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Joseph has emerged as leader on banged up DL

AJ Trump and Joe Joseph have a running joke they share around campus and in the locker room. It was born from the bond they share as warriors in the trenches.

Joe Joseph "Wherever we go, he calls me the white Joe, and I call him the black AJ," said Trump, who arrived with Joseph as part of UM's 2004 signing class five years ago and whose locker on the road and at home is right next to Joseph's.

"We have similar shapes, same type of hair -- or lack of it -- and our personalities are scary similar."

Said Joseph: "When I had the beard, we really did look alike."

Black/white, offense/defense, Joseph has become an integral part of Miami's front line on defense as Trump has on offense. But like Trump, whose career was riddled with injuries early on, it took Joseph some time to get where he is today. And he might not have turned the corner without plenty of pushing from defensive line coach Clint Hurtt.

"When Joe was a redshirt freshman, hell, there was nobody that rode Joe harder [than me]," Hurtt said. "Nobody. He's a very prideful kid, a work hard kid, try hard kid. When he was freshman, I grinded on him to the point that it was, to him being personal.

"Sometimes it was. But the thing is, I knew this: I knew when he would become a junior or senior he was a guy that was going to be a leader and I needed him to understand what my expectations were of him and the standard I wanted him to hold the rest of the group to."

The pushing and prodding has paid off this season. No defensive lineman for the Hurricanes has been more consistent than the 6-3, 304-pound fifth-year senior from Orlando Oak Ridge. Joseph, who said he'll have 16 family members at Saturday night's game against UCF, leads all Canes defensive linemen in tackles (17) and the entire defense in tackles for loss (5 for minus 12 yards).

Last year, he made 17 tackles in 13 games and nine starts at left defensive tackle. As a sophomore, he started in five games and played in 10 and finished with 25 tackles.

"He's doing a great job for us," UM coach Randy Shannon said. "He's been here five years, kind of one of the older guys on the football team who has started to make some plays for us. He's always on the players about what the coaches ask them to do as far as technique and making them successful. He's a leader."

Joseph's growth spurt couldn't have come at a better time for the Canes. UM's defensive line has been decimated by injuries. The Canes, still undecided whether or not they will seek a medical redshirt for sophomore Marcus Forston, are down to four legitimate defensive tackles: Joseph, sophomore Micanor Regis, senior Josh Holmes and true freshman Curtis Porter, who burned his redshirt when he played against FAMU last week. Junior Allen Bailey, who began the season playing defensive tackle, has moved back out to end because of the shortage and injuries to that position.

Joseph said because of the injuries he's playing about five to 10 more snaps a game -- 35 to 40 total. But if you ask his teammates, his play hasn't tailed off.

"He's brought big time leadership from a senior, an older guy, what those guys needed," linebacker Colin McCarthy said.

"When you watch him on film, he's out there making plays -- big plays. Against Oklahoma, he had the penalty on the punt block, but came back and had the big hit in the backfield. I know he had like 3 1/2 tackles for loss against FAMU. The energy he's bringing is there, and we're feeding off it."

> Sophomore linebacker Jordan Futch tore his right ACL when his foot got caught in the grass while he was trying to tackle FAMU's LeRoy Vann Saturday night in the third quarter. Futch will have surgery in two weeks, but expects to be back in time for spring ball.

"It hurts us a lot," McCarthy said. "Special teams wise, he was on everything, making plays, making big plays. At linebacker, he was in there on the base package, playing the will. It's going to hurt us a lot. When a guy goes down, it gives an opportunity for another guy to step up. So Arthur Brown and Buchanon will get a shot."

> Shannon will provide plenty of lip service to get the four linebackers trying to fill Futch's spot to compete hard in practice this week. But the job is really sophomore Ramon Buchanon's to lose. Buchanon practiced with the regulars Tuesday according to several teammates while Arthur Brown, C.J. Holton and Kylan Robinson continued to work primarily with the scout team.

