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Grading the Canes: OU Report Card

The unpredictable Miami Hurricanes are back. Just when you think you've got your finger on what this team is all about, they go out and surprise you again. What a win, what an effort, what an amazing 3-1 start and step up for Randy Shannon's program. Nobody who covers this team on a daily basis (not even the Kool-Aid drinkers) not even secret Canes fan Kirk Herbstreit thought UM would bounce back from its loss at Virginia Tech and win three of its first four tough games.

Now, the Canes control their destiny (somewhat). Win out and there's no doubt UM will play in a BCS Bowl game. Win out and get a little help with a Virginia Tech loss or two and who knows there's a chance UM could be playing in Pasadena. Here's the good news for the Canes (as long as they don't fall asleep), only two teams left on their schedule should really be tough tests -- at North Carolina (Nov. 14) and at South Florida (Nov. 28).

Here's who gets the love for the effort against OU...

Randy Shannon > Game balls - Offense: Javarris James (his 150 yards rushing on 15 carries were huge). Defense: Sean Spence (his team-leading 10 tackles were great to see). Special teams: Matt Bosher (did a great job pinning the Sooners and making them go the length of the field). Coaches: All of them.

> Helmet stickers - Offense: Jacory Harris (had two bad early picks, but was pinpoint the rest of the way).Defense: Ray Ray Armstrong (for his big lift), Vaughn Telemaque (for his nine tackles) and the entire beat up defensive line. Special teams: Corey Nelms (for his huge hit).

> Quarterbacks: Two of his first four passes went for interceptions. But after those two mistakes, Harris played like the Heisman candidate I still say he is. He finished 19 of 28 for 202 yards and three touchdowns. He made great decisions and throws on the game-clinching drive and threaded a perfect pass between four DBs to Dedrick Epps on his 11-yard pass. If not for the two early mistakes, Harris would get an A. Grade: A-.

Javarris James > Running game: How about Javarris James? I've been one of his biggest critics most of his career, wondering why UM continued to feature him as the primary back when Graig Cooper was playing better. James made me eat my words in the Canes' biggest win since he's been here. His career-high 150 yards were great, but what I enjoyed most were the tough, six and seven yard bursts he provided against what was the nation's No. 1 run defense. UM finished with 140 yards on 32 carries when you throw in Jacory Harris' four sacks. But make no mistake, the 175 yards UM gained were huge and as big a reason as any why the Canes won this game. Grade: A.

> Receivers/tight end: There were a few unnecessary drops. But all in all, when 11 different guys catch passes you have to tip your hat not only to Jacory Harris for spreading the wealth, but for guys stepping up and making plays. Aldarius Johnson made a nice return and finished with four catches for 45 yards. Travis Benjamin had three for 61 yards and a touchdown and Dedrick Epps made three clutch catches including one for a touchdown. And how about Jimmy Graham? He promised he'd catch the next ball thrown his way and he did. All he does is catch touchdowns: he's got two catches for two touchdowns. Grade: A-.

> Blocking: The Sooners stayed true to their season average by getting to Jacory Harris for four sacks. Jeremy Beal abused Matt Pipho and company for three of them. But where UM earned it's good grade was being physical in the run game and opening up some gaping holes. Big bad Gerald McCoy? He had a half tackle. That's a credit to UM's interior, AJ Trump, Joel Figueroa, Harland Gunn and Orlando Franklin did their job. Grade: B.

Ray Ray and Spence > Front Seven: Welcome back Sean Spence. Welcome back UM's good run defense. Welcome back pass rush. While things weren't pretty early, Spence and company answered the call over the final three quarters. Spence finished with a team-leading 10 tackles and Colin McCarthy -- playing injured -- showed his toughness after coming in during the second quarter and finishing with seven tackles. Oklahoma finished with 153 yards on 42 attempts. But take away Chris Brown's 48-yard burst at the goalline and the Sooners have probably their worst ay running the football in years. Allen Bailey and Marcus Robinson both got sacks and UM produced four quarterback hurries as a unit to make Landry Jones feel awfully uncomfortable. Grade: A-.

