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Is Ray Ray Armstrong ready to breakout?

He was the star in UM's last recruiting class, a player ESPN described as possibly the best in the country based on his size (6-4, 215) and athletic ability. So, is Ray Ray Armstrong ready to breakout and help the Canes this weekend against the eighth-ranked Oklahoma Sooners?

Ray Ray Armstrong (right) could prove to be a formidable duo with Vaughn Telemaque (left) We'll find out soon enough. With Randy Phillips and JoJo Nicolas ruled out for this game with injuries, Jared Campbell or Chavez Grant will likely get the start alongside Vaughn Telemaque in Miami's secondary. But chances are Armstrong, who finally saw some playing time at safety at the end of the Virginia Tech game, will see more minutes than he has all season. UM coach Randy Shannon said on Thursday night's edition of Hurricane Hotline that Armstrong "has been practicing well the last two weeks."

That's a good sign for a UM defense who could certainly use upgrades all over. But Armstrong better be ready. Oklahoma's offense is no joke and the no-huddle attack will present serious problems for the Canes who already blow enough time outs getting the right personnel on the field.

From what I've heard, it definitely sounds like Armstrong has improved. At Canesfest, Grant told me Armstrong "needed to work on his hips and feet." During camp, defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff said Armstrong was coming along, but needed time to "get more comfortable in the scheme," and said Amrstrong "may not be playing fast because he's not sure." After the Florida State game, Brandon Harris told me he thought Armstrong had improved "a lot" and was ready to see action. This week, DeMarcus Van Dyke said Armstrong had progressed to the point where he wasn't just making checks and calls, but making plays every time he was on the field.

CANES HAVE PREPPED FOR NO-HUDDLE: UM coach Randy Shannon didn't talk a lot about how UM's defense was preparing for Oklahoma this week other than to say his team was "going back to basics" on tackling and shedding blocks. But he did say on Hurricanes Hotline, the Canes have also been working on defending the Sooners' no-huddle attack.

"They try to get about an average of two to three plays in a minute," Shannon said. "It's a hurry, hurry type situation. You're going to have time, but you have to be ready to go. You can't get off the ground and turn your back to the offense. They'll get you. They'll snap the ball and get going. The defensive line always to be in a three-point stance, ready for the next one."

Gerald McCoy O-LINE HAS TAKEN EXTRA TIME TO PREPARE FOR OU'S FRONT SEVEN: One look at Oklahoma's defense should instantly instill caution in Canes' fans hearts. Not only do the Sooners have a future first round pick in Gerald McCoy at tackle, but a front seven considered one of the best in the country. The way Jacory Harris was harassed last week by Virginia Tech's defense has made UM take extra precautions this week to try and make sure it doesn't happen again. But it's going to be a huge challenge stopping the Sooners, who have averaged four sacks a game.

"It's going to be a major league challenge for us," Shannon said. "We've been doing a lot of good things in practice, hyping on making sure we finish out blocks. Not just getting on a guy, but actually staying on them until the whistle is blown. The receivers blocking the cornerbacks is another key. We don't want to have a situation like last week where one guy may miss a block and it makes a difference in the game. We've stressed it all week. Our guys believe in it."

Center AJ Trump said guards Orlando Franklin and Joel Figueroa are looking forward to their matchup with McCoy. "Those guys are going nuts over the challenge," Trump said. "I remember a couple years ago Orlando played against Chris Long and had a great game. You get up for big games. How can you not?"

> If you are looking for a key matchup on the offensive line, keep your eyes fixated on Matt Pipho at right tackle taking on Jeremy Beal. Here's what ESPN's Todd McShay wrote about the matchup: "Pipho has proven to be the weak link along Miami's offensive front. He is a tall lineman who has marginal lateral mobility and a narrow base. Virginia Tech DE Jason Worilds took Pipho to school last week, using quickness-to-power moves to consistently disrupt plays off the edge. Look for Beal -- and occasionally Auston English when lined up on that side -- to do much of the same to Pipho on Saturday night. Beal has even better speed than Worilds and displays the same type of upper-body strength to push the right tackle around. If the Hurricanes fail to give Pipho adequate help, it should once again lead to some major breakdowns in pass protection."

> Don't underestimate the loss of fullback Patrick Hill this week to an ankle injury. Or the fact tight end Richard Gordon is still out with a shoulder injury. Even though UM's running game hasn't had a lot of success (the Canes rank 93rd running the ball), Hill has been huge when UM has moved the ball on the ground. Gordon is by far UM's best blocking tight end in the passing game. Freshman Mike James could help fill in at fullback this week. But I expect Tervaris Johnson to see a lot of snaps when UM calls on its fullback.


> UM announced gates will open 90 befores kickoff for the rest of the season. For Georgia Tech, gates opened only 60 minutes before the opening kick.

