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Gameday blog: UM-North Carolina

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Canes and Tar Heels are going head-to-head at 3:30 p.m. With Georgia Tech rolling to a big win over Duke, the Canes are no longer playing for a berth into the ACC Championship game. The next three games are about trying to finish with 10 wins and go to the best bowl possible. Feel free to participate in our discussion below.

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Manny 3 strikes and your out with the what the "U" has to do to win... Quit that crap and just give goo info so we can have confidence their not headed to the Aloha Bowl with no fan support

Pedro it's called spell check give it a try.... FSU have 5 rings? NO. UF have 5 rings? No, Nuff said!!!

How is Shannon inferior to Davis when they have basically the same record over the last 3 yrs?

Posted by: Justin | November 14, 2009 at 06:09 PM

because shannon coaches for MIAMI and butch coaches for UNC. those 2 schools should never have the same record.

Time to clean house a write a check for a real coach.

Linda Robertson wants to know why we have a grudge against Butch? Because he's a good coach and a great recruiter and we were looking forward to another dynasty when he lied and jilted us for the low life Cleveland Browns. And two coaches later, we still have total ineptitude on the sideline!! That's why Linda.

As for Randy, I was praying for him to be a success. But, it's obvious that he's in over his head. Great recruiter, good DC, but the HC experiment has failed. And the rest of the staff is no great shakes either. After early success, ALL of the good coaching staffs we play against have been able to game plan for us and, absent a few miracles, we'd be 7-5 again.

This isn't going to get any better next year. Get out the checkbook Kirby. Maybe Brian Kelly would rather coach in Miam than South Bend.

love those coaches...and that first half clock management!!! LOL what a joke and sorry excUse for a head coach.

Woo didnt see that fiasco coming....

Look INT12 is what he is..at least you have those INT as he is a SOPHMORE and everyone else transferred. Plug in Highsmith if U choose.....

Shananignas Coach of the Year!


I am a Canes fan but we have to admit that we have a mediocre QB. He is in no way half the QB Dorsey was. He throws Boneheaded INTs and makes very questionable decision making. I have to say I don't see how we win anything in the next 2 years. You cant win a Championship with this kind of QB.



Bye bye Randy.

Can we please also hold Jacory accountable. The guy's thrown so many pics this year. Totally unacceptable. I miss Robert Marve.

Chewy -- Army has about 5 rings too

da ewe is living in the past, just like Notre Dame

Jacory is soo cool. He throws an interception and come back and throws another.

Shannon is not a great recruiter. We have one Qb in 3 years, 1 OL starter in 3 years, recruits 8 lb's in '08 yet we can only field 3 lbs a game. Look at the secondary. Those recruits are doing such a great job and a converted WR plays alot. Butch Davis a great recruiter. Look at that D. NFL talent all around in 3 years. Where is the 1st rounder on Miami's D?

Who is still picking the Heisman and NC for next year?

Bye Bye Randy. Hopefully Whipple sticks around. Let's also hold Jacory accountable. The guy threw so many pics this season. Totally unacceptable for a D-1 QB. This is not high school football. At least we have a good backups, oh wait, that's right we don't have anyone else. We have 14 running backs and one unconsistent QB. Randy scared off the rest of our QB's. With no competition why should Jacory try to get better, he knows there's no one to take his job. That's why he throws so many pics. He knows Randy will never take him out. Stop all the "oh he's only a sophmore bs." He's got a free ride at the U and there are several true freshman qbs playing at this level much better than Jacory. All Jacory was this year was a pocket passer. He never scrambled for yards or showed any kind of mobility while in the shotgun.

Couldnt agree more Manny. When you guarantee a player the starting Qb job and dont recruit any other Qb's this is what happens.

Not sure why everyone is hating on the coach and Jacory. This has been a great season compared to last year. The team keeps improving and keep in mind that NC beat Vtech too. Support your team folks....

5 rings since 83 anyone else able to match that?

How is this a great season? We have beaten one team that is ranked. Every other team we have beaten has over 4 loses. D is still awful. The Oline is still terrible yet no young guys play. I mean if none of those guys are better than Pipho, Miami is in huge trouble next year when they break in 3 new starters with guys who have never played meaningful snaps. Where is Brandon McGee? Does anyone want to see Shields or Van Dyke again? Who wants to see Sharpton miss 10 tackles again? How much worse could Arthur Brown be? Can Shannon learn how to call a timeout after 3 years? Can he learn to have a team motivated? How many times has Miami come out completely flat in the 1st half, spotting the other team at least 10 points.

Alot of good points cav!!!

