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Shannon shares thoughts on personnel changes

In case you missed WQAM's Thursday night edition of Hurricane Hotline, UM coach Randy Shannon was rather candid on a few subjects -- including his philosophy on personnel changes following injuries: 

Randy Shannon "When I get the injury report and I get in [on Sunday] while the coaches are in meetings -- offense, defense and special teams [watching film], I say OK 'Let's put this guy over here, this guy over there," Shannon said. "This is the next best guy, let's put him over there.' It's not always the next best guy at the position, it's the next best guy on the football team.

"On the defensive line, you want the best four. On the offensive line, you want your best five. Not the best center, tackle or guard. In the backfield, you want the best running back at the position. You see Mike James playing fullback. It wasn't that he's the next best fullback. It was the next best personnel. You always want the next best guy on the field who can handle it mentally.

"When [receiver] Aldarius [Johnson] got hurt [against FAMU]. What did we do? All we did was put in [Leonard] Hankerson and move Travis [Benjamin] up. LaRon [Byrd] was playing one side and Travis was the other guy. Hank was the swing guy. When [tight end Dedrick] Epps didn't play. OK, [fullback] Tervaris Johnson moves up. The next best guy was Jimmy Graham. You always bring up the next best guy to get things done."

Shannon said one aspect that is severely affected by injuries is special teams play. He said the loss of linebacker Jordan Futch to a season-ending torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee was crippling to the kickoff return team.

"You have to change a lot of things when you start getting injuries," Shannon said. "A lot of people don't think Jordan Futch is valuable. Jordan Futch was very valuable to us. He was our best kickoff guy. He was our great kickoff return guy in terms of making the key blocks on their best person. He was doing a great job. A lot of those runs [Graig] Cooper was breaking, Mike James was breaking was because of Jordan Futch. When those injuries come, you have to keep moving guys around to get the special teams in order. That's key. Somebody has to step up to fill that void. We have players to do it. Now, we have to coach them up. And they have to do it."

Here are some other topics Shannon was talking about: 

> On the eight season-ending injuries and the fact UM will still have to rely on several true freshmen to play valuable minutes this season: "[The depth isn't where we want it to be] I said that at the beginning of the season, we talked, we still have a lot holes to fix as far as depth on this football team. Everybody wants to say we're back. We're doing a great job. This football team is doing a great job. But when you're playing a true freshman like Curtis Porter that means we're not back. We have to keep recruiting."

> On why UM may not be recruiting certain highly rated players from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach: "We're going to recruit players that fit our program. Some players we will not recruit at Miami. Maybe it's academics. Maybe it's something we know that other people don't know. We're going to make sure whoever we recruit will be a great football player, a great athlete, very academically sound, wants to graduate and get their degree."

> On the status of injured fullback Patrick Hill, whom Shannon said suffered a high ankle sprain: "It really takes a long time to get back. He's been working hard."

> On why redshirt freshman defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis isn't playing: "He's working in practice, trying to get himself in the mix. The one thing about it is he has competition and has to get better. He has to get better to make us a better football team."

> On why freshman defensive tackle Curtis Porter is playing: "He's been coming along pretty well. He came in nicked up on the defensive line and he caused a little havoc. He's a big time run stopper. We're enthused with the way he's coming in."

> On what he likes about freshman cornerback Brandon McGee: "We like the big corners with speed. If you can get anybody who is 6-1 with speed, that's good. He's another January guy. He got nicked in the spring time. We had to sit him out the last two weeks of spring. The more he keeps practicing well, the more playing time he'll get."

> On when highly touted sophomore linebacker Arthur Brown might play: "Arthur Brown is getting better each week. But it's like anything, when he's ready to play, he will play. We have a lot of football players on this football team that were highly recruited, highly rated. But it's always going to be a learning process. When guys are ready mentally to get it done, they will get it done."

