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UCF thoughts, postgame notes

ORLANDO -- About to head back out on the road and head home. Here are some of my thoughts on UM's 27-7 win over the UCF Knights:

> This definitely wasn't the Canes finest effort. But I think it says something when U can don't necessarily play at your best and still win rather comfortably. We can point to all the what-ifs... like what-if UCF had scored a touchdown midway through the third quarter when it had the ball at the UM 2 to start or what-if the Knights hadn't missed that field goal in the first quarter. The bottomline: UM was clearly the better team and more the plays when it had to. Give the Canes credit -- especially on defense.

4 > GAME BALL -- OFFENSE: Quarterback Jacory Harris made one bad decision, throwing a deep ball into double coverage to Tommy Streeter that was eventually batted away. But aside from that, Harris was spot on despite getting some really poor pass protection. He finished 20-for-26 for 293 yards and a touchdown. I can't even really remember the other five incompletions because it felt like every pass he threw was on the money. It was good to see considering he threw five interceptions in his previous three games combined.

> GAME BALL -- DEFENSE: Everybody. Miami's defense is getting better. I know they're shorthanded and they were playing against a rather average to below average UCF offense. But guys are getting better. 
- How about Jared Campbell? He caused Colin McCarthy's huge third quarter interception, but he also batted away two passes including a deep ball that could have gone for six.
- Sean Spence is no longer getting pushed around. He was all over the field with seven tackles and two huge sacks.
- Darryl Sharpton had 11 tackles -- one shy of his career high -- including eight in the first half. He looked like a real run stopper.
- And how about DeMarcus Van Dyke? Huge hit in the backfield on running back Brynn Harvey on first and goal at the 2 and then he was there to defend a pass at the 2-yard line.

> By the way, give defensive coordinator John Lovett some love for calling more blitzes this week against UCF. Coach Randy Shannon said UM saw stuff on film earlier this week and Lovett created blitzes from three, four, five and six man looks. UM created enough pressure to disrupt big plays.

> EMERGING: Damien Berry might be UM's best running back. Last week, I was urging the kid to ask for more playing time. He got it because he earned it -- and because Graig Cooper and Mike James are hurt. Still, give Berry credit. He went out and ran again with a full head of steam, helping UM's stagnant running game get going with 14 carries for 60 yards. Javarris James, who moved to seventh on UM's all-time rushing list, said Berry has always been this tough a runner. I'll say it now without the smirk: Give Berry the dang ball!

> NEEDS WORK: After giving up six sacks, UM has a lot of work to do in pass protection, namely with the guy starting at right tackle Matt Pipho. UM coach Randy Shannon was quick to defend his offensive line, saying Jacory might have been hanging onto the ball too long or receivers weren't running the right routes. I'm sorry, but when you have to roll your quarterback out so he can throw the football, you aren't doing a good job protecting him. Nearly all of Jacory's sacks happened in 3-4 seconds or less, usually when UCF blitzes weren't picked up. That should be chalked up to pass protection.

> HELMET STICKERS: Walk-on Corey Nelms for his huge hit on a kickoff return; tight end Jimmy Graham for his two tough catches that didn't go for touchdowns; kicker Alex Uribe for his three tackles on kickoff returns (Matt Bosher isn't the only kicker who can bring guys down). 


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Alabama looks like a much better team than UF. UF has a great defense, but Aaron Hernandez is the whole offense. I love the way they take the migdet and run him right into the middle of the line. Good thing for him Bosher doesn't play LB for Arkansas.

Lord give us this team in bowl. We can give Tebow a nice going away present...since it's his last organized football game.

The line isnt playing better than expecte. Whipple is coaching better than ecpected. He has put together a lot of unbalanced lines and max protection schemes to make up for the weakness of skill and agressioon the line. This takes away a tight end or full back or extra receiver that could be in the pass play but instead they are in blocking for the poor Oline. I dont know if we have the personnel to do better, but soemthing has to change especially with Pihpo b/c he isnt getting any better. Id rather give the next best guy a shot and seeif he gets better, rather than waiting on Pihpo a 5th yr senior in his 6th game still playing like he's out of his league and not improving. Football is about consistency. No one great catch or one great throw. Youhave to be able to come out on a consistant basis and do a a good. Pihpo did a good job at GT (with max protection help and unbalanced lines), what abou the 5 other games????

U v. wake set ...
3:30p ABC



nigerian big man Raphael Hapejiori commits …


You guys are amazing.

