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Will UM avoid another late-season stumble?

Randy Phillips laughed at my question even though I didn't mean for it to sound funny.

If you had to estimate the level of pain you are playing with -- what would you say it is? Instead of answering the question, Miami's senior safety showed me how much his torn labrum and rotator cuff limit his ability to raise his right arm.

Randy Phillips "I can bring it up to right about here," Phillips said as he lifted his arm to about the same height an umpire does to call a base runner safe. "If I'm going to deflect a pass, I have to do it with my left arm. Last week against Wake Forest my knee popped. I had to put it back into place. This is football man. You have to be tough, fight through the pain."

Randy Phillips Playing hurt is one thing, playing injured is another. And right now this University of Miami defense -- in the words of coach Randy Shannon -- "is banged up" worse than he's ever seen it, even when he was a player.

How banged up does that mean? We really don't know. Each week, a different player ends up on the team's "extremity report." Shannon simply won't discuss injuries. But if you ask Phillips -- and I did -- he says there are only three players on Miami's defense who aren't playing with some form of pain or coming off injury. Those are: cornerbacks Brandon Harris and Sam Shields and safety Jared Campbell. So, its quite evident, most of the guys out there on defense are playing with pain.

Here's what we do know as fact: UM's defense had its worst performance of the season last week. The Canes gave up 555 yards, 33 first downs and looked awfully inept against an offense that produced a combined 13 points against Clemson and Navy the two previous weeks.

So, if you are a Canes fan that raises an obvious concern and question: With all these injuries are the Hurricanes headed toward another late season stumble? Like it or not, UM is showing the same signs it did when it lost the final four games of its first season under Shannon in 2007 and its last three last year. It's called limping to the finish line. Shannon said it himself. He said his team hit a wall last year, said his players were burned out and worn out. And it is starting to happen again.

So how do the Canes avoid it from happening again? For starters, they can't let their defense stay on the field for 97 plays like it did against Wake Forest. Part of that is game-planning (the Demon Deacons stuffed UM's running game -- the Canes ran it a season-low 21 times -- and held the football for 38 minutes, 52 seconds). But the other part of it getting contributions from other guys.

Chavez Grant "We can't have guys playing 97 plays and coming back and playing 70 plays this week," cornerback Chavez Grant said. "I don't care how conditioned you are. It's going to wear on your body."

The Hurricanes have gotten some contributions from others. Shannon said freshman Curtis Porter and sophomores Micanor Regis and Jeremy Lewis have begun playing more over the last couple weeks on the Canes injury-plagued defensive line. And Shannon said Ramon Buchanon, who filled in last week for Sean Spence, did "okay." But after eight weeks of the regular season, fall camp, two-a-days in the spring and offseason conditioning isn't time others started stepping up? For starters, where is Arthur Brown? When are we going to see Brandon McGee?

The answer is they obviously aren't ready. So where does the blame lie? On both sides of the equation. 

"The transition from high school to college is all mental," Chavez Grant said when I asked him why some of the young players aren't ready to contribute yet.

"You're going to get faster, you're going to get stronger, but this game is played between your ears. You have to understand where you are and where you need to be, what plays are called, what those plays are designed for. And what those guys are struggling with is that. You can't just learn two coverages if you're going into a game with six coverages. Then, the coaches would have to pick and choose based on what you can do. That's the biggest problem. They have to learn the plays. Physically, Brandon [McGee] can play football. Arthur Brown, he can play with the best of them. Arthur Brown will be the first one to find the ball in practice. But when it comes to schemes, blitz coverages and blitz pacakges, dropping into coverages those are not those guys' strong points. And it's not the coaching. We're all in the same meetings. We're all getting taught the same way. If those guys really want to learn, they have to put in the extra time."

The reality is this UM defense is going to have to heal somehow, and the guys that are in there that are not producing are going to have to step up. Because as Shannon pointed out there is no telling when Sean Spence will be back. Or, when Ray Ray Armstrong will be healthy. Or, if Eric Moncur will really be able to play again.