> Secondary: How do you measure the impact and lift freshman Ray Ray Armstrong provided this unit? With leading tackler Randy Phillips out and UM shorthanded by injuries at the position, Armstrong's bone jarring hits brought UM's defense and the home crowd to life. Vaughn Telemaque had a career-best nine tackles himself and except for one bad blown coverage, Brandon Harris was special. He had a sack and forced a huge fumble to help UM grab the lead. The only guy who had a forgetful game? Sam Shields. He got burned in coverage multiple times and was definitely somebody Landry Jones and the Sooners went after. All-in-all, UM limited Landry to 188 yards passing on 30 attempts. Not bad at all. Grade: B+.

> Special teams: There were a pair of ugly moments: Joe Joseph getting that bonehead penalty for running into the punter (even though it was very questionable) and the 51-yard punt return Dominique Franks had from his one yard line to put Oklahoma in position to come back and win the game. But overall, there were no major mistakes in kickoff coverage, Matt Bosher averaged 45.8 yards a punt including three that pinned Oklahoma inside the 20 and Mike James and Graig Cooper did decent jobs giving UM's offense good field position on kickoffs. And who will ever forget walk-on Corey Nelms' big hit to start the second half? That fueled UM's nice start to the second half. Grade: B+.

> Coaching: After being out coached by Virginia Tech, coordinators Mark Whipple and John Lovett put their players in the perfect positions to win this game. Whipple made the right decision to make OU respect UM's running game first before unleashing Harris and the passing attack. Defensively, after a terrible opening drive, Landry Jones and the OU offense simply looked uncomfortable with what Lovett was throwing at them. Even though Shields got burned, UM was in the right pass protection schemes. Personnel wise, Lovett made the right decision to cut Ray Ray Armstrong loose and continue to rotate him. UM coach Randy Shannon had his team ready, mentally and physically for this game. You couldn't have asked for anything more. Had UM lost this game, it certainly would not have been his or any of his assistants faults. Grade A+.


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I say - Bring em on!!!!!

Our past great teams always beat the other teams AND the penalties.....



M - That's right. In the 91 Cotton Bowl vs Texas. the U had more yards in penalties than UT did in Offense and we crushed them 46-3. "real men play man" said Stanley Richards before the game. That's true, but they weren't man enough to cover the Canes!

i cant wait to see Te-blow get another concussion against LSU...if Kentucky can get to Tebow...don't U think LSU can too?

LSU by 14 in Death Valley

Miami will be #1 in the state after next week!

Go Canes!


Great win...I agree on the grades...and we need to stop the foolish flags...that is still youth..Forston I will never fault for going offsides on D but please make a play...

Sean Spense thanks for showing up...GREAT GAME..

Ray Ray needs to see the field for 20+ plays a game..he tasted blood let em feed...

we need to throttle FAMU by 60+ and have it over by half so we can get the young kids in to rest the guys with nicks...UCF is a 2nd have team so we cant sleep on them either and they will have a loud crowd...

Clemson and UNC are our toughest games...USF needs to be tought a lesson by a GREAT team and Miami has a chance for a special season with that win....GO CANES

PS Luc will be tough to get here..his family left Miami for a reason..I feel he is FL bound to replace Spikes..he is the real deal too...

River rat Perdo,
you should look into becoming a coach. 77-0? great call on that one big guy. You know talent when you see it and now Famu beats the U by 14. you go girl..

Why dont the turd fans mention how bad the ACC is?

G Tech just beat Mississipi State big. the same MSU team that literally literally beat LSU last week, but didnt because they couldnt punch it in 3x from 1 yd out!!!! Gat Tech murderized them.

I for one, would hate to see UM play GT again.

NC, Clemson and USF are trap games for UM. All hard. I see us winning 2/3. I hope it's all 3, but that is a 3 game stretch as tough as any because Clemson, I feel, is tougher than NC because they have major speed.

