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Jacory Harris: "I got to make smart reads"

The way Jacory Harris and his wide selection of receivers opened the season, it looked like the Canes were going to be able to stretch the field all year long.

Jacory Harris has thrown as many interceptions (5) as he has touchdowns (5) in his last three games. While Harris has hooked up on a few deep balls the last couple weeks (remember Travis Benjamin's 38-yard TD catch against Oklahoma and Leonard Hankerson's 37-yard catch against FAMU), the big play simply hasn't been there quite as often as it was against Florida State and Georgia Tech. The reason? Opposing defensive coordinators are game-planning for Miami better, taking away the deep ball and forcing Harris to work underneath more and more.

"The first couple of weeks everyone was playing us man," Harris said after Wednesday morning's practice at Greentree Practice Field. "They didn't know what we were coming with. So it was opening up the deep passing game. Now everybody is playing soft, so now we can throw little short routes."

If you are wondering why Harris has thrown as many interceptions (5) as he has TDs (5) in his last three games, he already knows the answer.

"I'm trying to go for the big play instead [of settling for a short gain]," Harris said. "I just got to make smart reads and trust everything around me and read the defense. [The interceptions] will lower itself."

Harris didn't see much action against UCF last season. He was 4 of 6 for 14 yards and came in late to convert a two-point conversion scoring play. UM had its second-worst passing day of the season against the Knights, throwing for just 88 yards as a team. Robert Marve, who played most of the game, was intercepted three times by a talented UCF secondary.

This Knights secondary isn't as experienced. But it is littered with South Florida speed. Freshman corner Josh Robinson was a standout at Plantation, junior Darin Baldwin was a star at South Dade, strong safety Michael Greco, a senior, starred at Cardinal Gibbons and freshman free safety Kemal Ishmael was a star at North Miami Beach High.

"They're going to give us a good game. They have a bunch of wonderful players," Harris said. "They want to take down Miami, and I guess that can make their season. A lot of people just want to bring down the University of Miami. We already had one disappointing loss, and I don't think this team wants any more losses. We're going to go out there and play our hardest in order to win."

> The last time UM was ranked in the Top 10, they fell hard at Virginia Tech. Harris said the team is approaching their second venture into the Top 10 differently.

"Last time we were real excited being ranked No. 9," Harris said. "At this point we understand we can't get like that anymore. We've just got to be our regular selves, and we just go out there and have fun. Keep winning games and all the rankings and things like that will come."

> Sophomore linebacker Ramon Buchanon seems like a nice kid. But getting two words out of him feels a lot like trying to scratch out a nasty stain on a shirt. We asked Buchanon about eight different ways how he feels about being given the opportunity to play more with Jordan Futch going down.

Here are some of his short and sweet responses...

- Do you feel you have a pretty good grasp of the plays? "Yeah."

- What would you say has been your biggest challenge? "Staying focused."

- Do you feel more comfortable having played the last two games? "I'm getting accustomed to the game speed. I played the whole fourth quarter and like the last 10 minutes of the third. It was pretty exciting."

He's only a sophomore. He'll come around. We hope.

> UM's official injury report will be released Thursday. But for now, here is what coach Randy Shannon told us this morning: Safety Randy Phillips (shoulder) didn't practice Wednesday; Running back Graig Cooper did and should play; defensive end Olivier Vernon is back, "He practiced all week. I expect him to go in the game," Shannon said.

> Junior Allen Bailey said he's still playing "a few snaps" at defensive tackle, but has played primarily at defensive end since the Georgia Tech game.

> For all of you enamored with the SpongeBob-Canes connection, Harris told us the team has decorated the locker room with SpongeBob fathead stickers.


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First. Go 'Canes!


No surprise UCF's secondary is loaded w/kids from So. Fla. Asante Samuel went from Boyd Anderson to UCF to the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. George O'Leary, while he might have fibbed on his resume, is a pretty good coach. The Canes will have their hands full, but I predict the return of Cooper will make a big difference. Go Canes. PS Manny, I read your answers on the forum and agree that Michaelee Harris from da West is going to be a good receiver. I haven't seen much HS ball either other than what has been on TV but he was a man among boys against Central. Keep up the good work.

Manny is on fire!


