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UM-UCF will be televised locally

Comcast Network announced late Wednesday afternoon it will provide a free preview of CBS College Sports in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and the Florida Keys, allowing for Saturday's game between ninth-ranked UM and UCF to be seen locally.

The game will be available on Comcast channel 744.

If not for the deal, the 900,000 homes in South Florida that subscribe to the cable service wouldn't have been able to see the game. The Dish Network (channel 152) and DirectTV (channel 613) carry the CBS College Sports channel, but Comcast does not locally.

The game is also being made available to watch online through hurricanesports.cstv.com at a pay per view rate of $14.95 for standard definition and $19.95 for high definition.

Here is how the game will be made available statewide...

Counties/Cities Provider Channel
Miami-Dade, Broward, Florida Keys Comcast 744 (Digital Cable)
St. Lucie, Southern BrevardPalm Beach Comcast 744 (Digital Cable)
Ft. Myers-Naples Comcast 735 (Sports Tier)
* Jacksonville Comcast 735 (Sports Tier)
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Hotwire Comm. 201 (Sports Tier)
Mobile-Pensacola (Ft Walt) Mediacom LLC. 171 (Sports Tier)
Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne Bright House 106 (Digital Basic) 
Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne Comcast 735 (Sports Tier)
Panama City Knology 195 (Sports Tier)
* Panama City Mediacom LLC. 171 (Sports Tier)
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) Bright House 139 (Digital Basic)
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) Comcast 735 (Sports Tier)
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) Hotwire Comm. 201 (Sports Tier)
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) Knology 195 (Sports Tier)
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) Verizon FiOS 94 (Sports Tier)
Tallahassee-Thomasville Comcast 735 (Sports Tier) 
Tallahassee-Thomasville Mediacom LLC. 171 (Sports Tier) 


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Now THAT'S clutch!

Comcast = Jerry West!

Manny, the free preview is only in broward/dade? I'm stuck on the west coast of FL, any luck over here?

will directv show it free too


So its not avail. on campus?

Texas got it with Dish Network. Who needs ESPN.

espn 360

Hey guys if you have directv it will be on channel 613 its a cbs channel that's the only channel I have found it on. Just lettin yall know! And as usual GO CANES!

I live in Los Angeles. Will we be able to get the game out here? Will sports bars be able to carry the game if anything?

first question, why does anyone have Comcast? 2nd, ESPN reporting Moncur & Philips out for Sat.

I live in DC... ARGHHHH!!! I have to pay for a service that should be free...

Oh well

Phillips is out saturday! But do you guys think when he gets healthy that him and ray ray will split time?? I mean ray ray is physical and brings a lot of intensity on defense! He is the real deal! Lookin forward to him and vaughn t playin together in the future

Comcast sucks donkey nuts!!!! It's not available in the Hialeah area. Bastards.

thank u for this great year

Can you have an emergency "live chat" to answer our questions about cable and satellite in various areas of the country?

Is da game gonna be available on dish network?

Ohhhh joy!!! Now I have something to fall asleep too.

Back to Irrelevant!!!!

comcast does not have a channel 744.

Wait, they cant even make one of those ESPNU stations anymore???

I now have to watch Jacory Harris drop footballs on the internet????


What has the u resorted too???

Taking buses and being on the internet instead ot tv???

The Verizon FIOS network has been awesome for colege football! They are showing the UM/UCF game on channel 94. The high speed internet is the fastest service I have ever had, and ESPN 360 is included.

The other night my Dad and I had 4 games going at once, two laptop (wireless, 360), two HD TV's!

If they would let the cable companies have the NFL ticket, it would be Nirvana!

Go 'canes!

Manny im in Jacksonville and comcast doesnt have a sport tier channel 735 here??????

Get DirecTV, they are even showing the game on HD on CBS Sports (Channel 613). I have been with DTV since 2001. Couldn't even think about going back to Comcast...

I guess that means we're SOL here in San Diego.

With UM Alumni and Cane fans spread across the country and world, you would think that they could provide a webcast.

If FAMU can why not UM?


Come on now, what were you expecting? Us leftcoasters couldn't get the VT and OU games locally.




Live online video of the Miami vs. UCF football game on Saturday, October 17 will be available across the nation as part of a special pay-per-view event presented live in both Standard and High Definition.

Fans can view this special presentation via Standard Definition Internet video streaming for a one-time payment of $14.95. Fans interested in a higher quality video experience can view this special broadcast via HD Internet video streaming for a one-time payment of $19.95.

CBS College Sportschannel is carrying it because it is a Conference USA home game...that is why it is not on ESPN 360 nor on any other channel on cable......

Here in ATLANTA if you have Comcast it is on channel 109 on my Digital Cable.

Come on Canes fans....it's not rocket science...some of these comments have sounded more like UF grads than Hurricane fans.

this is from the C-USA website

"This season marks the fifth year of C-USA's partnership with CBS College Sports Network. In 2005, Conference USA began a partnership with CBS C that includes significant national and regional exposure for football, men's and women's basketball and other C-USA sports. CBS College Sports Network is widely available on cable systems across the country and via satellite on DIRECTV Channel 613 (Premier Package and Sports Pack) and Dish Network Channel 152 (America's Top 200 Package)."