> Former WQAM sideline reporter Brian "The Beast" London is back on the air. He has an internet show at sofloradio.com weekdays from 3-5 p.m. Co-host Allyson Turner and London discuss “a variety of topics from current events and pop culture to sports and politics.”


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Go Canes.

Lets show then what you got Ray Ray!!!

SOunds good, now lets see it translate on the field...

4 free downloads at the link..


Ray Ray is going to be a great player for years to come here at the U. I also hope he takes over at safety from now on

Its going to be a tough task come Saturday night.

Ray Ray didnt have the benefit of spring practice and was learning on the go from day 1

I remember when footbsll players played hurt!
That's toughness-- a sprained ankle, this isn't BEACH VOLLEYBALL

I think the guys will step up to the challenge this weekend. It will be a close game and maybe come down to a defensive play to put one of the teams over the top. I hope Ray Ray makes that play. I don't buy into the statistical rankings right now because a lot of teams are playing cupcake schedules up to this point aside from the U. If you throw out the stats against unranked and FCS opponents, I think you'll find that Miami wouldn't be that low in the rankings. Here's to a good, close win against last years FBS runner-up.


remember when footbsll players played hurt!
That's toughness-- a sprained ankle, this isn't BEACH VOLLEYBALL

Posted by: Top CANE | October 02, 2009 at 02:53 PM

Can you maybe post that another 10 times for those who havent seen it

Are you trying to break some kind of record for re-posting the same thing over and over

It was a dumb comment the 1st time and it still is on the 30th time you sent it

PEDRO go back to mexico and get a green card


You're not getting my point dude. I'm sure Miami would be ranked higher than 30th in offense if they played Tulane, New Mexico and Sam Houston State like Tulsa did. Put Tulsa against Ga Tech, Va Tech and Florida State and the rankings would be a little different Im sure.

D. line don't get any pressure on the Q. B. it will be along afternoon and baby James is not the answer at running back, he's to slow to hit the holes. Love the Canes but couldn't stop the pass against an average Q.B. from F.S.U., hate to see what this will look like.

Any word on the baseball infield? Is Jacory playing QB or short-stop?

I love it when people go off of what's on the surface.

Miami's offense would be #1 in the country if they played Tulane (#114 Total Defense) , New Mexico (#107 Total Defense) and Sam Houston State (#116 Total Defense IN THE FREAKING FCS). LMBO!!!


Here we go with a complete loser on our blog again. Complete loser this or complete loser that. get a life already.

Ok, it was fun, and I noticed I completely wasted my time again. Dang, I got to stop doing that.

Gotta finish getting ready for the game tomorrow. We won't be seeing num num for a very long time after Saturday...THANK GOD!!!

I'm actually surprised the heshe hasn't posted as an OU fan. You're slipping...

I seriously promise this is the last time! LOL


I dont think OU is battled tested,,,

OU (2-1) (8TH) MIAMI (2-1) (17TH)



I think Pedro should study some real facts before spewing his crap on this blog again. I'm getting kind of tired of calling him on his rants with nothing to back it up. If ESPN and every other college football source didn't think this game was going to be good, they'd focus more on the TCU vs. UTEP game or something like that.

not even football fans there just haters miami going 3-1 through this and possible running the tables has every1 nervous

Pedro I did not know that Mexicans follow football. How are those girls soccer teams doing? Cause from what you are WRITING it seems that you could not tell the difference between a quarterback and soccer ball. Remember to always keep your buro clean vato. GO CANES!

and every1 knows the vt game the rain influenced the game (wet grass takes away the speed factor) which is how the offense is built.

Hey people, I happen to be mexican and to call Pedro a mexican is more of an insult to me than to him. Please don't associate me with a loser like him. He must be Guatamalan or Colombian or Costa Rican or something like that. Maybe he thinks this is a futbol blog instead of a football blog.

Well peephole will get beat and down goes harris for the count!!

Ray Ray burned for 2 td's.

OU 77 - um 0.

Wow these will be a great bloothbath.

Ma get the woodshed ready.

Posted by: pedro | October 02, 2009 at 02:45 PM


WOW! now there's the word of the day! HAHAHAHA

The game hasn't been played yet...all we have is "if's".

I really hope that Ray Ray is ready, but I've got to think he would have been playing more if he was. Still, it sounds like he was inching closer to starting, so hopefully we're only speeding him up a little. I'm a bit worried, though, because I think guys like Van Dyke and Grant got forced in early and probably had their confidence shattered because of it. Not everyone has the mental makeup of JH that early in their careers.

