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Four Canes land on ACC First Team

Congratulations are in order for the four Hurricanes who made the All-ACC First Team Monday. They are cornerback Brandon Harris, defensive end Allen Bailey, left tackle Jason Fox and kicker Matt Bosher. Linebackers Darryl Sharpton and Colin McCarthy both made the Second Team.

The four first team selections are the most for UM since 2005. The Canes, who didn't have any player make the first team a year ago, placed only one player on the first team the previous three seasons (Kenny Phillips in 2007, Calais Campbell and Greg Olsen in 2006).

Three Canes were honored earlier Monday with ACC Player of the Week honors: Bosher, Shaprton and offensive lineman Orlando Franklin. Here's a look at the all-conference teams as selected by the ACC media.

QB-Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech (50)
RB-Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech (67)
RB-Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (63)
WR-Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech (63)
WR-Donovan Varner, Duke (50)
TE-George Bryan, NC State (39)
TE-Michael Palmer, Clemson (39)
OT-Jason Fox, Miami (57)
OT-Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (53)
OG-Rodney Hudson, Florida State (54)
OG-Cord Howard, Georgia Tech (47)
C-Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (45)
K-Matt Waldron, Virginia Tech (27)
K-Matt Bosher, Miami (27)
Spc-C.J. Spiller, Clemson (76)

DE-Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech (76)
DE-Robert Quinn, North Carolina (69)
DT-Nate Collins, Virginia (47)
DT-Allen Bailey, Miami (38)
LB-Cody Grimm, Virginia Tech (65)
LB-Luke Kuechly, Boston College (53)
LB-Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina (44)
LB-Alex Wujciak, Maryland (44)
CB-Kendric Burney, North Carolina (59)
CB-Brandon Harris, Miami (41)
S-DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (57)
S-Deunta Williams, North Carolina (53)
P-Brent Bowden, Virginia Tech (57)

QB-Thaddeus Lewis, Duke (18)
RB-C.J. Spiller, Clemson (62)
RB-Montel Harris, Boston College (39)
WR-Torrey Smith, Maryland (25)
WR-Jacoby Ford, Clemson (24)
TE-Greg Boone, Virginia Tech (16)
OT-Ed Wang, Virginia Tech (31)
OT-Chris Hairston, Clemson (26)
OG-Thomas Austin, Clemson (39)
OG-Sergio Render, Virginia Tech (37)
C-Matt Tennant, Boston College (29)
K-Casey Barth, North Carolina (21)
K-Will Snyderwine, Duke (21)
Spc-Torrey Smith, Maryland (17)

DE-Ricky Sapp, Clemson (29)
DE-Willie Young, NC State (24)
DE-Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech (24)
DT-Marvin Austin, North Carolina (32)
DT-John Russell, Wake Forest (29)
LB-Vincent Rey, Duke (29)
LB-Darryl Sharpton, Miami (21)
LB-Bruce Carter, North Carolina (17)
LB-Colin McCarthy, Miami (17)
LB-Dekoda Watson, Florida State (17)
CB-Ras-I Dowling, Virginia (26)
CB-Patrick Robinson, Florida State (26)
S-Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech (51)
S-Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech (24)
P-Matt Bosher, Miami (37)


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I can't understand why Hank was not first or second team WR. Also to have GT guy witch is mostly a run blocker first team ???

I'm surprised that Jacory didn't make it. How many times has he won ACC player of the week? With McCarthy, and hopeflly Bailey, comming back along with B Harris and the other young D Backs this defense is going to be SICK!

Congratulations to our six selections. I've been especially impressed by Brandon Harris this season. He is an incredible talent and will go far at the U and on Sundays.

Looks like Bowden is going to announce his retirement today. As much as I hate the Noles, you have to respect Bowden as a perennial class act--an increasing rarity among the likes of Urban Meyer (who will probably suspend Dunlap for one quarter of the SEC title game because of that embarrassing DUI arrest).

