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Injuries will force young guys to step up

We heard all about Arthur Brown's reputation in Kansas, Ramon Buchanon's big play making ability at Melbourne Palm Bay and the speed and talent Brandon McGee possessed at Plantation High. It's now officially time to start seeing it at The U.

Jordan Futch In case you hadn't heard yet, the Miami Hurricanes are piling up injuries on the defensive side of the ball. Monday night, UM released its injury report heading into the UCF game and several new players were listed as having surgery and being out for the season: sophomore linebacker Jordan Futch, cornerback Ryan Hill and defensive end Dyron Dye.

They aren't the only Canes seriously dinged up. UM coach Randy Shannon said Sunday defensive tackle Marcus Forston is likely done for the season. We still haven't heard if and when defensive end Adewale Ojomo (jaw) will be coming back. 

The Hurricanes have plenty of depth at running back and wide receiver. But on the other side of the ball, there are lot of question marks after you get past the first team. Futch was the first linebacker off the bench, a guy defensive coordinator John Lovett said had turned the corner. Hill, who was hurt early in the season, was supposed to be the fourth corner in UM's slim rotation. Forston, Dye, Ojomo were all going to be a part of a deep defensive line rotation.

Now, as the season moves forward and veterans like Colin McCarthy, Eric Moncur and Randy Phillips play through injuries, there are going to be times when Brown, McGee or Buchanon will have to be on the field, ready to deliver.


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I understand where you are coming from. However, the coaches made these offers when these kids were Juniors. With time, the evaluation gets updated. Some kids fall off the board. Some do not. I do not know if they are no longer interested in Luc & Joyner. I do not know if either kid is or is not interested in the U. But to say that who they have offered & received a commitment from are below those 2 is uninformed. That's basically saying that those 2 are sure fire locks! Nope! You can't say that yet. Not till 3 to 4 years after the fact.

Could UCF beat FAMU this year with FAMU's QB? It would be close! Any team can lose any game, but I have to like UM's chances going in.

Games like this can get away early, and then they're hard to reel back in. If you are close after the 1st quarter, then things tend to settle down, and the talent usually rises to the top.

If you make mistakes against a rival in their house early, the rival and their fan's feed off of it, and the next thing you know you are staring at a loss.

It just doesn't appear to be UCF's year against UM. Our recent injuries may translate to an extra score or two, but I haven't seen or read anything about UCF that would suggest they can hang score for score with UM for 4 quarters.

I think we got this one!

Go 'canes!


Keep your friend's close, and your enemie's closer!

There is some great info here about the Knight's. The thing that jumps out at me is the extra week they had to prepare for UM. This is not a "gimme" for UM, but I do like UM's chances!

Go 'canes!

Randy has UM's top recruiting class (#1, 2008), and they will prob win a championship with their help. I agree that Cocker may not have been able to recognize talent and that Shannon can. Forget the sites. Gidgeon Ajagbe was rated 4 stars earlier and we didn't offer him. I am going on Shannon's evaluations that led to them offer the kids in the first place.
Maybe SOME of these kids have had some negatives in their life outside of football since but what is the excuse with all the others? Manny wrote a while back that these kids were not buying into UM. Why is that?
Now that we are winning and that our core coaching staff appears to be here to stay, its time for some of these coaches to swallow their pride and go after these top kids again. We need their talent to stay here in Miami.

Dirty dawg- I get what you are saying. Some fall off. Okay. But, others want to go to Stanford, others commit to a stable national championship team like UF early ect..
And you do make a point about Luc. Although, IMO, Joyner looks and has played like a stud.
But like I wrote earlier, you play the odds. 4-5 star kids are more likely to pan out. Look at our 2008 class.
There ARE exceptions. Sure a few 3 star rivals kids turned out better than advertised (Byrd + Regis) and one fizzled (Brown). But look at the others. We will be carried by that class for the next couple of years and then what? We need to reload with top talent. Ray Ray, mike James, Vernon (all 4-5 stars)was a good start. Not saying that rating on Rivals and other sites are on the mark all the time, but, nowadays, they are closer than they have ever been. I am worried about our pursuit and reloading of top talent. Recruiting "diamonds in the rough" is not going to work in bulk. Miami needs to close BIG.

the reason why we are not going after the kids is because our class is almost filled up. not only are we filled up,but the kids that are hoping back on the bandwagon are coming in when the position of need is about filled up. like R/B. it looks like we will sign six 0-line man and it seems like payne maybe the last C/B we take in the class.

we will finish strong in this class you can bank that.if you are worried about the big dogs,than ppl you will have to wait next year. manny has said and it appears from other websites we are getting alot of love from studs for the 2011 class. we are filling postion of need not of what star is next to the kid name. i do love the big name players but im happy with what we are getting. i think that buxton kid is going to be a gem for us ( just a gut fealing).all what UM has to do is win,win,and win the recurits will come when we win. when amnny posted about south fla being breached it was evident that UM could not sell of of a name that we had to win and win now. we have turned the corner and the kids are noticing, so with that being said we may have a top 10 class this year and next year look for a top 5( for the ppl that love rankings and stars). all i care about is kids that want to compete and not about the stars and PT.i love what RS is doing for the U

our young guns will step up and make the most of their opportunity. like ray ray, this is their chance, and with levitt coaching them, they will show the nation we will be ready for years to come. dont forget canes fans, vote for the ibis. go to "capital one mascot challenge", he needs your votes this week the most. show him we appreciate the most entertaining mascot in college football. go canes

5 Star News

For all you fans who only want 5 Star players and who really really really want Luc, to bad. He is no longer a 5 Star by rivals, so I guess that means he's no good. Sounds like rivals is using the same reasons as the Miami recruiters.


