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Whipple, Lovett share their thoughts

Around Coral Gables, getting the chance to talk to Hurricanes coordinators is special. It comes around maybe two or three times a year. Tuesday, UM coach Randy Shannon -- joyful from his team's 3-1 start, made offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and defensive coordinator John Lovett available for us. Here are some highlights from their 20-minute conversations.

> WHIPPLE WANTS MORE: For all the excitement and joy Canes fans have over the offense, Whipple certainly sees things differently from his angle. Unlike Randy Shannon, who could care less about stats, Whipple doesn't like the fact UM has been outscored this season 102-99 and he wants to start seeing his unit perform better.

"We have a long way to go. Offensively I don't think we're very good, honestly," Whipple said. "This morning everyone wants to talk we're 3-1. We've been outscored. The bottom line is stats are stats. We're 85th in the country in offense. Jacory [Harris] is [third] in the ACC. I don't see any of the guys playing that well."

"JJ played great last week, the offensive linemen at times, the receivers at times, Jacory at times. Mike James played pretty well [against Oklahoma]. The tight ends at times. It's just been inconsistent. It's probably my expectations at times. We don't get this look on this play, Jacory you have to go here. Or there's this little detail - with Aldarius Johnson, you have to run a route this way. Coaching, it doesn't seem I have had the time to get it where we need to be. It's only four games, but the players' expectations are like mine - we have to get a lot better."

> BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Whipple said he has developed a great relationship with quarterback Jacory Harris, similar to the kind he had with Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh and Donovcan McNabb in Philadelphia. But he says he's probably been harder on Harris than his previous two Pro Bowl quarterbacks.

"He's young, he can handle it," Whipple said. "Each guy's different. It wasn't a time to get on him when he made a bad read and threw an interception the first one [against Oklahoma]. Then he needed a `You're fine, you just missed the read, go on.' There's other times I haven't been that nice. It goes back and forth. We have a good relationship. When he plays well, it's good. When I call good plays it's good. We have a good understanding."

> HAVING PATIENCE: Whipple said the toughest thing for him has been reminding himself he's dealing with young players new to his system -- including Harris.

"I just have to remind myself it's only his fourth or fifth start in this offense," Whipple said. "If I see something from the sideline, he didn't see it's because we didn't have it in practice. Then in the film room, I'll say `You get this look, here's what I'm thinking on a third and 12 call.' That takes time with any coach or quarterback. We're just building on that. It's fun, and I have to do a better job with all those things - the receivers, what is [Leonard] Hankerson running; Mike James is a little different than [Graig] Cooper who is different than JJ. It's a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle. We're getting there, but not as fast as I'd like it to be."

> AJ HIGHSMITH UPDATE: Whipple said he thought it was a good idea his son, Spencer, transferred to UM to run the scout team because it frees up freshman A.J. Highsmith to learn the offense better. UM coach Randy Shannon said he'd like to get Highsmith playing time this week against Florida A&M as long as it's "meaningful minutes."

"We want to play AJ, but we want him to run the offense," Shannon said. "When the opportunity comes that he can run the offense and execute it like we want to, we'll play AJ. But we won't do it for him just to hand the ball off."

Shannon said Highmsith has become more comfortable with the offense and is no longer fumbling snaps.

> LOVETT STILL FEELING HIS WAY WITH HIS NEW DEFENSE: For all the up-and-down play his defense has had through four games, John Lovett talked a lot Tuesday about amount the work that has gone into getting everyone on the same page. His philosophy ultimately was to change UM's defense built around a scheme under Bill Young to a scheme built around what his players could actually do.

"What we tried to do here was they had a lot of pieces to the puzzle here. We had fixing of things schematically we needed to do. What we wanted was to play to the players' strength, give them a package they can execute," Lovett said. "On the other hand there were some wrinkles that needed to be added. But then there was terminology - what I call something - what [defensive backs] coach Wesley McGriff calls something and what the players calls something might be three different scenarios depending on how many years they'd been here. That was mixing of things that had to get ironed out. That was in the spring, we'd go out there and it's `That's not exactly what I thought.' How do we communicate that? We worked our way through that. Then it was taking what those kids knew, refining it and getting them to play fast.

