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Injury report for UNC: Moncur, Van Dyke probable

The same group of guys who have been standing on the sidelines, hoping to return from injury the last few weeks will likely get one man shorter Saturday. According to the UM injury report released Thursday night, defensive end Eric Moncur has been upgraded from doubtful to probable for Saturday's game at North Carolina.

Eric Moncur Moncur, who has played just once since the Florida A&M game on Oct. 10 (vs. Clemson), returned to practice Wednesday according to coach Randy Shannon. Moncur was seen on the sidelines last Saturday against Virginia with a soft cast on his left knee.

Also listed probable for an undisclosed lower extremity injury: cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, who has started five games including the last two.

Listed out as expected -- the other four guys who have stood next to Moncur on the sideline: Safety Ray Ray Armstrong (lower extremity), fullback Pat Hill (ankle), safety Jojo Nicholas (upper extremity) and linebacker Sean Spence (leg).

FRESH BACKS: I spent about 10 minutes talking to running backs coach Tommie Robinson Wednesday about the diversity in his backfield. When Graig Cooper ran for 152 yards last week against Virginia, it marked the first time at UM that three different running backs had run for more than 150 yards in a game in the same season. Robinson said the difference with his guys this year is "freshness."

One look at the stats tell the story. No back has carried the ball more than 18 times in a game. Cooper did that Saturday against Virginia. Between Cooper (84 att., 478 yards, 2 TDs), Javarris James (79 att., 421 yards, 4 TDs), Damien Berry (55 att., 363 yards, 6 TDs), Lee Chambers (36 att., 142 yards, 1 TD) and Mike James (15 att., 46 yards, 1 TD) there are more than enough people to carry the rock for UM. And to think, two years ago at Boston College, UM was down to just Derron Thomas.

"What having this many guys does is it let's you run multiple plays and do different things with them," UM quarterback Jacory Harris said. "You don't just have that one back who can only do this and do that. You have different backs that could do anything you need in your playbook."

BUTCH PLAYS CANES UP: You got to give North Carolina coach Butch Davis an award for the best sales job to the media about an opponent this week. While Randy Shannon said UNC's front seven was better than Oklahoma's, Butch took his compliments to the extreme Wednesday talking about the Canes offense. 

Butch Davis "We're going to try to lobby the NCAA and see if we can play with about 13, 14 guys on defense," the former Canes coach said. "They're really talented. You watch at the way they've dismantled people. The score was closer than the game ever thought about being against Oklahoma. They just totally demolished a Virginia team we could barely make first downs against. We've gone through a lot of injuries and are playing a lot of young kids, so it will be baptism under fire for our football team."

And there was more... "You wish they were one dimensional," Davis said. "We were fortunate in that Duke game last week in that Duke came in averaging 400 yards a game passing and virtually non-existant in attempts in running the football. Miami making dramatic changes offensively, schematically from the previous two seasons when they tried to run some version of the read option offense and spread offense. They turned that into multiple tight ends, multiple receivers, some two back runs. They have changed their scheme and they're explosive in the running game that can make people miss and score from anywhere on the field and a quarterback that has a lot of targets. Someone told me when we were going through our offensive meetings that they have 12 different guys that have caught at least five passes. They have a quarterback that makes plays. I wish we could find weaknesses, but it doesn't look like they have any."

At least offensive coordinator Mark Whipple knows who to find when he needs a recommendation.

JACORY: WHIPPLE TRUSTS HIS GUYS... Speaking of Mr. Whipple, I thought the most interesting thing Jacory Harris talked about this week was about the relationship Miami's offensive coordinator has with his players. When asked the biggest thing he's learned about Whipple, Harris said he wouldn't say anything about football.

"I know he puts a lot of trust in his guys," Harris said. "If he trusts you with his plays and what he's calling, if you make a mistake he's got your back 100 percent. He'll come back with something else to make the game go a different way. Like Clemson when I was down, throwing an interception for a TD, he said you're going to throw a touchdown right here. And on a go route Travis [Benjamin] scored. He just has a lot of faith in his players. That's what I've learned about him."

LAMAR MILLER UPDATE: One thing I hear constantly at UM is how well freshman Lamar Miller has been playing on the Canes scout team. So, I asked Robinson about Miller, who is being redshirted, to get his thoughts.

"Lamar is a very talented kid. His job is, right now for this football team, to be the back of North Carolina, the Duke back or the South Florida back. He's doing a good job, is working hard," Robinson said. "Lamar is a big, fast, exploding guy. I haven't seen everything this kid is capable of doing because he's spent a lot of time on scout team. It'll be interesting to see how everything works out - we'll get a good idea of Lamar Miller this spring. I'm very encouraged by Lamar."

