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Hocutt talks new uniforms, opponents

Caught up with athletic director Kirby Hocutt before today's game and got some news regarding the new uniforms the Canes will be wearing at USF for the season finale. In case you haven't seen them or heard about them, the 7th Floor Blog had some photos of them earlier this week. 

Kirby Hocutt I asked Hocutt about them and he said the actual uniforms, designed by Nike, look a little different than the photos available. For starters, there is orange colored webbing on both shoulder pads. The shoes UM players will wear are orange and green, not white. And on each pant leg of the uniform, there will be an orange or green stripe that runs down the side of it. The coolest part of the uniform according to Kirby? The gloves. They'll be white on the outside, but when players cup their hands together to catch a pass, the inside of the gloves will form a green and orange U (just like the helmet).

Hocutt said Nike approached UM about moving the U to the front of the helmet, but he said nobody at UM wants to mess with the helmets. "That's our tradition, trademark," Hocutt said. "We don't want to mess with that."

Hocutt said the jerseys are made of the lightest material he's ever held in his hand. When I asked him about the possibility of using it in the future, he said the topic remains open for discussion. As for the black jerseys you all have been waiting for? "It's a possibility," Hocutt said with a smile. 

> What doesn't look like a possibility is scheduling Notre Dame or Florida in the future. Hocutt told me while Miami has shown interest toward both schools to setup a future home-and-home series, neither are "being receptive to it."

Hocutt said a few SEC schools have expressed interest in scheduling UM in the future. But he said he prefers to play opponents where it would help UM in recruiting. Hocutt's primary interest? "The Houston area, pretty much anywhere in Texas," Hocutt said. "We want to have presence in Texas."


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Kirby is smart. I lived in Houston for 6 years and go there almost every other weekend. In fact, im in Katy right now. I always wear my UM stuff and people here LOVE THE U! I always have people show the Hurricanes love around town. The Miami support really is a LOT stronger than people think.

Man UF is ducking us as they in National Championships and we lose to the likes of Clemson...

ust came out the gym Im sooo hype and amp for this game!!!!

This game is 4 the uglies! Oline and Dline must play with explosiveness. Blow em off the line.

2 Play calling - Right plays at the right time to make our playmakers come up with plays?

3rd. Offensive I love whipple alot but that playaction needs to be for certain situations not every passin play. You must have a gr8 running game! I'll love to see j12 in the shotgun to throw the UNC defense off!!!! j12 is like Manning when hes in the shotgun!!! you all can tell thats hes familiar with that... ran that @ NW. We have playmakers spread em out the can't cover Us! N PLEASE.....GIVE

4th Defense. Needs to play Miami canes ball. THATS IT!!! enough said?

5th. Coaching enough is enough we need this! we must excute and come out ready not flat!!!! Enough what this n that and the excuses, injuries, players not being where they need to be or whatever? What team will be prepared? Randy's Canes or Unc Butch's?????

Go canes!!!!

Sorry for the long read im on a emotional canes HIGH!!! lol

the new uni's are atrocious. black would be retarded. i dont mind the material but the design is hideous.

New uniforms? Are you on drugs Kirby Hocutt? We need a team. we need a real QB, not one who thgrows the ball up for grabs. We need real coaching. we need our own stadium. We need a lot but not new unis.

Take the new uniforms and sho- up ur a_$$

Suffering when you coming out of the closet you gayturd. YOu suck you may be the worst blogger in history. YOur buddy meyer ducks us cause he knows once king tebow leaves his teams wont win nc anymore. and u pretending to be canes fan to get recruits to go to florida just shows how scared urban and you really are the canes are coming back under randy.

new uni's would be good because the ones we have now are crap. but not the ones nike's throwing out there now...

he better talk about new coaches, not new uniforms!!

U are what U are, oUi are what oUi are ...

Losers ... Winners

Man this was a tough lost. Jacory played his worse game ever but its ok. We are better then any UM fan could have imagined 9-3 is good for where we are coming from and great for where we are going. Also Manny you do a great job please no more doubtful columns about our boys every time you have Vtech, Clemson, and UNC we havecome up short.

Tough loss, indeed, but this is a great team we can be proud of.
The defense looked just brilliant in the first half.
A three-loss season in this case is one to be proud of.
A note on the uniforms - the should have listened and moved the helmets to the front - that would be totally badass. administrators should have some faith in the best designers and branders in the world (nike).
Stay strong, Canes Nation - this is our decade we're entering.

