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Injuries will force young guys to step up

We heard all about Arthur Brown's reputation in Kansas, Ramon Buchanon's big play making ability at Melbourne Palm Bay and the speed and talent Brandon McGee possessed at Plantation High. It's now officially time to start seeing it at The U.

Jordan Futch In case you hadn't heard yet, the Miami Hurricanes are piling up injuries on the defensive side of the ball. Monday night, UM released its injury report heading into the UCF game and several new players were listed as having surgery and being out for the season: sophomore linebacker Jordan Futch, cornerback Ryan Hill and defensive end Dyron Dye.

They aren't the only Canes seriously dinged up. UM coach Randy Shannon said Sunday defensive tackle Marcus Forston is likely done for the season. We still haven't heard if and when defensive end Adewale Ojomo (jaw) will be coming back. 

The Hurricanes have plenty of depth at running back and wide receiver. But on the other side of the ball, there are lot of question marks after you get past the first team. Futch was the first linebacker off the bench, a guy defensive coordinator John Lovett said had turned the corner. Hill, who was hurt early in the season, was supposed to be the fourth corner in UM's slim rotation. Forston, Dye, Ojomo were all going to be a part of a deep defensive line rotation.

Now, as the season moves forward and veterans like Colin McCarthy, Eric Moncur and Randy Phillips play through injuries, there are going to be times when Brown, McGee or Buchanon will have to be on the field, ready to deliver.


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They just can't compete with the Gators! The best team that's ever lived! He won't lose another game ever! period! Write it down now folks!

Serious trouble on DL. Ojomo and Forston are starters. Futch is like a starter to spell all players. Manny is right, if Buchanon and Brown are going to step up, this is the time and place for them to do so.

If only you had the greatest coach and player of all time on your sidelines! Then you'd never get injured! Go Gators!

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He was never injured. Ever. In his life. He is the greatest of all time! Superman! Superman!

I love cheating on my wife with Tim Tebow. I also love douching.

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Right if he wasn't injures then the gators are respectable people

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It's funny good thing u respond to tebag even gators know who he is

Hey! You can't talk about Tebow like that! He has never been defeated or injured or even cried his whole life. He walks on water and heals the sick. He is Gandhi, Mother Teresa and George W. Bush rolled into one.

You prove true to your name, Urban Liar! not only did you solidify it, you cemented it too!

"greatest coach" HA! you crack me up!

You take it back! I am so the greatest coach of all time! Look at my record! I have more wins than anyone! Ever!

And Urban Meyer is also the biggest cheater of all time! EVER! you failed to mention that!

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Ie. Tim Tebow

You're greatest coach of all time will be exposed when your water-walker is gone, everyone will see what fraud he really is!


go canes

I've never seen a coach hug and kiss his player so much in the sideline, i wouldn't be surprise if Urban Liar starts humping tebag's legs like a lil taco bell dog if they win against bama in the SEC champ game! he knows tebag is all his got and after this year the Gayturds are back in the toilet seat!

I bet ya he already did hump tebag's legs like a lil taco bell dog! hahaha

I bumped him in the butt too, but ssssshhhhh. Don't tell the media. Tebow is a Christian role model after all.


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I agree Tebow should not have played and the reason he did is because it's their first real shot at going undefeated. Their schedule is the softest I've ever seen. They've played a losing record going into LSU. Sure LSU is undefeated but would have lost if the weak MSU squad scored from the 1. They did have 3 chances. LOL

That same MSU squad just got beat by Houston. LSU will most likely not even be ranked by the end of the season. USC is the last team on Floriduh's schedule to be ranked. They are currently #25 and most likely will fall out. If LSU and USC find themselves unranked the Floriduh will drift through a season without playing a ranked team except for the one IF they make it to the SEC champ game.

Bama is the only team in the nation I see playing great all around football. They will most likely be in the BCS Champ game unless they beat themselves. The team they will most likely match will have one loss. That team will not be determined until the very end.


to all those who say stars dont matter, think again. yea we've had bad luck with wright, leggett, williams, youngblood, brown, etc. but thats not always the case. what you have to do is look at other factors and find the guys with the intangibles. which our old coaches didnt do very well. it was their fault for going after the wrong ones. you see, ESPN has no way of knowing that willie williams would be such a dirtbag, or that arthur brown would be too dumb to understand the basic defence. (hes a great special teamer though! lol)

Posted by: ooster | October 13, 2009 at 12:03 AM

Hey ooster! Coker called & wants you to be his recruting coordinator! He beleives in your "Star Gazing" philosophy also! All they did was watch where the stars was & went after it!