As good as Miller might be, consider Robinson is sold on Mike James. "Mike James, golly, I can't say enough about that kid," Robinson said. "People talk about all these backs. Still, one of the best ones is Mike James. He's a true freshman."

> Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to speak with defensive coordinator John Lovett this week despite requests early on. Lovett, who coached at North Carolina for the past seasons, would have naturally been a great person to talk this week for the game. But I did at least get this quote from North Carolina cornerback Kendric Burney about facing their former coach.

"We're kind of down a little bit because he knows all our calls," Burney said. "He was our secondary/corners coach. He definitely knows our tendencies and knows all our flaws. I think this is going to be a great test for us."

> In case you want to tune in, Jorge Sedano will have Butch Davis on at a 8 a.m. Friday on 790 The Ticket.


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Here's to our FIRST win at UNC!

Go Canes!

Yessir, Denver... Yessir!!


Can't wait to watch the game on Sat!

Three running backs with 100 yard games this season. Why is that a big deal. Nevada had four 100+ runners in its last game. Not four in a year but four in one game.

Utah: because Miami doesn't run a gimmicky offense. We've ran a pro style offense for quite a while now. Oh, and we play REAL teams, too. Who did Nevada do that against? San Diego State. WOW!!!!

Great info Manny. I sure hope Coach Lovett holds some of the keys to a U victory. Players too of course. Leave it to Butch Davis to change everything though. He is no dummy. Expect the unexpected. I hope our team is all nasty and fired up.

I like that come back on Utah Cane. Good stuff Doncmleon. Canes will put up a number on UNC because this time the defense will not or at least should not be surprised but what UNC throws at them.

All we should have to do is execute against what we see and if they do try to throw in something different, Lovett must adjust!

Offense needs to be productive on every drive. Either score a touchdown, field goal or punt it deep in their territory so the defense can attack.

I feel real good about this one Canes fans. I'll be there and I'm still looking for tickets. I've seen some stuff on craigslist, but hit me up if anyone has connections!

Great post Manny.

I'm really excited about Mike James and Lamar Miller in the same backfield down the line. We've really got two winners there.

I'm not sure there's much to Lovett knowing the calls for the UNC defense. I'm pretty sure Butch Davis is not a complete moron and will be able to handle that situation. Personnel is another issue. The more you know about a kid the better you'll do, but I think Whipple has that handled. If we can protect Jacory and run the ball, there's going to be an aweful lot of points scored this weekend.

Go Canes!


Rumor: Mountain West To Expand To 12, Receive BCS Auto Bid
-- bleacher report


Good stuff Manny. Boy we need this game and all the rest but this one especially. I got a feelin that Duke will upset GT. Which would put us in the driver seat, only if we win. Go CANES!!


our palatial home hosts xliv …
who’s coming to dinner …


Duval Cane: I'm pretty sure that GT is going to man handle Duke. Our best chance was last week that went to OT but not in our favor. So we as Cane fans have only 3 things to do. Win the remaining 3 games, one at a time. Now if GA will only beat GT and drop them in the polls that might help. We need a few miricles, but I remember reading the life story about a great football coach and throughout the pages rand the tune that on any Sunday something wierd can happen. So lets only hope that on the Sat. and every one from now till Dec. something happens to help and assist the Miami Canes. Manny good article however like the last several all talk about next year. I want to finish this year first before I talk about 2010. We have 3 games left win out and we set our destiny. Lose any one of them makes us no less a team but the bowl game will not mean as much. Win the next 4 games left and we will start 2010 rated in the top 5 in plenty of polls. In all in your hands players. this is your dream. Remember the very first game you ever played? You have dreamed about this all your life. This is the #1 reason you decided to come to the U of Miami. Make us proud. As fans we make this pledge, don't give up and we will not give up on you. We shall be there to give you that extra man on the field. I can't tell you that the game will be sold out or that we will go over the 50T fan base but we will be there in numbers. Play with all your heart and talent and you shall be winners. But you know that already. Make us proud. Thanks

Manny- you speak with forked facts--in your story you say Ray-Ray, Pat Hill are probable and in your blog you say, "Safety Ray Ray Armstrong (lower extremity), fullback Pat Hill (ankle), safety Jojo Nicholas (upper extremity) and linebacker Sean Spence (leg).(ankle), safety Jojo Nicholas (upper extremity) and linebacker Sean Spence (leg). are out!