"I'm still trying to learn their language and those guys are learning mine As much as I could I tried to make the language for the players what they understood and as user-friendly as possible."

> LOVETT SAID INJURIES HAVE HAMPERED FORSTON: Defensive tackle Marcus Forston has had a rough season to say the least. He's made three starts and had more offsides penalties Saturday against Oklahoma (3) than he has tackles (0) all season. But Lovett said Forston would be playing much better if he wasn't playing injured.

"I don't know the extent of all his injuries - I'd like him to be paying faster, harder, better, but everyone has pain tolerance in dealing with injuries," Lovett said. "He has several things bothering him, and how he deals with that will determine how he plays. He's a really good player. You see flashes of what he can be."

There was a lot more discussed during their time with the media. Susan Miller Degnan will have a feature on Lovett in Wednesday's paper. Barry Jackson will have plenty more of his buzz on Lovett too. Look for complete audio interviews and video highlights from today's press conferences -- including from players to be available on MiamiHerald.com later tonight.


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I like what Whipple had to say... aim for perfection!!

I love that Whipple managed to work the Roethlisberger/McNabb name drop in this media appearance. I have yet to read an interview with him that does not mention his connection to those guys.
He is a shameless self-promoter, but (for now) he is OUR shameless self-promoter. So glad he is part of the team, and I look forward to seeing this Offense improve even more.
What is Pat Nix thinking right now? He has got to be doing some serious soul-searching.

God I love Whipple! Obviously there has been some inconsistency because of youth, but I would have thought, given the level of the competition, that he would be pretty happy with his offense. They have gotten no time to break the offense in with cupcakes, have a new QB and a bunch of young receivers, and they still carved up 2 defenses and came through with big plays against Oklahoma. The only egg they laid was in a monsoon. I like that Whip doesn't accept any of those excuses, and that he is really teaching them the details...if receiver X is in and it's 3rd and 12 and this is the defense...

I got the feeling Nix last year just had long plays, short plays, and running plays, and that was about the level of thought that went into it. This coach is training pro athletes.

I was skeptical of Lovett, but his boys also seem to be coming around and can dominate some pretty good offenses at times. They're more banged up, but focusing on the fundamentals seems to be the right thing, because we always have a chance to make a play in this scheme. There never seems to be a play when there isn't a defender anywhere near the ball to make the play (except for the receiver Shields is covering). They just don't always make the tackle.

The next 2 games should (knock on wood) be the first real chance the coaches can focus completely on themselves and ironing out the problems on both sides. It will also finally be time to work in the next wave of players, particularly CB's. This team has had a great start, and it is going to be MUCH better by the time we head north to play South Florida.

This is just like the 2000 season again.

Go Canes!

You can take those Booker T chumps, cuz we're pulling in the best out of G-Ville and J-Ville! I bet you Urban was grinding his teeth when he saw Ray Ray knock DeMarco Murray on his ass. No, wait, he threw another phone against the wall like that time we took Ramon Buchanan in '07! LOL!!

Get used to is cuz there's more of that to come! Ray Ray, Dye, Devont'a, Nelson, Glenn, Nix AND MORE!!!


The nation is watching! Keep envying our past and fearing our future, which appears to be around the corner! NFLU is about to start another draft streak!! Order in the state will be restored, and we can thank Randy for that!!!



Keep Up the good work coaches! There is alot of football left and we know yall will coach the boys Up and have them ready, regardless of who we are playing! Things takes time and we will get it done, there's no doUbt in my mind. I have nUthin but confidence in all our coaching staff, with RS leading the way we can do anything but fail! QUOTE OF THE DAY: (I dont know the key to sUccess bUt the key to failure is trying to please everybody--Bill Cosby) U cant please everybody, there will always be naysayers, bUt this is family and family always stick together!! We will be patient and take care of oUr biz and let the rest take care of theirs! Damn next year, this is our year NOW!