We're #9 right now. Here's how we get to #2 a week from now, by looking at next Saturday's schedule:

#8 Cincinnati at # 21 USF

Cincinnati loses, making USF a higher ranked opponent when we beat them at the end of the season. Canes move up to #8 spot.

#20 Oklahoma vs #3 Texas

OK beats TX, making our win against OK count for more and clearing the way for us to slide into the #7 spot.

#6 USC at #25 Notre Dame

If the Irish pull the home upset, USC is out of the NC conversation and we rise to the #6 spot.

#4 VT at #19 Georgia Tech

This is the big one. VT with two losses will slip past us in the polls and get us into the top five.

#22 South Carolina at #2 Alabama.

It's a long shot, especially on the road. But Bama has offense problems. Their win last night was powered almost exclusively by field goals. SC forces a few mistakes and the Canes are ranked #4. Ahead of them: Boise State, Ohio State, and Florida.

We would likely jump Boise State in the polls even with one loss (that's where VT sits right now), so that puts us at #3. When choosing between a one-loss Ohio State team and a one-loss UM team, many voters will slot us ahead of Ohio State given our strength of schedule.

That puts us at #2. Assuming Florida can win out (a big assumption, especially with that SEC title game) and UM can win out, that's one exciting NC game.

O'Leary is a good coach and would have made Notre Dame much better. The resume thing was really really dumb on his part.

Good example on why its bad to exaggerate on those things, it always eventually comes back to haunt you.

"I just got to make smart reads and trust everything around me and read the defense. [The interceptions] will lower itself."

Bad news for O'Leary and UCF.

Go Canes!

Also, Manny you rock.

U forgot to mention me winning the MegaMillions Lotto on Friday night!

For all of those who are paying too much attention to the stars and thin Shannon & Co. don't know what they're doing on the recruiting front, here's what Rivals had to say about downgrading Luc (coincidentally a few days after we learned the U is no longer pursuing):


Jeff Luc dropped from No. 12 to No. 25.
Port St. Lucie (Fla.) Treasure Coast linebacker Jeff Luc dropped from the No. 12 spot to No. 25, and also slid from five stars to four. The 6-1, 230-pounder remains one of the nation's most elite players, but a senior evaluation by Rivals.com analysts showed a few small flaws in his game.

"Luc struggled to get off blocks and it was apparent that his inability to make plays versus Daytona Beach Mainland was hampered by stiffness issues," Every said. "The bottom line is a five-star linebacker should be making plays regardless of the opponent, and Luc was unproductive.


Scout.com analyst Miller Safrit

"He said some players are rated based on grainy film shot on 20-year-old cameras, with half the screen showing the football field and the other half showing the parking lot"


yup haters are out in full force Sup CAne NAtion. I love the app. Manny

So Comcast does not have the game?

I wouldn't worry about Ramon Buchanon being too quiet. Actually it may be a good thing. If I remember correctly DJ Williams was the same way. He is now one of the most vocal leaders on a really good Bronco's D.

Does anyone know what channel the CBS College Sports Network is on Comcast. I have the complete sports package (I even get ESPN U and the Big 10 network), but I do not seem to have the CBS College channel.

Posted by: Cane4Life | October 12, 2009 at 08:08 PM


b/c it’s a premium channel …


So Comcast does not have the game?

Posted by: Dyrty Dawg | October 14, 2009 at 12:57 PM

in luck …
bowing to U, Comcast digital lifts blackout for florida subscribers …


We can't make it to the BCS championship game. There aren't enough big games left on the schedule. Even if we make it to the ACC championship game, it wouldn't be against anyone who can help us jump Boise St. or the Big-12 champ.

Just focus on getting to a BCS game against a good opponent.

Canes Junkie thanks...there is always next year.

718...You need to make smarter reads. Effen Moron.

Posted by: Shhh it's quiet on the bus. | October 14, 2009 at 01:31 PM

Funny! UM takes a bus to Orlando to save thousands! Meanwhile UF will fly to FSU while the school simultaneously lays off over 150 employees, AND slashes several academic programs! Worse yet, some of the employees were tenured professors!

The irony here is that the employees that were layed off at UF will all be riding the bus once their cars are reposessed!

UF looks soooooooo stupid "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota Cane,

Your a douche. Who cares about UF?