Stars don't matter! Evaluation does! Between ESPN, Scouts & Rivals, someone will be right & someone will be wrong. In one site one player is so so & the same player is a 4 or 5 star stud in the other. The board I want to see & care about is the recruting board of the U! Not what those "star" studded sites have!

Shannon trusts in his own coaches evaluation, while you trust ESPN, Rivals & Scout! Coker is calling buddy!

I know it's UF and who cares, but this is an interesting topic.

I don't blame Meyer for playing Tebow, Meyer is only concerned about wins and losses. Let's not sugar coat their relationship, Meyer loves the rings Tebow has gotten him. I don't like Meyer, but I don't have an issue with his behavior.

Where are Tebow's parents throughout this whole thing? If I had a kid in that situation, I'd bring him home and have my own doctor diagnose and make a decision. I wouldn't trust my kid to Urban Meyer.

Meyer's lack of integrity has never been in question. This will get swept under the rug by ESPN, UF didn't lose a thing.

Too bad about the injuries. Jordan Futch seemed to be coming along. Hopefully he can do a Dedrick Epps and make a great recovery. Same for the other guys.

The younger guys have to step up....injuries happen.

Tebow was in the best care possible. Trust me Florida had him pampered. He didn't need his paernts.

Coach Shannon can recruit. What we lack is depth. hopefully We keep our class and flip a couple of guys. I thought Luc was a stud Glad to hear Nelson will turn out better. We don't know all. Now We read in last post Clements and Linder are being recruited the hardest by UM. Don't seem like either of them is our silent recruit. So to me that might be joyner or Dunkley.

To bad about the injuries. This is what hurt us last year. Hopefully we can get Brown to step up. Well this is do or die now. Looks like we'll be living of off out scoring teams. These two games couldn't come at a better time. We really needed a break before Clemson, UNC, and USF will be big. Thank goodness its the last game and we should be clicking on offense. Brown you better step up son.

SIDE NOTE: Good job Dolphins Henne to Ginn the BIg 10 connection.

Its time for the U to think about getting new trainers and a new conditioning coach. This seems to happen to our team more than most other teams.

If that is the case then why hasn't Arthur Brown seen any game time play? He hasn't played one series of downs for the U yet! He had two plays against Duke last year and One play against OU two weeks ago, that's it!
So is he really ready for more action?

it should be exciting to see all 3 0f them.. they will be playing next year with the injuries and loss to VT learn under fire.. looks like it worked for brandon harris. every week he looks a little better.. wont be too much longer for his pic 6's..
arthur brown is a beast on special teams he reminds of dj williams with his size and speed he should end up being the mlb..

what the eskimo kiss told..
gators dont win the NC
tebow gets drafted 3rd round to the colts to play dallas clark role
quits to clergy his college convicts
weiss gets fired
and turban leyer goes to ND where he can continue to touch boys

Come on people enough is enough. After the article and the comments started not one of them was worthy of reading. And if you did read them you are getting hooked and hood-winked. The best thing to do is not comment on a statement that has nothing to do with MIAMI. If you a a real fan of MIAMI lets stay true to our team. We can not stop the comments from other teams fans, although if you check their teams blog site you will not see them anywhere. So just by-pass their silly comments and statements and post how you feel. This team is in a world of hurt right now on the DF side of things. Let's hope these young players can join in and lend a hand early. I salute all the players your doing a GREAT job so far. Keep dedicated to the program and the coaches, take one game at a time and play to your best, thats all we can ask as a fan. Thanks

I thought blogs were used to discuss anything. And since this is a Miami Hurricane football blog, I would assume we can talk football. And don't ever question my loyalty to THE U FAMILY!

I enjoyed the CBS article and feel the same way, therefore, I posted my opinion on the Tebow topic.

Everything has been said about our injuries, therefore, I feel I don't need to comment. This is football and injuries happen. Look at OU losing their Heisman QB, 1st rounder TE, and their best WR. That has hurt their season.

Yes, injuries suck and I don't wish them on anyone. This is a contact sport. Injuries do happen though.