I haven't heard that rumor but I actually think it would help non-SEC teams, not hurt them. That championship game is an almost guaranteed quality win for an SEC opponent at the end of every year. That win helped both a two-loss LSU team and last year's one-loss Florida team get into the BCS NC game. This is because of the SEC's lack of parity and hierarchical structure.

Put it this way--if the ACC had a powerhouse in the atlantic division, wouldn't it be awesome if Miami beat that team at the end of the season? As it stands, we'll most likely play a team with 3, maybe 4 losses at the end of the season (each of those teams has at least two losses right now), should we get to the ACC game. Such a game would NOT give us any respectable boost.

So regarding that rumor, I hope it's true, for it could only help non-SEC teams like The U. I highly doubt it, however, for it's also a big money maker.



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- The Southeastern Conference says there's no video evidence to support the personal foul call against Arkansas' Malcolm Sheppard in the fourth quarter of the Razorbacks' 23-20 loss to Florida.
The penalty gave the Gators the ball on the Arkansas 10-yard line, and they scored on the next play to tie the game at 20. Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long said Monday the school had expressed its concerns to the league.


And as long as we're talking about the SEC, it's obvious that the SEC is the supreme conference and a monopoly over college football, if you ask me. The championship game is only one of their monopolistic features, for it gives their teams a second chance at the NC game almost every year.

Moreover, it's obvious the SEC is the most talented in the country. Year after year, the SEC pulls in up to two-thirds of the nations top recruits. So out of ESPN's top 150, that's 100 for the SEC and 50 four the rest of the conferences. That's a self-perpetuating monopoly if you ask me.

Miami is a special team, IMO, that doesn't really need a conference. The ACC is a shyt-hole and a basketball conference. Ever since we came to the ACC things went downhill.

I would love for Miami to be a Notre Dame type team. We got the mystique, the talent, the City of Miami, the fans, the draw, the alumni. Everything we need to dominate every year AND bring in top recruits is right here. (The only thing missing is money but that has never stopped us before right?)

Or if not a non-conference team, then we should join the SEC. Could you imagine a world with all of the recruiting advantages we already have PLUS the fact that we'd be in the SEC? We would run circles around that conference! Of course the powers that be in the SEC know this and would never allow it.

I HATE the ACC. I think the ACC needs us way more than we need it.

End rant.

We're a national program...the SEC is made up of regional programs. For all of their success, those programs need each other to be successful. People love to watch us because we wear the black hat in college football. No matter where we go, we'll draw a big crowd.

It would be a waste of time for us to be in the SEC. The only thing we would get is good barbeque. There's good barbeque in the SEC.

Let me ammend my comment by saying whereever we go outside of South Florida. The worst attendance we get is in our house.

OK so we have to win out in order to have a shot at the ACC title game AND we need to be ranked higher than GT and VT.

I think we can win out, my only doubt is keeping a higher ranking. We don't play anybody who would give us a boost. GT has Georgia to help them.

I'm also concerned about Randy Shannon willingness to put a beatdown on an opponent. The guy doesn't like to humiliate opponents and he has a real interest in getting the bench some playing time. I can see where he's coming from with the playing time, we certainly benefit from getting our youth playing time. I also think he carries himself with exceptional class in this respect.

Personally, I'd like to see us issue beatdowns the rest of the way. This conference was loving every UM defeat in 2007 and they were really quick to dismiss us at the begining of the year.

Good stuff Manny. U da man. I agree with Ur game balls. The Defense is getting better. Hell a couple times in the game the Defense reminded me of past greats. U are spot on with the emergence of D.Berry. I have been saying all along we were lacking a dominant RB. He has the great combo of speed and power.

shannon will always say things are fine, jacory could get sacked 10 times this saturday and he will say the O-line is fine. If someone is hurt then he will just say "lower extremity", damien berry isn't miami's best running back, graig cooper is by far the best running back yet he isn't getting played, yeah he's been hurt but all season he hasn't been the primary back, I'm not crazy about javaris james, I've never been crazy about him, graig cooper is the man who should be in the back field, he is gonna leave after this year and he's gonna be very unhappy, his goal for this year was to rush for 1,000 years and I doubt he'll even hit 500.

if i remember correctly pedro was smited by god.

on another note, dont tell me iowa jumped us because they beat penn st and are undefeated. this is the same team who only beat NORTHERN IOWA because of 2 blocked field goals at the end, almost lost to ARKANSAS STATE (beating them by a field goal), and plays in the BIG TEN. im sorry but they are not a good football team. theyve just had everything fall into place just right. they dont deserve any love. theres a reason people are saying they could easily lose to one of their next five opponents. which include MSU, IND, OSU, NW, and MINN. <<< yuck...

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