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Gameday blog: UM-Virginia

LAND SHARK STADIUM -- The Canes and Cavaliers are going head-to-head at noon. Feel free to participate in our discussion below.

Reminder for Gameday blog participants: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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What the hell?? Where are the fans??? Cmon Miami!!! Where r the fans???

Oline still suc

I hate to see the stadium so empty. If I lived closer I would be there every game.

Cmon this is pathetic

I'm in the military and stationed in Mississippi or I would be there. The city of Miami should be ashamed.......

We got to root for wake forest



C'mon Jacory!

Offense deffintly isn't as good as everybody thought they were

D is playing lights out but that's also because Virginia isn't doing anything but short stuff

O looks scared

They don't look good at all

Wow all I can say is wow playing very uninspired

Canes suck.

INT12 at it again!

Man that crowd noise is affecting the Cavaliers

Another upset by another inferior band of renegades.

There ya go canes

Why are u guys already proclaiming a loss?? cmon guys we will win this and GT will lose

Yes shoot out with the CAVALIERS

Way to bounce back!

No shootout they will not score again

That's my canes!!!!

wow !!!!

momentum is with the CANES now - several plays they are looking like a real TEAM - not just a bunch of individuals

I was wrong about the Canes. Forgive my stupidity and ignorance.

No one in the stands, no one on here, where are the canes fans?

the CANES have a fan here in Brasil... it is a bit of a long road trip for me to get to the games these days...


fire the special teams coach already....he has no clue

one more score before half

cmon...2nd ans 2 and we throw 2 incompleteions ...why nor get a first down and then this sh"t doesnt happen

I love Shannon but his 2 minute offense needs alot of help!!

defense playing lights out....why are we letting this team stay in the game?

You may love Shannon but he is awful. Only Miami wouldn't have a scoring drive there. And Matt bosher shouldn't punt. The whole year he is the slowest to get punts off. And jacory Harris is having another deceptive game. I love him but he needs to be more disciplined and make better throws.

I dont get some of you. The canes are 6-2 went 3-1 on a stretch of games no one expected them to win most had them 1-3 2-2 at best in first 4. This team has been put together nicely by shannon but still lacks depth it needs due to fact all there players are sophmores and freshman. Im tired of all you whiny losers blaming shannon for everything wanting him fired. This team has gotten better every season under shannon. Give him a break and be a real cane fan and belive in your team or go cheer for gators for next 3 years while shannon continues to build canes and when the canes win title in 12-13 area and are back on top for good stay gone. Canes dont need whiny fans like you.

Amen maincane

We had a big lead and a huge shift in momentum during the second quarter. Things started to erode after the penalty on Franklin, which was followed by more penalties as the quarter wound down. They played with enthusiasm for a while but then seemed to die down.

All teams make mistakes, but we need to get some consistency going with this team. We need to see some fire under them. Why do we seem to keep letting what are supposed to be inferior opponents stay in the game?

Let's home we light it up in the third quarter and put this game away. We need to show some killer instinct for once.

Whipple got way too greedy near the end of the half. 2nd and 2 and two passes? Did you really want to take the chance of another punt deep in your territory when your punt team players have little or no idea who they are supposed to block. Don't blame Shannon for that one. He actually made a really heads up call by stopping the clock with 2 seconds left in the 1sr qtr. to use the wind.

When is Randy going to pull the trigger on Joe Pannunzio, he could be the worst special teams coach in America.

How does Virginia block two punts??? Don't give him any credit on Collier's punt return either, that was all TC's effort on that.

Pannunzio has done a terrible job.

I know of at least three blocked punts this year, CJ Spiller's kick off return, and other big plays on special teams that have hurt us.

We need to dominate on special teams. We are the U, who has always blocked punts, returned punts, and held other school's on special teams. Cut him loose coach!

Time to go full throttle

Chewycanes i'm with you. I'm station at Bragg and if I was in Miami I would be there every game. I was at Wake last week and have tickes for the UNC game. It's just sad

I wish I could go but I deploy so much. I wish I could go to UNC game that will b tough for us

It ended up not mattering, but I think the seond down throw by VA should have been grounding. I only saw 2 OL near the ball and even if he was outside the tackles, the ball didn't reach the line of scrimmage.

Canes fans in Miami who did not go to the game yet were more than able to should be ashamed.

Jacory not making good decisions

Oline still needs serious help!!!

Hey Whipple, what game are you watching! RUN THE BALL!

Continue to go for the throat, no let up

Still some rough spots, but way to take over the game in the third quarter. Need to keep it up in the fourth and put the final nail in their coffin.

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