> On how receiver Tommy Streeter performed in the first real action of his career against FAMU last week: "He made a big time block when Thearon Collier scored a touchdown. His special teams play was big because guys were nicked last. We even had Tommy run down on kickoffs and he made a couple tackles."

> On why receiver Davon Johnson isn't playing: "He's working. Right now, he's not in the top five guys. We're going to play five guys and not play eight. We're going to concentrate on those guys getting the reps."

> On if running back Damien Berry might see action in the backfield against UCF: "I can guarantee he'll be on special teams for us."

> On running back Graig Cooper's return: "He's healthier this week. He looked good, looked fresh."

HOOPS BEGINS PRACTICING... Frank Haith's team, which returns three players that started 16 or more games last season, will begin practicing this afternoon at the BankUnited Center with plenty of new faces. 

Haith, who helped coach the United States in the World University Games this summer in Serbia, told Hurricanes Hotline Thursday: "This is the most talented team we've had from top to bottom. We have length on the perimeter. It's our job not to mess them up.

UM's version of Midnight Madness -- the second annual Hurricanes Hoopfest -- will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Fans will be able to watch the men and women scrimmage for 30 minutes and interest with players during an autograph session as well as pick their seats for the upcoming season.

UM will host an exhibition game versus Florida Southern on Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. and open the regular season at home versus North Carolina Central Nov. 14 at 4 p.m.

RING OF HONOR LUNCHEON... Plenty of seats are still available for the luncheon to honor Bennie Blades, Steve Walsh and the late Eddie, Dunn, who will be inducted in UM's Ring of Honor during the Clemson game. Sponsor tables can be purchased for $1,5000 and tickets can be bought individually for $100 per person. Call UM's Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699 if you are interested. 


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You have to believe in the way they evaluate recruits. There is nothing that says otherwise. It's a good process that is producing a winner so far.


Coach Shannon is doing a great job with this team. I have faith in him and in his assistants. I like the product on the field and the product off the field. It is important that we not only recruit talented athletes but that we recruit kids that want to earn a degree. I hope there are more canes fans who will be vocal about the tremendous job Coach Shannon is doing. He deserves it.

A Proud and Loyal Canes Fan

Tell your mom I want my $5 back! I need it to pay the doctor bills from the rash she gave me. thanks

"D" bag where are you. They gayturds suck.

Posted by: Sarasota 'Cane | October 16, 2009 at 12:20 PM

You're calling out yourself? Using my screen name? What on earth is your motivation today "D" Bag?

What a loser!

Go 'canes!

Do you think that many of the injuries on this team are not conditioning-related? Then read this article concerning the Bengals from 2007. It explains where many of these "lower extremity injuries" may be coming from. If you still have your doubts, contact the expert who gave this opinion, his phone number and web site are listed at the end of the article!

Fitness expert: Bengals should be fined for poor conditioning

CINCINNATI, OHIO October 14, 2007

(PRLEAP.COM) CINCINNATI, Ohio — The laundry list of injured Bengals players is unacceptable and could have been prevented with proper conditioning, according to a local fitness guru.

Rocco Castellano, an internationally known fitness expert and Cincinnati personality who is celebrated for telling it like it is, said professional athletes have an obligation to their coaches, owners and fans to be in peak condition and that those who fall victim to avoidable injuries such as pulled groins and hamstrings should be fined for each day they are not able to participate on the field.

“These football players are making millions of dollars and it is their job to be in their best physical shape when they come to training camp,” said Castellano, who adds that Sports Illustrated lists a total of eight Bengals players who have been sidelined owing to such injuries — which is double the number of problems that other teams in the AFC are facing — since Aug. 1. “Instead, what we are seeing is a bunch of athletes who are playing catch-up on their conditioning and, as a result, they are pulling muscles left and right.”

The fitness expert, who has worked with everyone from stay-at-home moms to beauty queens and professional athletes, and is now training a young woman for an upcoming episode of MTV’s “MADE,” said the Bengals’ strength coaches and team trainers are either ignorant, absent or indifferent about this situation.

