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Grading the Canes: UNC Report Card

RALEIGH -- About to head home with a bunch of Canes fans here from Raleigh-Durham Airport. A couple quick thoughts and then the grades:

Jacory Harris -- In the grand scheme of things Saturday's loss didn't mean a ton. After Georgia Tech beat Duke, all UM was playing for was a chance to play in a BCS Bowl. There was no guarantee that would happen even if the Canes finished 10-2. Now, does it really matter if they play in the Gator Bowl, Peach Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl or Meineke Car Care Bowl? Not to me.

-- Regardless of how bad Jacory Harris played Saturday, don't look for it to weigh on him very long. Harris was down in the post-game press conference. But he has a room full of 100 teammates and coaches that have his back. If Robert Marve or another quarterback who was capable of really running the offense was around, we might have seen Jacory sitting on the bench after his third pick. But there isn't that guy. You're going to have to live with Jacory's mistakes for now. He's just a sophomore. I have faith he'll get better.

Before I go, here are my grades for yesterday's 33-24 loss to the Tar Heels.

> Quarterbacks: Although it really wasn't all of his fault, the Hurricanes lost Saturday because Jacory was at his worst. It wasn't just some of his throws, it was his decision making. He admitted so himself. Not only did he force balls into double and triple coverage, he didn't put the right touch on passes either -- preferring to float the ball in instead of firing it in. Does Jacory have the arm to fire it in? Yes. Does he do it enough? No way. That's something offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has to focus on more with Jacory next spring. Like I said, he can't take all the blame for a career-high four picks. LaRon Byrd got out-jumped for the first one even though he had four inches on the UNC safety who picked off the pass. Byrd admitted as much afterward. Still, it was worst his day as a Cane. Grade: F.

Graig Cooper > Running backs: Miami didn't have a great day running the football. But when you only carry the ball 25 times and throw it 50, it's hard to. North Carolina's front seven is one of the best in the game, but still struggled stopping UM's running game consistently. Graig Cooper finished with 63 yards on 15 carries. We never saw Javarris James. But Damien Berry had a really good day. He had six carries for 46 yards. My question is this: with UM trailing 23-17 in the fourth quarter why didn't we see more of Berry and less of Jacory throwing the football deep? That's something I wish we could ask Whipple, but will never get a chance too. Still, a decent day for the backs. Cooper had 7 catches for 37 yards and Berry had two grabs for 50. I think it's safe to say we should have seen more of them than we did, especially after UM got back into the game in the fourth quarter and when Jacory was still struggling. Grade: B.

> Receiving: Nine different receivers caught passes Saturday. But none other than Leonard Hankerson's key fourth down grab in the third quarter that led to Miami pulling to within 23-17 really stand out. The fact Byrd got outleaped for a ball was inexcusable. He dropped a key pass on the opening drive. Hankerson dropped a touchdown too. North Carolina's defense was good. But I still expected more from this unit and they didn't deliver enough. Grade: C-.

> Offensive line: There are more than few misleading stats to make you believe Jason Fox and company had a decent day. One, UM's offense produced 435 yards. Two, Jacory Harris won only sacked twice. Here is the stat you really need to look at QBH: Quarterback Hurries. Jacory was hit or pressured 11 times. UNC's T.J. Yates? 3 times. It's hard to feel comfortable in the pocket when one out of every five throws is under pressure. Grade: D.

> Front seven: These were on the verge of being heroes Saturday. But as linebacker Darryl Sharpton said afterward, when the Canes needed a stop down 30-24 in the fourth quarter "we fell apart." Ryan Houston, contained most of the afternoon, ripped off five consecutive carries on the game-sealing drive and tallied 32 yards. That was the ball game. Sharpton finished with nine tackles and Colin McCarthy had a season high 13. Ramon Buchanon had a career-high six tackles. But where was the pressure? Josh Holmes had a sack. But Miami only pressured Yates three times. That's not nearly enough against a beat up UNC offensive line. Grade: C-.

> Secondary: DeMarcus Van Dyke wanted to redeem himself after last year's fiasco. Didn't happen. He got burned by Greg Little on a 29-yard touchdown pass. No, he didn't get any safety help. But what else is new with this UM secondary? Ultimately, UM didn't get enough pressure on Yates. But he shouldn't have been 17 for 31 for 213 yards and a touchdown. Miami had one pass breakup -- and Ramon Buchanon achieved that when he deflected a Yates pass as he threw it. That's called not getting the job done and playing too far off the ball. Grade: D.