"[Ramon] is real athletic," McCarthy said. "He's a fast linebacker for us on the outside. He has a good idea. Some of the motion and stuff, he needs to learn. But he's in there wanting to learn. I think that's what coach Lovett likes about him. When Buchanon was in there, he really didn't miss a beat. He was in there making plays, making tackles. That's all coach Lovett can really ask for."

McCarthy and Sean Spence say Brown has improved. Spence said Brown made strides understanding "run fits and pass fits and knowing where to line up." But McCarthy said Brown still needs time before he's ready to start calling plays.

> Spence said Forston has taken his struggles and injuries this season "tough." On Sunday, UM coach Randy Shannon said it was likely Forston was done for the season. But reports have surfaced recently that might not happen. Here's what Forston's best friend had to say on Tuesday.

"I know he wants to play and what not, he's still trying to play," Spence said. "But he has to do what's best for him. He's not sure what he's going to do yet .He doesn't want to redshirt, but it's not his call."


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we goin to need ya cookie and AB. cookie has shown that he was making progress by getting on the field. it would have been alot easier for our L/B to have futch here,but if AB can show the coaches something we will not miss a beat.

Thank the lord we have an offense. Nothing helps an ailing defense except an offense that can score a lot of points and make the other team predictable. I still believe we can go through this month undefeated. Arthur Brown finally gets to show if he is worth five stars. Funny soon as UM says they ain't pursuing Luc it comes out as he is too stiff and no upside and drops to 25th rated player. Looks like Coach Shannon know what he doin with recruiting. Nelson is suppose to be a gem. Injuries hurt all teams but we under the radar now and should concentrate on winning out. Va tech could have a let down at any point in time and if we get an acc championship this year at least we can get a BCS bid. Recruiting suppose to pay-off for next year and we needed linemen bad on both sides of the ball. Those power rankings can't grade for need. Great job Coach Shannon on winning,discipline, and recruiting. This is how you build something that last more than ten years.

Well it's time for these highly recruited guys from the class of '08 to step up!! Even though we are currently at the "light" point of our schedule, we can not take anyone for granted. "One game at a time and respect all opponents"! Go Cane's!!

its funny. the moment i saw film on luc i thought the same thing.

Luc is stiff, but he would still be a great player to get, I wish we were getting him. But besides that, and please say I'm not the only one who thinks this, but don't u guys think that RS and the recruiters take this sh*t too personally? If a kid isn't 100 percent for the U then they back off, and that isn't right. How do u win national championships? U go for the kids that are so good every school wants them and u try to win the lottery. U don't say 'if u don't want us all the way we will find someone less talented that has no other option and soes'. I don't like that at all, and it seems that is what we have done last two years

I'm not too worried since we're winning games right? Some of that is due to The Whip but an even larger part is due to the talent that Shannon is bringing to the U. X's and O's are necessary but will only get you so far without talented players on the field. There are plenty of great coaches and coordinators in the country, but only a select few have access to the talent Miami has access to. With no talent, it's unlikely that The Whip would've taken the job. No wonder no one wanted the HC position in 2006--coaches knew Miami had NO talent because of the Coker era.

Plus, it's awesome to have players that are 100% for the U. The examples are numerous--the NW Canes, Benjamin, Mike James, Ray Ray, Futch, Vernon--you can tell when these guys are on the field that they LOVE being Canes (and wait till Lamar Miller gets in on the action, a kid who grew up a Cane fan and who did not take ANY other visits--tell me that's not a true Cane!).

I think "not 100% for the U" is code for "it's all about me and not about the team." In terms of our bargaining position, because we've been losing these past couple of years we're in a position where recruits know that we want/need them more than they want and need us. After this year, though, things will change since Miami will be on TV practically every Saturday (and a few Thursdays) and most likely national contenders. Hence why I wasn't surprised about Manny's recent recruiting blog post, where he and the experts agreed that 2011 is going to be a huge recruiting year for the Canes.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Talent is coming to the U, and players who it's easy to tell love being Canes, which is great for team culture and chemistry.