“Some athletes don’t have a clue about conditioning and it is up to their strength coaches or trainers to have the knowledge and interest to help them live up to their potential, but this isn’t happening with the Bengals,” he said. “For example, Rudi Johnson, their star running back who has led the team in rushing yards and touch downs for the last three years, has a hamstring pull. No properly conditioned athlete should ever suffer that injury.”

Castellano says these injuries — and the loss of key players — can be easily avoided by structuring proper workout regimens for these athletes. He said most hamstring pulls are directly related to an imbalance in strength from the quadriceps and the hip muscle because the stronger muscles overpower the weaker ones. Additionally, he said that hamstring pulls tend to occur more in the weight room because athletes think they should be doing heavy squats when, instead, the muscle needs to be worked the way it was intended to move, by pulling the lower leg toward the buttocks.

“There is no excuse for being in poor condition,” said Castellano. “Barring sudden impact injuries such as a helmet to the knee or bruised ribs from an opposing player’s shoulder tackle, I believe that athletes who get conditioning-related injuries should be fined for every day they miss practice. It is their job to be fit for practice and play hard on game day.”

Castellano is the founder and CEO of askROCCO.com and he will be on tour in 2008 to offer boot camps throughout the country. For information, visit www.askrocco.com or call (513) 421-2651.


Question...what the hell are these kids doing for nutrition, stretching, and strenght training. It seems like everyweek 4 or 5 of our guys go down. My grandmother toughed it out better than these punks when she slipped on a glossy kitchen floor and broke her bad hip. UM should get life alert. C'mon guys! This season is special. Take care of yourselves.

I didn't read the article about FSU releasing the information on the cheating scandal, but I did see a mention of an athlete or athletes with a second grade reading level. Lets be happy with how the coaches are recruiting for the U!

U jacks$$e$ are morrons. The only real new injury that's out for the season is Jordan futch. The other guys have being injured all season anyway, like Ojomo. The others weren't going to c playing time anyway. So, y don't u all calm down. U really believe Patrick swayzee who's being doing this for a while all of a sudden doesn't know how to train kids anymore? U r all retards.

Did anyone see the USF vs.Cincy game last night? Was it me or did USF's uniforms look a little like the "U". They went from their gold and black helmets and uniforms to white helmets with green USF logo's and green jerseys with white pants. They got creamed by a back-up QB last night even in their UM uniforms. The "U" still got to be careful. There was some speed and talent on that USF team even though they lost. GO CANES!

Thought it was Andrew Swayzee (not sure if that's the correct spelling of his last name). And I agree. He's been doing this for a VERY long time. He's well respected among his peers throughout the nation & VERY well respected by current Pro NFL players. Even pro players who did not go to the U trains in the off season down here with him & the other players. Go figure...


That might be one of the dumbest things I have ever read. The article is more about Castellano making a name for himself than anything else. Per his logic (and yours) we shouldn't be seeing any injuries in professional sports. It is down right ludicrous to expect that in a physical game like football. Andreu Swasey is a very well respected trainer. Why do you think all the NFL-Canes return in the summers to work out with him? I am not saying that Swasey couldn't improve in some aspects...but I am saying that your post (and that article) are a waste of space!

Candid comments by Coach Shannon, but I still feel that Damien Berry needs to get more playing time...

We could use D.Berry on obvious short yardage situations to preserve James and Coop throughout the season.

Damien Berry works hard, doesn't complain, and probably would have been starting at one of the Safety positions by now; if he wasn't asked to move to RB...

D. Berry even has the size to even play FB, I just think this kid is slipping through the cracks; lets utilize him...

Reward the guy for doing a good job everytime he has touched the ball !!!

Lets Go Canes !!!

Our defense is taking a beating, with all these guys done for the year, at least in terms of depth. I guess we are going to have to out score everybody. We are not even half way through the season and all these guys are gone. I'll have to say one thing there definetly won't be any problem with depth next year on defensive side of the ball. We should have 2o guys back that had started at least 3 games.