> Special teams: Matt Bosher was once again MVP. He averaged 46 yards a punt and had one pinned inside the 20. He made a 39-yard field goal and had a touchback on a kickoff. He even made a tackle on Greg Little to prevent a kick return for a score. UM also did a pretty decent job fixing its punt protection woes. The decision to have guys point out who they'll be blocking before the snap only led to one delay of game penalty and five clean punts. And Mike James and Graig Cooper did a decent job giving UM good field position. The bad? There was a huge block in the back penalty on Thearon Collier's punt return in the fourth quarter. Instead of having the ball at the UNC 46, Miami started at its own 35 with 11:41 to play. Still, a better day overall than last week against Virginia. Grade: B.

> Coaching: Remember when some of us were thinking Mark Whipple might be gone after this season? Probably not going to happen anymore. Not only is his star pupil second in the country in interceptions, but the offense isn't as good as it should be week in and week out. But my biggest beef -- aside from Whipple continuing to call for Jacory to throw deep even after Miami had rallied to bring the game within one score -- was the clock management before the half. Miami was on the UNC 32 yard line and there were 14 seconds left on the clock when Jacory was sacked to end the half. UM had one time out left and didn't use it and instead the clock ran out. If UM connects on a field goal there, it's a 33-27 game in the fourth quarter and Miami still has a chance on the final drive. Instead, it was a nine-point game and out of reach. Grade: D.


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Great assessment, Manny except for Jacory. He is an upperclassman now. He has a lot of game experience now. From my perspective, he is getting worse instead of better. If he would just do two simple things, his game would excel:

1. As you pointed out, put some zip on the ball

2: Run, Jacory, run!

There were plenty of times yesterday he could have picked up 5 - 10 yards running.

Also - a wildcat package with the best backfield in football would kick butt!!!

Tough loss. It's alright though, because if the Canes finish 9-3 that is still a huge improvement over the last 2 years.

We can't expect to go from 5-7, 7-6 to 10-2. The program is back on the right track and we've been ranked all year long.

Nothing to be ashamed of there. Jacory is the real deal and he will get better next year.

If everyone stays healthy, the U can make it 10-2 or even 11-1 next year.

The future is still looking bright for us. Our D line will b much better next year with Ojomo & Fortson along with some nice young talent, a linebacker rotation of Spence, Brown, Buchanon, McCarthey, and a couple recruits will b nice! And let's not forget Mcgee, Ray Ray, Reid, Harris, & Van Dyke all come back!!

I agree FIUfantastic.

This was a tough loss to swallow but hey what can you do? I still think that if we can go 9-3 that's pretty good.

Keep your head up J12.

Do we really believe in our head coach? Not being pessimistic, I just don't think he's ready for this particular job? Say what you want, but we all know he's not getting the elite talent in sfla, at least not as much as he should. This is bothersome. Go Canes!

Word on the street is that Whipple will be joining Bill Cowher on the Carolina Panthers coaching staff next year. Take it for what it's worth.

Just wanted to add that I've always supported Shannon, but I'm not satisfied. Should I be? I hope if he stays, he proves me wrong. Go Canes!

Maybe i'm wrong, but I think he's coming back.

First time I agree with your grades 100%

I would give Jacorry an F- if that was possible. I can't stand that he throws the ball up for grabs. Can't stand it and he is single handedly losing or almost losing games. Single handedly. Plus he is making the nay sayers right!

Again, 2 games in a row, why throw the ball deep when all you are down is 6 and Berry is unstoppable? Get the g-d- first down!

How did they allow Houston to run it down their throats? Did they NOTthink they would try it?

Coaches: F -.

Come back coach of the year: Pannunzio. He has literally adjusted after a few of the early special teams debacles and done significantly better.

How is it that you don't capitalize on that fake punt (which incidentally, was a great call whoever made it)?.

manny= did Moncur play?

manny= I saw a player wear a black band, and I think I saw an "RIP" on JH's eye shadow stickers. What was that all about?

Hankerson again dropped 2 or 3 passes key passes as well. he caught some key ones too. But... He is good for 3 drops a game. Inexcusable!

