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Injury report for OU: Canes short at safety

Fresh off the email. Looks like the Canes are in trouble at safety with Jojo Nicholas and Randy Phillips out of this game. Guess that means a lot of playing time for Ray Ray Armstrong and Jared Campbell. Heisman trophy winner at QB or not, Sooners have to be licking their chops. 

Probable: RB Lee Chambers (knee), DT Marcus Forston (left ankle), WR Aldarius Johnson (groin).

Doubtful: TE Richard Gordon (shoulder).

Out: FB Pat Hill (lower extremity), DL Dyron Dye (lower extremity), DB JoJo Nicolas (upper extremity), DB Randy Phillips (forearm), DE Adewale Ojomo (jaw). 


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Oklahoma- played Tulsa, BYU, and ... what high school? And theyre 2-1?

I aintscarred. U should be Okies from panokie

I would play ray ray...why..RAY LEWIS....he had to play back in the 90's when we had no Depth at LB...he turned out okay..if it is a bust it is a bust ..cant be worse than Randy Phillips that gets burned and has 4 picks at SAFTEY in his 4 yr career...we need ball hawks...GO CANES..

"hey manny, any thoughts on why jacory hasnt run. "

my god U are the dumbest mother F'er on earth. J12 has already been injued in routine football plays. He is a huge injury liability. The coaches KNOW this. Clearly he has been instructed to NOT tuck and go. It's hilarious that "in denial" canefan completely ignores this glaring red flag.

Here's the choice, 3-n-out or AJ Diapersmith.

Either way U are SCREWED

We all know what happened the last time a safety went down, a first round Kenny Phillips emerged ! I believe in RAY RAY go U


In Ray Ray we trust!

Hey Micheal,H! Do you sit in on film study with coaches or do you know jojo personally? If your anwser is only then would i except how you feel. I know writing is your talent try getting out there playing with these kids.
Sure glad you are not the coach for these kids since you know more than the coaches at THE U.

We all know what happened the last time a safety went down, a first round Kenny Phillips emerged ! I believe in RAY RAY go U

Posted by: Joey | October 02, 2009 at 08:43 AM

I remember that so vividly! KP did a good job against Fsu the first game and had the game ending INT in overtime against Clemson the second game.

This game will be like the FSU game in 2000... Jacory "Black Dorsey" Harris will lead us on a 4th quarter, game winning, career defining TD drive...

U all know who the recipient will be... Jimmy Graham!!

U heard it hear first, now watch it all play out.

The "U" is in big trouble. These injuries are critical. No Phillips, P. Hill, and R. Gordon our best blocking tight end. This means the "U" offense which is healthy will have to match the Sooners 35 to 40 points to win this game. Against their defense I do not see that happening. OU 45 Canes 28. We can loose this game and still have a chance at the ACC Championship game if we run the tables and get VT to lose two ACC games. Nevertheless GO CANES! Shock the Nation.

Pat Hill was having a big year so that's a huge loss in terms of blocking and protection. May be a long day...

Pedro/Curse of KeHOE/etc,

U are a loser who has nothing better in life to do, but post crap about a team U envy... Do yourself a favor and squeeze the trigger already!

Pat Hill is the biggest loss in my mind. That little bowling ball was de-cleating GT defenders. I love watching that guy play. Johnson is good, but Pat Hill is great, and we'll need great blockers against OU.

Still, I remember a young McGahee having to step in at fullback back in the day, so hopefully Mike James will do fine backing up Johnson. We'll be in max-protect all day on Saturday, so we'll be rotating backfield blockers a lot.

Go Canes!

Ray ray will be fine I look for lovett to use him as a robber and let VT run a cover 1 over the top Ray Ray has good speed but not great speed he could very well be exposed over the top that's why he should be put in a situation where he is a robber or rover help with the run mostly and cover short crossin routes and sideline to sideline but nothin where he Is by hisself on a island! Let VT take the deep middle!

hellooo RIVER RAT(Pedro), are still on here running your mouth again. with all the bashing you give to the Canes, who do you like in college football. a real fan would not kick and piss all over his team, be it a good or bad team. so, who is it. are you a teabag lover. it's ok if you are, just show some love for a team somewhere.

11 am breaking news about Tebow ... he's up, having watched Looney Toons with a Jethro Bowl full of Wheaties ...

11 Coop is still snoring ...

OU loses their Heisman winning quarterback yet Canes fans are freaking out about injuries?? Quit whining!!

FSU=ACC Champs. u = Gator Bowl.

BOTTOM LINE....For the secondary to succeed...the D needs to pressure LANDRY....if he has time to set...his WRs will get open....Contain the run and this game will be a WIN for the "U".