Dude wheres my post.


Does that trainer tell us how better conditioning will save a guy from getting punched in the jaw? Landing on his shoulder after a tackle? A high-ankle sprain? We're not shutting guys down for pulled hamstrings here. These are bone and joint problems that happen when you things out of place. No amount of conditioning will save you from a broken bone.

In 3 years Shannon has brought the first team starters up to the level of some of those old teams. The second and third stringers are still young, and only time will change that. The list of injuries we have now wouldn't have even been noticed in 2001. Remember when we lost both starting defensive ends before the season opener against Penn State in 2001? Well we did, but not a whole lot was made about it because the next two were also future first-rounders. Our next two are freshmen now, but they won't always be.

Go Canes!

I love the fact that Coach Shannon was upfront with the questions asked. In the recruiting field too many all the critics bass their belief of the rankings and not on the mind site of the young man if he is right for the program. The program is in the right direction with coach Shannon and his staff.

you would think Brooklyn had graduated valedictorian from UFelony.


Did you and Castellano stay in a Holiday Inn together last night? You take idiot to a higher degree.

Take it easy there Rawpimple... you are also guilty. when you say to a person "you are from Brooklyn" the you are is "YOU'RE."

Go Canes!

rawpimple said :
"Brooklyn Cane Fan,
You need to slow down. Your spelling is awful and grammar is worse.
Now I know your from Brooklyn but please.
Wow there are alot of idiots in Brooklyn!!!!"

Oh I love the ironic posts. I love them A LOT :-)

I do hope that they find a way to sign RS long term. It will only solidify the program in so many ways! RS is a true Cane from a player, to a coordinator to HC! It's in his blood & it shows true loyalty. Unlike another coach with a gimick offense that does not prepare players for the next level & will leave after he loses his boy toy!

I never thought that they had that kind of a relationship until I saw the Eskimo kissing on the sideline during the LSU game. It looks like they practice the Center, QB excahnge in the HC's office. The only question is who is the Center & who is the QB? Or do they take turns?

Some of you need to do some research before you start spouting off. Your ignorance is amazing. Some of you are really in Swasey's jock big time. That's really sad. But, that is no matter, I am sure Coach Shannon will come to his senses about the matter eventually. I just feel bad for the kids that have to get hurt in the meantime.

Ignorance is as ignorance does. Post the facts! Fact: NFL players return to train with him during the off season. Post a fact of ANY player attributing their injuries to him. Don't say that he is the cause of all these injuries. That's as ignorant as saying that the cold air during winter is the reason ducks fly to the south. It's FB season. Injuries happen. One year out of many does not make it a trend.

Yeah Urban Meyer sure doesnt prepare people for the next level. Percy Harvin is a stud and tearing it up for the undefeated Vikings and Louis Murphy aint doing too bad either. After this year, it will be an influx of Gators going to the NFL, unlike Miami. Ohhhh it is Coker's fault eventhough the bum Shannon was a major part of that mess.

LMFAO!!! Harvin??? Murphy??? 2 compared to the countless U players in the NFL??? How many Utes are pro bowlers that he coached??? Combine UF & Utes & they still do not come close! Come stronger buddy!!!

Yep! Alex Smith is tearing it up!!! Ummm... And so is... Ummm... Any other player that was coached by this guy? Ummm... Uhhh... Any Lineman? Any RB? Any LB? Any DL? Any DB? Any kicker?!?! Ummm... Yeah... He's a real developer of pro talent! Go to UF to be a good colledge player in his gimmick offense! Dude has no track record! No way you can argue with that & if you try it really shows your ignorance!

Percy Harvin is doing "ok". For this sunday, he's already hurt. poor little percy poo. Lets see Murphy? Are you kidding me? He has stone hands. He's already dropped several passes this season. Ok who else? LOL.

Percy Harvin--mmm vs Devin Hester, mmmm, I'll take Roscoe Parrish in a million years over both

Louis Murphy MMMmm vs Andre Johnson. OMG How can I even say the two in the same sentence? Gimme Reggie Wayne anytime.