The tackling to prevent the run backs/pick sixes: horrible. they looked like Pop warner players out there tackling.

This team should be ashamed of itself. Collectively. They laid an ostrich egg. Not just jacorry, although he is the king of the egg-layers. All of them. I am ashamed as well. How can you lose to Carolina 3 games in a row?

And for Hocutt to be talking about those god awful uniforms, I say, son, there is a bigger problem here and if you wantto hammer the nail in the coffin go ahead, get those travesties of uniforms!

regardless, it could be worse: We could be FSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, or USC... or Oklahoma- remember- this was a Sam Bradford Tebow rematch gauranteed by many.

Manny- comment on this:

Alabama looks way better than UF. So does Texas. The right ranking should be:

1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. UF
4. TCU
5. BSU

I am not completely sure about this but...the regular season records were: 2003-2004 10 in 2, 2004-2005 9 in 3, 2005-2006 6 in 6, 2007-2008 5 in 7, 2008-2009 7 in 5 and 2009- 2010 probably will finish 9 in 3...So next year is going to be 10 in 2?? Hope not. Hope will finish 12 in 0!!!!

Tough loss without a doubt. The defense did not come up with the stop when we needed it but if the offense did allow two interceptions returned for touchdown Miami wins that game. I do not believe that the coaching is really the problem. The coaches put the players in position to win the game but they did not execute the plays. LaRon getting out jumped, Hank dropping passes, and Jacory throwing to the wrong team led to the demise. This team is still a work in progress. We were not going to get a BCS bowl either way. Now they need to stop and recollect themselves and beat the Blue Devils and Bulls to finish the regular season. As fans I think we can better access the coaches by the teams bowl game perfomance. If we come out prepared and ready to play after having some time to game plan and get players health it will point to a strong 2010 season. Go Canes all of the true fans are behind you.

Jack Childress and the refs were a joke.
ACC needs to fire him and his crew if biased embarrassments.

you guy have a bright future ahead dont worry we willbe better than ever Jacorry hold your head up

9-3 Has been my prediction all year LONG! We must BEAT duke and our little step brother usf bullshits!!!!!!!!!!



NO: Moncur, Armstrong, R. Hill, Forston, Futch, Jo Jo and O Yea "S. SPENCE" among others. This is not the same team from the beginning of the year!

2010 BCS or BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Predict 10-2 or 11-1 In 2010.....

J12 stay focused but I think the fact that he knows he wont get pulled makes him act like Bret Favre out there. We need a backup QB to keep him competative, so come on highsmith and Morris.

Coaching deserved an F not a D, Manny. The clock management was terrible at the end of the first half AND at the end of the game (even though it was pretty much over).

Also, what is wrong with our tackling? All our players ever do is arm tackle. They need to man up and go chest to chest with these players. I saw too many arm tackles in this game.

P.S. Why does Berry not get more touches?!?! He clearly has more heart than Cooper or James. Give him the ball!!!

I think the only problem with Randy Shannon is his picks if coordinators. Yes whipple is an upgrade from nix but then again who isn't? I believe Shannon should take over the defense.
As for Jacory, I believe in him he does have the arm to zip it in there, we saw that last year but not this year. Whipple is a qb coach and I hope he's not telling j12 to just float it all the time. Then there's the play calling. Is whipple always calling for the deep ball or is j12 always throwing to the only reciever going deep? I think it's a mixture, there's more then one reciever running different routes but the deep ball is always thrown.
Why don't we blitz often? It's so effective. I know our linebackers have no depth anymore but comeon.
If anyone could answer any of my questions please do so..

The hurricanes played bad and they did deserve to lose this game, but that "fumble" on the second pick-six was a horrible call! Even if it was a fumble, you can not advance the ball forward! The ACC should be all over these refs for that horrible call, even after they reviewed it! I am not a stickler for officiating because I believe for the most part, the refs get it right and they do have a tough job. However, there is no excuse for making that call!

Still a believer in Shannon, Jacory and the Canes. I have confidence in this team.

Good post Manny. I was sitting in my media room thinking the same thing about Berry. Everytime the kid got the ball he ran over or around the first tackler. Then looked for contact in the secondary. He was running like a man!!! When we had it at 23 - 17 we should have pounded him to try and get into 2 and 6 or less. Do that and to bring Jimmy and Epps in on short routes to open up the deep ball. They threw to Jimmy a few times but down the field. How about mid range passes? Also, Hank dropped a TD and a crossing route that would have been a huge gainer. Byrd dropped a great throw on the run fron JH. But with all that crap and 4 turnovers we had a shot. It says to me that the talent is better than the last 3 years and the future is bright.

