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Hocutt talks new uniforms, opponents

Caught up with athletic director Kirby Hocutt before today's game and got some news regarding the new uniforms the Canes will be wearing at USF for the season finale. In case you haven't seen them or heard about them, the 7th Floor Blog had some photos of them earlier this week. 

Kirby Hocutt I asked Hocutt about them and he said the actual uniforms, designed by Nike, look a little different than the photos available. For starters, there is orange colored webbing on both shoulder pads. The shoes UM players will wear are orange and green, not white. And on each pant leg of the uniform, there will be an orange or green stripe that runs down the side of it. The coolest part of the uniform according to Kirby? The gloves. They'll be white on the outside, but when players cup their hands together to catch a pass, the inside of the gloves will form a green and orange U (just like the helmet).

Hocutt said Nike approached UM about moving the U to the front of the helmet, but he said nobody at UM wants to mess with the helmets. "That's our tradition, trademark," Hocutt said. "We don't want to mess with that."

Hocutt said the jerseys are made of the lightest material he's ever held in his hand. When I asked him about the possibility of using it in the future, he said the topic remains open for discussion. As for the black jerseys you all have been waiting for? "It's a possibility," Hocutt said with a smile. 

> What doesn't look like a possibility is scheduling Notre Dame or Florida in the future. Hocutt told me while Miami has shown interest toward both schools to setup a future home-and-home series, neither are "being receptive to it."

Hocutt said a few SEC schools have expressed interest in scheduling UM in the future. But he said he prefers to play opponents where it would help UM in recruiting. Hocutt's primary interest? "The Houston area, pretty much anywhere in Texas," Hocutt said. "We want to have presence in Texas."