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Four Canes land on ACC First Team

Congratulations are in order for the four Hurricanes who made the All-ACC First Team Monday. They are cornerback Brandon Harris, defensive end Allen Bailey, left tackle Jason Fox and kicker Matt Bosher. Linebackers Darryl Sharpton and Colin McCarthy both made the Second Team.

The four first team selections are the most for UM since 2005. The Canes, who didn't have any player make the first team a year ago, placed only one player on the first team the previous three seasons (Kenny Phillips in 2007, Calais Campbell and Greg Olsen in 2006).

Three Canes were honored earlier Monday with ACC Player of the Week honors: Bosher, Shaprton and offensive lineman Orlando Franklin. Here's a look at the all-conference teams as selected by the ACC media.

QB-Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech (50)
RB-Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech (67)
RB-Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (63)
WR-Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech (63)
WR-Donovan Varner, Duke (50)
TE-George Bryan, NC State (39)
TE-Michael Palmer, Clemson (39)
OT-Jason Fox, Miami (57)
OT-Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (53)
OG-Rodney Hudson, Florida State (54)
OG-Cord Howard, Georgia Tech (47)
C-Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (45)
K-Matt Waldron, Virginia Tech (27)
K-Matt Bosher, Miami (27)
Spc-C.J. Spiller, Clemson (76)

DE-Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech (76)
DE-Robert Quinn, North Carolina (69)
DT-Nate Collins, Virginia (47)
DT-Allen Bailey, Miami (38)
LB-Cody Grimm, Virginia Tech (65)
LB-Luke Kuechly, Boston College (53)
LB-Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina (44)
LB-Alex Wujciak, Maryland (44)
CB-Kendric Burney, North Carolina (59)
CB-Brandon Harris, Miami (41)
S-DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (57)
S-Deunta Williams, North Carolina (53)
P-Brent Bowden, Virginia Tech (57)

QB-Thaddeus Lewis, Duke (18)
RB-C.J. Spiller, Clemson (62)
RB-Montel Harris, Boston College (39)
WR-Torrey Smith, Maryland (25)
WR-Jacoby Ford, Clemson (24)
TE-Greg Boone, Virginia Tech (16)
OT-Ed Wang, Virginia Tech (31)
OT-Chris Hairston, Clemson (26)
OG-Thomas Austin, Clemson (39)
OG-Sergio Render, Virginia Tech (37)
C-Matt Tennant, Boston College (29)
K-Casey Barth, North Carolina (21)
K-Will Snyderwine, Duke (21)
Spc-Torrey Smith, Maryland (17)

DE-Ricky Sapp, Clemson (29)
DE-Willie Young, NC State (24)
DE-Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech (24)
DT-Marvin Austin, North Carolina (32)
DT-John Russell, Wake Forest (29)
LB-Vincent Rey, Duke (29)
LB-Darryl Sharpton, Miami (21)
LB-Bruce Carter, North Carolina (17)
LB-Colin McCarthy, Miami (17)
LB-Dekoda Watson, Florida State (17)
CB-Ras-I Dowling, Virginia (26)
CB-Patrick Robinson, Florida State (26)
S-Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech (51)
S-Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech (24)
P-Matt Bosher, Miami (37)


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I am guessing that the number is the number of votes each one got. I am stunned that Bosher didn't win first team punter. He saved more TDs than any other punter, that is for sure.

Congrats to Fox,future heisman winner Bosher, Bailey, and BH.

Sharpton, Colin McCarthy desrve a big kudos too!

Since it is illegal for the Canes to flash the U, but their GLOVES have the U on them, how are players supposed to reach up and catch the ball?

Opposing coach: "Look! He flashed the U!"
Referee: "That will be 200 dollars."
(coach slips him the cash)
Referee: "Illegal use of the gloved hands, 15 yard penalty!"

I sure hope the chop and chomp are also held to that standard....



Let's Go CANES!!!

go canes

Matt Bosher also made the second team as a punter.

Just shows you the type of players that Coach Shannon is bringing in and the way that the coaches are "coaching them up".

Bosher > Tebow

Congrats fellas Good job on earning first team honors. GO CANES!

josh nesbitt what ta? all je did was run the triple option. General harris ( besides leading the offense to multiple come-from-behind victories) is way better than nesbitt. Jacory Harris got robbed. If you limit the interceptions to 2 or 3, he most definitely would have won.

all have done a great job...harris should be the come back player of the year after last year....as for team only honors...

Offense J harris MVP...he delivered a great year..

Defense McCarthy...he was solid played hurt lead the team in tackles

Bosher special teams..plus he saved a few run backs with his tackles on KO coverage

Come back player Berry..he saved our butts the last several games..he deserves some credit

coord of the year..whipple.. we had to outscore the other teams week after week and he dialed it up...

seniors that i want to say thanks to
Sam Sheilds..you did what you had to for the canes we asked you to a lot and you did that thanks!

Moncur...I hope you get a shot at the NFL...if heart and soul were all you need..your a 1st rounder...thanks

J James...thanks for 4 good years..you had to always play in edges shadow..the injuries killed you but you never gave up good luck I hope you too get a shot at the nfl...Thanks

J FOX....thanks for being a rock on the left side for all these years...I wish you the best in the NFL...Thanks...

D Epps/Gordon/Graham...all the best I know yuo will all be given shots at the next level...good luck and thanks.,,you ALL WILL BE MISSED are hard to replace...THANKS

Randy Philips...you fought thru the pain and had a solid career..best of luck in the draft your tough and very smart....Thanks

I know I missed a few more but thanks to all the guys that stayed and helped imrpove the young guys...your leadership was invaluable..if this team reaches the promise land in the next two - three years WE WILL remeber you guys..THANKS

PS blogger of the year


Colin McCarthy will be (if he stays healthy) the best of them all.
Riley Skinner and the guy from NC State (QB's) got jobbed.

