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Clements decides to end silence

Sometimes keeping a secret can be really tough. Miami Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements was able to pull it off for nearly three months, but he finally broke down on Tuesday and called Hurricanes coaches to let them know he was formally announcing his commitment to the Hurricanes.

Eduardo Clements "I called coach Ice [Tim Harris] and told him I was tired of people asking me where I’m going, I’m ready to make it public," said Clements, considered one of the nation's premier running backs by both Rivals and ESPN.com. "He said do what you got to do boss. We're just glad to have you in the family."

Clements, who committed silenty to UM coaches back in August, wanted to make his big announcement on National Signing Day or when his football team, currently 8-0 and ranked No. 1 in the state's Class 3A, reached the state title game in December. But he said he couldn't wait any longer and wanted "to get it over with."

The Hurricanes have 23 commitments in their 2010 class. Sunday, they added two more when Belle Glades Glades Central defensive back Greg Dent and Loganville, Ga. running back Storm Johnson (rated the 23rd best RB in the country by Rivals) joined the class. In all, UM has four running backs it is bringing in. Clements (5-10, 185) is the highest rated.

After rushing for 408 yards in Booker T.'s first four games, Clements sprained the medial collateral ligament in his left knee playing defensive end in an upset win over Miami Northwestern. He said he expects to return to action this week against Miami Edison.

He said the announcement of his commitment had nothing to do with Johnson (6-1, 217) joining UM's class on Sunday.

"I've been committed since August -- and everybody over there knew about it," Clements said. "Really, I was just tired of people calling me and asking me about it. I wanted Signing Day to be special. But I prefer this. I can sleep at night and not worry about my phone ringing or people asking me anymore."

> I'll have more from Tuesday's press conferences and interviews with players later. I just wanted to get the Clements story done for you all. I'll have more interviews with UM's recruits in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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I figured that was the silent commit. Looks like we have no problems at RB, now we need some O lineman who can pave the way.

We need OL & DBs to finish this class off. There isn't much quality in terms of TE, but one of those would be great too.

Clements is a big pickup.

Loaded is the word at running back, but the rest of the signee's this year needs to absolutely be at OL, CB, and LB.. in that order.

Next year we'll have our numbers back at DE to include Ojomo, and D. Dye and the new faces as well. The rest of the DL is stacked as well at DT.

Please focus on our weakness Coach.. I trust that you are, but you know as fans we have to look good as well.

Lets go Canse!


wow, this made my day...

what shannon lacks in timeout management, he makes up for, and then some, in recruiting...

its great to be a miami hurricane

old news. not really sure why he kept it silent. you have to know that people are gonna hassle you all the time about where youre going.

Thats big.

Now we need some big hoss to come in at DT or OT to protect jacorry and create havoc. We need a Bryan Pata, or BAracka Atkins. We need some bad a&& corners and someone to replace maccarthy.

Yeah baby.

How many more schollies do we have left? I'm stoked he decided to join rb U !

So you guys would say no to Lomier or what ever his name is at DE?

Posted by: green impostor | November 03, 2009 at 03:10 PM

assumed identity ...




Great that we have another good running back but we need stud linemen on both sides of the ball.

Welcome to the family Eduardo, for all u Shannon bashers eat crow. Remember canes fans this is Lovetts n Whipple's first year as coordinators at the U. The team is very young n they r still growing n learning how to win at this level. Now if n when next year comes n we see no further progression then there's a problem. Also everybody in the college ranks r playing on even field, by that I mean scholarships r distributed evenly.Let's look to class of 2011 GO CANES!!!!!!

Well the blogs were good from the Cane fans until the little girls again decided to show up. The crap started once again at 4:06. I am sure that the Herald has taken notice of these bozos are will hopefully set up a format where the VATOS LOCOS FOREVER will not be able to enter and waste peoples time. All you freaks are just part of that Mexican singing group named PEDRO SANCHO AND THE CHIMICHANGAS. Remember it is not Futbol but football we are talking about. The Soccer blog is on another newspaper. GOOOOOOO! CANES!


I'm curious since we have 3 rb committed to miami how does Darion Hall feel about this. i have a feeling RB Hall will decommitted to miami because of too manny running back dont you think Manny? Also i know we are very load in WR AND RB now so How many Scholorship do we have lefts for the 2010 class? please let me know thank you

we need to get some more O-LINE becasue we pick up another running back which mean no Gore. I am happy they pick up another RB but at the same time we are load in that postition we need CB,O-LINE AND LB. I hope we can pick up 3 o-line and 1 LB and 1 more CB. DO YOU AGREE MANNY?

This is absolutely unbelievable. Next year, we'll have:
Lamar Miller
Damien Berry
Mike James
Darion Hall
Eduardo Clements
Storm Johnson
John Calhoun
Craig Cooper (surely he'll go pro now...)

That's just unbelievable. All of our running problems will be a thing of the past assuming the line is healthy and deeper. Phew, I can't believe that!

How many scholly's does the U have this year? A few players left at the beggining and we didnt sign everybody last year. Does anyone know?