In that case, UM may be 10-2 at the end of the year. Maybe 11-1. No way 9-3. I do not see UM losing to UCF, FAMU, Duke or Virginia. No way.

Anyone have a prediction on bowls if we go:

I guess that would depend on the outcome of the ACC.

Manny- any word on Ojomo's progress?
DID Moncur play saturday?

I see us in a BCS with or without winning the ACC if we win out..SWEET

Does anyone know what recruits were at the game?

Posted by: DonC | October 05, 2009 at 11:38 AM

Ask and you shall receive:


Class of 2010 Commits

LB Kevin Nelson (Gainesville)
LB Tyrone Cornileus (Stephenson GA)
CB Jeremy Davis (Cape Coral)
OL Tavadis Glenn (Jacksonville Raines)
TE Clive Walford (Glades Central)
OL Jonathan Feliciano (Davie Western)
OL Shane McDermott (Palm Beach Central)
RB Darion Hall (Naples Lely)
DT Louis Nix (Jacksonville Raines)
CB Raheam Buxton (Pahokee)

Class of 2010 Other Prospects

CB Lamarcus Joyner (St. Thomas Aquinas)
WR Ivan McCartney (Miramar)
OL Brandon Linder (St. Thomas Aquinas)
CB Keion Payne (St. Thomas Aquinas)
WR Sean Tapley (Jacksonville Raines)
LB Christian Jones (Lake Howell)
WR Allen Hurns (Carol City)
CB Tony Grimes (Hollywood Hills)
CB Tyrone Bouie (Sanford Seminole)
OL Patrick Redding (Monsignor Pace)
LB Desmond Bozeman (Dillard)
DE Jacob Wheeler (American Heritage)
LB Deon Rogers (Treasure Coast) Georgia commit

Class of 2011 Recruits

TE Nick O'Leary (Palm Beach Dwyer)
DE Curt Maggitt (Palm Beach Dwyer)
S Jeremy Cash (Plantation)
DE Anthony Chickillo (Tampa Alonso)
CB Jabari Gorman (Monsignor Pace)
OL Bobby Hart (Cardinal Gibbons)
RB Demetrius Hart (Orlando Dr. Phillips)

I have been a Canes fan for 25 years through good times and bad. I have been following all of the negative comments on this blog recently and I have never heard anyone as negative as"Pedro". Are you really that IGNORANT or are you just trying be like Skip Bayless? Say STUPID things just for the sake of arguing? I hope thats the case. If not you know absolutely nothing about football! You call yourself a fan of the U? We don't need fans like you! Do ALL Canes fans a favor and refrain from writing in this blog! Your IGNORANT comments are gettin old!

Cane fans,
are any of you guys going to the UCF game. I would like to meet up before the game. I'm taking my son to his first UM game.

Any word if we'll see AJ Highsmith Saturday?

Ignore Pedro. Don't feed trolls.


I have an idea. Get back on your balsa and go back to Cuba. They need you over.

Freaking Cubans want to come to this country and try to run it.

Posted by: pedro
You need to swim back over the river to where you came from.

Buckhead Cane

Thanks for the list, it looks pretty impressive.

I live in SW fl..and a recent article claims that the NW bulls had a recent game where 125 fans showed up??? is this true..

here is the article..


Havana Illinois Pedro Why do waste so much time on this blog if you hate the U? No one really pays much attention to your OBVIOUS ignorance of college football!

Not sure where that number came from?

Booker T. knocked off Northwestern this weekend, in front of an estimated 7,000 fans at Traz Powell.

thanks don....my hometown paper...go figure..

High School Game w/7000 fans


Win the ACC and get back to me.

Posted by: SammyNole | October 05, 2009 at 11:43 AM

Beat USF and get back to me. Bowden has to go, he wants to be the winningest coach in history and he wont. Penn St. plays a pancake schedule with to many W's.
Also, the score did not tell the story of this game. DA U dominated from the 2nd quarter on. The refs kept OU in the game and DA U does not put up "sexy points" in the 4th quarter to pad stats. DA U plays to win the game. It doesn't matter if you win by a point or 3 touchdowns, winning is winning!