I love the conversation that happens on this page, and I love that a lot of people come on and voice criticisms of this team so that we can discuss things, but I really have to wonder what the motivation is for people like pedro, rawpimple, and sammynole to come here and spend their day spouting nonsense. Do they really just wait around for these blogs to pop up so that they can be the first to get on and yell at everyone for no reason? Most people ignore them, but it is a pain to have to scroll through so many messages to find one worth reading.

Manny, I'm all for allowing contrary or negative view points on this blog...that's the fun...but perhaps if someone posts 15+ messages inside of 1 hour and none have anything constructive in them, you should think about bouncing that person.

Go Canes!

Oh, I almost forgot. I might as well comment about Ray Ray.

Hmmmmmm, I remember someone with a similar name from Polk County that had to step in like this situation. A star was born!


Good luck Ray Ray!!! Go get 'em!


pedro ALTER LOGIC.. miami should thrash OU just like fsu thrashed byu who beat OU... AND SINCE OU HASNT PLAYED EVEN 1 TOP 25 AND RANKED HIGHER THAN MIAMI WHO HAS BEATIN 2 TOP 25

LMAO at this pedro character, no way this dude is a UM fan talking all that non sense

Unfortunately Chi, those are all the same person. Sad, very sad!

Ok, I'm really out this time. Stupid blog addiction I'm trying to shake. LOL

I agree at least manny needs to hold a football iq test before you blog on here...

Ask your mama. She is VERY VERY happy with me. She said that Pedro loves the pipi and by the way I am not Cuban little buro rider. Have a nice weekend. Vatos locos forever! GO CANES!

Pedro, Teblow called, he wants to circumcise you! hahahaha

pedro's case cannot be helped, his stupidness is off the charts!

I already admitted to being mexican Pedro. I'm not ashamed of it. I am however ashamed that people are saying you're mexican and I'm offended by it. Go on now and snort some more lines you Columbian drug cartel freak.

pedrito --- for a guy who hates Miami, U sure are on our Nuts.

I guess it is all about the U!

Orale Vato!

Pedro get off this blog no one cares about your Fn opinion or your meaningless predictions do us all a favor and rid us of your presence or just go ahead and put the gun to your head and squeeze the trigger!! Oh and GO CANES!! Show em how its done Ray Ray!!

pedro your boat already left for havana, you can still swim across the sea and catch it! hahaha

i read the articles on rivals sooner sight.. OU is worried about our wrs and there qb throwing 3 ints tomorrow with step up in talent from what they have played.. thats what there coaches are saying

P Hill big loss, picks up all types of blitz packages.

RP also, big loss. Got to know what to do as a saftey; T-mack and Grant; sounds like inexpereince and problems, and you guys want to throw Ray Ray in their.

Both loses put more pressure on lines (OL and DL) I hope they bring it of could be long a long night.

Where do you think Mexico get the drugs from Pedro. Your mama in Colombia. Go play your futbol and leave the football to us.



Learn how to spell. Thanks

Well if iq needed to be passed these blog would be empty!!!

pedro with the IQ you have, this blog couldn't be more emptier than it already is!

i cant see miami losing to landry jones his 1st big game

Game start at 8 by 8:09 um down by 21.

Posted by: pedro | October 02, 2009 at 04:17 PM

And your mom and sister down on me.

Wrong, you add the pregame and the game should start around 8:20, have you ever even been to a real football game? or where you're from you play chase the monkeys???? hahaha

i cant see miami losing to landry jones his 1st big game

Posted by: CANES IN 09 | October 02, 2009 at 04:18 PM

I couldn't see us losing to Sam Bradford in his first big game too. The guys have to remember that and not let it happen again. Get after him and make it a long evening for that guy. Have him make bad choices and get some turnovers.

only because we follow the messiah of stupidness, pedro the great!

OU is also dangerous running the football. These guys are the real deal and they'll crush us if we don't come to play.

Too bad about Bradford, I was looking forward to seeing him play.

I love cok!!!

Posted by: pedro



I can't wait to take it up the hershey highway this weekend... over and over again!!!

Posted by: pedro

pedro don't get lost now, the coyote is on your ass!!!!

I'm not from Mexico you moron, it is my nationality. Born, raised, and served these United Stated of America. So screw you Pedro and stop using my name.

LOL all this bickering like old women, nobody has even discussed the game

I think if the crowd gets involved early and often UM's chances of winning will increase (and a night game in Miami always has the fans getting rowdy, even though were not in the OB anymore) because even against BYU you could tell Jones was shook by the crowd and pressure he was in and OU's o-line is young inexperienced and might not handle a hostile crowd well either.

As far as UM goes they have to swarm to the ball, wrap up and dont miss tackles and just give Jacory time to throw and open a few running lanes for the boys to hit hard and get some big gains


pedro how many churos have you sold so far?? it ain't rocket science its just arithmetic, tell me you can count atleast to five! hahaha

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