Hurtt said UM will have between 22-23 scholarships to use for 2010 next year. Like he did a year ago, he laid out the slots for me: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 3 TE, 4 OL, 3 DL, 3 LB, 3-4 DBs and possibly a kicker.

MIAMI has 23 committed. Does it mean we are done with recruiting because i will be very suprised if we dont.
we have 4RB and we was supposed to take only 2. we dont have no WR, KICKER and 1 TE. we have 3 OL, 3 DB, 1QB, 1 DE, 3LB AND 2 DT.
do anyone know what up?

My day keeps getting better.. Im not a big Shannon fan as a coach, but he can recruit no doubt about that...

enough is enough man stop da bullshyt. JRA how u gonna dis my raza like that. i dont have anythign negative to say about other cultures, as a matter of fact, i love all cultures and i accept all. NOW pedro, please ,please, please stop putting down hurricane football. JRA ... i really am curious how you got dat name. The first initial of my name is J and the first two letters of my last name is RA. and how do you manage the Vatos Loco .... reply back.....Anyways all hurricane fans should be happy bcuz shannon is building relationships at schools dat use to belong to other florida schools and keeping other relationships alive.

We need at least 2 more lineman (hopefully Linder is one of them), 2 more WR's (McCartney and Harris) and at least 2 more playmakers on D (Ferguson and Payne). That may push the # to close to 30 but I don't expect all the commitments to stick.

They will sign 8-10 more recruits , trying to get as many early as possible. There maybe 1 or 2 added transfers. {cook and smith left earlier} just a guess.

by early I mean enter school in Jan.

I dont care anymore what Shannon does... Getting these horses we got i love him Thats it!!!

Nobody else could get these horses in here period lets see what happens !!!!!

We only have 4 schollys left and my wish list goes like this:
1. Brandon Linder
2. Arie Kouandjio(OL)
2. Jermaine Barton if we dont get Arie Kouandjio
3. Corey Lemonier
4. Keion Payne
And if we some how get a bonus I would love to have Willis Wright WR out of Miami Springs. That guy had 195 yds on 5 catches against northwestern

Incoming OL (if they stick):
Glenn, McDermott, Faleciano & Bunche.

Possible: Linder.

Maybe only 1 will be able to contribute, but highly unlikely.
What's really needed is another WR or 2, another QB for depth & K.

Storm said one of the reasons that he chose the U was that there are 3 RB's leaving. Who are the 3?

James then who else? Coop? Does he know of someone transferring out?

BTW. Keep IGNORING those fakes & HATERS!

Great job Manny.

Shut Up and then Man Up U TARDS !!!


Ealey: Spikes Shouldn't Be Suspended

ATHENS, Ga. -- A most unlikely person came to the defense of Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes, who was suspended for half a game for apparently trying to gouge the eyes of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey.

Ealey said Tuesday he doesn't believe Spikes should have been suspended.

In fact, Ealey seemed surprised the play from Saturday's game drew so much attention.

Florida coach Urban Meyer on Monday suspended Spikes for the first half of this week's game against Vanderbilt after the defensive captain stuck his hand in Ealey's helmet and appeared to try to stick his fingers in Ealey's eyes.

Ealey says he doesn't agree with those who have said the suspension was not stiff enough.

"That really didn't matter to me," Ealey said of the suspension. "That's their decision. He shouldn't, I think, get suspended at all. We were just out there playing football."

Ealey said he had his eyes closed when Spikes stuck his hand in his helmet and he wasn't hurt.

"He really didn't gouge my eyes," Ealey said. "He really didn't get a chance to get close to my eyes."

The freshman said he believes similar incidents happen all the time.

"I'm pretty sure it goes on back and forth," he said. "We probably do it and other teams do too. It's all football. We're just out there trying to have fun."

Top-ranked Florida beat Georgia 41-17. The Bulldogs play Tennessee Tech on Saturday.

On Monday, Spikes issued an apology.

"I accept responsibility for my actions and I accept the consequences of my actions," Spikes said. "I would like to apologize to my team and the coaching staff and Washaun Ealey. Football is a very physical and emotional game, but there is no excuse for my actions."

The Southeastern Conference issued a statement on Monday saying it reviewed and accepted the discipline handed down by Florida.

Meyer said he believed Spikes retaliated after getting his helmet ripped off and eye poked earlier in the game.

Georgia coach Mark Richt said Spikes' "helmet went flying off ... and there was one time he got hit with his helmet off."

"It was totally unintentional," Richt said. "They were totally just playing ball. That might have got him bent out of shape. I don't know about all of that."

Ealey carried 17 times for 70 yards against the Gators.

"It was just a lot of emotion in the game," he said. "We were out there fighting. It was a big rivalry game. Everybody was just out there talking trash back and forth. ... We were just out there playing football and having fun."

Hey Pedro, I have some German you can translate trollturd,

Go lecken ein Makel Sie Drecksack gator troll

Welcome EC


Well well well. It turns Clements was the silent commit. This has been an interesting season to say the least. From Blunt socking that Boise kid to the eye gouge last Sat. its been unreal. I believe this is a strong get for the Canes far as depth goes. I know they said they had about 5 to 9 scollys left and they were gonna be selective. I gotta believe Barton and Linder will get two. They holding out on Hurns trying to lure Tapley,Dunkley,IMac, or Wright this way. Harris should be an automatic since he a Bull. Thats two lineman and two WR's. Lemonier might come but I think they want Green. Hopefully they get Elam or Ogletree to flip on signing day. 10-2 and a bowl win goes a long way in a kids eyes.