Outcoached,outplayed,lousy clock mgt. at the half. Please Mr. Shannon fire your defensive secondary coach after the season. Not even close to a turnover yesterday. DB's just aren't improving.

Few more points:

1. is it me or is Damien Berry the best RB we have? The guy is a stud, runs hard, and he just makes plays. That screen pass he took down to the NC 2 yard line would've been legendary if the Canes pulled it out.

2. I loved the fake punt call, even after the false start penalty.

3. Clock management reminded me way too much of the Emerald bowl with our team looking clueless. I wish Jacory would've taken matters into his own hands and called that timeout.

4. We need more pressure on the QB (I understand we are injured) but the D kept us in it. Remember, 2 TDs came by way of the pick 6. And the offense did not make this an easy day on our D. OVerall, I think they deserve a better grade despite the fact they couldn't make that one last stop.

5. As much as Jacory was off during the game, he showed he can still make plays. Offense line should shoulder a lot of the blame because they did not protect him and Jacory got smacked in the face with pressure right up the middle a few times.

6. The screen game was good yesterday. Probably our best play right now.

7. We could've grinded the game as well, Berry and Coop (sort of) were effective in the running the ball. Berry and Chambers both run down hill and I think we could've used that a little more to our advantage.

8. Use the playaction to hit some underneath routes to Epps or Graham instead of going for the homerun everytime.

9. We do not have a #1 receiver. I think Aldarius is our best WR. He goes up for the ball, runs good routes, and him and Jacory have that timing. Laron Byrd needs to step up and Benjamin needs to be utilized in the slot. I like Theron Collier. But we need a guy to emerge as our go-to guy.

Excellent post and assessment. But...if the coaches would played Jacory as the starter last year instead of wasting his talents as a back-up, the experienced would have invaluable this year. Also, time management was terrible. Except for the last drive I think the defense as played much better the last two games.

On offense...how about using the Wildcat.

I think the secondary played decent. It wasn't the receivers who were killing us in the passing game. It was the tight ends and the backs out of the back field. I have seen a few Carolina games this year and the receivers had played much better than they did against Miami. With our defense that is the linebackers' responsibility.

Bye Bye Randy.

Also, most offensive lines will look bad if the QB is trying to wait for things to develop down field on every pass play. That is why he was hurried so much Manny. If he would have went to the short reads that number of hurries would decrease by 2/3.

A lot of good sense in your write-up and in the comments today, which I'm very glad to see.

@Robert D: you're absolutely right about wasting last season with Marve. Unfortunately, Jacory is going through his growing pains in 2009 instead of 2008. He'll be great, though--there is no doubt he will use this game as a teachable moment.

The illegal forward pass non-call was egregiously bad, but this is football and poor judgment by the refs is part of the game. Sometimes those calls work in your favor, sometimes they don't. You have to play to win regardless.

Speaking of poor judgment, as excited as I was to see Bosher pull off the fake punt, it was a dangerous, foolhardy play call. If we had gotten stuffed and NC had taken the ball over around our 20, the game would have been over right then and there. We're lucky MVP pulled it off (and had that touchdown saving tackle later).

Berry has been receiving more and more touches with each passing game. I don't think there is any debate about him being our best back at the moment, not even among the coaching staff.

Lastly, the criticism about Whip continually drawing up deep pass routes when all we need is a good, steady drive is spot on. It worked last week (albeit somewhat miraculously), but here he went to the well one too many times. If he had put the ball in Berry's hands via run plays and screen passes, I think the outcome may very well have been different.

Big failure, why can't anybody on the offense tackle? If we tackle, that 14 points of the board for UNC. Sure, Harris threw the picks and they were not apparently the WR's fault...but someone needs to chase down the ball carrier.

