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Haith nabs 6-9, 230-pound center for 2010 class

Raphael Akpejiori, a 6-9, 230-pound power forward from Bel Aire (Kan.) Sunrise Christian Academy, became the second commitment in the University of Miami's 2010 signing class Monday.

A Nigeria native, Akpejiori sat out his junior year after suffering a dislocated ankle at Mount Zion Academy in North Carolina. He's rated a three-star recruit by Rivals.com and chose UM among 30 schools including finalists Columbia and South Florida.

"I know everybody says this -- but Ralph is a great kid," Sunrise Christian Academy coach Kyle Lindsted said. "He's a qualified Ivy Leaguer. He wants to study engineering. He has a 96 percent average in calculas. He's top notch academically and morally.

"On the court, he's 6-8, 6-9, defender, rebounder, real active inside, real good athlete inside, tough and strong and he's kind of flown under the radar becaue he's had some injuries. He's been at our school for a year. This year, he'll be able to play."

Akpejiori came to the United States as as sophomore when he played in the international game at Michael Jordan's Spring Classic. He dislocated his foot few months later and did not get back on the court until this past summer when he played for Nike sponsored Baltimore Elite.

Lindsted said UM fans will be able to get an up-close look at Akpejiori in the Kreul Classic Dec. 21-22 in Coral Springs. He took his official visit to UM the same weekend the football team beat Oklahoma.

"Academics are important to him. He liked the fact it was a private school," Lindsted said. "I think the football team did their job. He really enjoyed that game. He likes the idea of playing in the ACC. That was the league he wanted to play in. He likes Coach Haith and Coach Morton and that whole staff. He's going to be a good building block for what they want to do there."


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Manny, thanks for all u do. Different sport, but, What is your take on Travis Williams out of VA?canesport has him at 6'2, 189.

Back to the other sports and NEXT YEAR football talk.

Coach Haith, my man. Keep bringing in the talent. I have no doubt that U will have the Canes in a Championship game sooner than later. Go Canes!!!

Any chance of converting him into a TE in three years Manny?

Fantastic. Thanks Manny.

Good idea, but I don't think we should not waste any time... let's get him on the football field during the hot summers and teach him to block and catch...

Back to the other sports and NEXT YEAR football talk.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 19, 2009 at 08:16 PM

Cuckoo Cuckoo

Go 'canes!

Shannon nabs 6-2, 189lb VA LB for 2010 class: Travis Williams ****

It is "calculus" not "calculas" I know b/c I flunked it twice.

why waste somebody's talent to try him at another position. He said it himself, "i haven't play that much offense this year". The best thing is to let Sean Spence teach him the defense they got the same tools, this guy got speed and admires Sean Spence. The hurricanes are not recruiting anymore projects base on being athletic. They are recruiting ATHLETES that can play a certain position. What I am trying to say is, they want to win now. Our last class of linebackers has been a disappointment. They said Ramon is ready but why do they have Colin playing hurt. Out of all the linebackers that came to miami in the 2008 recruiting class only Spence is on the field, the others are on special teams. If Arthur is not on the field by the end of the season like they did with Futch last year there's a problem. He couldn't even get good playing time against FamU. I love my canes, I just hope they do a good job recruiting the heart of the defense because right now our defensive line is hurting. We had to bring the Blitz because we were not applying enough pressure.

I know we will go 11-1 this season.

Linebacker Travis Williams of Lake Taylor High in Norfolk, Virginia, decided to make it official and call Cane coaches to let them know he was ready to join the class!

Another great LB to the U!


This young talent is versatile. He has the size, speed and ability to play wide receiver, outside linebacker, defensive end and strong safety.

Titans coach Hank Sawyer said, “If I was a college coach, I would put him as close to the line of scrimmage as possible because he’ll make people run away from him.”

Last season he was All-Eastern District at defensive end and wide receiver. One recruiting site ranks him as the No. 7 recruit in the state and the No. 15 outside linebacker in the country.

He had 78 tackles, 14 sacks and 12 quarterback hurries. As a receiver, his size, strength and hands make him nearly unstoppable. Put him at linebacker, and there’s no one who can block him one on one.