Bowden may not have gone out on top, but there's no question that he made FSU a top contender for three decades and is in the pantheon of all-time top college coaches.

please explain to me how can jacory harris be a 5 or 6 acc player of the week and not be on the 1st or 2nd team?

Nesbitt as first team QB is a joke!

It's great that we got 4, next year we will double that. Great year and about what I thought we would be record wise. Tons of talent coming back but the concern will be the O-line & T.E. situation. Recruiting looks o.K. but not great. It should be a class he can redshirt most of the players coming in. We need big time recruits on the O-line to start coming here, we are getting to many projects. We need Linder, Lemonier, McCartney or Harris & the T.E. Thomas (says the U is his dream school)Barton is a project, who we will probably get. Why are we not on Ego Ferguson & Josh Shirley Harder. If we can finish up with at least 5 of the above guys, then the class will be strong. Nix will probably Skate. There has to be one every year (Johnson, Brown) that wants someone to beg them. No matter the stars, coaching will determine the success of the team. Teams Like Texas, USC, Florida, OSU, are pulling in a majority of the big name top 100 players and that's what happens when you continually win 10 games a year but like all the teams before them, including the U it doesn't last forever and everything will come full circle and for us that will be the next 2 years. Only coaching can keep this team down or losing Jacory.

I guess Jacory had too many picks to be selected, but didnt he get ACC player of the week 4x, and player of the month once? Did the QB from Duke get more of those awards than Jacory? Don't worry man, you will be the winner in the end, you are a first round pick for sure. Just keep grinding. C_A_N_E_S

Bowden leaving means we might get a last shot at them. After all, what better way to end it than FSU versus Miami.

We will even increase the size of the goal posts for him.

As for the latest Gator getting arrested for endangering lives, at least he wasn't using an AK47 this time. Better that he fell asleep than for him to keep driving and then kill some kid.

He will be suspended three weeks, from December 8th through December 29th. He will be allowed to practice with the team, but will not be allowed in a game for those three weeks.

(BTW, they don't HAVE any games in those three weeks, but that will be Urban Meyer's "tough" stand on this latest atrocity).

Ponder from FSU should be the first team QB with Jacory Harris on second team.

Our WR aren't recognized because we spread the ball around amongst them. I still think Hankerson should've been recognized. He's our comeback player of the year...along with Sam Shields.

No first team for Colin McCarthy is a total travesty. What a joke! GOOOO! CANES!

tebow didnt have to go to a local prison to speak with the inmates. he does that every saturday already.


Bowden wants his last bowl game to be in Florida, and efforts are underway to try to attain a berth in the Jan. 1 Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, or the Dec. 29 Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, a school official told ESPN.com.

So does this mean FSU gets one of these bowls and we might get to go to San Fran again?

R U kidding me? Isnt the pay out for the gator bowl much higher than for the Champs bowl?

Of all the pathetic manipulations, FSU - West VA? Come on. Please gag me with a spoon.

the AP has Um playing Northwestern in the Champs bowl. Also a pathetic matchup. neither team travels well. BAd matchup. Not competitive whatsoever. UM can put 60 on NW. RU kidding me?

Why are the ESPN and AP projections so different? besides, If (when) Ga Tech beats Clemson, The pecking order in the ACC will be:
1- GT (OB)
2-VT (Peach)
3-UM (gator)

What a bunch of S@&$! F!$K the ACC and Georgia Tech! When the Canes are National Champs next year, Randy can give them all the finger.

How the heck does Jacory Harris not get even HONORABLE mention? I mean, wasn't he ACC player of the week MANY times? It's a load of crap this voting system. The GT quarterback is a RB lining up at QB. He barely threw. Ridiculous.

Not fair, didn't Jacory lead the league in touchdowns? Oh,wait that was interceptions, my bad. Does this mean he is not up for Heisman anymore? What will he do with the pink suit. Not Fair.

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