"Right now those guys are out and we have some other guys on the team that have to step up," Shannon said. "As far as coaches, we're going to grind those guys each and every day. Right now, this part of the season, it's all about execution. We're gong to teach those guys each and every day to learn. If they don't learn it, we have to keep teaching it."

So, its time for Olivier Vernon and Marcus Robinson to answer the bell and help Allen Bailey create pressure. It's time for Ramon Buchanon to do more than just "fill in." It's time for Demarcus Van Dyke to add to his interception total by more than just once every three seasons. And it's time for Randy Shannon and his coaching staff to prove they can get those guys ready to play, and it's time for those players to start delivering. Or else, these Canes could end up falling flat on their faces again come December.

TAKING A LIGHTER APPROACH... One thing Shannon learned from his first two seasons was that he wore his team down in practice towards the end of the year. This week, he's made a change from having two hour practices to one hour practices that will be quicker paced and allow for less stress to his players' bodies.

"We did it in the NFL," Shannon said. "Last year at this point I kept them longer because we were young and I thought we needed the reps, and it got us toward the end of the season. But now we're a year older, it'll help us out. It'll give us freshness going into the game from a mental standpoint."

WHY IS UM GETTING BEAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD? The first place blame always goes when things go wrong is toward the coaching staff. I'm a firm believer players are just as responsible for the breakdowns on the field as coaches are for putting them in certain schemes.

One thing that has become a consistent problem for this UM defense against the pass has been the middle of the field. Obviously, not having a strong enough pass rush gives receivers time to get open and quarterbacks time to find them. But as Phillips told me Monday, there is at least one constant mistake that keeps happening to UM in pass coverage.

"It's the communication between the guys who have to cover the No. 2 and No. 3 receivers," Phillips said. "We have to get that [fixed]. If the team is going to that underneath stuff, we have to come up and make the tackle. But we also have to pass those underneath routes off. We're fixing that right now with the linebacker and the nickel back in terms of guys dropping off guys and letting them be wide open."

ARE THE CANES GETTING OUT-SCHEMED? So why does it seem like UM is always a step behind the opposing offense? If you ask Randy Phillips it is because they are. According to Phillips, the only time UM came out and saw what they game-planned for was when they faced Georgia Tech.

"Other teams have done a great job coming out and not running the same offense they ran the previous game," Phillips said. "Clemson didn't run anything we expected them to run. For some reason, they attacked the middle of our defense where our linebackers were. Wake Forest didn't run anything we've seen them run. They usually ran the high-low scheme. Against us, they really tried to put athletes on the edge, run their quarterback and go in the middle of the field with crossing routes.

"It comes down to us being ready for everybody's best shot, not worrying about what the other team is going to do, we just have to run our own defense. Because every team has shown us something different. When we go out and play, there doing something else. We have a certain package defense and they never do it. So, we end up having to make adjustments. I think we're doing a great job making halftime adjustments. Last week, we only gave up seven points after half time. That's improvement."

Said Grant: "It's not that I believe a lot of teams are figuring us out, but the more teams watch us the more they see our weaknesses. I think teams are trying to hit us underneath. The secondary, what we emphasize, is that we don't like to give up the deep balls. That's what we play a lot and that leaves us vulnerable to the short passes."

WORKING TOGETHER... Despite the mistakes in coverage and mental breakdowns, Phillips said coaches remain open to communication before, during and after games.

Last week against Wake Forest, he and Grant came to Shannon when the Demon Deacons had the ball for the last time down 28-27 and suggested putting in Grant at middle linebacker instead of a tired Darryl Sharpton.

"Coach Lovett is the eye upstairs and every time at half time we meet up he's always there ready to listen to us and to tell us what's going wrong," Phillips said. "We tell him this is what they're doing out on the field. This guy did this and this guy did that. We work together. The coaching staff always has the answers. We work it out."

Grant said assistants don't usually get to do a lot of teaching during the regular season because so much time is spent on game-planning. But he says every assistant will spend bonus time with younger players without fail.

"When we leave out of meetings -- Brandon [McGee], Ray Ray Armstrong, Jamal Reid, all those guys stay in there. Coach McGriff makes it his business to stay longer with those guys because they have to learn," Grant said.