He also can be a shutdown defensive back with incredible closing speed. He can easily add another 20 to 30 pounds and without losing speed or quickness.

Speaking of speed, Williams ran 4.38 in the 40. He also benched 325 and lifted 185 pounds almost 20 times.

Sawyer said he likes Williams because “he makes plays and makes things happen.” So far Williams has more than 20 offers, including from Tennessee, LSU, Miami, Alabama, Penn State, Virginia, Virginia State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, West Virginia and Syracuse.

Sawyer said Williams is not going to rush into making a decision.


ok haith is bringing in some good talent for bball. haith will put UM bball on the map, and another commit for the canes in williams. it looks like our L/B core is set for 2010 we will need this kind of depth.

i wonder if williams could play TE?

i do not think he will ply TE because he is already very lean and scouts have said he will need time to develop his frame just to play L/B,granted that UM loves the undersize OLB for speed purposes.

T-will most likly will end up at OLB and redshirt to gain bulk or be used as a safety ,either way the kid can ball .

It is a good thing when Nick Saban and Monte Kiffin wanted this guy on their defense.

yea this was a great pick up.

MANNY! MANNY! DOWN HERE! READ HERE!...okay, bball question for bball blog...Brandon Knight, is it still grim? Or could we really wind up with him?

Anotha under the rader great high school athlete coming to the Canes. I love how he said I jus felt it and I called to commit. The kids sre calling to commit not the coaches calling for a commitment.

I dont know how the eval kids on scout, ESPNU, and rivals but I think Randy got his needs filled and just so happen they can play. You gotta love this years class. We don't have the big name but we got a bunch of great HS players with one thing in COMMON: HUGE UPSIDE.

Imagine if Coach can pull Ego Ferguson with Dunkley, Ivan, or Tapley. Put those guys with Linder, Clements, Dior Mathis,or Latwan Anderson we good. The shock of signing day will be when L. Joyner sign with UM. He gonna stay home in the end. Just to put a nice bow on the class Coach Shannon will snag David Perry, Will Barton, and Keion Payne.

Joyner and Dunkley is the only five-star players worth going after with the full-court press. We can only hope Javarie Johnson, Kevin Nelson and Now this kid is roam the middle of the defense withs headhunting mentality

Can he play T.E. ?

lol @ M and paco.

Never had to take that crap thank God.

Manny, come on bro,that's pretty fun, give credit.

I'm all in for a playoff!


Join the Cause


I said last week that I thought travis williams was the silent verbal but I guess not, anyway this guy will be the mack daddy at outside LB in a couple of years and will easily play at 220. As you guys should know it takes some kids for ever to learn the positions they play and Art Brown is no exception. In high school they obviously let him freelance and therefore he was way behind the learning curve when he got here. If he, by the end of the year has not seen any more playing time than he has so far, then I expect him to transfer, probably to Tennessee, to be with his brother. It's almost as if they are freezing him out to get him to transfer and I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't a ploy by getting him, what they really wanted was Bryce and since they didn't get him they don't need Arthur.

Can he play T.E. ?

Posted by: U never know | October 20, 2009 at 08:00 AM

i doubt he will play TE. we can't ask this kid to gain 30 to 40 plus pounds that is too much, on top of that he has to maintain a level of speed to play the position.

if you look at any recruiting website ppl will see that TE prospect from HS is coming in at 215,220 plus. the T-will max weight if he plays OLB will be 220. this year alone has been said that TE prospects have not been that great espically in SFLA. we already have walford,and we may sway alex smith from his commitment. we may be hurt at tightend next year ,but we have to much weapons on offense to just rely on one TE.

in the end i do not see a kid that is 185-190 to gain that much weight in one year and maintain a certain amount of speed.i could be wrong ,but i just do not see it happening.

Manny: No more basketball posts. Its football season.

Gives us more insight on the football team.

Whats up with the injuries? Whats wrong with Colin that he is only playing limited snaps?

Is A. Johnson back this week? Why did Baily come out in the 1st quarter last week & not come back in?

Give us the scoop brother!

Posted by: Mis bolas son grandes | October 20, 2009 at 04:11 PM

A pimple by any other name is still a pimple!

Go 'canes!


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