I am so sick and tired of this crrp that jacorry is putting up. I mean for god's sakes take the sack or take a fri--gin knee, but dont throw the ball up for grabs!!! he throws floaters. 4 ints are you kidding me? 14 pts came directly from the D. That is 33-14=19 we win. So Jacorry you g-dam-ned lost the game. You threw this game. You choked the big salami. This is worse than anythingMarve did last year includingthe UCF game.

And Linda Robertson: I still hate Butch Davis, I think he is more of a smug a-h-le than ever before, and I am starting to hate Randy Shannon for letting this happen.


The new uniforms will be something to see in the game VS USF. It keeps UM colors while making it more capable for the players.

As for wanting to face opponents in the Texas that's a great market cause football is life down in Texas. UM main weakness in their offensive line can be improved if they were get lineman from Texas.

In the offseason Jacory will have to improve in putting more of a zip on the football cause the floating allows defensive backs the chance for the interception, this team has improved improve upon last year. Progression is the key, there have been improvements from last year and they will continue to improve as they prepare for Duke and South Florida.

We are better then any UM fan could have imagined 9-3 is good for where we are coming from and great for where we are going.

Posted by: Mojo | November 14, 2009 at 07:18 PM

....damnit Mojo, this is EXACTLY the problem. After every game, you, all the writers in the local media, all the AM (bs) talk radio hots, and all the fans say: "ok 11-1 will be great" and after the clemson loss "well 10-2 will be good" now after UNC its "9-3 is still better than expected"....WE CANT EXPECT TO WIN EVERY GAME, as fans, players, coaches, etc...This team needs a sports psychologist to get them from living in the past...

Yeah - that's the ticket, let's lower our expectations and then we can all be happy with 3 and 4 loss seasons... let's keep lowering the bar for Randy and his staff.... WTF/

This is the "U", and losing is never going to be acceptable...!!!! Go cheer for FIU if you want to enjoy losing.

Who said a thing about lowering expectations?

Maybe you're a new fan, maybe a little rich private schooled kid from out east...Maybe a racist Gator in disguise (as you equate our football coaching staff to aff. action, talk about "WTF"?)

Get in touch with reality, and history for that matter. What these 2009 canes need to do, and I'm referring to when I say "let go of the past", is going into EVERY game as hungry as those Canes in 1981 were....when they went to nationally IRRELEVANT to putting themselves on the national map.

Your unrealistic expectations fuel our failure. We need the hunger back.

This L was pathetic. I don't know what game we prepared for but wow. I've stood behind Randy all year, but this is too much. When will this team show some sort of consistency and heart. 14 points from two Ints. That's Ridiculous!

and please, EXPECTATIONS????, that term should be of NO meaning to us during the game...maybe the recruits can factor it in...National Championships are won with HUNGER, never "expectations"

Are you freaking kidding me this is the second game in a row Shannon has not had these guys prepared. Tell me cane fans how do u play a rival and not be prepared. I'm tired of all the execuses that these guys r young and that we have a better record than last year, eat crow. It all starts at the head that's right I mean Shannon. Cane nation listen to me Shannon needs to go back to coaching the D, he is what we thought he would be a defensive coach not a head coach wake up and smell the coffee. He's gotten out coached 8 out the 10 they've played for u football fanatics u go figure it out. No contract extension let next year play out, point blank.

thank you DBrown III. not 2 in a row tho. 2/3.

Friend....Romans... Countrymen... Lend me a dollar!!! ((smiles))

For real tho, we are in big trouble, folks. Not necessarily this year; we should beat duke worse than we did Virginia. But for next season....? Ponder this... We have three returning o-linemen with experience (Jacory will be running for his life, ala Sam Bradford). We have four linebackers who can be trusted on the field (Spence, Buchannon, CMAC, and Futch). Depth concern anyone? We will have two corners with significant playing experience (B. Harris, and DVD). DVD is our best option? We have no TE with signficant playing experience.

These are troubling folks. I don't see an ACC Championship next year, folks. But stranger things have happened (Like our record in the first four games this year).

Rest assured tho that we can all agree that there is talent on this roster and we are moving from 5 wins to possibly 10 wins in the span of two seasons. Progress anyone?



You would think for all the picks he has thrown, Harris would be a better tackler?!

My heart wants to believe next year will be better, my head is starting to question it...

Um... how was this team not prepared? If Jacory doesnt toss those 4 interceptions we win 33-19 or something around that score. To me this is the second game in a row the defense came out and did a good job. I put the loss on the shoulders of Harris for the throws and Whip not pulling the kids ear and telling him to calm the hell down and hit the underneath route.