Booker T. BALLAHS headin for the Champs....It's OVA U non conference winning chumps

Posted by: the floodgates are about to open | October 06, 2009 at 04:07 PM

The SEC conference started in 1932.
The Gators won their 1st SEC championship in 1991! Speak for your own team, big ballah.

Come back on here if we haven't won an ACC championship by 2064.

Now that I think about it, didn't the 2000 season end with a victory over Spurrier's top-5 gators in the Sugar Bowl? That victory marked the beginning of the end for Spurrier, and ushered in the Zook era. Might lightning strike twice?

I know, I'm getting WAY ahead of myself, but it sure is fun to think about. As long as we're drawing parallels, why not this one?

Hey Floodgates,

U can have you're 6'7 195 DE and 6'2 160 lb receiver...

They know that they would have no chance of playing at UM... We have at least 6 receivers better than UFlu...

If Streeter who is 10 times better than Dunbar isn't playing, than how is he?

In regards to Trail, he will not sniff the field over Ojomo, Robinson, Vernon, Dye, etc next year.

Brantley is going to get destroyed on Saturday night... I cannot wait!!

what's your point walter? i dont consider it self-promoting. it's called a comparison.

PAthetic sorry little UF fans. LOL. Ballahs? Ballahs? Boy! thats not the language they speak in traylorville is it? Now youre trying to get street cred with this lingo? Go chew your tobacco and feed your chickens. UM still owns the jealous petty turds and always will. You are a petty little rednk

No mention about the fact that ACC was 1-0 against the SEC this week? LOL.

It is reassuring to hear Whipple put things in perspective and recognize the huge gap between where the Canes are and where they need to be. The 102 points given up so far is more than some of the championship teams gave up in the entire season. Being #85 of 120 in total offense is not respectable. There are bigger problems on defense and special teams. UM has one interception; only one of 120 teams has fewer. Miami is #118 in punt return yards (9 yards in 8 attempts) and #119 in yards per punt return. Only North Texas is preventing us from being the worst in college football. Kickoffs improved somewhat but KO and punt coverage are poor. UM allowed a 51 yard punt return against OU. Then there are penalties. Miami had 12 penalties for 115 yards but it was worse than that. Because of illegal block and holding penalties on punt/KO returns, Miami lost many more yards of field position than the penalty yardage. How much coaching does it take to tell a player not to shove someone in the back on kick returns? Manny needs to interview the special teams coach, if there is one. It does not seem as sufficient progress is being made on special teams. It would be nice if the Canes knew what Beamer-ball is and it would be great if they played some.


Let's not forget that we're the ONLY team in college football to play four ranked teams coming out of the gate. This means that at this early point in the season, the statistical rankings don't matter that much since so many other teams have played puppies and are thus ranked higher. Two perfect examples are OU and VaTech: OU was the "number 1 defense" before playing Miami, but that was because they had played Idaho State and Tulsa. VaTech, conversely, before they played us, were low in the defensive rankings but are obviously a sound defensive team.

In summary, we need to improve, but we're NOT as bad as the rankings suggest.

Don't worry Cane fans, everything is coming along just fine. At least the "U" is now looking like a "team" and for that I am grateful. It has been a long, long, long wait and I know we are anxious, but in order to win a NC, we have to have the right people in the right places. First and foremost, we needed to recruit some players and for that we can thank Randy Shannon. For all the talk about firing him, if he did not recruit the way he did, we would not be where we are today. The "U" will not be able to get every recruit in Miami b/c there are so many, but as someone said RS looks at diamonds in the rough. It was quite a pleasure to see the "U" beat Oklahoma and see Bob Stoops on the sideline raising hell with his players. How sweet it is to see the Canes winning again! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Whipple. I believe some cup cake games and more practices will do wonders for our O. But i really think give this guy all those practices for the bowl game and really an off season and you will see a precision offense running. Some more dade county recruits of his choosing will also help. 12 months from now we have a top 5 offense in college. On D we got a long ways to go, i feel this year we work on scheme and integrate some of our reserves into the offense more. Next year though some more RS dade County recruits esp some DB who can cover and a bad ass jeff luc LB and a healthy DL and we will be a top flight D