"I'm not sure about the linebackers because I'm not a linebacker. But coach Lovett is a great coach and I always see him staying late too. A lot of those linebackers do understand what to do. But there has to be extra effort if you want to play football."


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First today. Thanks twitter.

Just win. Can't wait to see how the season finishes out.

It seems to me that strenght and conditioning coach isn't holding up his job. The past couple of years, guys have been dropping like flies towards the end of the end.

It also seems like our defensive back (besides Brandon Harris) can't cover worth a damn. I don't see us collapsing like previous years, but we need to address the defensive backfield through recruiting.

I love this team, and I love our coaches! These guy's are sowing the seeds of future domination, and we get a front row seat!

To all the player's: If it doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger!


Go 'canes!

P.S. I nominate Ken Dorsey for QB coach, he's earned it!

There's no reason to think another team or two won't score 30+ points against us. Since we're playing Virginia, UNC, Duke & USF, that would be sad.
Under Shannon's watch, in the final three games of the season, UM has given up at least 38 points in four of the six games.
Let's not forget the offense. Wake Forest dropped 2 or 3 easy interceptions, UM couldn't run the ball, and Miami had 10 total yards through 27:30 of the second half.

I totally believe this team will be a force in not just the Acc but in the National title race next year. Sarasota Cane Like the idea of the great Ken Dosey coming back to coach he can help Jacory become one of the greats it would also help if Jacory had the wideouts that Ken had Andre Johnson Regie Wayne jeremy shockey but this team is becoming great before are eyes

excellent write up Manny, you have proven to be the most reliable and insightful information source for the Canes

thanks for all you do

great article. Giave good insight. I knew it. But being "out-schemed" is 100% on the coaches. Fine you get outschemed the first q. ,even the 1st half, so what do good coaches do? They adjust and change what they do. They change the D sche,me, and rather than react, they throw in stunts, etc to confuse the opposing O. It seems to me, Lovett lacks imagination and aggressiveness.

On the injury side, why is this nothappening to other programs? One player, two being injured, ok, its football. But when you have all of these starters out and missing games, it kills me. I dont care how many NFLers train under Swayze. Something is happening that these kids are either OVER conditioning or under ocnditioning. But this is not "the norm". Javarris, Spence, Moncur, Hill, Forston, etc, etc.

Depth and at this time we do not have it.


That was more info then we have had all season, I love to hear the technical reasons for our breakdowns. It seems the DBs were talking and laying it on the LBs which is what I was thinking as well, specifically hinting at Sharpton being he is in the middle. Is there a solution?

The fact that the coaching staff is willing to admit that other teams are surprising them with different offensive schemes than they were preparing for speaks volumes. It tells me that on certain levels, we ARE being outcoached. When the other team knows what we're going to do, and we do not know what they're going to do...Isn't that pretty much the definition of being outcoached?

YES!! Without a doubt, mark it down. Losses to UNC and, urgg, USF. This team is not getting better. 8-4 here we come.

too many reasons on why they are giving up +500 yards per game, the senior & junior classes are very thin, but if they are getting out-coached 90% of the time then this team will finish 8-4 at best.

Yeah, not sure WHY we are getting all of these injuries, but the point is we have them. The silver lining here is that a lot of younger guys are getting very valuable playing time this year- meaningful playing time when the game is still in doubt. I think this helps us out tremendously next year. We should have tons of playing experience on D for the upcoming season. I just wish that we started rotating more on the O-line with some of the younger guys that will be starting next season. No time for them to learn on the fly because this offense will be loaded with talent at the skill positions. We just don't want to have to whole team held back because the O-line can't block or pass protect.

win win go canes


Top juniors Allen Bailey and Colin McCarthy said they will not turn pro after this season.
-- barry jackson


the defense is clearly getting outcoached by every opponent for the past 3 to 4 weeks. last week against wf, we got really lucky...there was no adjustment. if it wasn't for a slip up of williams, or a booched punt by their pr guy, we would have lost by atleast 13 points to a sorry, pathetic offense. we look sluggish and silly out there in defense. way too many miss tackles...its embarrasing. i understand there is an injury bug, but every top-notch program suffers it too. what happened to the "no excuses" motto? all of a sudden, everybody in this program has an excuse!! Get it ToGETHER LOVETT, our patience is running thin with you.

