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UCF thoughts, postgame notes

ORLANDO -- About to head back out on the road and head home. Here are some of my thoughts on UM's 27-7 win over the UCF Knights:

> This definitely wasn't the Canes finest effort. But I think it says something when U can don't necessarily play at your best and still win rather comfortably. We can point to all the what-ifs... like what-if UCF had scored a touchdown midway through the third quarter when it had the ball at the UM 2 to start or what-if the Knights hadn't missed that field goal in the first quarter. The bottomline: UM was clearly the better team and more the plays when it had to. Give the Canes credit -- especially on defense.

4 > GAME BALL -- OFFENSE: Quarterback Jacory Harris made one bad decision, throwing a deep ball into double coverage to Tommy Streeter that was eventually batted away. But aside from that, Harris was spot on despite getting some really poor pass protection. He finished 20-for-26 for 293 yards and a touchdown. I can't even really remember the other five incompletions because it felt like every pass he threw was on the money. It was good to see considering he threw five interceptions in his previous three games combined.

> GAME BALL -- DEFENSE: Everybody. Miami's defense is getting better. I know they're shorthanded and they were playing against a rather average to below average UCF offense. But guys are getting better. 
- How about Jared Campbell? He caused Colin McCarthy's huge third quarter interception, but he also batted away two passes including a deep ball that could have gone for six.
- Sean Spence is no longer getting pushed around. He was all over the field with seven tackles and two huge sacks.
- Darryl Sharpton had 11 tackles -- one shy of his career high -- including eight in the first half. He looked like a real run stopper.
- And how about DeMarcus Van Dyke? Huge hit in the backfield on running back Brynn Harvey on first and goal at the 2 and then he was there to defend a pass at the 2-yard line.

> By the way, give defensive coordinator John Lovett some love for calling more blitzes this week against UCF. Coach Randy Shannon said UM saw stuff on film earlier this week and Lovett created blitzes from three, four, five and six man looks. UM created enough pressure to disrupt big plays.

> EMERGING: Damien Berry might be UM's best running back. Last week, I was urging the kid to ask for more playing time. He got it because he earned it -- and because Graig Cooper and Mike James are hurt. Still, give Berry credit. He went out and ran again with a full head of steam, helping UM's stagnant running game get going with 14 carries for 60 yards. Javarris James, who moved to seventh on UM's all-time rushing list, said Berry has always been this tough a runner. I'll say it now without the smirk: Give Berry the dang ball!

> NEEDS WORK: After giving up six sacks, UM has a lot of work to do in pass protection, namely with the guy starting at right tackle Matt Pipho. UM coach Randy Shannon was quick to defend his offensive line, saying Jacory might have been hanging onto the ball too long or receivers weren't running the right routes. I'm sorry, but when you have to roll your quarterback out so he can throw the football, you aren't doing a good job protecting him. Nearly all of Jacory's sacks happened in 3-4 seconds or less, usually when UCF blitzes weren't picked up. That should be chalked up to pass protection.

> HELMET STICKERS: Walk-on Corey Nelms for his huge hit on a kickoff return; tight end Jimmy Graham for his two tough catches that didn't go for touchdowns; kicker Alex Uribe for his three tackles on kickoff returns (Matt Bosher isn't the only kicker who can bring guys down). 


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1st - from WA state!

Whats up with Cooper and M.James?

I thought Shannon said that Cooper was ready to go this week? I am tired of Shannon saying a guy is definitely going to play and doesn't.

At least they are winning even though they are arguably the most injured team in the country.


No need to play cooper who is recovering from injury when you have 3 or 4 other running backs that can get the job done.

Nice one Manny. Berry looks awfully good. I agree w/ Coach Shannon's assessment that Jacory was holding the ball just a little too long. One area I would like to see improvement from Jacory when he gets pressured is using his outlet receiver more (usually a running back or blocking TE) when receivers down field aren't open. On some of those sacks he might have been able to dump the ball off.

Howdy Pards:
I love this team. They played 60 minutes. They get better all the time. Please stay healthy. Only one problem for right now!!! Concentrate on Clemson. Fans get to the game!!!

Go Canes

Any injuries sustained in this game?

why can't we play a guy like Jermaine Johnson or one of the other young guys. Pipho is a senior who sucks. I thank god some of the older guys are not gonna be around after this year.