Yo 718, I love the way you think

There is no way the NCAA would allow Boise St. to play in the NC game. It's still a long shot but a 1 loss ACC Champ UM team would definitely get the nod over an undefeated Boise St. team. Ratings, money, and more ratings is what it all comes down to. Boise St only big six conference win was against oregon at home when oregon was playing like poo.
Hypothetically, what would the world/ NCAA rather see in a NC game: UM vs UF or Boise St vs UF. Ratings would be through the roof for a UM/ UF game no doubt.

718 is right. the difficulty is having all of those stars line up!. I'd be afraid that ND beating USC would vault him past us.

I see UF losing one this year. Somehow cannot see them going undefeated, but their D is good enough that maybe. And for the jacks44es that compared them to the '01-'02 canes: NOT!The U had such a potent offense and D and special teams, with a prostyle Offense, no gimmicks, no Dives (like againstLSU).

Manny- lay off Buchanon. Let the man be quiet. Silence is a virtue.

You know, that whole issue with Luc- he's too stiff, blah blah. What does that mean he's too stiff? See now you are getting kehoe all excited. No but seriously. You hype a kid all year long and now you drop him like a log, because "he's too stiff" can you imagine what that will do to his confidence? I hope cane coaches arent that narrow minded. Those so-called recruiting experts, in my opinion maybe good assessing say the top 5 in the country at each position, say 50 players, but after that it's all hearsay and a crap shoot. Yet they make $$$ with their 'expertise" To me they are all Charlatans, with mel Kiper the king of all charlatans.

There is no way the NCAA would allow Boise St. to play in the NC game.

Posted by: SoFloSportsFan | October 14, 2009 at 02:00 PM

bcs exists outside ncaa purview …


As big a Hurricane fan as I am, I am so sick of reading posts from this Sarastoa Cane guy. Stop with the infatuation with Florida. You are always talking about them. They stink! Move on! We got a top 10 team and all I hear about is Florida especially from you Canes fans. We dont play them this year. We dont care about them. By talking about them you are just making us true canes fans look bad. Enough with this garbage and lets get back on topic: Hurricanes football!

does anyone know if you could watch a live game directly from the cbs college sport website?

Posted by: fuhucks | October 14, 2009 at 02:35 PM



That's what I am saying Sebastian. Who cares about UF? Sarasota Cane fan is a phony and a douche.

Amen Sebastian. "We only care about this U!"


even "Hurricane fans" are sick of this Sarasota guy. BAHWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

He is trying to come over to the Gator board. He posts more than the most crazed Gator fan (Adam M). He wants to be a Gator fan but they wont let him. He has a true psychotic disorder and may need some Zoloft..Gatorphilia

Jacory should spend time watching game film instead of spongeBob maybe then his TD to INT ratio would be somewhat respectable. He will have plenty of time to watch film on the bUs ride.

Talking to yourself again "D" Bag? What a loser!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane you are the loser. So your going to Gator Boards now wanna be? You the worse kind of cane band wagon fan and you contribute to the negativity on the board. Get a life, I would rather you not root for the canes.

GO Canes, Go Jacory, Go REAL fans.

Ha Ha


Go 'canes!

RAWPIMPLE nice to see you are coming around! You used jacory and respectable in the same sentence. Next season when ya'll suck again I am sure you will be on a U band wagon.It's a start. Baby steps.

718 , I think like that every week. Nice to see fans that think like I do.

i know how u can watch the game for free online!!!

718 Ahh the possibilities. Even if the "U" was only to get half of those breaks Miami would still move into the top 7. And that would exceed all expectations at this time of the season. The big one in my view is the V-Tech G-Tech game. Big Big football weekend for games that directly effect out chances at a BCS game. GO CANES! and ALL THE UNDERDOGS THIS WEEKEND!

718: you forget one thing.

If VT loses to GT, VT is still ahead of us in the ACC. VT would have to lose another game. No way Miami is going to the NC game if they don't win their own conference.

I like the way you think though, but let's just focus on UCF for now.

You ever notice how "D" Bag is always talking about antidepressant and antipsychotic meds? Very telling!

To paraphrase Paul Harvey, "And now we know the rest of the story!"

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane....just go away. We are having a great season and you attract all the negativity to the board.

