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Injury report for OU: Canes short at safety

Fresh off the email. Looks like the Canes are in trouble at safety with Jojo Nicholas and Randy Phillips out of this game. Guess that means a lot of playing time for Ray Ray Armstrong and Jared Campbell. Heisman trophy winner at QB or not, Sooners have to be licking their chops. 

Probable: RB Lee Chambers (knee), DT Marcus Forston (left ankle), WR Aldarius Johnson (groin).

Doubtful: TE Richard Gordon (shoulder).

Out: FB Pat Hill (lower extremity), DL Dyron Dye (lower extremity), DB JoJo Nicolas (upper extremity), DB Randy Phillips (forearm), DE Adewale Ojomo (jaw). 


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RF Out? I thought he practiced?

This is what Ray Ray came to Miami for, let's see what he can do.


Now its time to see what ray ray can do

Who cares, Phillips blows. Bout time Ray Ray gets out there.

To big of a game, we are in trouble unless we pressure the qb big time!!!

The most important topic should be: Is there rain in the forecast????

For some reason, the Miami Hurricanes are the only team who cannot play in the rain.

Is there time to put a dome over the stadium?

Ray Ray can stop the run...and possibly get torched by the pass. Campbell is no better from what I've seen.

Gonna need pressure this time D-Line. Prob move Ryan Hill or Chavez Grant to the safety position some too, so we're gonna need Sam Shields to be solid too

Jojo normally helps the other team. Phillips might be a loss but what has he ever done in his career. Ray ray can at least get experience. I would like to see some of the younger ol guys play too

Have seen Ray Ray play in person, he is the real deal. Will be a major upgrade to have him out there over Jojo. Get it done Ray Ray we all believe.

They should put C.J. Holton back on safety for this game after all he came with the name hitstick. I'm excited what Ray Ray has to offer.

The key for the game is getting pressure or causing mistakes with the front 7.

Bradford not starting: ESPN.

Good luck RAY RAY...nut holders....remember he's not quite ready!

I hate to see a player injured but trust me this will be addition by subtraction. Ray Ray and Campbell will seize their opportunity. This game will come down to blocking and tackling. Go CANES!!

Randy Phillips and Pat Hill being out is absolutely huge!!

I am not comfortable with Ray Ray yet and who is going to play FB? Mike James... Not good my friends.

We have so many injuries and it seems to be key players at the same spots... Secondary and D-Line has been obliterated with injuries this year

I haven't seen much of Ray Ray but he comes with alot hype so hopefully he can succeed

There saying Mike James will be playing some FB instead of RB.

Beside Epps, Canes still have 3 TE's am I right? Put one of the TE's @ FB. To the players. Don't listen to the negativity. They're "bag riders" when you play well & tear you apart when you make mistakes. As long as you leave it all on the field, you're good with me. GO CANES!!!

If Phillips practiced yesterday and they're still listing him as "out", I'm guessing Ray Ray had a great week of practice and their just resting Randy for a week so he can go through the rest of the season. Maybe the staff thinks he's ready for the big show now. Let's hope so.

Ray Ray is raw but the dude can ball. Who knows, this could be his coming out party. He'll get his chances to make plays too cause OU is gonna be gunning for him. Go make a name for yourself on national TV Ray Ray, we're all pulling for you!

Rphillps not playn is a big blow experience trumps talent every time in colloge ray ray will be a better player but this will he a big time challenge for him if he plays well sat then we can begin to yell for his playn time but with all the camp talk about him lacking lateral movement him playn more that decent shouldn't be expected if he goes out and balls than props to ray but at the point we should pray for a pass rush and solid tackling dnt get me wrong I am a huge cane fan but I'm Logical . Where is Ryan hill ? He could be a big help and telemaque needs to emerge as a big time saftey I'm calln for two int s the game if the canes win one by by and one by Harris . The pass rush will be improved but dnt think ou won't max perfect and test the secondary, they will need a monster game oh and please no talk of firing Shannon if they lose cuz after the sooners the next six games or more that winnable yet unc and Clemson will be tough. so it's cool the write in guys but let's be smart about what we say no offense go canes let's fight foe the dub. Outie 5000 LOL

Ray Ray and VT big time recruits need to step up!

Go Canes!