You all forget that Matt Pipho dominated Derrick Morgan from GT...

u guys are delussional. a guy has a bad game and off with his head. how about the fact that hes being beter than we thought this season.

We are 8th in AP poll. No love what so ever.

with every FIU and Charly Southern loss, the UFelony strenght of schedule goes down. Just like their poll standings.




I look to be at 6 or 7 in BCS
Maybe 5 if we jump USC.

Remember, AP means nothing for BCS. Only coaches/Harris matter.

Florida is going to lose before the SEC game this season. If we keep winning, and pull ahead of them in rankings, it will be interesting to see if these Gator clowns come to post on the Herald or SunSent or not.

"u guys are delussional. a guy has a bad game and off with his head. how about the fact that hes being beter than we thought this season."

Thats Canes "fans" for ya

After the Va Tech game everybody was calling for Graham's head

Thank you bobjohnson!!!! Thank you Nigeian Cane!!!! Pipho was supposed to be dead meat against Morgan from GT and he shut his man out. He's having a good year, actually a very good year. Manny, I expect the average dimwit fan to have a short memory, but I should think we'd get a little more perspective from you. Although I'm with you on Berry, the guy has looked amazing, albeit against two lesser opponents.

There's half a season to play, no.8 in the AP Poll means squat, we just need to take care of business wether it's winning by 1 point or a blowout, a win is a win and everything else will fall into place!

I don't understand how Iowa leapfrogs us for beating Wisconsin. Wisconsin hasn't beaten anyone this season...

Damien Berry IS our best RB. I said it after spring, before the season, after FAMU (when the other RBs were stuffed). Keep feeding Berry the rock - teams will say six weeks from now "Where did this guy come from".


Anyway you can give us more info. on injuries?

Its frustrating not to be able to get more specifics on injuries from the U.

Why isn't McCarthy playing more? He always makes plays & tackles when he is in there, yet lately he is only playing in 1 out of every 3 snaps.

What happened to Baily, he went out in the first quarter & did not come back in? Whats the status on Mike James?


I saw a great game Sat. nite. Everyone played a good game. The DEF. really turned it around in 3rd Qtr. If they score there the whole game would have changed, and the outcome might have been different. Not worried about the poll #s yet. It is still too early. We have 2-3 tuff games remaining, Next week Clemson, NC on their turf, and the last game. VA tech looks beatable and hopefully will drop one more game. Ga Tech has a tuff sced. yet to play. If we can some how hang on and win our div and play for ACC the polling will take care of its self. Right now the NC looks out AL, Tex, and Fla, will fight it out. Fla is beatable also. REMEMBER PLAYERS THE GAME IS FOUR QTRS 15 MINUTES EACH. Play hard on both sides of the ball and it will all fall into place. Thanks

Iowa passed us because they are undefeated. That's it. Frankly there should be no rankings at all until this time of year.

I was pretty happy with the game last night too. The offense moved the ball pretty much at will, but did have some disappointing mistakes that can be fixed. Without those mistakes it have been a much bigger blowout (let's not forget those "what ifs" Manny). There are always "what ifs" for both teams in every game. So it is a pointless discussion. Last year it was just complete ineptitude the whole year, so this is a breath of fresh air. No turnovers was nice too.

The good thing about this game is the coaches will have stuff to point to too make sure the team isn't lax going in to a tough game.

I'm looking forward to Saturday already. It will be a good test.

Go Canes!!!!

Two teams in front of us in the polls - V-Tech and Ohio St. - lost and we only move up one space. If we had actually run the offense in the 4th quarter instead of sitting on the ball we would have won by more. 34-7 sounds alot better than 27-7 to the pollsters especially against and average team like UCF. I'm not saying be classless and run up the score but execute the normal offense and try to score. At the very least, it's good practice for tougher teams down the road.

someone please explain to me how iowa jumps us in the polls...

-this is their non-conference:
northern iowa(who they beat by 1 point)
iowa state
arkansas state(who they beat by a FG)

-they play in the sh**ty big 10 and havent had a convincing win against any of them.