Josh Nesbitt r u shting me...he's not a qb he's barely better than tebow

nesbitt and lewis over harris and ponder wtf

Josh Nesbitt first team i'd like to see his numbers he's not in the top the qb's in the acc numbers wise.future tight end or wr n the nfl voted the top qb n the acc what a joke.

How does Jacory Harris, or not one of Miami's WR's, TE's, or RB's not make ALL ACC?

no UM WR on 1st or 2nd team? list lost all credibility. and Nesbitt 1st team QB (who cant throw, his completion % is skewed due to the little they throw) and 2nd team Thad?

lewis and nesbitt over ponder and harris give me a break

Kam Chancellor can't cover for s#it !!!!
he is good vs the run only.
Horrible in space.

No skill position players made All ACC offense huh. Not even 2nd team huh. The keep disrespecting the U and we gonna dominate just cause we pissed like that. Nice season guys we had more on the 1 st and 2nd team then most preseason prognosticators picked but I'm still not happy and nobody at the U should be either. I luv our seniors and will miss them but let's get the recruiting going and get ready to win more than the ACC next year. It's all about the U baby. Oh yeah 1st I think...

Kudos to all the canes. I feel Jacory got shafted though. I understand Nesbitt is an option QB and runs the option very well, but I don't think he deserves first team honor. An argument could be made for Jacory, Thad Lewis and even Russell Wilson from NC St, I believe he had 3100 yards and 31 TDs. Regardless, this is a good sign and am happy for the individuals and our canes

no jacory harris or leonard hankerson???

McCarthy should be first team. He's probably our defensive MVP.

Has a person ever made both first & second team before? I think Bosher may have been the first, but I don't know for a fact. I can't think of anyone that would have ever been granted that honor. (And after looking at it again, CJ Spiller gets this honor as well).

Anyways, good to see a few of the Canes representing on the All-ACC teams.

Where is Jacory???? He was player of the week 3-4 times...C'mon.

The Canes share the ball so it's easy to see why no single receiver or running back would make first team but to overlook Jacory Harris is ridiculous. They didn't even name him to second team.

Jacory Harris had twice as many passing yards as Nesbitt. This year he passed for more yards than Nesbitt has in his career! Nesbitt 9 touchdowns passing, Harris 23.

Now Nesbitt is a dangerous runner, but then he should be voted into the running back category.

I've only been following the Canes and ACC football for 4 years, but there definitely seems to be an anti-Miami slant in the ACC.

No problem ... I'll be looking forward to who makes the all ACC offense and defense next year. Look out! Go Canes.

I thought Hank would have at least been a second teamer


The Canes are coming back...great job by Coach Shannon.

Go Canes!

how is jacory harris not on first or second team? bissest b.s. ever

Bosher is a boss

wow the voters must not know QB play what-so-ever. kyle parker? thaddeus lewis? christian ponder? jacory harris? tyrod taylor? all these would have been better choices than NESBITT. dear god...

This is a little off subject but did anyone notice how well Arthur Brown played when he got in at LB with a few minutes left to play? He was flying! I'm a big supporter of Randy Shannon but I feel as though he is sometime too narrow minded in deciding whether or not a player is ready to get more playing time or ready to play a certain position. Remember how he use to say Orlando Franklin wasn't ready for LT? Just a thought

wow, jacory got snubbed...

So it seems there were about 76 voters.

50 voted for Nesbitt, 18 for Lewis, and 8 or less for Jacory.

Yet Miami beat both GT and Duke, and JH outplayed the other quarterback in both games.

Combine that with none of our WRs getting in the top 4, it shows an anti-Cane bias out there in ACC-land.

I guess JH will have to run up the score next year to get attention from the voters. By letting GT stay within two scores, Nesbitt got some sympathy votes for being Tebow lite.

7:30 in the morning, this post has been here over 12 hours, and there are no comments? Or is it that they just haven't gotten approved yet?

It is tough to have discussion when the comments are not posted. Can't we just IP ban the one troll causing all this and move on to regular blog discussion?

Thanks for cleaning the blog, but the baby is getting tossed with the trollwater....

I cannot believe Bosher did not get first team. I guess he was punished for the blocks that were not his fault, but were blocking breakdowns.

Bosher >>>> Bowden.

It's true.

Way to go men! You worked hard and only bigger better achievements lie ahead.

How could the ACC not even give Jacory Harris a honorable mention? This is a OB that was being named in the Heisman running at the beginning of the season.

Not bad. Next year the CANES should be able to add some WRs and RBs to this list!

Really good news, those guys deserve it. I realy had my reservations about how good Brandon Harris would/could be. I guess I have to eat crow now.

Does anyone know where I can get one of the new canes jerseys?they're not on allcanes.com, hurricanesports.com, or nike's website. I would think they would be on sale for x mas.

UF defensive end, Carlos Dunlap, was arrested last night for drunk driving. What does that bring the total amount to? hmmmm....

TE-Greg Boone, Virginia Tech!?! Come-On, you guys drop the ball on that!!!

Congrats to all the Canes this year not just the 4 all conference. And of course much props to the staff.. Lets keep on keepin on!!!!

Want to know why miami did so well against USF??? than check this out....


16 hours after being posted, and there are no comments?

Something is wrong with this new system.

I bet folks have sent posts, they are just sitting in limbo.....

Seriously?? Nesbitt and Lewis??? The media is telling me they are both better than J12? Just ridiculous. Did you get a vote in this Manny? How did you vote?

CJ Spiller 2nd team?!? Was anyone watching those games?

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