I'm not that far down on Harris. I think he can be OK with a little more playing experience. Its the entire team and the direction it is going in. Each game its a different hole. We make average opponents look like all Americans. This is not like our earlier championship teams. We just don't have the attitude that no matter who we play we are going to win. Sorry to say I agree with Manny on the poor grade for the coaching. Problem is that it has been going on for three years with no end in sight. Can't keep saying lets wait for next year.

i want robert marve back because jacory isnt playing like he did at the beginning of the season he just thinks his recievers can get any ball he has thrown way more interception than kyle wright did in any of his year at UM

Wipple and Jacory get toooooo greedy. (YEAH I SAID IT).
Word around the college football world is that no matter what's working for the Canes the short pass, getting 4-6 yards a pop on running plays. No matter just wait. They'll try to throw it deep.
No matter what's working! THE OFFENSE starting with the play caller (Wipple)has discipline breakdowns in their play calling. The Canes can run and short pass ALL DAY. No one can stop it. But with this play calling the opposing safties are playing baseball. What position you ask? CENTER FIELD DUMMIES! STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT IS WORKING AT THE TIME AND STOP BEING SO DAMN GREEDY. When they move the safties up then you go deep. YOU TAKE WHAT THE DEFENSE GIVES YOU. DAMN BASIC FOOTBALL 101.Man you guys should only have one lost. You beat yourselves. You really do! RUN THE DAMN BALL!

if ur a real um fan don"t get n2 a funk remember u have grow as a boy before u become a man...canes4life

On Jacory & Whip: Either they weren't who we thought they were (Dennis Green is my hero) or they have significantly regressed. I for one would like to have someone else on the team show the ___s and get in his face. Like some one mentioned earlier, J12 is playing like there are no consequences. There are...it is called putting your D in a hole.

On the D: That side of the ball gets a pass in my book due to the rash of injuries. Without the 2 INTs returned for TD's it would have been a UM W.

On Bosher: Sad to say your K/P is routinely your MVP, but God I wish he had another year of elligibility!

On Randy: Not seeing the team's intensity. Not seeing better time management (remember Cal?). Still seeing TOs due to wrong packages or slow play calling. Also, by not engaging the media, you are by default disengaging the fan base. Lastly, does he regret not re-newing his deal now???

Where is Randy Shannon going? J12 had a bad game period. 9-3 plus bowl game win and 10-3 sounds like good year. Cane fans we are not good enough yet on defense to be a BCS contender. Go Canes!

Cali, Randy's saving grace is that he can recruit like crazy...I haven't seen much improvement on the basics. Arm tackling, time management at the end of halves/games, using time outs early due X/Y/Z reasons, coming out flat for games...this all points in the same direction.

gotta be honest, would have loved to have had Taylor Cook yesterday....he of the 100 mph arm would have mad a difference.

Out coached--likely

Out plaed--no doubt about it.
Like Va Tech., UM found out the hard waythat this UNC team is better than thay realized--especxially the speed of the defense.

FSU 50

last point, where is Aldarious...one or two catches? Did Epps even get thrown to? Trevaris anyone?...and Hank, man you have improved, but didn't we speak early in the year of anyone who gets the dropsies would be sitting due to our depth at WR?

I say, give Shannon and his staff all lifetime Charlie Weis contracts!! More of the same!!!

VaTech - OK, we were in the middle of a rough 4 game stretch and played in a monsoon. Fine. Understandable.

Clemson - Very dissapointing. We let an avg team (with only 2 studs) beat us.

Wake - SHOULD have been a loss. Played flat/no emotion. Lucky.

UNC - In other places (see South Bend) this effort would be close to a 'fireable' offense.

Call me crazy, but with the fickleness of SoFla fans, are we reaching the point of indifference again?

Totally agree about the play calling, not just before the half with clock management, but in at least 4 games during the first two drives, there have been interceptions when we were within field goal range.. we go all or nothing early in the game, then depend on heroics in the second half to get us back.

Wouldn't it be poetic justice that the infallable one, Urban the Great, leaves Ungainsville, for SoBe...South Bend, that is.

Frustrated...and so you shall remain...

Apart from Jacory throwin all those picks when will the defense decide to create turnovers i remember the days of Sean Taylor(RIP) and Ed Reed when The U had one of the most feared secondary's now its like o its 3rd and 25... just throw it over the middle. when will i again be excited about the defense.. I hope soon...GO CANES!

Disagree Manny, because the U played the same type of defense. Play off and rush 4. Every team know what the U will do on defense and comes prepared to take advantage of it. Every game it sucks, fsu-Nc except an not dink passing team ga tech. Cannot take the next step with that defensive mind set.