I think our injuries will help us more than hurt us. More guys will see the field to improve their game. They have to step up now or step out. I'm not going to blame conditioning or the trainers. That has nothing to do with the injuries. And don't NFL ballers come in the off season to work out with Swansey? Even the ones that didn't play for THE U?


This post came so quickly I couldn't get on the last one, so I'd just like to say that when it comes to recruiting, Shannon and his staff are geniuses and I trust them completely. Through the last few years, the one constant with this team is that the players they've been recruiting have been hits instead of misses. Nobody talked about Mike James or Andrew Smith, but they're solid second stringers now and future starters. Shannon and co. have been watching all the S. Fla players for 3-4 years, not 1 like the rating services. They know them all personally, have seen them develop, interact with coaches and teammates, and have a much better idea about what they can do than any service. Remember also that we're recruiting for pro-style offenses and defenses, so a lot of these kids that put up huge numbers in spread offenses in high school may not be the best choice to come play receiver, RB or QB at the U.

If Shannon wants Buxton, then so do I. If he says Luc is all hype and overrated, then so do I. Shannon is an EXCELLENT recruiter and can get any kid from S. Fla he wants (deny it if you want, but it's true). If these are the ones he's choosing, then these are the ones I want too.

I can't wait to see how many players from our "average" recruiting class play in the pro bowl in 4 years versus how many from Florida's #1 recruiting class. I'd be willing to bet our class will win that count easily.

Go Canes!

Well said Chicagocane

3 stars across the board is not going to do it on the recruiting front. Don't tell me Ed Reed was a 3 star because that was ages ago. It is harder for that type of talent to go unnoticed nowadays when we have espn televising high school games and upteen recruiting sites. Hurrt- Are you really telling me you don't want a Joyner, Riggs and Luc on our team? I call BS. What about the load of DB talent from FLA that we missed on that committed to UF (Elam, Watkins, Dowling, and Dorsey) THAT is one of our positions of need and with one of the best years ever at that position in FLA, we will come up with UF's scraps. I don't understand it? UFs 2009 and 2010 classes remind me of our 2008 class. We need difference makers at key positions. We are losing the battle for the talent.

The amount of injuries, as well as the severity of them is a major concern. We seem to lose 2-3 key guys a game.

I hope that some of the younger guys can step up, especially at Linebacker and D-Line. Let us not forget that McCarthy is also playing hurt.

I completed grad school at UCF last year and let me tell U, that stadium is nuts on gameday, especially against UM. I went to the Texas game two years ago and UCF came within a play of beating them. TX was #6 in the country at the time.

It is going to be tougher than most of U think, especially with the plethera of injuries that we have.

ChicagoCane and the rest...you can't have it both ways. You knock Florida's kids for not succeeding in the NFL but they won 2 NCs in the last 3 years. The U may have sent many kids to the NFL but in the last 6 years but how many NCs have we won? So do you want to win NCs or put players in the NFL? I would say NC first, right?

GO Canes.


Well said! I couldn't agree more.

Huge bummer on the injuries. So far, though, guys have been able to step up. Without Randy getting dinged, we might not have gotten to see so soon what Ray Ray brings to the table. Give McGee some PT and I bet in two or three weeks we're raving about how solid our front three of DVD, BH and McGee are. Forston has to sit down and we get to see the dynamic presence that Micanor Regis is. Arthur and Ramon, it's now or never guys. I have a feeling you'll respond just fine.

It's a HUGE bummer to see so many guys going down to injury, ESPECIALLY season ending injuries, just as they are hitting their stride. I wish these guys the best and hope that some of them can get medical redshirts and whatnot, but let's not kid ourselves there, not many guys on this team are going to be staying for five years anyway. The talent is back and the conveyor belt to the NFL has been repaired.

Also, I have no doubt UCF is going to bring it. Looking forward to seeing how our boys respond.

Go Canes!!!

Some are missing the point. The argument is that we as Cane supporters should have trust in RS's & coaches talent/character evaluation. No knock on any other school's commits. It's the cries for "5 star" recruits that was branded by these recruiting sites is the concern. Because these sites say they are 5 stars we are to clamor that UM is not recruiting well? C'mon man! Get over the stars & ratings! It's all assumption!

yall can say wat yall want but demar dorsey is a must get...the guy is 4real. fast, jump high, hits hard, picks passes, etc...we missed on him trust me

Cane with a brain - it is not a zero sum game - NCs versus NFL players - BOTH attract quality young players. Coker is gone, so the biggest negative in the short term is gone - no NCs, no Coker, but the PROGRAM has turned out the most NFL players. Players who return to mentor and encourage young athletes. I would rather have athletes here who have the highest goal of reaching the NFL in the early rounds rather than those who are willing to be involved in college oriented programs which do not produce NFL greats. The NCs will return to MIAMI, the NFL pipeline will continue to flow and will hopefully flow at a higher rate.