I think recruiting-wise, Shannon is by far one of the best. It helps that South Florida talent wants to come to the U. But right now, RS has to go after DB's, otherwise U will suffer. Brown is a bust.

I look at it this way. Why be disappointed on who was not recruited or did not commit to play FB at the U? I would rather support & celebrate the kids who WERE recruited & did say they want to play at the U! After all... Those kids that committed (verbally so far as NSD is far away) was recruited & offered by this coaching staff. It's not like these kids came knocking on the door & asked then the coach said... "Oh well... We were hoping it was Luc or Joyner knocking but sure! We will take you"

Randy is recruiting young men that will make something of themselves whether they make it to the next level or not. It one thing to have physical talent but character will take you where physical talent can't besides that

UFag also has the most felons on it's footzeball team. So I guess gaysville is not just known for incest and beastiality

A survey of court records from The Sun has revealed:

* Florida players have been charged with crimes in 24 cases during Meyer's four years as coach.

* There have been 21 arrests, with three more players issued citations and later booked on charges.

* Of the 24 cases in which players have been charged, nine of those charges were for felonies.

Remember Lance Leggett, Ryan Moore, Kyle Wright, Reggie Youngblood, James Threat, Jakim Jola, Brock Berlin, Willie Williams and many more recruits who were all five star recruits over the last four years and look what happened. Youngblood gets a pass cause his mom was sick for most of his college career and Berlin did ok his last year. But the rest kind of sucked. Even Sam Shields was a 4 star wide receiver recruit and look he is now a DB. Even Arthur Brown the #1 recruit in the whole country cant get on the field. Shannon has been keeping an eye on these local recruits for a long, long time. I think he knows better than anybody who fits his system. Who is overrated or underrated. GO CANES! STAY FOCUSED!

Posted by: Arocks | October 13, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Dude we're 4-1, and many said we would be 1-4. We have a great game against UCF on Saturday.

What's not to love? We have so many recruits winking at us right now that it's not even funny! I bet U we "swing" 2-3 recruit's at the Clemson game alone!

Deonte Thompson is at UF and wanted to transfer to UM BEFORE UM showed signs of life! It ain't all peaches and cream up there!

We will get ours, relax! (Unless you're a Gator agent (wink!), then by all means keep ranting!)

Go 'canes!

MTX cane: Devin Hester "never did much at UM"?????????? Are you on crack?

Staring with that ko return against the turds as a true frosh, the returns against Duke, Louisville, NC state, and again the turds in the peach bowl? Are U like, coming off a roofie?


Hey JaScorey,

"Orange on one side, green on the other side"
"Orange on one side, green on the other side"
"Orange on one side, green on the other side"

"That's right!"

"UM...UM...UM, won't stop!"

"Everyone out there throw up The U"

Go 'canes!!

Regardless of stars it's who does the best job coaching them up. Maybe now that it seems we finally have our coaching carousel fixed, we'll finally see some results from these 4 & 5 star guys. Boise State, probably doesn't have a 4 star player and those suckers come to play, it's the coaching, plus the system, that wins consistantly. We will probably end up 15Th in recruiting. and as long as we end up with Linder, Clemente, Travis Williams, and Payne to name a few, will be fine. T.E. is a bigger worry, where it looks like we will really be missing out.

Arocks, thank you. MTX youre a dumbass - hester and olsen were beasts.(if u wanna argue production: theres only so much impact you can make as a TE and KR). dawg, did you even read the rest of the post?


im glad we're not going after luc. this is a great example of going after the right ones. i see exacly why shannons not going after him. he has no upside and seems a little rebelious. and as far as joyner, he doesnt have the size. not to say he couldnt be good but its not worth the risk.

if you look at the great teams today, they all had great recruiting classes 3 years ago. do your research. heck look at us! you know whats responsible for our resurrgence!? our great #1 rated 2008 class! get a clue. in general, it matters.

you still need guys who can coach em up however. they need to fit your system, you need to adhere to their strengths, and they need to have good continuity with the team.


Posted by: ooster | October 13, 2009 at 04:24 PM

Ummm... Yeah... Coker left you another message. He needs you to head up his recruiting efforts in San Antonio.

Go after the right 5 star player! Which is the right one? So the right 4 star player is not worth it? How about the right 3 star player?

The philosophy is GO AFTER THE RIGHT PLAYER! Stars or no stars. Those stars are appointed by a website! Who cares what star they are. Do you think The U's CURRENT recruiting board has the players names up of interest with how many stars next to those names???