It seems to me that strenght and conditioning coach isn't holding up his job. The past couple of years, guys have been dropping like flies towards the end of the end.

It also seems like our defensive back (besides Brandon Harris) can't cover worth a damn. I don't see us collapsing like previous years, but we need to address the defensive backfield through recruiting.

Posted by: Jay_zoe2 | November 04, 2009 at 01:53 AM

Dude, strength and conditioning has nothing to do with it when you are out on the field for 97 plays. No matter how strong and in shape you are if you are out there too long you will get gassed. Have you seen our team? They look like they are in great shape, they just don't rotate that many players in and out.

We are clearly getting outschemed, the film on our D must show glaring weaknesses. Let's see if they adjust and start to take more chances.

I would expect us to lose 2 more games before the end of the season. We are going to have to outscore opponents in order to win. It's not going to work against UNC and USF.

Not playing Arthur Brown is stubborn and ridiculous. Colin McCarthy and Sharpton looked exhausted in the 4th quarter of the Wake game. That's when kids get injured.

Even the players know they are getting outschemed...how many more times do we need to be outcoached?

Manny...this is another great article. It's insightful and demonstrates that you've got a feel for the information that fans want. Great job!

Not playing Arthur Brown is stubborn and ridiculous.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 04, 2009 at 09:12 AM


Brown is the embodiment of our incompetence.

Good recruiters + poor teachers = bad coaching staff.

We can get 5-star recruits, but we can't do anything with them.

Don't listen to me...scroll up and let Phillips tell the story.


In response to the coaches being outcoached, It only means the other teams have been Lucky, just as much as other teams are lucky to not be bitten by the injury bug. The only thing you have to go off of and scheme for is game film. If a team has done something all yr and then for your game they change up, everything you practiced and schemed for that week is out the window now. Its the equivalent to us showing up on Sat and running the option. I agree that quicker adjustments need to be made once we see that they arent doing what we practiced to see. But everyone wants to play the blame game, and questioning Shannons intelligence (ie being out coached) is always quick on the lips of unsupporting fans.

To blame the same strenght coach that trains NFL players in the offseason is the biggest joke I've heard all year.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. think before you post.

The U jumps in the mix for top cornerback Joshua Shaw, per ESPN!

Now were talking!

Brown is the embodiment of our incompetence.

Good recruiters + poor teachers = bad coaching staff.

We can get 5-star recruits, but we can't do anything with them.

Don't listen to me...scroll up and let Phillips tell the story.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 04, 2009 at 09:27 AM

Not coaching, sounds like Brown is a a little slow, not dumb like you! It takes brains and FB knowledge to make it in this game. Brown doesn't have the brain due to playing in Kansas and you don't have the FB knowledge!

It takes time! If you had ever played anything besides your computer you would understand.

We can get 5-star recruits, but we can't do anything with them.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 04, 2009 at 09:27 AM


seduced by stars …


Exactly Coach P. Everyone wants to blame the coaches for arthur brown not playing, like they have something personal against him. Could it be that maybe it's arthur's fault. I get the sense from phillips and grant that he's not learning the reads, coverages and etc. I know this is his second D coach in 2 years, so he's learning another new system.
People, just because he was a 5 star recruit doesn't mean he is automatically a stud college player. As a MLB he has to be the leader of the d, the on field coach. I don't blame the coaches. Sometimes guys just don't get it. We all knew guys in school that just couldn't do math, no matter how easy we thought it was. I say if he can't start at MLB next season, move him to the outside where he doesn't have to be the brains of the operation. He obviously has the physical ability to play there. It speaks volumes to me, that when guys are tried and hurt, the don't want to put arthur in. Stop blaming the coaches, and realize it's on arthur's shoulders. The coaches have no problems throwing in true freshmen, anywhere on the field, if they are ready. That says to me Arthur isn't ready.