Sup fellas. I see the Nation holding it down while these punks still spew hate on our blog. CaneNation is alive and well. Glad to see the Whip's son here. At least he will be here two more years. I didn't know UM kept they coordinators under lock and key except for a few times a year. Manny could you give some insight on that.

As for Trail and Dunbar is adequate recruits. I hope they make it but I don't believe they quality recruits. Coach Shannon went and got Feliciano, Mcdermott, Glenn(love the fact he got kicked out of UF camp) good solid kids. Tallman will be another Plien that grow into a linemans body. I think Shannon is doing a great job recruiting. He now in position to close out strong. So many strong recruits out their right now and some begging for UM to give them a look. Joshua Shaw on ESPN recruiting page stating things like Miami is on my wish list. That tells you Shannon looking for certain talent. I hope they can close out with Linder and Clements. For WR I would love Dunkley but he seemed like he goin to the SEC so Wright, Ivan, Hurns, and Harris from NW any of those would be good pick ups. The only five star I really want is Luc. He look like he ready and that would give us depth in the middle cause Arthur Brown might not pan out.

Guys lets face it. Our 3 wins dont look as impressive as we all are making it out to be. Sure we are drinking the Manny Kool Aid. How the heck have we been outscored? Wow!

FSU is really down and things are getting ugly there.

GTech is overrated and just a middle of the road team. They played us finishing 3 games in 12 nights while we had over a week off.

VTech crushed us.

Oklahoma at home minus Bradford, Gresham, and Broyles. Plus Oklahoma lost to BY stinkin U.

We cant even win the ACC which is a basketball conference, not a football conference.

We have a long way to go.

Alabama is the best team this year and they would kick the living bejesus out of us.

Top 5 in recruiting according to Rivals

1 Texas
3 Oklahoma
4 Florida
5 Penn State

Where are the Kool Aid drinkers???????

21...Too bad Northwestern only had one good class otherwise Shannon has been a joke.

First off its great to be a Miami Hurricane. While I agree we are still a work in progress, we still easily are a top ten team, which is scary especially when you realize we have team full of sophmores and freshmans (mainly in the starting lineups) that are still learning a new system (lets remember Whipple and Lovett didnt come in until February), imagine once the players learn the system and really start executing it. Believe me the nation is taking notice, especially the gayturd nation, why else do you think this jacka^^ comes on here everyday on our Canes blog to celebrate to players that are not even ranked in the top ten list of recruits in south florida let alone Dade County. Before he was spewing oh were going to be 0-4, then 1-3, then he was screaming Oklahoma was going to beat us, now that were looking like a team to be reckoned with, and has lowly Gators might be without their God (Teblow) in one of their biggest games of the season, he is celebrating getting two average recruits, and they are not even guranteed because Trail said he is not over with the recruiting process and will still take visits, and Dunbar flip flops on college commitments more than a olympic gymanist. Its understandble lonely gayturd, I know it sucks still being Miami's bit**! Its All about the U!

Keep drinking it! KOOL AID!!!!!

Top 10????????????


You had your chance at top 10, they beat you like a drum!

Not to mention Alabama beat the best team in the ACC, VTech like a drum. Where does that put the Canes? Wayyyyyyyyyyy behind Alabama and Florida and VTech!

Enjoy not even showing up to your own conference championship game AGAIN, much less winning that weak conference.


Players cant transfer out fast enough. Never seen a team have so many people wanting out. Couple that with the bad recruiting class so far for Miami and it waves RED FLAGS!

Canes will lose a couple more games down this "easy schedule"

Dont say I didnt warn you!!!