ESPNU is showing a replay of th UM vs OU game at 2:00 today.

Also, im sick of these mid major BCS "busters". If they want to compete with the big boys play in a real conference! Boise St. will probably go undefeated because they dont play anyone the rest of the way which will take a BCS spot away from a deserving team.
One scenario is VT loosing a game but wins the conference championship game, plus DA U wins out. Penn St. beat OSU and goes to the Rose Bowl. That could leave the door open for a Ohio State vs UM in the Fiesta Bowl. What game that would be! But then again Boise St. might play instead of OSU matching the U against Boise St.
Now what game would be more appealing and more competitive?

oppss sorry that is 7-5 even worse off to the who cares bowl!!!!!!!!


Posted by: pedro | October 05, 2009 at 01:42

Are you laughing because you were dead on with the winner of the OU game

The officiating was terrible - but remember it was a BIG 12 crew - not a neutral one as you would see in most games like this. Watching the game at home drove me crazy having to listen to Bret Muppetburger finding every opportunity to slight the Canes! I love what Randy has done with bringing sportsmanship and control back to our program and keeping the on field brashness/swagger – but what is the purpose of asking Herstreit if he know how many Canes had been arrested since Randy took over and saying one (1) and not pointing out it was a STUPID vandalism issue (Marve broke the mirror of a girl that blew him off) and not mentioning the Randy also ran him off – he did not fit in! I think Muppetberg is still angry over of the 53 – 0 thrsching Jimmy J put on his beloved (“Of course we have Notre Dame highlights!”) during Jerry Faust’s last season where Era Parsigiean and Pat Hadle were all over Miami calling the criminals for running up the score. Heck walk ons were playing and simply handing the ball off…..

GO CANES!!!! Get Wipple locked up – at least with his son transferring as Sophomore he should be around a while.

Pedro/Kehoe/Gator fan,

Do not fall for Pedro guys, as it is that
posing Curse of Kehoe/Gator punk posting under his many personalities... Remember he has no life and spends his entire worthless life on this blog.

We live in your head... We own your mind!!!

The U is back... Respect it, honor it, deal with it!

HaHaHa U loser


Pedro You are by far the biggest IDIOT on this blog! Your comments have NO merit and are only meant to stir up sh*t! You can't possibly believe anything that you say. What kind of fan does nothing but criicize the team they supposedly root for to point of ignorance? You are responsible for the MOST ignorant comments that I have ever read.Almost to the point of laughter. I question your intellegence

Pedro said: I love to canes and will watch to the bitter end, but that gane was awful. poor coaching on both sides. i would love for the team to go 3-1, but my heart tells me the OU will kill us on satirday. the defense play with no emotion.
But i could be wrong.....then again no....................
Posted by: pedro | September 28, 2009 at 01:37 PM

Don't LOOOOOVE them so much Pedro!

Ignore Pedro. Do not respond to Pedro. He'll go away. Hopefully.

Youtube clip of the Cotton Bowl.

Miami vs UT – Cotton Bowl


Pedro may not even be a real person. But whoever posted: Beily is a bust, spence is a bust,forston, ojomo the whole f@@@@@ing defense sucks. Just get rid of them all and start new.
J12 is way overrated. Spaghetti arm really is not the qb we thought he was.
Posted by: pedro | September 28, 2009 at 01:40 PM


Buckhead, thanks for the recruitment list I dont see too many players from Miami or South Florida...why is that? I thought 2010 was another amazing year for south florida recruiting

And again Pedro said: OU will win by 40+. The shitty defense we have will get team rolled like a newly paved driveway!!!!!!
Posted by: pedro | September 28, 2009 at 02:12 PM

Back in ancient times Pedro would have been stoned to death already. Or maybe he was STONED at the time of his NONSENSE! Hahahahahahaha!