When did this blog fill up with whiners? Even Manny is whining these days. I don't know why we have so many injuries, and it seems to happen every year. But it's the same conditioning coach we've had forever, and this is a new phenomenon, so it's tough to blame him. Might it be that we're playing freshman and sophomores all over the field and they're less developed physically and they get hurt more easily? Probably. Also, as I've been saying for a long time, I think the coaching staff is thinking long term about this program, and is probably being extra careful with young injured players. Phillips is playing with his injuries, but I doubt Ray Ray would be allowed to play with the same injuries.

How can you guys say these coaches can't develop players? Everyone on this team is better than last year. The first team on both sides of the ball is already competing at a top-10 level. The stars are mostly in their second year! You're complaining that Brandon McGee isn't ready to play at corner? He just got here! Brown has been a disappointment, sure, but Spence, Futch, Buchanan, Ray Ray, Mike James, Brandon Harris, Jacory Harris, and Olivier Vernon haven't. I'm sorry if not every player becomes an all american on your time lines, but __it happens.

The first team is great in its second year. The second team will be great next year and the third stringers will be developing and red-shirting on the scout team getting ready to contribute. The injuries suck, but that's the only downside to a fantastic year thus far. If we do go 8-4, it is still a successful year, but I think it will be 9-3 and that's pretty damned good.

Go Canes!

Landing Joshua shaw would be huge for the secondary. I heard that he does't want to stay in state and play. Word is he is a miami fan too. A 6'2" cornerback that can run and cover? How nice would that be. They need to make sure he understands he'll be starting by the 3rd or 4th game next year, if not sooner!!! If this class continues to shape up the way it looks like it will, sign Randy to a lifetime contract as recruiting coordinator. If they produce on the field, he becomes the JoePa of The U. Stay till you die on the sidelines. Time will tell.

If every team has shown a different scheme than what we have prepared for, then you would think that by this time in the season we should be very experienced in multiple schemes scenarios and therefore QUICKLY adjust. I don't see that happening, it's take multiple quarters for us to figure out the problem, and that problem is on the coaches.

We will be okay. And finsh better this year. But the young boys need too play. More Brown and Mcgee. Because if they wasn't ready , then why redshirt them?

Does anyone know what happened to ray ray? Other than lower extremity??

If every team has shown a different scheme than what we have prepared for, then you would think that by this time in the season we should be very experienced in multiple schemes scenarios and therefore QUICKLY adjust. I don't see that happening, it's take multiple quarters for us to figure out the problem, and that problem is on the coaches.

Posted by: Cane75 | November 04, 2009 at 10:20 AM

Problem is coaching, not true! I have coached kid's my entire life, and have had less athletic kids lead my teams in tackles while the more athletic kid receives the DIV. 1 scholly.

Just like in math, you can teach 10 kids, algebra, and 5 kids might understand it quickly while the other 5 kids are a little slower. Everbody learns at a different rate, it doesn't matter how much you teach or coach them.

Their being attacked over the middle because of the inexperience and depth at LB. Miami is only playing 3 LB, two have experience and the 3rd has started 1 game. So when they tire, they have mental lapses. Have you ever seen a boxer look great for 6 rounds and then all of a sudden he lose his legs? Once he loses his legs he loses discipline, which leads to sloppy boxing, which leads to getting beat. Same rules apply with FB.

One of your best articles yet Manny. Fantastic! I've been a staunch advocate of getting Arthur Brown on the field and you addressed it among a lot of other key defensive shortcomings. I hope Arthur puts in even more work to earn playing time.
Thanks Manny.

Coach P, could not disagree with you more. The WF game shows that the same kids were told to do something else in the 2nd quarter, and it worked, so it had nothing to do with the player's inexperience or depth, it was their coaches not telling them how to adjust soon enough.

Edgerrin James, Number 10 rb in the history of the NFl passed marcus Allen (buh bye trojan) was cut by Seattle- Yeah he has lost a step. But Seattle is horrible on all counts. EJ may want too much $. Does anyone know or feel he'll ever play again?

We need someone like Edge. a rb that WILL TAKE OVER a game. Take over. Frank Gore was similar. So were McGahee and Portis. A rb that can turn the corner (UM has not had one since Gore- noticed everyone since Moss, JJ, Jones were all straight ahead runners).