Maybe those that keep bashing the team do not realize how well we played those first four tough games in the schedule. Maybe if U were there U would sing a different tune. As a season ticket holder I have seen how great this team is and how great will be in the coming years. One loss to a tough opponent does not define the whole season. But that's just my opinion.....

i said it throughout the game. no playmakers on D to force turnovers. no coaching. too many lobbed ints by the QB. no heart. The U of old died long ago... the day the orange bowl was no more. the day we didnt even have a draft pick in the first 5 rounds. the day butch left and coker took over. the day we didnt even make a bowl game.

its all about the money now. they wont build a new orange bowl. they wont upgrade the facilities. they wont pay for a TOP NOTCH coaching staff. instead they settle. they get their last choice in shannon(i like him personally but at some point you have to put your pride aside and be accountable for your actions/plus he can recruit) they move 30 minutes away to industrialized landshark and charge a fortune for tickets. now they cant even hardly get 40k people in the stands for a bigtime ACC game. im surprised theyre even still able to convince kids to play here. and even when they do theyre not the top players, and the ones that are dont live up to the hype.

people wanna talk about next year. but i just dont see the progression from the young players. the coaching has proved completely inept the past 2 years. also- PLEASE SHANNON! JUST SHOW SOME EMOTION FOR ONCE! theres no emotion on this team and its because of shannon. a team is a direct reflection of their head coach. the players have character now because of shannon. but they also have no emotion because of shannon. they have mental lapses like shannon. they make mistakes like shannon. they dont play inspired because shannon coaches uninspired. its like they dont even have fun playing. during the post game after the OU game shannon said it was the first time he smiled after a win during his tenure. wtf is that!? maybe thats why the players always come out flat, un-excited, and look like they dont really want to play. we consistently play not to lose. im waiting for the learning curve to happen. and im starting to think it wont come at all...

it almost seems like they dont understand how to evaluate talent. anyone can clearly see that berry is our best overall back. we dont utilize our best players. ray ray is a beast(i know he's hurt but even before then he only played a few plays a game). baby james is more of a name than anything. hankerson has no hands. sharpton severely lacks any ability what-so-ever. can any of our corners cover anyone? we must have like 3 interceptions all year. vaughn telemaque=ed reed, please.... putting some of the young guys in at Oline couldnt be any worse than what we have now.

just my opinion, but i feel like the defense plays fundementally conservative. it seems like the players are harnessed by the coaches to contain the play rather than make the play. they dont give the best athletes a chance to play for fear that they may make a mistake here and there. they play bend dont break and keep everything in front of them. i almost feel like it prevents them from playing aggressive and making the big plays necessary to force the turnovers we need badly.

jacory... stop throwing the ball up to no one!!!! get in the weight room in the off-season for gods sake. develop some arm strength. this is a pro-style offense not the spread. this isnt a run & gun offense where you just sling the ball all over the place regardless of passing ability. you cant lob it late on out routes. you cant try to fit it into tight windows. you cant throw behind or above recievers over the middle. you cant throw a hail mary to the deep safety who might as well call a fair catch. you dont have the ability to make those kinds of throws. you have to be precise, on time, make the right type of throws, make the right decisions, make the right reads, dont stare down recievers, and PROTECT THE FOOTBALL!!!!

shannon: be accountable! look in the mirror!
coordinators: get it together! gameplan? anyone?
shalala: give the program something to work with!
hocutt: the new jerseys suck!
players: the youth excuse can only be used for so long!

hopefully they can get it together. lets hope its just because theyre young. but anyone with eyes can see that the problem is more than just youth. true fans are critical of their team because they care. make subjective analysis. not fairweather knee-jerk reactions. and dont pretend everything is going fine. if you dont find and correct mistakes, then nothing gets fixed. im tired of seeing this team make the same mistakes week after week. the horrible clock management, the pathetic interceptions, playing down to competition, and showing up flat. jacory needs to stop claiming he knows why he made a mistake and FIX THE MISTAKE, rather than doing the same thing over and over again.

improved from last year: YES. but records can be misleading. ask iowa. and as far as those 1st four, 2 of those teams are unranked with 4+ losses, GT is just a system, and we were crushed by VT(and in that game we didnt show up(again) and did more b*tching about the cold weather than actual playing). those 1st 4 games were overhyped. dont cloud the facts.

dont rep The U if you arent living up to the tradition!

Stop with the 1st 4 games being soo tough. FSU has lost 5 games, VTECH 3 games and OU 4 games. We have played 3 currently ranked teams this year and the record is 1-2.

Miami is still a real good team. The same people crying here today are the same that were saying we were goint to win it all after the Oklahoma game. Harris is fine. He had a real bad day, but I would rather have 3 tds and 2 picks a game than 0 and 0. I like that aggressiveness. It will pay off next year. It's Shannon I am a bit concerned with. There is little patience in college football for coaches, and it's ridiculous. However, Miami's poor clock management, stupid penalties, and mis-use of personel (aka Damien Berry 2nd STRING???!), injuries/poor conditioning, and late season slides are down right glaring. And something tells me, the move from the Orange Bowl will hang over this program for a while too.

Has the ACC Commisioner told Randy and Whipple that they are not allowed to use Damien Berry as a feature back?

jacory should not start against duke. i have never ever seen a quarter back look so good then so so bad during the same game. He floats the ball like a hot terd. As easy as it is to catch the easy it is to pick. The wideouts must be whispering.