-theyve beaten 1 ranked team in #13 penn state(also in the garbage big 10)

i dont care if theyre undefeated. the 2008 MNW high school team would be undefeated right now too with that pathetic of a schedule.

Iowa is undefeated I don't have an issue with them jumping us. We just have to keep winning, no reason to worry about the polls until November.

FYI, its very hard to go undefeated. Things happen just ask USC. Let the games play out fellas, no problem here having Iowa jump the Canes. Ooster, for all your comments about Florida not that great, etc; they have the longest winning streak in the nation. Again, going undefeated in whatever conference you play in is no easy task. As the defending champ they have the voter's "innocent until proven guilty" respect.

The Canes will be the first ones to tell ya they should have taken care of business with regards to VT.

As an aside I like CBSsports current Bowl Projections, if the U can't make the NC or play a bowl against ND I would them to meet Penn St. in the Orange Bowl. I would love to show up to that one in my new hoodie and rocking fatigues.

GO CANES! Woosh, Woosh.

Gators #6 in strength of schedule in the country!

Where do the Canes rank? #10 behind the Gators eventhough their fans have been pounding their chests the entire year!



Posted by: Rawpimple | October 18, 2009 at 07:23 PM

Pimple- That doesnt mean its correct.
Go ahead average out their current SOS- versus Miami's. No not in 6 weeks now. because the BCS came out now.

Ch Southern. ha ha ha
Troy. OMG they beat FIU who UF will play this yr
Tennessee wow
LSU oooohhh ahhhhhhh

FSU. FSU can beat Tennessee
VT- VT can beat any team on that schedule including Florida
GT- ditto
Oklahoma- ditto

Whose schedule is stronger, Mr pimpleinmya---?

There is no way. No way the turds should be number 1. No way. the g-y love affair between the media and the sanctimonious one continues. Unfairly. Arkansas got scred by the refs, and F_U got lucky.

Totally unfair BCS. The B()S is the laughing stock of the world. No doubt.

Should be:
1. Alabama
2. texas
3. UF
4. Iowa
5. Boise State
'nuf said. Can't wait to see Alabama hammer Teblow. But they are so lucky, Ingram may pulla hammy before the game- ala DeMarco Murray last year.

I was at the game, and to watch shannon piss away nearly NINE MINUTES and not score at the end of the game was painful. I know he was trying to be respectful but we need bigger margins in our wins! Put your principles aside on gameday and SCORE POINTS SHANNON, WTF???!!!

You people are misguided to think that this was Pipho's only bad game. Because he isnt a skilled player where his mistakes are easily visible all you know is what you hear and that was he had a good game against GT. People we have played 6 games and if you took the time to watch the blocks the guy misses and the lack of aggression you'd know this guy is playing horribly. Its like we have 10 guys on the field. He got murdered at VT. Worilds threw him around like a rag doll. He put the season in jeopardy the first game at FSU when Jacory got creamed by Greg Reid and that ended with a pick 6. Thank God that didnt turn into a Sam Bradford situation having our starting qb out indefinitly. Pipho has shown no consistency, and we cannot afford to have our qb sacked 6 times in one game with a true freshmen as a back up. This is certainly not a one bad game for Pihpo.

Just the facts, not the KOOL AID.

Strength of schedule so far Gators played the tougher schedule! BAWAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

All that chest pounding and crying about such a tough schedule! BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAH


Dude this is the real strength of schedule


Canes are at #22!!!!

Gators at #8!!!!!

Maybe Gator fans should be crying like the Canes fans were about being too tough a schedule?

Don't be worried about the rankings...all we need to do is win out. Win out and we'll get a nice bowl. Hopefully it will be against Florida.

Pipho has done better than expected. Same goes for the rest of the offensive line.

Let's just say we need to do a better job of recruiting offensive linemen.

The strength of schedule takes into account nothing but the record of the teams you've played throughout the season. Florida has played a bunch of sorry teams with decent records against equally sorry teams. Look at the rest of the line for the Gayturds upcoming schedule. Their future opponents are 13-23!!!! The SOS will even out over the season and it is gonna kill the Turds in the BCS in the end.

BTW...look at the top three teams on that list. All teams the U played. which BTW accounts for many of their losses. SOS calculation has no real bearing on actual SOS. It is such BS. If it maybe took into account the ranked teams that you played, then maybe it would make more sense.