Let's go Ray Ray!

i think people are forgetting that we still have tervaris johnson at FB and he has been solid thus far

What about Ryan Hill??? He the fastest of the safety's remaining and a senior.

hey Manny whats up with Whip jr on the scout team got anything good for us...coaches son i dont think whip will be leaving anything soon


The game is at 8 p.m. on ABC and is expected to draw at least 60,000 fans.
-- susan miller degnan


In an effort to increase fan experience, the University of Miami has announced that stadium gates to home games at Land Shark Stadium will open 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start … Gates to the parking lots will continue to open four hours prior to the start of the game.
-- hurricanesports.com




RAY RAY ! Kid is gonna serve notice.



What's wrong with John Calhoun? Why do we keep recruiting guys that we then think can't contribute? CJ Holton was a hell of a safety, again why do we think our safeties should weigh less than 200lbs and be no taller than 6'0.

OK folks this is it. Now we know who starts and sits on the bench. A big game in front of a hopeful big crowd. Not to mention the TV audiance. Should be a good game. I'm here in NC and will be wearing my gear. I truly believe in my home towm team. No one gave us a shot to beat Neb. in 83 and we did. No oner thinks we have a snow balls chance in Key West to win this one either but I really believe we can. I make no perdictions win by a few or surprise and win by alot makes no difference to me. Just as long that we win. Go gettem guys believe in yourself and play a full game. We the die hard fans are behind you in the stadium and at our homes. We will be pulling for you to have a great game good luck. Thanks

Last Week excUse: RAIN

This Week excUse: Injuries

I don't understand where the idea comes from that Miami used the rain as an excuse for the loss to VaTech. None of the players or coaches have mentioned that in what I read after the game.

VaTech had an excellent defensive game plan and it was well executed. They won convincingly and in everything I read, everyone gave them props for that effort. I thought this was a good analysis:

So, like Jacory with the VaTech reporter, I am getting annoyed with the implication that the rain had anything to do with it.

Win or lose vs. OU, injuries are not an excuse in this game either. Injuries affect both teams as did the rain in Blacksburg.

I will root for Miami to win on Saturday night. The best thing about College Football is that anything can happen, and it usually does.

next week:your mom

hey manny, any thoughts on why jacory hasnt run. this would keep the d honest and maybe slow the rush at times. i thought against vtech there were some lanes open for huge gains. i know we are worried about injury but a sitting duck with a big rush not great for the body. just wondering if we will see this in the future.


Ray Ray is a beast and I would have loved to seen him come to Gainesville, but he is still a freshman. But he'll be a good one, no doubt. Should be playing in a place like The Swamp, not some LoanShark Stadium...Wonder if the Okie fans will outnumber the U(ninterested).

If Ray Ray is a baller, then he should step up right away. I'm curious to see if he's worth the hype!

Atlanta fan club wll be rooting the canes on to sink the sooners...

Go Canes

Ray Ray baby!!!!

about damn time ray ray got to play. he looks good out there. like a young sean taylor.

dont forget about Ryan Hill. solid player with plenty experience...also Damien Berry could've been back there if they didnt move him to RB where we're loaded...regardless, it's time to buckle up and go get this W!!!

What kind of info are we getting? One minute R.P. is playing...the next he is out! Somebody is screwed up!

Ray ray I hope you do you and have a nice game!!!!

Ray brings dat Florida boi swagg and attitude.

I can't wait to see ray ray on the field makin plays!! I think we have the next sean taylor in ray ray let's hope the kid has a good game for his confidence movin forward!!

Ive heard Ray Ray is a step slow in the speed dept. We will see. Ryan Hill needs to play. He's has alot of experience back there and was pretty solid for us last year. Chavez is trash. V.T. and campbell will probaly be the starters. Campbell has looked okay at times as well as V.T. Ryan Hill and Ray Ray will probaly be getting rotated. C.J. holton was moved to linebacker. The loss of Randy is critical. He brings the leadership to the secondary. V.T. and Brandon will have to step up. Kay Factor: Pressure on the their QB. If we can rattle Laundry(He's a reshirt freshman who really hasnt seen a defense this fast yet.) thats the key. Get Jacory in a rythm. Eliminate the big plays. Wrap up tackling. And we should be ok. Lets just hope so.

Notice I didnt mention JoJo. He seems lost or confused at times. Maybe's he not confident? Dont know but whatever it he needs to tighten up. Big game saturday and BIG players make BIG plays, there for if your not a BIG player u shouldnt be out there. I trust in Randy Shannon....Lets go canes!!!

Oh yeah. It's nice to be the underdog again. Time to take the nation again by storm.

So who is O.U's scout team Q.B. ?

their 4th. sting Q.B. plays U ... and he's been
j-12 for 3 days now ...

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