Forston and Futch really hurts the most, everyone else were not major contributers

Yeah look Marcus Forston was a 5 star and dude is on his back and on the sideline more than anyone I have ever seen.

With all these 3 start recruits Miami is getting they may be in the national title game next year.

dah U busing to UCF and bringing in the 3 star recruits. Life is good!

The right player?

Yeah Miami needs OL, DL, secondary and LB help and all they bring in is RBs and WRs. Poor Lamar Miller might get a carry or two a year his whole career. I thought dah U played all their young people? Or is that one of many Waaaandy Shannon lies?

How is that red zone offense WAAAAaaandy???

time for a. Brown 2 step up


Ya know you are not supposed to play on the internet with these nice folks. I told sis, your ma, to watch you better. Now ya done stired up a hornets nest and I may get fired from the Piggly Wiggly. Lets put on your protective helmet and head back to the double-wide.

Who cares how many stars a guy is??? So what the Canes are loading up on 3 stars.
Look at Marcus Forston.
5 stars and all the hype and he is a bust. Ed Reed 3 stars a star and in the NFL.


Not more excUses

It's Coker's fault. (eventhough Shannon was the d-coordinator and an integral part of the recruiting).

It's the rain. (eventhough Vtech played in the same conditions).

It's ________ coordinator (eventhough every coordinator under the sun has been fired for the Canes or bailed on this decaying program).

Jacory Harris had swollen fingers thats why he fumbles so much.

We are too young (eventhough there are plenty of other young teams winning).

Now it is the injuries!!!! GREAT!!!

Let the NEXT YEAR talk begin!!!!!

#3 in the ACC after a "great start" cant wait to see where you finish in that joke of a conference.

Hey raw glad ur back it's been boring without your great insight I see uve been getting d up ur a*s

And our bad selves are number 3 cause we had a bye good research

You guys are right on about the 5 stars. I mean look at guys like AJ Green, Julio Jones, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Percy Harvin, Michael Floyd, Patrick Peterson and so on. What have they done? Ill take guys like Marti, Wylie, Taylor Cook, Cannon Smith and so on anytime.

Oh by the way, of the 2008 class, 18 of the players were 4 stars or higher.

no guy can be good with the name julio. bama is overrated. they are lucky they dont play the canes. we are going 13-1 to a bcs bowl and with some luck the national title game.
we have a bunch of 3 stars coming in to take over like ed reed.
marcus forston is going to heel up and come back strong. i think.
jacory harris likes pink and sponge bob.
the canes take a bus to away games. like a school bus. yellow and all.
its cokers fault.
its whipples fault.
its donna shalalas fault
its jim kellys fault.
its anyone and everything but randy shannons fault.
marcus forston was just tired of being on his back so he decided to take the season off.
sean spence is invisible.
arthur brown is going to transfer along with tommy streeter.
they will be going to usf the #2 team in the state.

I know that injuries are part of the game but i hate to see J-Futch is lost for the season. I thought he was about to come into his own and take away Sharptons spot. Guess that means A.Brown and Buchanon must step up. Hopefully Dye can get redshirted and R.Hill get drafted.

YOu right Sarasota. Randy has got a bunch of 3 stars. I mean what 14 or 15 of the two is 4 star recruits with the 3 stars McCarthy who had offers from schools like Ohio State.

Look at projects Miami has taken: Plein, Marti,Taylor COok, Cannon Smith, White, Zach Kane, John Calhoun, CJ Odom, Gavin Hardin, Joe Wylie, Adderly and Horn. They are the core of the team.

I mean they have done much better than those 4 star recruits Jacory, Brandon Harris, Allen Bailey, Marcus Robinson, Oliver Vernon, Franklin and so on.

Hey it's safe to come "out" UF fan! "Fake" Sarasota, "Fake" SOUP, even da "pimple's" in da house!!

Not a word out of you leading up to your game "D" Bag, now you're popping off again like U knew you had the LSU game in the bag!

That LSU team sure looks like shyt! How many did U hang on 'em? 40, 50, don't tell me Meyer ran the score over 60!!!!!!!!! U guy's should be ashamed of yourselves! Mercy, Mercy! Take your foot off their necks Meyer, they can't breathe!!

How many you gonna hang on Arkansas Gator fan, 100, 200? Is Tebow the worst pocket passer in the SEC? I guess we'll find out this weekend! Goodluck fella's, you won't need it! (Isn't that the way Foley and Meyer scripted it?) Congrat's!

Go 'canes!

Hey "D" Bag!

Come back to Canespace Sarasota. People believe you there. We dont deal with facts there.

Come back to Canespace Sarasota. People believe you there. We dont deal with facts there.

Posted by: SOUP | October 13, 2009 at 09:44 PM

Great comeback "fake" SOUP, or should I call U "D" Bag?

C'mon "D" Bag, throw out the stat's from Troy, Tenn, and Charleston again! C'mon do it! You guy's watch this, it's awesome...C'mon "D" Bag do it...DO IT NOW!

Go 'canes!

theres too many idiots on this blog.

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