Luc is stiff, but he would still be a great player to get, I wish we were getting him. But besides that, and please say I'm not the only one who thinks this, but don't u guys think that RS and the recruiters take this sh*t too personally? If a kid isn't 100 percent for the U then they back off, and that isn't right. How do u win national championships? U go for the kids that are so good every school wants them and u try to win the lottery. U don't say 'if u don't want us all the way we will find someone less talented that has no other option and soes'. I don't like that at all, and it seems that is what we have done last two years

Posted by: Phuckthis | October 14, 2009 at 04:11 AM

Huh??? Which one of the coaches told you this? Assuming you know for sure because you read something in an article/blog about them backing off on a kid? Not 100% for the U & they back off? Also, how are you sure they are going for "less talent"? Because a website tells you that the other guy is rated higher or has more stars???

response to phuckthis:
WE ALL READY DID THAT WITH LARRY COKER OR DONT YOU REMEMBER?.. recruiting the so called coveted kids eveyone wants...

i personally love how shannon conducts the recruiting and team.. if your not on board and nopt a team a player no need to apply.. he should put the message on his office door so everykid knows its all about the U not you...
you come here keep your nose clean, bust your tail off in the classroom and on the field.. bleed orange and green. and the number 1 thnk DONT BE SCARED OF COMPETITION!!!!1

Anu updates on Vernon and Wesley?

University of Miami Greyhounds...

Sarasota Cane fan is an idiot.

time for AB to live up to those 5 stars

I live in the area were Jeff Luc plays. One of my friends knows the a coach at Treasure Coast High School and he even said that Luc has all the physical tools, but not a very smart player.

The game is on the CBS College Sports Channel, Channel 613 if you have DirectTV, not sure what channel it is on Dish Network or on Comcast.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Shannon is NOT going for lesser talent. He really believes these kids are the better players and will fit better at the U. He knows what he's doing. His last two classes have been very highly rated and have panned out...what makes you think that now that he's winning all of a sudden he can't get who he wants. Trust me, these kids are the ones he wants, and that makes them the correct choice.

InsidetheU has a page that lists all the local recruits on Miami's radar, how interested we are in them, and how interested they are in us. Most of the ones we're highly interested in are not 5-star guys. But I'm just as excited about them because they're our primary targets. That means Shannon saw something in them and said 'that's our guy.'

All I have to hear to be excited about a recruit is that Shannon targeted him early.

Mia-C.FL game is on CBS College Sports, Ch 152 on Dish Network and on Ch 600-something Direct TV. As for ESPN 360, I took a look at the current schedule, and it's not scheduled.

At least make it to the ACC championship game before you all talk. You dont even have to win it. Just SHOW UP!!! Sounds easy doesnt it???

Far cry from those canes teams of the past playing those weak Temple, FAMU teams, not playing a conference championship and cruising to a home national title game.

Looks like the u is back to irrelevant. On some obscure channels again and taking a yellow school bus to the game.

Stars don't mean crap!

LB's playing (Active) right now. The U has two 3 Star and one four star players starting.

Based on Rivals

Darryl Sharpton 3 Star
Kylan Robinson 4 Star
Colin McCarthy 3 Star
Sean Spence 4 Star
Ramon Buchanon 4 Star
Arthur Brown 5 Star
C.J. Holton 4 Star
Jordan Futch 4 Star

Shannon is doing a tremendous job of bringing in players who fit his system and can make the grades. Evaluate the prospect based on needs not website rankings. Watch, 3 Star MLB Nelson will eventually move up to a 4 Star just because he is a Miami commitment and other schools will start to offer.

