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Gameday Preview: UM-Virginia

It's time to preview Saturday's noon kickoff when 17th-ranked Canes (6-2) take on Virginia (3-5) at Land Shark Stadium.

REWIND: The last time the Cavaliers were in Miami they closed out the Orange Bowl with an embarrassing 48-0 blowout of the Canes. UM got a little revenge last year, rallying in overtime at Virginia behind Jacory Harris for a 24-17 victory. Miami leads the all-time series 4-2. Only one of the six games has been decided by more than 10 points.

> UM wins because... It establishes a running game, protects Jacory Harris (and Harris protects the ball), and the Canes battered defense doesn't let a bad Virginia offense play better than it is. Make no mistake about this game, the Hurricanes should win. Except for a pretty good pass defense, this is a Virginia team that ranks 105th in rushing, 100th in passing, 116th in total offense, 100th in scoring, 115th in sacks allowed, 99th in punt returns and 114th in kickoff returns. The Cavaliers have losses to William and Mary and Duke. Defensively, UM players said the key this week will be stopping what Virginia likes to do out of two tight end, two receivers sets when quarterback Jameel Sewell rolls out of the pocket and throws short to intermediate passes. We know how Miami has done covering the tight end of late. So, this will be a big game for Miami's safeties and defensive ends.

> Virginia wins because... Miami's offense gets flustered against the Cavaliers pass defense and Harris starts forcing passes and throwing interceptions. Meanwhile, Virginia takes advantage of a banged up Miami defense and runs its ball-control, smash mouth offense to perfection.

> My pick: UM 33, Virginia 17. This is just not a game I see the Canes losing. Virginia doesn't have the play makers it once had to really turn the tables on UM.

> Offense: Damien Berry. Virginia's run defense has given up an average of 151 yards per game this season. Javarris James is back this week. But I still think Berry picks up the tough yards and scores the touchdowns in the red zone.
> Defense: Randy Phillips. A huge key to this game will be UM's ability to stop Virginia's tight ends in the open field. They are monster sized. Rick Torchia is 6-6, 250 pounds and Colter Phillips is 6-6, 245 pounds.
> Special teams: Matt Bosher. Virginia is very good at forcing teams to settle for field goals instead of scoring touchdowns in the red zone (15 of the 27 trips into Virginia's red zone have ended with field goals). Bosher has been at the top of his game at late and I fully expect him to have another great day.


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1st, just like the C-A-N-E-S CANES!

Canes 34-20.


Twitter is helping you cheat to the finish line! LOL


we need georgia tech to lose to wake forest

GO TO THE GAME PEOPLE!!! SUPPORT OUR BOYS AND BOYCOTT SID ROSENBERG THE STERN WANNABEE. The Noles, Gators, UCF, and USF fans show up rain or shine. They dont have deejays giving away tickets to the homeless.

48-0. I'll never forget that. I hope the team doesn't either.

I hope we get them at 48-0!

hey tcoak if u aint a canes fan get off this blog

Are we now scared of UVA too? Heck, these guys lost to William and Mary. I understand UNC lost to UVA, but we better man up and destroy these guys.

I do have a problem with what one of the players said a couple of days ago about every other team coming out with something what they haven't seen on film. How about us? Are we doing the same thing week in and week out? Isn't this on the coaches? How are we not able to stop the screen plays repeatedly?

No time for excuses. Show up and execute. Hey, Hankerson, if the offense scores points on every possession, you guys can take plays off in the second half. But don't take plays off int he first half.

I expect us to lay at least 40 on these guys.

Isn't Sewell banged up? How does his backup compare? Does the gameplan change at all?

a safety with a bad shoulder will have to cover the big TEs? I'm hoping that's not the match up too often.

The problem with the run game, the past few weeks has been; they overload on the left Side, Fox's side. On 2nd down, the down the Canes Statistically run the ball the most.. Its been hard to run right with Pipho at the RT..

When we go unbalanced the D has been blitzing heavy on the week side..

expect to see Whipple make adjustments..


You are 100% right.

I am from hialeah.

Hey D. Smelly that was the logic the powers at be used to get the Canes to move out of the Orange Bowl and to the old Joe Robby. And whats with the shots at hard working people you called "low rent clock pushers". Miami Dade a cesspool? Must be awesome to be so rich that you can't watch a football game with the common man. Remember this is a blog to be used to talk about Cane football not make comments that are bigoted. Thank you for not going to Miami games and staying out of Miami Dade cause haters like you are not welcome nor missed. GOOOOOO CANES!

Posted by: jra | November 06, 2009 at 02:56 PM

jra when Ur right im with U!
from the bottom to the top.

So much for cleaning up the blog Manny! Better luck next time!

Go 'canes!

I am from hialeah.
Posted by: Hialeah Cane


Manny great week of work by you this week. You have posted some real good articles this week. I hope your pick of 33 - 17 turns out to correct this week.

I will be at the game, proudly sitting with the low rent clock punchers, the guys from Hialeah, and anyone else who loves Hurricane football, even if it is only 150 people. This is my team, no matter what a bunch of anonymous jerkwads may post online. Give me the Orange and Green any day. You can keep the Orange and Blue, Garnet and Gold, and any other attrocious color combinations that pollute this blog.