If we dont win the ACC can we still go to a BCS game?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Pedro. U funny boi!

People- let em' be. He's just a boy. Like that neighborhood kid, that would always pester you and your boyz, and all you'd have to do is swat em a couple of times, but he'd come back to bug you. He's harmless. he's obviously wrong on all counts. Let him go. He is a "whatever".

Manny, waddup on Adewale and Moncur? Gordon, and Forston?

anyhow back to the real canes fans...
1. muppetburger should never broadcast a game for the U his bias against miami is old... i remeber singing bye to him in the OB yrs ago swearing off our games....

2. the te graham he can be big time do you see the way he ran with that ball hes not getting tackled in the open by a safety...randy excellent job kids 4th collegiate game..

3. i think the gator fans are getting nervous Manny WHATS THE ODDS THEY BACK OUT the next game what is it in 12?

The fact of the matter is that this is the biggest win since winning it all in 01'. Wins like this turn programs around, and open the flood gates of top notch recruits. The time will come again and soon that the University of Miami wont have enough schoolarships for all the blue chippers that will be at the door. I've been a fan for 30+ years and it was the same in 79, 87, 98, 01 pivitol wins like saturday fuel this program for years. It was an honor to be there with my son and wife to witness the start of the climb back to the top again. GO CANES!!!!!!!!

Laz... from cutler ridge


Reading you're stupid comments about Latino groups in Miami concludes that U are either a 12 year old boy just screwing around, or are truly the dumb fool that U so greatly portray on this blog...

I work for the Gov't in DC and am looking into what it would take to put U on the terrorist watch list...

U are Colombian, so I suppose U are a runner for FARC? Yes/No?

Seriously though, U are making yourself sound like an idiot and are wasting you're time on this blog.

I'm embarrassed for U and I don't even know U.

Hialeah Cane: Yes, we can still land a BCS bowl with an at-large bid even if we don't win the ACC. If we run the table and VT doesn't slip, this seems a likely scenario, especially if USF keeps winning their games until we meet.

Anyhow, I've said it before and I'll say it again:

21 points.

When we put up at least 21 points, we almost never lose. Saturday was no exception. Check out our wins/losses from the past decade--it's almost a statistical rule.

Why? Because it usually means we've established a running game (props to Baby J), we're keeping the opposing offense off the field, and the gameplan (or adjustments to it) are working.

Looking forward to Saturday: does anyone else want to see Highsmith toward the end of the FAMU game? Or will the coaching staff not give him any reps this year for fear of injury?

How do these moronic Gator fans get on this blog...? Every week is an upgraded excuse or attack against the Canes as to why we won. These clowns spout off about us barely beating FSU and a 1-dimensional Ga Tech team and Heisman-less OU team... Oh wait, and who have they played...? What? not even one ranked team? Oh sorry...didn't mean to burst the proverbial bubble...

Dear Cane Bloggers:

I want to apologize for Pedro’s irrational, contradicting, poorly written and spiteful comments that he has written of late. Ever since he locked himself in his room, he has not come out and taken the necessary medicine for him to function responsively and interact with society. Our little boy has “issues” and we are doing everything we can to help him; Pedro, we are asking you to come out now and let us help you!!!! Be brave Pedro.


PP (Pedro’s Parents)


Get this to Shannon!


I love you pedro!


I do work for the Gov't, and trust me, it is not what you're people migrate to America to do.

Obviously U didn't understand that I was joking about the terrorist comment U greasy, kinky haired, drug runner.


You coming over tonight?

Can't wait to see you!




I still love you, even if you have an issue.


god i love it when everyone hates us.!!! if we loose we suck and hell even when we win we still suck for some reason... excuses excuses excuses... it seems like if you dont like the u thats all you got.. we had the toughest first 4 in the country came out of it 3 and 1 not 0 and 4 like most predicted yet the u still sux... wow people you say crap like that are just haters and 12 year olds so save all of us true die hard canes fans the headache of reading your non sense and dont post.. thanks


Why are you not replying to my love?


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