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Gameday blog: UM-Virginia

LAND SHARK STADIUM -- The Canes and Cavaliers are going head-to-head at noon. Feel free to participate in our discussion below.

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they have to throw the ball! blitz every down!

Other than the int by j12 and the blocked punt the canes are looking real good today. Defense is playing really well.. go Canes!!

Go Cooper.. nice long run... nice short run for a td!

Iowa finally looses!!

I love the fact we kept running the ball. Build on that, our next 2 opponents are no cakewalk. NC has had our number and Duke is not the same old Duke!! Go Canes!!! Go wake forest

Nice to see a game where we can get Highsmith at least a little experience. Good game today, Canes. Still have some work to do, but nice to see us heading in the right direction instead of backwards.

Go Wake. Play even better than last week. Skinner was cleared to play.

Good for Highsmith.. nice toss for a td

So proud of the guys today. We got our blowout. Pray for wake

Yuppers there.. GO WAKE!!

I doubt anybody will wonder why Arthur Brown doesn't see the field after today. In the last series he over ran two plays (one badly), missed a tackle and had a 15 yard face mask penalty. Oh yeah he's a stud. The coaches just aren't preparing him or utilizing his talents. what a joke. This guy was totally overrated.

it was a good game, coaches were aggresive on the offense and were not afraid to go for a blowout win, it was good to see them go for the score in the last minutes of the fourth, especially going for it twice on 4th down with AJ Highsmith rather than just resorting to punting or kicking a field goal. this is the aggresiveness we need from the coaching staff, you have the best players on the planet now use them wisely!!

We got to root for wake forest

Posted by: Chewycanes | November 07, 2009 at 12:21 PM


turn yoUr nUtz in immediately, U don't deserve them

Great game!

The RICH keep getting RICHER! Recruiting that is.

Welcome aboard Keion Payne! Another great player from another great High School.

7-2, nuff said

Whooopy 7-2!

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