The D could not stop one of the worst offenses in the country from scoring with 4 minutes left. O Sacks, 0 Turnovers.

Next year will not be better. VTECH, GTECH, UNC all return a ton of talent. Miami plays road games in consective weeks against Ohio State and Pitt. Three new Oline starters and TE, not looking good.

As far as uniforms go Miami should go back to the shiny orange uniforms instead of that dull orange and green crap and for gods sake go back to the white shoes. We look terrible on the road now where our road uniforms used to be our best looking. A black uniform with a black helmet (only with the black uniforms) with the U in bright orange and green would look good as well. And leave the U where it is.

And as far as Shannon goes, look I really wanted him to succeed because he is from the U and because I feel as though he would stay instead of going to the NFL. But people lets be real he's a great recruiter of everything but a QB and he ain't no head coach either. Please recruit a real QB not a limp armed kid that you just like. Man this is suppose to be QB U not he could be a safety U. Nobody can tell me that Brian Kelly would have lost to CLemson or Carolina this year with all of the talent that we have on this team. Kelly demands excellence which is what we used to stand for and wins with the cards he is dealt. Just look at what he's done at Cincy. Sure wish we had a guy that could win like that even with backup QBs

Will the new uniforms help Harris tell our guys apart from the opponents better? Just saying:

It'll never happen, but U can always put a 120x50 yard floating Turf Barge in the middle of Lake Osceola. Then all 20,000 of U Tard fans can line up with shoreline seats ...

Posted by: Front Row Seats ... Plenty Available

I did not write the original post about the stadium smart guy, I just replied to it. However, I do like the floating barge on Lake Osceola idea. It's a start anyway. It is certainly better any idea then I have heard from the university in a couple of decades.

Posted by: FanAboutTown


just drain Oseola, rid S. Miami of skeeters n bacteria, and erect a beautiful 50.000 seat Land Mark U Stadim.

be nice huh ?

A Moot, around, would be cool too ...


to keep the Gators out

I know it's early but we don't look good at all

Posted by: Chewycanes | November 14, 2009 at 04:06 PM


1977 ?

Howdy Canes:

Well F@#$K Butch. Jacory needs to be able to 1. release sooner 2. Know when to throw it away; 3 Pull it down and RUN!!!!! Coaches probably telling him not to run because of no great backup, but he is getting killed anyway and if he ran sometimes the opposing Ds would have to hold back some. 4 Look off defenders

Now please coaches get these guys ready for Duke

Very frustrating loss. Once again a team with inferior talent wins.

Jacory is not a bust but certainly lacks some requisites to be an outstanding QB. He has shown no ability to read a defense, no ability to move a defender with a fake. The NC defender quoted in the paper said it all, "He stared down the receiver", certainly not over for Jacory and he can gain the skills, or maybe not. Does anyone think with another year Brock would have read defenses better?

I found myself longing for Marve, T. Cook... anyone. Those transfers cost us this game, all we needed was a QB to manage the game.

WTF is up with Berry not touching the ball more? Just once come out with him as the feature back and see if he does not take it and run away with the job.

Jacory Harris and Randy Shannon will take us nowhere. Harris is the the other teams best player every week and Shannon constantly has time management and preparation issues with the team. Wake up, with these two we are going nowhere!

Since we don't have a vote on uniform decisions, I guess it doesn't matter except to say, that I have an opinion and the current shirts... stink! Maybe the worst ever.

Kirby, I know your reading the post, so...
Please pass the word out. Forget all the reasons why we can't do it and build us a stadium near campus. If the U can collect millions upon millions of dollars to buy property for future development and investments... Then find us a site for the football team that we can call home. It doesn't have to be huge... look at many stadiums in the BCS, in the 40,000 to 45,000 capacity range and they work. Last night NC had 56k and the stadium looked like it was exploding.
The Shark is a bust, face it! We are the laughing stock in the ACC and the BCS, with 30/40 percent of capacity that actual go to the games... and it looks pathetic.
The field is too far away from the seating,
The $25 Parking fees are killing the attendance.
The costs of the seating, leave the fans feeling screwed.
and forget about the costs of food and drink...
When you add it all up, it's a buck fifty for a family of four.
Facing Facts...

The U is a unique school with a small student body, consisting of maybe 80 percent of them coming in from around the world. once graduated, they leave to go home or somewhere else. It's not like Oklahoma or Penn, or Ohio State or Michigan, where you have 2/3/4 generations of alumni/family members going to the games, who have never left the state... You Know what I'm talking about! Go to Oklahoma and watch 3 generations of family show up, all in motor homes on Friday night for a BBQ, parking in the fields and camp out for a Saturday kickoff... Great tradition but not found here, in Miami.