Boy what a real pleasure reading today. Every posted word was worth reading. A real surprise to say the least. I still stand that recruiting will be just fine. Just because a kid has said he wants to go to a team until he sign's he is open to change. I can understand why some would wait till signing day to announce their team. I would not want to be one of those players. I'd rather let my intentions be known and stand on my word. My only reason foe changing would be if a coach got fired or retired. Staying with the ACC I look for FSU to really have problems considering BB situation. I think teams like BC & NC & NC ST. all having problems. VA Tech, and VA shall remain plus in recruits.The following Clemson,Duke,MD,Ga Tech,will find it harder as more home town guys want to go elsewhere. Miami is not the only team that finds local talent going to other places. Lets remember that you only have so many spots to replace, you can not get everyone. The coaches have to pick and choose the players that they feel best fits their plans and goals. This is a wonderful place to be. Back when I was is HS in Miami and even college, most HS players wanted to go anywhere but stay at home. There were just a handful of players that stayed close. Mira, Hendricks,jusst to name a few. Players have to remain positive, the injured players must stay dedicated and understand that this sport is getting more physical. The drive to play at the NCAA level hoping for a NFL career is so much greater now than it was 20-30 yrs ago.The size of the lineman on both sides of the game is going out of sight. The speed of a player has become so important that the size of a reciever or running back means very little. So more and more kids are making the jump from HS to college and I think that is really a plus for the sport. I love NCAA football. watch more college ball than the NFL. Almost getting close to my all time love the NHL. Well thats it for me today great job Manny, good job fans, Players of our team that read this, a really good job. Stay focused, play hard and smart. To the coaches great job this has been a great year so far. Lets finish the year strong and go for the best we can be. Thanks

Too much sweating about how many stars kids have. If we can get to 9 wins, the stars will come on board but probably more so next year. Our defense is to banged up to get any more wins than 9.Shannon has an eye for talent every where but D. tackle. Once we get acouple stud D. tackles are defense will be the bomb.

The injured players from last year like Phillips, Telemaque, Mcarthy, etc should be able to help these injured guys get through it. Also looking at the recruits UM is still targeting, they will probably land at least 5 more 4 star recruits. Then they would have at least 10 four star guys. 1 OL(Linder), 1 DE(out of perry & lemonier), 1 RB(clements), and 2 WR(out of the three or four targeted) Not a bad class and some of the three star guys could end up at four stars plus if you read a lot of their evaluations some of these 3-star guys are projected to be great with a little development.

I'm with you on the positive outlook. Just leave the "stars" out of it. Very subjective.

We don't need jeff luck! I saw him play in person early this year when his team Treasure coast play aginst Mainlaind High school here in Daytona Beach. they lost 37 - 0 and he made to tackles, we had a jr rb Martin lane who has commited to clemson made him look really bad!

You know why our players are getting so banged up? Because this staff got these kids leaving everything on the field. Sounds a bit silly but thats what i see. Talent +inexperience + going all out against top 20 teams = 4-1 with alot of injuries.

I simply don't understand how, at this point, anyone could possibly question Shannon's recruiting tactics. Absolutely unbelievable.

Arthur Brown the #1 recruit in the country a couple of years ago on the scout team? That is the perfect example that 5 stars 4 stars whatever the player may be don't mean squat. Damn on the scout team? Still needs work? How about just stating that he just may be a big, big bust. I will take 3 star recruits from South Florida over 4 or 5 star recruits from just about anywhere else. GO CANES!

No doubt about it Joe and Colin both are MVP of the defense so far. It's time for Arthur,Ramon and Kylan to seize there oppurtunity and shine. There is playing time to be had at the LB position. I finally got a chance to watch the FAMU game. D.Berry was a beast. We have got to get him some carries against quality competition. With the combo of power and speed he can be the #1 back we have been missing. Go Canes!!!

jus to let yall kno the best players tp pan out at miami were the ones that dreamed of playing at miami(frank gore, mcgahee, andre etc...)then the diamonds in the rough. clinton portis grew up in gatorland and wasnt offered by florida...miami got him then he was 3 and out to the pros and look wat hes done in his career. I think players that leave the state to play elsewhere rather then thier dream school are scary. I see it lik this, if you cant beat out the guy in front of you dont even think about the NFL!!!

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