To paraphrase Harvey Dent,"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. "

Your not defending the U, your embarassing yourself

if gt beats vt that puts miami in the driver seat for the acc

Sarasota just take all the BS you bring to the Herald and get a life. We are trying to talk Canes football and I have to wade through all your same crap.
We do not care about the Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles or any other team you constantly talk about.
Try talking some Canes once in awhile instead of all the garbage you bring in here.
They should just make a room for you and all these pansy gator fans.

This is what I think will happen.

Oklahoma beats texas. Texas has not beaten anyone except for Texas Tech. Struggled early at home against a terrible Colorado team. Its a long shot but OU does have a chance.

GT beats VT. VT is on a roll but so is GT. GT defense scares me but a fired up GT team at home can beat VT.

USF looses to Cincinnati.

South Carolina will not beat Alabama.

Notre Dame will not beat USC.

Boise struggles against Tulsa but wins.

Miami moves up two spots.

USC jumps to #3 followed by #4 Cincinnati, #5 Boise St., #6 Ohio St., and #7 Miami.

One week at a time fellas.

if GT beats VT, VT still wins the ACC. It would go to the 7th tie-breaker which says that if both teams are ranked in the BCS within 5 spots of each other, the head to head game winner would win the division.

Here is the break down, the first 6 MIA, GT, VT would be all tied.

1. Combined head-to-head record among teams.

2. Record of the tied teams within the division.

3. Head-to-head competition against the team within the division with the best overall (divisional or conference) record, and proceeding through the division. Multiple ties within the division will be broken first to last.

4. Overall record versus all common non-divisional conference teams.

5. Combined record against all common Atlantic Division teams.

6. Record against common Atlantic Division teams with the best overall conference record, and then proceeding through the other common Atlantic Division opponents based on their order of finish in the division.

7. This one is kind of like the Big 12 tiebreaker that caused such a fuss last year, except a little smarter. The team with the highest ranking in the BCS Standings following the end of the regular season season will be the division winner UNLESS -- and this is the key -- UNLESS the second of the tied teams is ranked within five or fewer places of the highest ranked tied team. In that case, the head-to-head results of those two teams would determine who plays in the ACC CG. So if Miami and Virginia Tech were both ranked in the top 10 of the final BCS Standings, and the Canes were within five spots of the Hokies, Virginia Tech would win.

8. A draw determines the winner.

Hey all--Manny just poseted about how Comcast is going to air the game on Channel 744. I have DirecTV so it doesn't matter to me but for anyone who has cable you'll be able to see it. Go Canes. PS I hate the Univ. of Felons too but I save it for their ignorant classless and clueless fans.

thats ok sounds good to me

direct tv channel 613

People need to stop worrying about Boise State. It's strength of schedule will get trashed by the computers. We just need to focus one week at a time. For the short term, my goal is first to see if USF can beat Cincy tomorrow and the to see GT beat VT on Saturday. That is all that matters for this week.

No need to post these long drawn out scenarios for now because those scenarios will play out weekly. Remember in '07 when the #2 ranked team lost like 7 different weeks during the season? Go Bulls, Jackets and Canes (this week)!!!


CANES IN 09 is correct. If there is a 3 way tie at the end of the season with UM beating GT, VT beating UM, and GT beating VT then the ACC Championship bid would go to the highest ranked opponent. Thus if the Canes win out and VT loses against GT or any other ACC team for that matter then we would get the invitation to Tampa. Here is something that'll really rattle your brain......If VT loses to ECU on the road, that would drop them below us and IF, and I mean IF the stars align correctly that would put VT below us in the rankings allowing them to go to the ACC championship game, ranked below us and still allowing for the possibility of Us going to Pasadena. Now wouldn't that just make some people hot here in Blacksburg? I for one would love it!

yes sir go bulls go jackets hell go sooners the more they win they better
and of course GO CANES!!!

If Miami wins out and VT loses they will have 2 loses vs. 1 for Miami, I don't see VT being ranked ahead of Miami with 2 loses vs. 1.

We just need to continue to win and let it all play out.

Canesworld - Totally agree. It doesn't get any more simpler than that.

He He

Take a pill "D" Bag! You're cracking up right before our eyes!

Go 'canes!

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