Best "active" RB rotation Miami ever had was in 1998, when Edge (jr), James Jackson (so), and Davenport (fr) were all getting caries. In 99 Jackson and Portis were getting carries but, Jackson got hurt early and Davenport was hurt almost all the year. 2000, all 3 were healthy, but I'll take Edge over Portis. McGahee, Payton, and Gore came into the mix in 02 03, but they really werent sharing caries with each other. '98. That was the best rotation. I think James (UM's 2nd leading rusher all time) had 1,500, Jackson (UM's 3rd leading rusher all time) had 500, and Davenport might have had close to 500.

I wouldnt believe anything Butch Davis says as far as I can throw him. He is setting us up for some devious scheme, playing the panzy, showering us with accolades. One good thing is is rb is out (Draughns). He is going to pepper our lbs and secondary with short passes, crossing routes, etc and then BOOM! send itdown field. We need to put pressure on Yates. On the O side, run the ball down his throat. To give JH time. JH has to limit the turnovers. Even though he is in the top 10 in passing in the NCAA, he also has some of the most ints. Turnovers= L's.

I agree w/ the "SEC is a joke" comment. Butch Davis is the ultimate bull-sitter. He's a very crafty coach, he has NFL experience, and he vs. Whipple, will be a chess match. I hope the Whip has something for him. My recipe for a U victory is power running straight ahead featuring Damien Berry and a dominant OL to wear them out.

I can't wait to go to the UNC game. Just a couple hours drive from Charlotte. GO CANES.

Manny are you going to be at the game?

Mike James is a beast. Got to love the way he stays so close to the ground while he runs the football. Another thing is that it may be a far fetched idea but the fact that Duke throws the ball so well could be a good sign. As we have seen in the "U", Florida State, Wake Forest and Clemson games G-Techs pass defense is pretty bad. Maybe Duke can keep it close with their passing game and steal one at home late. I think the outcome of the G-Tech Duke game could effect the way the Canes come out and play against North Carolina. If Duke wins the Canes come out like gang busters but if Duke loses the Canes may come out a little flat early. Either way this game will be a close one. Make no bones about it NC defense is pretty solid and could give the "U" all it can handle. Their pro style offense is full of injuries but good none the less. Solid running game and not a bad QB in Yates. Lets not forget that the "U"s pass defense has made some average QB's look pretty good this year. GOOOOO! CANES!

I just checked. There are 44 active UM players in the NFL. UF has 35 and is winning championships, better facilities, and full stadiums but DA U has SWAGGER.

That distinction, like everything UM, is about to fall. Within two drafts, maybe one, the CHAMPIONS will have more ballahs playing on Sunday.

UM pro day has become a sad deserted ghost town.

And ohhh yeah...


Can duke beat georgia tech? That would be so great! Watcha think?

I just laugh when I read comments from haters. Obviously there is some sort of jealousy or you wouldn't be on this blog. It also could be a fear of what is to come in the next couple of years and you have to live it up now while you can. Teabag out of eligibility and Urban Liar to Notre Dame. Then what?

Lane Kiffin would fit in well at UF. He is getting used to playing convicts.

Go CANES!!!!

Thunder Collins (Nebraska)- sentenced to life in prison
Maurice Clarett (Oh State)- Doing some hard time
Nu'Keese Richardson (Tenn)- Will do some hard time
24 UF athletes- arrests in the last 3 years

Who is thug U?

swagger: Yeah, you rocket scientist, but it took 2 NCs and your sorry team is still UM's beanch. Furthermore, out of the 35 which one has made any impact?

I'll give you Harvin.

On UM's side,

And the list goes on and on... Check out the 2009-10 pro bowl And you'll see what I mean losah

Jaime did you see one of the Tenn players was actually wearing an orange Tennessee Football sweatshirt? Clearly you don't have to be smart to play football there.

Living here in Illinois I get so tired of people making comments about thugs and convicts about Miami. They don't realize that the way of life has changed. I LOVE the way Randy handles the program. I get frustrated at some of his in game decisions, but everything else is fantastic with Randy.

The 30 on 30 that premiers 12-12 will shed some light on where the program has been. I only hope it concludes with some kind of showing about where the program is today.


Butch is crafty, but there won't be any surprise schemes.

Defenses have to rush Jacory Harris because they can't scheme coverage against our personnel mixes. We can check from a spread pass to run quickly if he comes out in nickel. It's also the best way to stop UM - see VT game.