My point is not that our class should be studded with 5 star recruits, but that we need to be pulling some proven elite talent. Forget 5 stars...look at the offers we have given out, and then look at how many of these kids with offers that SHANNON and co want decided to go somewhere else or are not looking our direction. With the exception of Gore who did not grow to the supposed height/weight requirements, a lot of the other elite talent that we have offered is not interested. I am not knocking the coaches' talent/character assessment. They gave most of these kids including Joyner, Riggs, Luc, Elam, Watkins, Dowling, Dorsey, Christian, Lemonier offers. If I remember correctly, Luc was an unknown before UM even offered.
You offer the top kids and then you offer the rest. Not saying that the 0-3 star kids wont pan out but if we don't close on some of the remaining top talent that Shannon is targeting, our newfound success may not last past the departure of the 2008 class.


You offer the top kids and then you offer the rest?

Who do you consider the top kids? The one's you read about in Rival, etc or the ones the coaches scout?

Have you ever scouted before? Have you ever scouted Luc before?

A coach offers a scholy based on who they scout, not rivals or the others.

A few past UM 5-Star Rival recruits

Devin Hester - Never did much at UM
Ryan Moore - Complete bust at UM
Greg Olsen - Good player at UM better in the NFL
Kyle Wright - Complete bust at UM
Tyler McMeans - Did he even play at UM?
Lance Leggitt - Complete bust at UM
Willie Williams - Has been a complete bust at the 20 colleges he's played for.

Star's don't matter, coaches who can evaluate talent do!

Answer me this...

Does Scout, Rivals, ESPN, etc. go into the classrooms and ask the teachers about the kids? Do they interview the coaches? Do they have a connection to the community to know what these kids do off the field? Do they understand the kids' character? Do they know what type of team player he is? Do they know their football IQ? Do they know their GPA, SAT and ACT? Do they know which schools they would qualify for and which ones they wouldn't?

Come on guys. U can't base bringing a kid in because some site says he's a 5 star or whatever. There is a heck of a lot more involved than just talent. Your mind is like a parachute, and it only works if you open it.


Shannon is not losing the battle for these 5-star kids everyone is clammoring about. Sure we have offered some scholarships and have now backed away. But, for the most part, it seems like the ones who are "getting away" from us are actually the ones we haven't put a lot of effort into. For whatever reason, Shannon doesn't have the same faith in a bunch of these highly rated kids as the recruiting services do. Maybe their grades are low. Maybe we already have players just like them. Maybe they're too small or too big or too stiff to play in the system we run. Maybe they have attitude problems, or will develop physically out of the roles we need them in.

I don't know, and I don't care. What I do know is that if Shannon recruited them he would probably get them. He's not, for whatever reason, and I have complete faith that he's right.

Our top rated recruiting classes are the ones that haven't won NC's. Randy's are the ones that will.

"Offering your top kids (kids that can't miss) early" was straight from Shannon's mouth a while back on WQAM. No, I am not a scout, but I can recognize patterns. Shannon offered Luc and before him he offered Joyner etc. He liked all those kids at one point to offer them, and I trust his evaluation. What I don't buy is that now because these top kids aren't interested (and I'm NOT talking about Trail and Dunbar), that we don't want them anymore. Maybe Luc has shown that he is a "me" guy, who knows? But now they are saying he is stiff??? And, what about the rest? Just because they don't jump on the ship early when they don't know what's going to happen with the team and coaching staff, doesn't mean these kids are of bad character or that we don't want their skill sets and their desire to win.
I don't blame them if they wait till shannon gets a re-up on the contract and/or until he proved that he could coach-up his kids in order to win some tough games this season. You pick a college based on its eductaion and how it fits your needs. Most of these kids' education is the football program and coaches and I am sure they don't want to be around during the time of a coaching change.

Who knows, maybe we will see the fruits of our winning next yr and get a strong 2011 class, but there a lot of talent in this year's class that we need to get or we may regret it.

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