple for not "opening up the game"?

1. Jacory had 3 pics, which calls for conservative play. Nonetheless, Jacory hit TB3 on a bomb after a pick 6.

2. From what I've read, Clemson has 2 NFL DBS that each have started 33 games together (via WQAM).

3. UM's O scored 30 pts.

Considering these points, I think Whipple did a good job calling the game. I just wish we would've hit a short rollout on 3rd down in the 4th Q. What else do you want from Whip? The D and ST is what lost us this game.

Lmao @ "Jascary"

even funnier, canefan will spend the next two and a half years thinking this limited kid is da truf.

There really is nothing to be excited about in Coral Gables.

The QB depth chart looks unbelievably bad. Is Shannon recruiting any QB's? Lemme guess? Another two star from Texas?

The oline will be in a world of hurt next year. Just STOP with all the laughable "next year is our year" NONSENSE.


This team is young???? NOOO ! this team has NO DEPTH and is coached by a flaming idiot.

How long canefan? How long????

Oh so it's NFL caliber DBs now. I am confused because you said this:

With Vilma and Shockey roaming the sidelines on Saturday, we will be fine!

Let's Go Canes!

Posted by: The []_ _[] is Back! | October 21, 2009 at 12:37 PM

AND this:

How can they be 3-3 allowing 17 ppg? I'm guessing their offense sucks!

Posted by: Da []_ _[] is back! | October 20, 2009 at 06:37 PM

Did you go to the game []_ _[]? Cause if not you didnt do your job

It appears to me that the Cane's are prepared and focused for Clemson. Hopefully, us fans will do our job and show up to the stadium.

Posted by: The []_ _[] is Back! | October 21, 2009 at 12:44 PM

Marve, dipshlt that he was, was a FAR BETTER QB than Jascary.

Marve could run. Marve could throw. Jascary DARE NOT tuck and run or the entire season is at risk. Jascary has a very average arm and make decisions just as bad or WORSE than Marve. Marve spent his time running for his F'in LIFE.

Shannon is a QB KILLLA.... fact

The current UM Players must understand that every team brings their best against the U.

Even if a team has lost every game, they will play way above their heads against the U, inspired and passionate like no other opponent.

There are no easy games, and the U allowed clemson to hang around long enough to finally win.

This team has talent, but doesn't have yet the Mind or Heart of a Champion.

This current UM team could lose 2 - 3 more games playing like this. USF Bulls will beat UM even if the Bulls lose every other game, they will be WAY UP for the UM game, like they did against FSU.

Football is a game of PASSION, plain and simple.
When UM understands that, then they might become champions.

The FIRST STEP in fielding/rebuilding a winning product is WINNING THE GAMES YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WIN.
Got Clemson anyone?
U haven't even taken the FIRST STEP U delusional clowns.
Just as good a product at half the price??? Surely U kid asssclown?

Pedro, go away. I do not remember you posting anything in the past and all of a sudden you think you matter.

I do agree with you on the fan base. Its a joke. I just do not get it. I know the economy is bad and this and that but 42,000 is a joke. I am embarrassed about that. I live in Tampa and i have probably been to more Canes game than most people in Miami.

I had a bad feeling about this team and i posted that after the UCF game.I did not feel the overall dominance we are accustom to.

Manny was right, no depth and our O-line is terrible (Thanks Coker). I hope the OL recruits coming in will be much better.It will take time but unless the position improves, next years National Championship run or even ACC run will be a wash as well.

Always have and always will love the U, but i am devastated by this lost.

Go Canes!!!!!!

Well Well, It's Pedro the prophet. The same guy who said:

OU will win by 40+. The shitty defense we have will get team rolled like a newly paved driveway!!!!!!
Posted by: pedro | September 28, 2009 at 02:12 PM

I thought you had been stoned to death after your las FALSE PREDICTIONS. Then again, maybe you are STONED.

de-ja-vue this is your team with randy at the helm plays not to lose i have supported the canes since 1985 was a season ticket holder since 1991 did not renew them this past year i will not drive 4 hours anymore to watch a team that pretends to be the miami hurricanes this team needs a coach that plays to win not to lose and i get tired of people comparing this to when butch davis first took over if you think back we were on probation then we will be 7-5 or 8-4 as long as this guy is our coach get used to being 3rd or 4th in the state instead of #1

Manny: How many times did you watch the game on your DVR and how many notes did you take before your criticsm of this game. Had you been on the sideline when the game was going on and the coaching decisions were made I am certain that your take would be different. I thought that Miami played a darn good game. How can you criticize Harris for making one poor pass. Granted there should have been more blitzing because the defensive backs had no chance to block the passes. For this team to end up with a probable 2 losses is amazing.

anyone know what the canesport.com article about Payne says? hopefully he is gonna be a Cane soon!

anyone know why Pedro's panties are in such a bunch? cool it looooser!

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