On offense he wants to control the clock and pick his shots downfield. This is the same recipe to beat UM for years now.

These guys barely beat us last year and they have less talent now. Stop the UNC run game and we win big.

If we don't well....

Illinois, can't wait. It will bring back memories of 2 Live/Uncle Luke(miss them), pell grants, and full stadiums then concludes with the Emerald Bowl vs California. Get yo popcorn ready.

Jamie, so if a college player makes it to he NFL, is paid by an NFL team and suits up on Sundays - in your eyes it doesn't count because they don't make an impact like say Feagles? I am confused. So then someone like Brett Romberg or Eric Winston wouldnt count?

Hey fake 'Sota,

There are so many arguements u can make such as facilities, fan base, yada yada....

BUT PLEASE stay away from NFL players.

UM has the longest active streak of straight weeks with a TD in the NFL at 114. That's over 7 regular seasons. The second closest in Ohio State with 85 (which ended in 2001 I think). How about our rediculous streak of 1st rounders? Did you forget about that.

And yes it's sad that a punter in Feagles can have more of an impact than half of your alumni but that's just how it is get over it sorry. That guy has been in the NFL for 10+.

Pick your battles u loser. Everyone knows that the U has the NFL in a chokehold.

And as for your "oh Gators will flood into this years draft". We'll be right behind u when our stud skill players start leaving next year.

Now stick to telling me how you are going to kill the Gamecocks this week.

Not only do we have QUANTITY, but we have QUALITY.

Let's go Tar Heels!
Looking forward to a great game.

Does anybody have a link for a Webcast of the game?

I just checked and ESPN shows Mia/UNC or Iowa/Ohio State.

Last week Raycom wouldn't let me log on because my IP address was not in their authorized area.

Thanks and GO CANES & DUKE TOO!!!

All those NFL streaks and records are great when you arent winning NCs anymore. Shows you how good your coaching is. You bring in excellent talent teach them meditocrity then they get coached up in the NFL.

Please beat Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl.



Thank you for cleaning up this board. They can't do it on the SS one. Can I get some SWAGGER up in here?!

Is it true we are getting a bid for the NReve Bowl? Who do you think we will play?

Yeah and when the turds werent winning NCs they still didnt have players in the NFL except one. Ok one. Emmit Smith.

Even ken Dorsey had a bigger impact in the NFL than Danny Wuerffel. In fact Brock Berlin played more NFL games than Weldon...or Leak for that matter. by the way. Where is rexie Grossman?

UM is preparing for a run like nobody has ever seen. The fact that they are so loaded on Offense, yet still young, with a sophomore. yes you heard me right. SOPHOMORE quaterback,proves my point. F_U will s-k without Teblow. And without Spikes. The SEC will dominate them so bad starting next year, that we won't have to... Till 2013. By then Um will have another 2. Thats 7 babay. 3 away from the double glove.

I meant Wuerffel. Not Weldon. Weldonwas another l-er from that other l-oser school to the west of Traylorville


Provide facts please.

Grossman was the starting QB in a Super Bowl.

All - I love beating up on UF just as much as the next guy, but if you want to talk about NFL relevance they're not even in the discussion with Miami. It's Emmitt Smith and no one else, and while I'll recognize his accomplishments, NO ONE that knows anything about football will put him as the best all-time RB.

There are very few schools who can attempt to argue NFL dominance vs. the U (and we're always going to win) but UF Community College is barely relevant in the NFL.

Didn't see a mention of the only school to have alums score the first TWO TD's in the Super Bowl either (Hester and Wayne).


Always with the hate and jealousy from gaytor fans. YAWN!!! Just remember one thing gaytor fans, it took the U being down for you to get anywhere cause you sure couldn't do it when we we're on OUR upswing. Now that the U is coming back up you're nothing but scared!! Once the U gets back up you'll be relegated back to the chickens who wont cross the road! You've had what 5 good years and you come in here talking smak? laugh@U kids! Get a decade of dominance then come in here. Get a 58 game home win streak then come in here! Get anywhere near the number of consecutive years of first round picks.. then come in here! Get anywhere near the U's streak of TD's in the NFL.. then come in here. Until you can say anything near that just be glad we're rebuilding so you can finally win some NC's. Other than that just say "thank you" for the U showing you how it's done kids. You're jealousy and hate is overly obvious and we all know you'll be gone when you loose a game just like the USF guys who were here earlier in the year. Enjoy your time in the sun cause the U will cloud that over real soon and all you'll be left with is the jealousy and hate.

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