So in summary....current SOS is completely useless. It's too bad the BCS actually uses it in its calculation.

A long way to go and Miami has to keep winning
or it is meaningless. Gators should be number one till someone beats them and i'm a Gator hater but ------fair is fair.
Fat Charlie at ND getting another signature loss,wait till they play USC in LA next year,good-bye Charlie.

Iowa has a good team, they beat Penn State in happy valley. On a neutral field they would be a tough opponent although I think the Canes would take em. Like others said, they are ranked above the U because they are undefeated.

Just take care of business, let SpongeBob do the smack talking ...

Canesjunkie I hear u and good point but ur wrong. Starting may be more than expected but he's a senior getting pushed around by ucf. Seriously no excuse.

dencane's right. And koolaid or rawpimple whoever you are disguising your true gy feelings for Tim teblow, you make no sense and you cannot listen to reason so I'm done w/ your dumb a55.

All that has to be said is: Troy, Charleston Southern, Mississsipi State and FIU. 4 teams (and go ahead and include FSU b/c FSU will likely lose another 1-2 games before playing UF) and you have THE weakest schedule in the country and I venture to say, weaker than Boise State. UF administration has no b-lls to play out of conf teams. No Troy doesnt count. The alumni, the admin., the coach, the players, the fans, the school, is soft, and panzy.

Next year will be fun to watch: No teblow, No Dunlap, no sikes, no pouncies, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. UF will go 7-6 3 years in a row. Only because they play thelikes of troy. In 2013, when youcome to town, there will bw 70,000 waiting to see the canes put 60 on you. And believe me, after that last minute fg that Urban the liar kicked to beat the spread, I know this is one time when RS will run it up.

Now for something that really matters- The U needs towork on the O-line this week. Clemson has speed and JH cannot be allowed to a) be sacked so many times, and b) to hurry hhis passes. That could cause turnovers, which as everyone knows translates into an L. The running game HAS to step up big time, to slow down the Clemson D and open up lanes for our playmakaz. I say- Berry and JJ in the back field unless Coop is 100%.

you guys are right, we should say the Canes had the tougher schedule because we drink the Kool Aid, not because 2 objective systems to determine strength of schedule says so.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we are BRAINLESS, CARELESS Canes fans, PASS MORE OF DAT KOOL AID!!!!

I hope the dinged up CANES were able to rest because we have the MEAT of the conference schedule coming up! NOT LET DOWN AGAINST CLEMSON!


What's up with Jacory saying it's a 'Bulls Thing' when he was interviewed about throws to Tommy Streeter?

He needs to tone that type of stuff down because it alienates the rest of the team. We all love MNW and know what that program's success means to UM, but you're on a new team now.

UF: Charleston Southern (2-4, lost to Wofford and Gardn.Webb), Tennessee (3-3), Ark (3-3), LSU (5-1), Troy 4-2.
Only ranked team: LSU

UM: FSU (2-4), Oklahoma (3-3), Va tech (5-2), UCF (3-3), Ga Tech (6-1)
ranked teams: FSU, Ok, VaTech, Ga Tech.

Are you serious?

Whaaaaaaaaaaa. We pway in da SEC. Dat automwatically means we play the best schedule.

Waaaaaa. Our opponents stink. We pway something named Charlie Southern. We killed them. Remember? We killed Troy. Remember? We pway an over-rated LSU and SEC schedule. Waaaaaaaaaa. Georgia sucks ass but they are SEC. Waaaaaaaaa.

I mean it.

Has anyone seen Pedro? hahahahahaha

First, the o-line, aside from Fox is average and that's the way it's going to be the rest of the year. Shannon better start playing some of those young guys, especially if next year is the year will contend for the title. We lose half the o-line plus, at least 3 TE's.
Iowa will get beat this week by M.S.U..Florida is lucky but unless Alabama beats them they will be in the Title game. Aside from Mallet at Arkansas, there are no great throwing Q.B.'s in the S.E.C. that will give the Gators problems and Yeah the media loves them some T-Bone.

So if the Gators lose and the canes jump up in the BCS due to their SOS is the BCS still sh*t?

Stupidty is something you can't coach.

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