It all starts with the D! GO CANES

Mike James playing FB will benefit UM because they'll be able to pass out of obvious running formations with 2 threats in the backfield as opposed to just a pure blocking FB (Hill)

Canefan loves to break down upcoming matchups and say," this guy needs to do this , and that guy needs to do that."


UM defense is in BIGGGG trouble. OU throws the ball with great accuracy REGARDLESS OF QB, and has two STUD running backs.

This game will be over midway through second quarter.

Jared Campbell?? Did you just say JARED EFFIN CAMPBELL???
Ray Ray is NOT ready to go.
This will be a blood bath GUARANTEED.


U are the same a.s.s clown... U f.u.k.ing loser.

pedro face it you r a pooto loser of major proportions. Go back to BCC and get a degree in reality.

You and ke-puke fail to ralize that UF put as many points on okie dokie in a neutral field than on UM. Now UM has a better offense.

You dont have to be a cane fan, pepi, but have some class, and keepo pyour negative opinions off this blog- because the reality is, nobody cares.

Wow see pepe and pablo agree with me.

This game will get and be ugly. Um will be lucky get out of the stadium.

Ou 77 - Um 0.

Bloodbath, taken to woodshed and put back in its place.

out of the rankings and making excuses.

Posted by: pedro | October 02, 2009 at 10:54 AM

The only thing that will be out of anything is T15's cerebellum through his foramen magnum (a cerebellar hernia) because of his increasing intracranial pressure everytime his oversized head gets hit...

Who cares what people say fact is Oklahoma hasn't played any real teams. The only team they played was BYU and they lost that game by a few. Now they are going to play a front 7 that is better than BYU's. It will be a long day for Oklahoma no matter what!

Hey Pedro why don't you just finish eating your tacos and keep watching your girls soccer matches and just go ride your buro vato. You know as much about football as a vegetarian knows about eating at a good steak house. Just be quite.


that's inherently funny.

"You and ke-puke fail to ralize that UF put as many points on okie dokie in a neutral field than on UM. Now UM has a better offense."

consistency Jaime. You have ALWAYS posted the dumbest shlt imaginable. That beauty was NO exception.

U saw ONE THIRD of UF!s plays U dumbazzz.
It wasn't a neutral field. It was played on Florida Championship Field. The CHAMPIONS showed U dumb has-beens what a crowd is supposed to look like.

30k at Mudshark Field? Not so much.


i don't care if you told everyone you are not a gator fan. You are not a miami fan, yet on here talking garbage about miami, therefore i do not like you.

I lost on VT but if we had scored the 2nd TD
I think the D might have woken up. Sat night after the lost to VT and short on safties, I think the D will play out their butts. I looking for a good game from the Canes.
Miami Bob

Sorry Pedro, UM faithful cannot see the bad team forest from the "five 'ship" trees.


Go back and look at all the players from Randys first dream class. Some decent players but way too much hype. His current class looks like shlt given where he's drawing from. Every position was up for grabs when he took over and it's still a MESS.


He has NO LEADERSHIP and it shows everywhere. Fans have been piling up this LAUGHABLE "we're young" garbage for YEARS. It's PATHETIC.

There is a reason his contract hasn't been extended and it's not that nonsense U have been fed about him wanting to "wait."

UM truly doesn't care about the football program fielding a top tier team any longer. There is clear evidence ofthat anywhere you look.

Shannon Whipple Lovett

"I lost on VT but if we had scored the 2nd TD I think the D might have woken up."

DUDE, WAKE UP! That was a top to bottom asss whipping. Vt could sit there and say "if" all day long too. It makes you look like an ignorant koolaid guzzler when you run that "if" crap.

BOTTOM LINE- out coached, out played , terrible defense, terrible special teams. Don't embarrass yourself with that "if" stuff.

Hey Rawpimple, Curse of Kehoe, and Pedro, wanna have a foursome. It will have to wait till later though as I still have to circumcise 5 more Phillipino younguns starting at 1:00. Luckily there are off weeks and even while injured I can slice foreskins.

Lovett will have to take a page out of Foster's game plan from last week. He should know his players on D are not as good as OU personnel and if he plays zone with no pass rush like we have all year to this point we will lose BIG. His only chance like Foster's last week is to blitz the house on passing downs and confuse and knock down OU young QB. If it is no pressure on the QB this week scratch off yet another D-cor under Shannon tenure and hope Stoops don't run the score up on us to bad.

Thank you sir I could expound on that but U get the picture.