I agree with you 100%. It's bad enough they got a "U" on their helmets. For their own good, I hope they stick to their gold helmets when we play them, or it can get really ugly.

BTW, The day Shannon and Harris give each other Eskimo kisses, is the day I become a FAMU fan! cough cough....f@gs....cough cough!

Pimple it was funny until u started to compare tha U to UF in players. Why we gotta go there COrtez Kennedy,Brown,Sapp,Maryland,Wilfork,Lang, opps I'm sorry I should stop Shockey,Winslow,Franks,James,Portis,Gore,Highsmith,Gary,Williams three times Mcneil,Taylor,Rumph,Buchanon,Reed,Both Blades, Vinney,Kelly,Kosar,Barrow,Armstead,D. Smith.....Ok Ok Ok I'll stop my hand hurts Irvin,Johnson,Searcy, Mckinnie,Bibla......

C'mon! No argument there! What program has a more well rounded pro resume? QB's? The U! RB? WR? TE? OL? DL? LB? DB? Even K/P? All the U!!! So much that even the NFL takes the HC's!!! What other program??? In the gimmick guy's words, "Any recruit would be crazy not to want to play for" The U!!!


The bar is set very low for UFElony players in the NFL. "Tearing it up," for a UFelon, is basically bench-warming for any other program.

1 significant player in 100 years of UFelony football. A pitiful track record which will continue when all of the "system" guys flop, starting with Teblow.

Low expectations, UFelony, keep them reeeeeal low then, when a receiver makes a catch, it is considered "tearing it up."


Students using the UCF Football Ticket Lottery were turned down for the first time this season. Joe Hornstein, associate director of athletics, said that 12,234 students entered the student lottery for the 8,000 available tickets to the University of Miami game this Saturday. According to Hornstein, 4,234 students had to be turned down for the game.

The University of Miami was allotted 5,000 tickets by UCF to be sold to Hurricane fans.
-- centralfloridafuture


Maybe you all don't understand, RS is a competitive guy who loves competition. He looks for the player who is ready, willing and able to move up on the depth chart. It seems he looks at attitude, scholastic aptitude, character, heart and how much you want it. He wants these kids to do well in life, not just football. He looks at the football player overall, turning boys into men. I like his philosophy and it seems to be working just fine. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT USF

Hey pimple, go back to molesting the cows and sheep.


Take your time writing and don't forget Ray Lewis, Irvin, Morgan, Meriweather, Olsen, Morgan, James and so on and so on...

If you are so proud to have Randy Shannon, show him the money and sign him to a LONNNNNNG extension. Money talks. Do it now!

With Bobby Bowden and Randy Shannon around for a long time, the Gators will continue to be #1 in the state and South Florida #2!

Posted by: Rawpimple | October 16, 2009 at 06:33 PM

Meyer won't stay at UF. I know ,I know, he signed a new contract blah blah blah. Meyer isn't stupid, after Charlie Strong leaves for greener pastures so will Meyer. Dan Mullen has made Urban look like a genius. From the time Mullen was a QB coach at Bowling Green to leading the Utes to their first undefeated season. It was Mullen who ran the offense and worked with Alex Smith just like he did Timmy. Why is it that TT isn't putting up the stats he did the same time last year? Last year Mullen system was blowing out the same teams that UF did a ho hum job at beating this year.

Urban can be bought out of his contract, hell Urban make's enough to buy himself out of the contract and still come out smelling like a rose. Florida will have more problems after this year than UM had the last four.

The flash in the pan is over, it make take some time for your eyes to adjust.

Oh you do realize that the UM-UCF game will be on tv this weekend right? Unlike the first game for the mighty gators. See even the gators will take the bus to J ville for the UGA game just like UM. Your one dumb clod.

Davon should start over Collier, faster,quicker,with better moves!