Well said ooster. Something HAS to be done. As a Canes fan, I too am sick of Miami playing like crap and losing to inferior competition. It has been going on for too long and it is simply unacceptable. Miami had the #1 recruiting class a couple of years ago. Please don't let all that talent go to waste because of horrible coaching.

Hire a Winner aka Brian Kelly before Notre Dame does. And for gods sakes play Arthur Brown instead of Sharpton as well as sit Cooper and start Berry and bring Cooper in on 3rd down, And recruit a top QB for a change. Its not that hard to figure out randy, whip, and Lovette.

hiring brian kelly would be a knee-jerk reaction to something that shouldnt be addressed yet. there's no positives in that hire. he's had one good year (the move to the big east helped). he runs the spread so say goodbye to the recruits. he has no connections to florida. i would rather see if shannon can improve for another year than make a poor hire like that.

ill bet you anything (despite his past remarks) urban meyer goes to notre dame. ND is gonna throw so much money at him that he'd be out of his mind not to take the job. you dont buy out weis' contract of 18 million to not go all out for the big dog of coaching hires.

i'd also be curious to see what happens with charlie strong if that happens...

Hiring Brian Kelly, or Lane Kiffen or Gary Paterson is what we should have done to begin with. And recruits like to win championships not finsh 3rd every year in our division. What's positive about a guy that can't use a timeout before halftime and that consistently doesn't have a team this talented ready to play every week? And if the spread gets rid of recruits then why is FLorida pulling so many of them in. Dude I'm tired of losing to teams that we should beat. You have to have talent it's true but if you don't have good head coaching you have nothing. If you don't believe me take a look at Cincinati and TCU and then take a look at Illinois and Florida before Meyer. Had Shalala hired Kelly we would have won the Coastal Shannons first year instead of going 5 and 7.

First&4most I have never seen a blitz with the corners playing 15yrds. off. 2 no creativity on offense, no running game. 3 when we blitz we never disguise it,no zone blitz etc.4 no short passing patterns.5 not enough playmakers with speed on the field @davon johnson ret. punts or kickoffs or Mcghee playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a long time 'true' canes fan, I am disappointed in the loss. However, I believe in this team and it's coaching staff. I believe in Jacory Harris, amd I truly believe he is going to be great. We will have 2 more years of him, and hopefully 2 new ring's. Jacory in post game stated "I take this loss all on myself", and I respect that. Remeber that just two years ago this 'good' kid was playing high school football. Most of our playmakers are freshman and sophomores (except L Hankerson and G Cooper). This is the first year Coach Shannon is getting to play kid's he recruited. Remember the untalented team he inherited from Coach Coker, who between himself and his staff recruited 'numbers athletes' rather than football players. Coach Shannon has recruited young men who have character and are good/excellent football players. They are still young and developing. Also, don't forget the injuries we have sustained this year, especially along D-Line (Forston out for year, etc..)
I think this game was poorly officiated and that had some impact on the game. You can review it and decide for yourself. But I fully support this young team and Coach Shannon and his staff.
In summation, I believe in this young and talented team and coaching staff. It is human nature to react strongly when things do not go as 'we' planned. But if you slow down and look at the overall picture, The 'U' is on it's way to being back. And I believe!

the problem with J.harris is has noone behind him to push him he knows he wont get yanked for a int.or lockin onto to a receiver which he always does.the tranferred of cook really hurts right now

we have also have to realized we're playin alot of underclassmen,but berry should get 25 carries a game,one thing to remember the coaches call the plays the players must excute them which we fail to do,look how many times on the blitz the lb's overran the play,i say play streeter because hankerson drop critical passes every game

I was at the UNC game. When it was obvious Jacory was having a bad day, I wish the Canes would ran more and try the backup QB with a wildcat offense.

I hope we beat Duke! It is not a sure thing and that is not a testament to Duke!!!

That was the most obvious fumble forward pass I ever F-ing seen how the refs bought that I can't even phathom. Nobody hit or touchd him then the unc corner puts the the ball in one hand, starts to bobble it, then flips it forward on a limp handed motion WTF the refs say he fumbled on accident are you kiiding me!? the most accurate fumble in recorded history!!!!!!! Now if we could hav used some more brain cells and got a fg bfore half and unc get the ball at the 50 after the FOWARD PASS and hold them to fg with the fg they already made the half suddenly the last drive to score wins the game and has meaning which should of been the game winner now that being said before the sEason u tell me 9-3 after a 7-5 season with all the injuries we had this year, results are results it's progress maybe not as much as we wanted or what was poSsible but whas done is done let's support these KIDS the rest of way

if you notice all the recruits meyers "spread" is pulling in are on the defensive side of the ball, Olinemen, or harvin/tebow. take away those 2 guys and what do you have left on that offense? nothing but a bunch of scat-backs. much of their recruiting can be credited to charlie strong, the lakeland team a few years back, and UF's recent success. meyer got lucky with tebow and harvin(<<

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