The apologists will come back and carry on about what a great hire WHIP was based on TWO games. They'll tell you that the loss planets aligned on that rainy day in Blacksburg. They'll ignore that VT was far better coached and flat out more talented. They'll show their ignorance and tell you that "the U is back." they'll ignore that the defense is so depleted it's that it's hard to grasp. They'll tell you "we're injured" as they ignore that all teams deal with injuries but small weak teams get bit much harder. They'll say "we're young" while ignoring that they have been saying that for years. (teams with no depth always say that) they'll say "trust in Randy" while he makes enormous mistake after enormous mistake.

It's a travesty the way UM has back burnered football. Apparently the powers that be got tired of all the negative attention the school received with the "swagger" credit Shannon for cleaning up the image issues. He's been truly outstanding in that area. All other areas, the areas that these diehard fans care so deeply about, he's been a dismal failure. OH PLEASE spare me the "learning on the job" excuse. That's the saddest excuse of them all.

Canefan loves to break down upcoming matchups and say," this guy needs to do this , and that guy needs to do that."

"Mike James playing FB will benefit UM because they'll be able to pass out of obvious running formations with 2 threats in the backfield as opposed to just a pure blocking FB (Hill)"

WHAT, SHUT YOUR IGNORANT HOLE YOU CLOWN! That has to be the dumbest thing you have EVER said.

Posted by: Cheech | October 02, 2009 at 10:54 AM

LMAO and you must be high! its apparent you dont know your own team because Whipples whole offense is based on mis-matches and Mike James is big enough to block when he needs to, and will be good at catching the ball out of the backfield

now go ahead ill wait for your rebuttal...and your kid like name calling that all you idiots who know nothing about football resort to in your comments

i love how they say that the sooners will be licking there chops to have ray ray armstrong play.. which would u rather face an expierened safety in randy phillps or ray ray who is inexpierced but a much better athlete and a better overall football player... playing against ray ray is like playing against a young sean taylor inexpierced but still a monster

EVERY OC looks for mismatches you dumbasssss. It's like you think Whip invented it.

Posted by: Jeremy Blalock | October 02, 2009 at 12:38 PM

We'll get a pass rush going. U have to remember we played back to back running teams. They both had a grand total of 24 passes combined. And the only reason it's that high is because GT was trying to come back after we had them 24-3.

OU passed 37 times just last week against Tulsa. We'll get Landry on his heals. Tulsa had the right game plan, just not the athletes to get 'er done. BYU stacked that left side of OU's OL, and brought tons of pressure to both QBs.

What this game is going to come down to, is obviously the play of our secondary and our OL. I think we have everything else covered.


some offenses do some dont, many just play to there strengths but Whipples offense is solely based on getting mis matches

and wow nice name calling, how long did it take for you think of that?? LOL once again you show how simple minded you are

The injury I'm most concerned about is Patrick Hill. The guy is a great blocker and has been a help in both the running game and the passing game.

What's up with all of the injuries? I think the strength and conditioning coach needs to work more on the conditioning and less on the strength. It seems we have a bunch of muscle-bound dudes who and are winded by the end of the game and get hurt too easily.

The young Gators in 2007, after losing a few key seniors off their 2006 squad, when they were loaded with true fresh/sophs, and had no depth, went 9-4. That team lost AT HOME against an unranked Auburn team. They were manhandled by an UGA team 42-30, and had UGA dancing in the endzone. Then in their bowl, they were manhandled by Meechigan 41-35. I mean, the score looks close in that one, but did you know Meechigan fumbled twice inside the 5 yard line? It could have been even uglier.

So there is a possibility Miami could go 8-4 or even 9-3 for that matter. They are currently 2-1 with a loss to the #6 team in the country. The media was all over this team because no other team in the nation played 4 ranked teams in a row. All the experts were saying 0-4, but to their surprise Miami was 2-0. This completely took all the attention off of every single team in the country including the defeading champs because of thier poor play against a weak UTenn team. Miami was on every ESPN show, CGL, OTL, PTI, Rome, etc. They had a terrible game at VT which they will bounce back from. We all thought Miami would be 2-2 in that stretch ending in 8-4 or 9-3. And what really matters, we have a huge return for next season when the ability to make a run is HUGE!!! Starts with OSU on Sept. 11th.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. OU is up next, and we'll show the nation once again, and another NATIONALLY televised game that THE U is still THE U.


excUse U

What will the excUse be this weekend?

It doesn't matter whose out in the secondary, we've already been torched for touchdowns through the air by supposed no throwing Q. B's, Nesbit, Ponder and Taylor.

CJ Holton is a beast, Ray Ray is a beast, Damien Berry usto be the Man, Chavez cant hit

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