Ryan Hill should be starting over Sam Shields shut things down when they finally lifted Shields

You know what the funny thing is when LSU whoop that a** this week we wont see Kool Aid on here for a while, he'll crawl back into his closet where he is kept and cry all over his I love Tim Teblow shirt, like he does every year when they lose at the beginning year. Second of all you and your gayturd friends are spreading this rumor that Tommy Streeter is looking to transfer, check your facts before you go on spreading rumors, I know the Streeter family personally and that is far from the truth. Sure Tommy is dissapointed with not getting into the first few games and being able to show his talent, but he is waiting on his opportunity to play. A matter fact expect to see him get significant minutes in the next few games. Once again typical gator trying to breed dissension amongst a team on the rise. Hey Kool Aid.......Shut the fu** up, lol!!!!!

Oh yeah Kool Aid I know you going to respond back because you have nothing better to do with your sad bitter gayturd life, but you will not get any further responses back from me because I dont argue with kids, I just put them in their place. Sorry Manny, but somebody had to put this chump in his place. You don't come on a University Of Miami blog and talk sh** about the U....Like Kellen Winslow said "All we care about is this U"!

How about some FACTS for you KOOL AID drinkers.


FACT #2: Randy Shannon's record as a head coach is 15-14 (8-11 in da WEAK ACC) and 0-1 in bowl games. He doesnt have a worse record in bowl games because he didnt make one of the thousand bowl games in his first year.

Fact #3: The Canes rank #21 overall (according to Rivals) in team recruiting for the upcoming year. That is far behind the top teams and behind teams like Clemson, Texas Tech, Stanford, and BYU. Yes, I said BYU.

Fact #4: The high powered Canes offense ranks #64 in total offense. Some notable teams ahead of them, Colorado State, Baylor, SMU, La Monroe, and Utah State.

Fact #5: Good coaches preach turnover margin. Where do the Canes rank? #82 overall! Way to go WAAAAAAAAAaandy!!!!

Fact #5: Not only has Miami never won the ACC, they havent even made their own conference championship game. Far cry from those independent days where they could just stroll through that Temple, FAMU schedule and play home National Title games. Not so easy now, is it Miami????

Fact #6: The hype on here will continue, but Miami will not win the ACC this year, or NEXT YEAR. Mark my words!!!!!! The fall is going to be great!!! No more "young" excuses and "Coker" excuses and this coordinator and that coordinator. It's all falling on the main guy. I just hope you sign that loser to a big extension before it happens!

Another recruit on board


just a matter of time before davis finally commites.

here is a fact for U mister kool aid. UM is 3-1 when idiots such as yourself thought we would go 1-3 or 0-4. the hate is great bring the hate it is so funny reading what idiots like U type. didn't U warn us about our first 4 game stretch? we seen how that turned out.


jeff luc is two slow and fat doesnt have good hip movement now the kid that coming out net year out coral gables is way better

sarasota cane- what are you a seimenhole in a gaytard dress? enough with that silly sheet.

First of all, The Vtech game was an aberration. Duke put more points on VTech than UM did. So what what does that mean? UM put more points on Oklahoma, with essentially the same D from last year, and at least 3 horrendous calls, and a bunch of blown non-calls, plus, Th elast drive would have been a TD anywhere, except Shannon prefers not to run up the score. I know Urban Liar would have thrown the ball with 15 secs left.

Gtech is far from overrated. I think V Tech is overrated but UM totally blew it in the rain. VT plays UM 10 times, I bet Um wins 7. I think GT will romp VT mark my words.

GTech dstroyed the very smae MSU team that had it 1 yard from beating LSU with 3 tries. That was a choke of major proportions. USC barely beat NC State.

By the end of the season, The ACC willlikely have more wins against the SEC, just like last year, but excuse boy over there will find something else to whine about.