Ealey said he had his eyes closed when Spikes stuck his hand in his helmet and he wasn't hurt.

"He really didn't gouge my eyes," Ealey said. "He really didn't get a chance to get close to my eyes."


That's because he didn't go after his eyes. He was sticking his fingers in between Ealey's forehead and helmet to rip it off ...

Welcome to THE U, Mr. Clements!

Looks like we have Walford and Tallman as potential TEs in this class. Am I missing anyone? I guess we can throw some FBs in there too.

I would take out Barton and think we get Michaelee Harris.

We only have 4 schollys left and my wish list goes like this:
1. Brandon Linder
2. Arie Kouandjio(OL)
2. Jermaine Barton if we dont get Arie Kouandjio
3. Corey Lemonier
4. Keion Payne
And if we some how get a bonus I would love to have Willis Wright WR out of Miami Springs. That guy had 195 yds on 5 catches against northwestern

Posted by: GB | November 03, 2009 at 05:53 PM

Let's all remember, what you play in HSFB is not necessarily what you play in CFB. Guess we'll find out spring and next fall. Bring on UVA!



Yeah, this wasn't intentional....right!

But I'm sure spikes will be taught a lesson with that torturous punishment he received from Urban Liar. But then again, what does the SEC know about intergrity?

@ Dyrty, Damien Berry is leaving too! Coop may, and needs to, leave before he gets hurt!

What's the deal with Gay-tors on our site??!!!! How Gay!!!

HOW the hell can anyone talk about the SEC being such a good conference?!!! The SEC and BIG TEN are two of the most CORRUPT organizations in ALL of SPORTS! They're more crooked than MLB and that's hard to be. They blow calls even with instant replay! I am STILL (to this very day) trying to fathom that elbow in bounds call last year against UM - I had NEVER seen that call in 30 year of watching football.

The SEC suspended TWO official crews - TWO!!! We're not even half way thru the season! Those two conferences are single-handedly responsible for replay in college football.

I would love to see the following players committ to the U.
Brandon Linder: Need offensive lineman with talent,
Christian Jones: Big linebacker to go along with Javarie Johnson help create needed depth to create more pressure
Keion Payne: Cant never have enough talented defensive backs
These players are those that can play now and build depth upon the roster for special teams.

The SEC is a collection of the MOST dirty, corrupt, RACIST institutions in all of higher learning! How do you think they get these players. I don't wanna throw stones but the Gay-turds definitely live in a glass (what's more fragile than glass) house when it comes to recruiting! The UF team has the highest payroll of any state agency!

Isn't Berry a RS Junior?

okay...back to football...i know these kids can run..but storm johnson is the guy..we have small backs that can flat out run..we need a big back that can destroy and not run out of bounds...

lets go get some LB's and DB's...now

Great commitment for the Canes but just like good WRs don't mean a thing without a good QB, good RBs don't mean a thing without a good offensive line. So sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but our running back problems are far from over unless we reel in some hogmallies. WE WON'T HAVE A RUNNING OR PASSING GAME WITHOUT A STRONG OFFENSIVE LINE!!! It's our biggest need and IMO the group with the potential to put us over the top.

Bring in some JUCO OL and TEs RANDY!!!


Shut Up and then Man Up U TARDS !!!


Ealey: Spikes Shouldn't Be Suspended

Posted by: As Always... It's Great To Be A Swagging Florida Gator | November 03, 2009 at 06:03 PM

Dude, that's garbage without a link.

Agreed OL is HUGE for this program. I hope that this past years group can help. I think Randy has done a good job in building this group in the last couple years. This year there are 3 seniors leaving.

Returning starters are Franklin & Fig. Then there are Symonette, Gunn & Horn.

Then you have Ben Jones from 08.
In 09 there is Washington, J. Johnson, Plein, White & Wheeler.

For 2010 it may be Glenn, Bunche, Feliciano & McDermott.

Let's not exclude Tallman. He may want to play TE but he may grow too big.

That's 15 or 16 (so far). Without possibly Linder or any other OL considering the U.


Here's a link for U , U tard ...

Now tell me how long this kid should be suspended ?

*** View Warning- TEBOW gets JACKED !

What's garbage is that spew you put on this blog.

Dude, that's garbage without a link.

Posted by: Completely fabricated | November 03, 2009 at 07:19 PM



A.P. or ESPN ... U make the choice

Hey Pedro, Stay gay brother...

It's not about me, them, or us...
It's All About The U! Welcome to the family EC! Happy to have you here! And that ladies and gentlemen is what we here at the University Of Miami refer to as a STABLE of RBs!!!!!

Pedro, Pepe, green imposter......whatever you want to call yourself, I have another translation for you:

Ihre Mutter erfreut sich einer schweren Teebeutel


Go Canes!


tit for tat

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