Frustrated- I agree with everything you said. Its either JH or Whipple. I mean, Instead of throwing lobs down deep, why not use the TEs???? W-TF?

Coaches: Have you ever heard of the terms "time of possession", or "ball control"? What about the term "first down"???


But regardless, I lambasted both JH and RS but fact is, RS is in his 3rd year as head coach. JH is a sophomore. Lots still to learn.

For those who inquired:

2003 11-2 incl. win vs FSU in BCS OB (11-1 reg season)
2004 9-3 incl. win vs UF in Peach Bowl (8-3 reg season)
2005 9-3 incl. loss vs LSU in Peach Bowl (9-2 reg season)
2006 7-6 incl. win vs Nevada in Micron PC bowl (6-6 reg season)
2007 5-7
2008 7-6 incl. loss vs Cal in Emerald Bowl (7-5 reg season)

I see going at least 9-4. Merely winning 8 games would be an improvement since 2005. UM hasnt won 8 games since 2005. With all of the injuries and young players, first yr OC, DC and 3rd year HC, I think the fan base expectations were overly high ( myself included), but why wouldnt they be after that awesome start?? fact is for 4 games, UM was fresh , healthy and deep. Now, we are neither.

Let's pause. Analyze. You'll agree.

Shannon needs to step in and overrule Whip. I see why he was a QB coach and not an O-coordinator. This is just piss poor play calling. D. Berry should have touched it 30 times.

That clock management was hysterical. These guys are so clueless when it comes to calling timeouts and managing the clock it is laughable. Actually it happens so consistently that I cant believe these guys are actually Division 1 coaches.

How could an expert in football mismanage the clock so consistently? CLUELESS!!!

Jacory is so cool, calm, and collected. I mean every time he throws a pick or fumbles the football, he just comes out calmly and does it again. Guy has ice in his veins. If it were me, I would have pulled myself out of the game but instead he calmly goes out there and costs his team the game. AWESOME!

Dah U is back!!!!! Back to another 4-6 loss season!!!

I actually think this is starting to get below mediocre. Just the middle of the pack of a WEAK ACC!

Congrats on improving!!!!

Problem is, we gave up 2 scores on D. Can't do that. Jacory will be OK. This is really his first year, because of the Marve thing last year.

But the real problem is O-line. No protection. There were times when NC rushed 3 people, and they were too close to J12. D-Line is not bad, but we're losing games up front.

U goes 9-3 next year. J12 pre-season Heisman pick.

I always love reading the blogs from Die hard U fans. I'm always going to be die hard U fan too. But what is starting to bother me from this team is that they are getting worse.

Defense: yes , we have tons of injuries. However, the d-line does not get off the ball fast enough. I know A.Bailey is our best rusher, but he never gets a fast start. Iss that coaching or just not paying attention to the snap count. Why is it that everyone can put pressure so easily on us and we can't do it with our front four?

I know we are thin at LB , but come on make a tackle. I consistently see D.Sharpton out of position. Also the guys can't cover anyone of passing downs. He should not be on the field on 3rd and long. Overall the LB need to tackle better.

Secondary- What can i say? why is every WR so wide open sometimes? We play to soft on the outside. We need more bump and run coverage to allow our line more time to rush the QB. BUt when they play 5-10 yards off thE WR then they get easily open.

OFfensive- JH will get better. Yes it looks like he getting worse since the start of the season, but i think its that everyone is starting to figure out the plays. What JH needs to get better at is looking away from the WR so that the safety can't figure out where he's throwing to. From now on , ever team will have a deep safety on defensive. So he needs to scoop the field. However that is hard to do with no time to throw.

o-line needs to play better. What scare me about next year is that we have no tackle to replace fox. If we have them then play them now for pipho.

overall offensive is still going to get better. We need to run the ball more and spread the field with the talented WR we have. No team can cover all our WR so sometime just play them all.

Can some help me with this question?
Why are we continously running the reverse with T.benjamin? Everytime we run it the defense is waiting . Luckly he's a playmaker and gets something.

Lastly, I've always felt the RS is the right coach for the U. However for the first time i've been questioning that because since last year we have not been able to save our timeouts till the end of the game. We have need been able to run the hurry up offensive. We just look lost sometimes out there and I can't understand why?

No matter what happens though.


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