Has anyone ordered the online PPV HD version of the game yet? I'm trying to purchase it in advance since I'm not in FL but can't find the link to order and pay on the CBS college sports network. I can find the link to become a monthly member but the Hurricanes website says that such memberships will NOT be able to see the game--only annual ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Here's the Canes website with the instructions I'm going off of so you know what I'm talking about. http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/101309aah.html


We need a few hand picked kids from ca
Here's a few

Jesse Scroggins
Victor Perez
Brandon Brennan
Dominique Blackman-JC
Taylor Budd-JC

Victor Blackwell (ONLY A JR. A MUST HAVE 4 US TRUST ME)
Kimbrell Thompkins-JC (looks familar right)

Rozell Gayden-JC
Louiszell Alexander-JC (same school as Gayden)

Ronald Powell

Joshua Shaw]
Shaquillie Richardson




Most of the injuries are joints and ligaments. It doesn't matter what your conditioning level is, if you roll an ankle, you're going to get hurt.

Additionally, we play a lot of young kids who don't get to benefit from years of conditioning.

We need to recruit big linemen. Let's hit the midwest and get some of those giants that the Big Ten schools get. South Florida isn't a great area for big offensive linemen. We can offer these kids immediate playing time and tons of sunshine.

The question was professional players under Urban Meyer. So I gave you two recent examples. I also said name me some recent Canes in the NFL during the same time? Then I hear Cortez Kennedy, Lamar Thomas, and Gino Toretta. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
P.S. Gino Toretta now comes by to collect by trash on M W and F.

You guys are living so far in the past it isnt even funny! Going back to the Temple, FAMU days with no conference championship and home national title games. BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

Remember you dont win anything for sending a lot of players to the pros although recently and the coming years the Gators will destroy the Canes in that too. For the most recent: Check out THIS YEARS NFL DRAFT! It is going to be ridiculous!

"Your one dumb clod.

Posted by: 352 aka jorts country | October 17, 2009 at 12:00 AM "


The Canes on the internet. CLASSIC!!!! Not even on that obscure ESPNU anymore. IRRELEVANT!!!! NO ONE CARES!!!! I am sure it will be the most watched game on the internet. BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

Being on the internet will help the Canes more than you will ever know!


Dude is a complete bum, complete BUM! He has no clue as a head coach. I bet if you asked Shannon how many timeouts he gets per half, he would answer with 7.

Besides those Northwestern kids who were coming to UM anyway, Shannon has done a completely overrated job recruiting. Remember he was the D-coordinator on Coker's staff during all those piss poor recruiting years. It isnt much better now. At least Coker won a national title and Coker's head coaching W-L record puts Shannons to shame.

But please sign that bum to a LONNNGGG extension. I will definitely celebrate and laugh in your faces when that happens, if it happens.


I agree. Kinda odd. Hope we whoop them.

ok pimple- Here's your PRO_ACTIV:
"Recent" UM players in the NFL- of course you are so biased that you keep moving the bar to suit the definition of "recent":

Brandon Meriwhether
Jon Beason
Rocky MAcintosh
Kenny Phillips
Antrel Rolle
Bruce Johnson
Frank Gore
greg Olsen
Devin Hester

I can keep going if you want me to but I wont.

I submit, THe U has had fewer players in the NFL thanin years past, but despite, F-U having won 2, maybe even 3 of the last 5 NCs, the count still stands:

Players in NFL ROSters:

1- LSU, Texas 41
2- UM, Oh State 39
9- UF 29

The impact of UM players in the NFL is inarguable- look at the NFL stats last year, this year (with many injured former canes), and look at the last 3 Pro Bowls.

Pimple- Take your Pro activ

Um is the worst team i have seen in along time. and your right swag is somtthing U cant coach. and that stands true to the U team


1. NFL U 41

1. lsu 41
3. texas 37
4. southern california 36
4. ohio state 36
6. georgia 35
7. tennessee 30
8. michigan 29
9. notre dame 28
10. florida state 28


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