All ya got here are the fans with maybe 20 percent that go to the games are U connected, the rest a fans without bond, except crazy die hards, like me and a few others that I know!

The bottom line give us a small stadium that we can fill, make the U look respectable, that's close to the U for easy access for the students.

Tropical Park with additional on/off ramps from the expressways 826 and 874 and Miller road to the campus, 3 miles...

When not in use the stadium could be rented out for concerts, others sports, etc.


CAt 5 cane- I totally agree- The more Hocutt and the trustees hear this, hopefully it will come tofruition-


Is it Whipple telling Jacory to throw the ball down field every pass play? On 2 of those interceptions the rb slid out the back field and the check down was the best option.. This offense needs to learn alot about game management.. There is certain times in the game where you just chuck it up and hope your guy can get it but its not every pass play!!!!!!

and if it jacory that keeps chucking it up wheres the coacjing stop calling those pass routes make him throw the ball underneath.. heck if the screen was killing the delayed screen with the back slipping out would have murdered them.. on the 1 pic 6 the back slid out and every1 on defense was chasing the wr's he had an easy 20 yards in front of him

We want to have presence in Texas.
-- Kirby Hocutt

parroting Paul Dee’s destructive line of thinking …
no discernible correlation exists between scheduling & recruiting …
instead, let entertainment value guide U …
we know sexy opponents excite fans & networks …
satisfy human desire by thinking for yourself …


Lack of team discipline (on the field) and time management skills have been missing from U of Miami all year. I'm under the impression that Whipple is calling the plays, not Jacory Harris. What the hell is going on with all those "hail marys's"? If Jacory is calling the plays, they shouldn't let him do it any longer. If Whipple is doing it, Shannon needs to have a "come to Jesus" convervation with him. I don't think Shannon has the smarts or cajones to do that. I insist they should have hired Butch Davis when Coker got canned.

We need our own stadium!!!! We need our own identity. There's no excuses why we can not have it! Kirby...I think your a smart guy who is doing a great job but be the "guy" that put a new face on the U...Build us a stadium......Also, think about the schedule a little bit before u finish it out this year. Back to back road games against Pitt and OSU is not a good idea. I don't care what anyone says but scheduling is an important factor for our success...not asking for a soft schedule but a smart one!

The bottom line give us a small stadium (40,000 to 45,000 ) that we can fill, make the U look respectable

Facing Facts...

Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 15, 2009 at 09:38 AM


a bandbox would cap revenue …
when demand outstrips supply …


The field is too far away from the seating,

Facing Facts...

Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 15, 2009 at 09:38 AM


Q. Is there any ability or talk of moving some seats closer to the field? That’s what people miss about the Orange Bowl.

A. That’s one of the things we’re looking at. This year with the Sideline Club (passes that allow on-field access throughout the game, new this season) they’re going to be closer to the field. We are studying it. I think when we come up with a total package, I think we can really have a major impact on the stadium.
-- Steven Ross


When not in use the stadium could be rented out for concerts, others sports

Facing Facts...

Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 15, 2009 at 09:38 AM

drown in debt on a whim and a prayer …


The Shark is a bust, face it!
We are the laughing stock in the ACC and the BCS

Facing Facts...

Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 15, 2009 at 09:38 AM


U got paid an extra $5M a year to move uptown …
momma didn’t raise no dummy …


Kirby, I know your reading the post, so...

Facing Facts...

Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 15, 2009 at 09:38 AM

next item on the agenda …
improve our broadcast …
by ejecting joe zagacki …
whose halting, mechanical, shrill delivery …
makes you want to throw your radio out the window …


Can we get these kids heart transplants to go with their new uniforms. They will lose to USF and we all know it!

we are headed to the days we were satisfied with a 5 and 5 year.
this season has me thinking players and coaches betting against their winning!!!!!!!!!


NO STADIUM!!!!!!!!


Miami signed the home and home with Florida a few years back and we went up there last year. Word from the inside is Florida is willing to pay Miami 4 Million dollars to get out of the game in 2013. What gives?

UNIFORMS!!!! You gotta be kidding. is that our most important need???????!!!!!!!!! how bout beating somebody!!!!!!

Can't we just go back to the uni from 1999 to 2003. Those where the best looking we ever had. The only jersey I own is still the Andre Johnson orange jersey from that year. I had a guy offer to purchase it this past weekend for 120.00 bucks. Everyone like those jeresey the best.

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