Manny, it is possible to block 'contributors' at the IP address level. Maybe you want to check into that technology - it won't stop every crank from posting, but it wouldn't hurt.

The difference between MIAMI and UF ('aka' university of FELONS) is;
GAYtor grads are grillin, and MIAMI grads are boatin.

Yeah the GAYturds are horrible and that Rural Liar is a doofus. They may win this year, have a better program, better fans and we may never win again with Randy Shannigans but we got swagger!

Keep in mind...since the late 80's everyone plays "up" to play the U.

We set the modern standard and when we are bad they still get up to play the U!

When we are great they get up!

It is just how it is..you beat even a bad U team and you got some bragging rights.

2010 the year of the u!

Yeah da U are boating and they are grillin. Couldnt have said it better mushmouth. Weren't you in my horticulture homeroom '83?

2010 we think we are good again!!! It's about the boatin', the swagger, the mid season swoon. It's a Cane thing. Got Orange on one side homeless on the other.

Freedbie dont count,

With me being in Sarasota in the basement I can't estimate the crowd but if you count the real cane fan posts divided by number 1 NFL draft picks minus the number of National Titles carry J12's interceptions I would say - easy..20,000. That will show all the GAYturds who only live in trailers and never travel well for games.

WE GOT SWAGGER in 2009 er 2010.

Hay 'Sota, isn't Friday the day you typically meltdown and cut and paste hundreds of comments over at "Gibby's" Gator Clause?

Yer slackin dude.

Maybe your at the home of contemporary wannabes, Bonefish Grill, catching the Sarasota early bird?

Maybe your just tired of being gutted like a tuna and only having food responses?

well boys and girls time to hit the old dirt raod and pray that the canes win.

Bonefish grill? Too pricey. Got places to eat near me though.
"Got Checkers on one side, Dairy Queen on the other"


Be it Sebastian or not and I'm a die hard CANE but this is some funny sh**!!!!

Kerwin Bell Says:
November 6th, 2009 at 10:19 am
"I bet he’s got a smoke machine outside the crapper so he can run through the mist after rubbin’ one out and feel like the silly ‘canes on game day…"

I'm still LMAO

Many keep cleaning house its working. And keep up the good work. GOOOOOOOO! CANES!

Posted by: VA Cane | November 06, 2009 at 03:32 PM
With the depletions on the D side of the ball our O is going to have to control the ball and limit the time our D has to be out there
At the very least put up some points early and take a part of their gameplan away
Posted by: Sebastian | November 06, 2009 at 04:16 PM

Comedy gold to see U worry about gameplanning for bottom dweller UVA! U used to just go out and punch em in duh mouf. Thems days are OVA!
U joined a mildly competitive conference.
U hired a carpet munched that could care less about foosball.
U watched your beloved OB get torn down in less than a week
U hired an unwanted fourth choice coach TWICE
U helplessly moved into the worst college football venue in the entire southeast
U still refuse to accept that your run is done and is not returning.
The changing landscape of college football left you in the dust. You don't even own the cesspool 305 any longer. Just ask cane uber homer Manny. You had a pissing fit when he explained the cold hard recruiting truth to you.
U will never see the forest from the trees. Never delusional canefan!

And now your left scraping out pantshltting wins over ATROCIOUS Wake Forest and FSU. Don't look past the mighty Cavaliers bloodied canefan.


If anyone needs tickets, I have two available for $120:

Section 443
Row 2
Seats 6 & 7

Email me at benguest76@gmail.com with your phone number.


"Got Checkers on one side, Dairy Queen on the other"

more comedy gold!

hey he's the guy that was pounding his chest about Bonefish Grill. Decent lunch spot. That's it.

Canes? You buy long.

Gayturds? You sell that sinking crap short.

Sorry. Just the way it is.

Way to to Manny, blog easier to read.

Manny! Credibility is hurt when you say one thing & not follow through. Terrible! What do you mean claening up the blog???

miami is the greatest. have you ever been to gainsville, its horrible. urbumb liar is a goofy sob. brandumb spikes is a finger gouging goofy idiot, should be thrown out of college football.

It's all about my hardworking Hialeah Canes... represent... rich, poor, black, brown, white, red, cuban, jewish, african american, miccosukee... as long as you bleed orange and green, you are my brothers...it's all about the UUUUU!!!!

Don't listen to the haters... they can't speak loud enough to hear anyway!


can somebody in our defensive backfield please cover UVA's slow frankenstein stiff-hipped tight ends. offensively, whenever they absolutely have to make a play they run a throwback screen or a crossing route to one of those guys. stop that play and we win easily.

Please play McGee and Davon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never forget 48-0!

Going to the game today for homecoming as a proud UM alum. Can't ever forget 48-0. Hope we get them good today. Also hope the heat is too much for them and that they wear their road dark jerseys. Luv my canes. GO CANES

Want the heat to be too much for Virginia of course. Go canes

I was at that last game at the ob. Terrible memory for one of the best football stadiums ever. Hope the canes destroy today. Go canes

Manny, Great week for you. I agree about getting the ball to Damien Berry and allow him to pound it out. It could be a signature game for him.

big o, According to this site, Davon Johnson is redshirted to get another year of eligibility out of him.


what ?color jerseys

Davon and McGee will redshirt along with Futch, man we gonna be deep in the coming years

Wheres the game day blog?

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