I’m so psyched I’m flying into FLL this morning and driving over to Tampa to catch the USF – Cincinnati game then driving to Orlando to watch the Canes beat up on UCF.

I get to hang out with my college buddies for a weekend and watch two college football games.

Thanks for the info Manny and my fellow Cane Fans.

I was just about ready to pony up for the $20 Hi Def PPV and said let me check Saturday's local listings... Low and behold there it was and there it will be Saturday on my TV right in the comfort of my living room.


lets go canes

Does anybody know if atlantic BB is televising the game, im on the beach, can only get atlantic here?

What's better than the blondes in my bed,

HUgh Hefner!

I am sure the Canes will be the most watched internet game ever. ABHWHAHWHAHWHHAHHWHWHABWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

The internet!!! Even Miami Dade High school football gets on ESPN but the Canes? Nope, bUses and internet.

That is classic!!!!!

some of these comments have sounded more like UF grads than Hurricane fans.

Posted by: ATLcane | October 15, 2009 at 12:08 AM

SammyHole/Art/Don/pooltable/racist rant post/Curse of Kehoe/Dumpster Fire/GTech fans

All the same person doing whatever he can for attention

Posted by: Get A Job | September 17, 2009 at 11:09 PM

a gaturd in sheep’s clothing assumes various aliases to sow dissension


Comcast = Jerry West!

Posted by: CanesAddiction | October 14, 2009 at 06:03 PM


a friend in need is a friend indeed …


The Verizon FIOS network has been awesome for colege football! They are showing the UM/UCF game on channel 94. The high speed internet is the fastest service I have ever had, and ESPN 360 is included.

The other night my Dad and I had 4 games going at once, two laptop (wireless, 360), two HD TV's!

If they would let the cable companies have the NFL ticket, it would be Nirvana!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 14, 2009 at 10:09 PM

Why don't U just read a book ?

I read Playgirl!

Ok I am on my lunch break and went to Kinkos next door to check the board as this is my life. I am the real Sarasota 'cane and I am a true fan. The Gayturds and the semiholes are trash and they are wanna be 5 ringz. F off rawpimple and stay off da u board and I will stay off the UF, FSU, FAU, FIU, UCF, USF, BC, MDCC, St Thomas, Northwestern, and the Montesorri boards.

ah man the drive thru line is getting long, gotta go!

GO Canes!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh isn't that just beeeeautiful !

The real Sarasota Cane is logged in blue, your a dumb a** like myself!

the game is on channel 100789554.6778 in BFE .

Too bad Canes have a "fan" Sarasota 'cane with way too many personalities (he is in love the Gators, Tebow, and Rawpimple).

Can't comment making some filet of fish's and man could I use a McCafe'

Go Canes!

Sarasota Cane...

I live in Tampa now and had to break down and order FIOS this year. Worth EVERY penny! My girl and I do the same thing every Saturday. 2 Laptops and the big screen kicking at once. So much Football at once.....ESPN 360 is great. Last week I just ran my laptop into the TV to watch the Canes and FAMU. Rawpimple is still the biggest tool to ever come on this forum. I could understand seeing how bad Florida's Offense sucks this year why you would want to join in. Wait until next year. Florida won't even be a in the top 5 of the SEC..... The time is near.

Sports Illustrated gets it WRONG AGAIN! oooooh the toughest conference of them all!

Ooooh ahhhh. Like you have to remind us of that every time you can. that is an exercise in rationalization. That's PSych 101. The turds have to rationalize that they dont have the courage to play outside the south and outside the SEC (other than bowls- reminder they are 4-6 the last 10 bowls), because they play in the oh so tough SEC. Well, don't forget the MIGHTY SEC went 4-6 against the ACC last year. DID the ACC get a kudos on SI? NOT! SI rides the bandwagon of the season and for now that is Timmmy Christlike.

I realize you turd fans get all mooshy when you see alpha male Urban Liar rub all up on Timmy after a TD or whatever. But that is too much for me. After that performance against LSu, I cannot see TT playing Qb in the NFL, or for that matter for the life of me cannot see how he deserves the Heisman. The man throws dead ducks for passes. Ok ok, His receivers catch the dead ducks. Oh well. Furthermore, his playing is WORSE by far this yr than last year. Whos on the Heisman voting committee- the same one on the Nobel Peace committe? don't you have to do something before you win? I mean, how are you the Heisman candidate when all you do is fake the handoff-fake the lunge, lunge, no dive, no! bowl ahead for 5 yards- pause -repeat.


Jacory deserves the Heisman as he only has 7 interceptions to his 10 TDs.

Jacory = Akili Smith

Brett Favre is the all time interception leader, would you take him? I thought so!

"Failure is far lower than the cost of not trying"

I'll take the two interceptions if we keep winning by 30 points!

Same token, you taking Akili?

The SEC is so overrated that it isn't funny... FLA and ALA are at the top, but who else? It is just top heavy... Ole Miss, GA, TN, SC, Auburn, AR, PLEASE!!! We would kill all of those teams

The ACC has two teams in the top 10, just like the big bad SEC.

I can't wait to see FLA lose to ALA in Atlanta... Let us not forget that the 2nd best team in the SEC got blasted by Utah in the Sugar Bowl last season... For some reason, SEC fans forget to mention that

We will win out, FLA will lose to ALA and we will be meeting up with them in a bowl game... Wouldn't that be nice!!

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