The last coach that recruited off of rankings from the U tanked the program.(Coker) I'll take Shannon's approach. He looks within the heart of each player (just like JJ, Schnel & Butch did). It takes a special drive and heart to be Cane. It takes 5 stars and an arrest record to be gator.

Hey Kool aid, when was the last time Alabama won the SEC or the national championship? .....Im waiting...........right that long ago... all of the sudden your in the top 5 and your talking big news.... win something first ..then ill listen until then ssshhhhhh!!!!!!

I wish there was a way for this system to read everything before the finished product is posted. If anywhere in thr typed comments are there comments relating to another team other than the University of Miami it would be automatically deleted. This colom would be so much easier to read. There are people that come here on a daily base sometimes more than 5-6 times to vent how their team is better than the "U". If you feel so high on another team other than the u PLEASE JUST GO AWAY. Post your words on that site. This is just for fans of the "U" and no other team. This article was written on the coaches talk. and only 1/3 of the responses were directed towards the article. I read the comments from true die hard fans and skip right over the BLA BLA BLA from others about other schools. It would be so easy if their words were deleted.

Now for my real post. I think the coaches this year have done a great job. Considering all that has happen with new people and new players. Shannon knows how to recruit good top class young men to play football he also know how to pick good coaches. I think the 3 main men along with all the assistant coaches have put together a plan to move Miami back to the way it was starting in the 80's with "HS" IF you can get a player to believe in himself and play his position to the best of his ability you have a class act. Train him for 3-4 years then let him go to bigger and better things. Then you can look back in retrospect and recall names of players that shaped history. Keep up the good work coaches. Keep moving in the right direction players. Manny keep the pen to the paper and let's go CANES. Thanks

Posted by: Just the Facts, Not the Kool Aid | October 06, 2009 at 09:37 PM

wow u sure kno alot bout da canes lik u been studyn bout dem or sum...sounds lik u scared

Wayne: as someone who runs a pretty popular (non-UM) blog, there are ways to automatically blacklist certain terms from comments or to ban certain user addresses altogether. We all know there is just one idiot using aliases (like his new one today) to muck up the comment thread. The last time I suggested his IP address be banned, my comment was--ironically--deleted.

Anyhow, time for MY real post: As much as I admire Whip's fire about being outscored, it's pretty obvious that three point deficit (102 against, 99 for) is meaningless. We would have easily had three at the end of the OU game if Shannon played with a little less class (Meyer anyone?). In all likelihood, we would have had seven with the way we were moving the ball, which would have tipped the point scale in our favor.

But I like him sticking to the stat as bulletin board fodder to keep these young men motivated. Let's see them rack up 50 or 60 on FAMU so we can check that off the list. If we played the schedule that ANY other ranked team has played thus far, we would obviously have outscored our opponents by a wide margin. That shift begins on Saturday.

Didnt someone get KNOCKED THE F$$$ OUT IN THE NO.(A.BROWN) sorta was like how nebraska was over on their sidelines freakn and dancn doin the little GAYTURD dance. im like carol city cane please dont anyone respond to HEART PUMPIN KOOL AID.LOL Didnt you wine and cheese for your first championship you shouldnt have even played in that game losing one monthe before that.

I wonder where little sammynole is? havnt seen him on here in a while. gayturds will lose in the swamp for real on sat at 8. LSU rarely loses at that time. get off the blog and hope that tebow doesnt get escorted out again. lol

one more thing walter, whipple never mentions mcnabb or roethlisberger. it was the author. maybe learn to understand how quotes work, before you attack whipple for no reason

don't forget on these "total" yards, passes, tackles and so on that we had a by-week already. Most teams have played 5 games compared to our 4.

to the dbag that posted the 5 facts no one cares about...
1st of all, only reason there's any sort of hype for the Miami offense is because of the drastic change in play calls from last year...so chill out.
2nd. please do not talk trash about when Miami was independent because we were still playing top teams like ND and Oklahoma
and 3rd. you're just another hater, admit it. you wish your team has the hype miami has.
- Fear the Future, Envy the past!!

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