I agree with some of the posts- If other coaches are "figuring us out" then that means we are being out-coached. That is the definition of "figuring another team out".

Ultimately Randy has to take responsibility for what is going on with this program, both in terms of coaching and injuries. After all, he is the head coach. I am not calling for him to be fired, as he has done a lot of good for this program. I am calling for him to re-evaluate some of his methods and learn from his mistakes.

I think that he is doing that. He admits that he has working been working these kids too hard, especially towards the end of the year, and it has caused the team to run out of gas at the end of the season. It is too bad it took him 2.5 years to learn that but it appears that it has finally sunk in.

He also needs to take a look at his coaches. If a coach is repeating something over and over and the kids are still not picking it up, the teaching method needs to be adjusted or the coaches needs to go, straight up. People learn by any number of methods and repetition is not always the best approach. These kids aren't dumb. If they were, they would not be going to The U, as it has some of the most rigorous admission standards in the state. The "slow" kids get left behind in the recruiting process. I admire Randy's loyalty to some of the guys that have been on the staff for a while but some of them are just not getting the job done.

Randy also needs to take a long hard work of what is going on with the strength and conditioning coach. I don't care how many NFL players come back to work out with him, the evidence speaks to something being wrong over there. During Swasey's tenure here, this team has been among the nation's leaders in medical redshirts and players being granted a 6th year of eligibility. Both are rare occurrences nationally and every year The U has players being granted one or the other due to injury. A lot those NFL players who come here to work out with Swasey have had injury problems. Shockey, who seems to be the poster boy for the Swasey method, has had a career that has been plagued by injuries. When was the last time he played a full season? He would be a Hall of Fame player if he could stay healthy. Santana Moss, McGahee, Portis and Gore are some of the other players that had injury problems during their careers, college and pro.

Andreu Swasey may be the best pure strength coach in the United States but training for football involves more than just strength training. His rigorous work out program, combined with the rigorous practices that Shannon conducts, may be too much for these players to handle physically. I think the evidence indicates that to be the case. At the VERY LEAST, Shannon and Swasey need to get together and coordinate how hard these kids should be worked.

ChicagoCane - It must be a Northern thing, because I made all of the exact same points yesterday. I guess these wannabe 'Canes fans expect us to bring in a class and have every single player ready to win all their games as freshmen. Apparently it's very difficult to realize that star ratings are highly susceptible to error at best, which is why there's typically such great variety between ratings services.

Nice to see someone with a brain making an intelligent analysis.

Go 'Canes!

Anyone know if this weekend's game is available online?

All I know is that these guys better work hard in the offseason to get their bodies healthy and ready for the grind of a long season...

These injuries are ridiculous and have to be the worst case in the country... We are down to 3rd and even 4th stringers on 75% of our defense...

The good thing is that the young guys are getting PT, but they are not ready yet...

Recruit hard Randy and please no more running backs! We need DB's, LB's, D-Line, O-Line, TE's...

I hate to say it, but next year is not going to be our year, as we may still be left out of the ACC... 2011 is going to be our year in my opinion for the ACC/National Championship run we all crave...

There are still a lot of holes on this team and we seem to have recruited a lot of injury prone guys...

The "fans" saying we cannot develop players are not "fans" of the cane's, they are 1 or 2 schizophrenic "fans" of the Gator's.

There is not a coach in the country who could get more out of our defense with the injuries UM has had to deal with. Shannon said that in all the years he has played and coached, he has never had a rash of injuries similar to this.

And another thing, this is not about conditioning, these are injuries. How is Swasey going to prevent an ACL, a sprained knee, a broken jaw? Can Swasey prevent Oklahoma player from sneaking up on Ray Ray and hitting him in the back? If a guy hurts himself while lifting too much, then you can blame Swasey!

The irony of the situation is that before the injuries, UM was probably a year ahead of schedule. After the injuries, UM is right on schedule. Every coach and talking head in the country knows UM is heading in the right direction. For anyone to expect perfection with the hand this team has been dealt is naive. Shannon & Co. have this thing going in the right direction, all they need from the fans is a little support.

Go 'canes!

it's on ESPN360.com and on CBS (Raycom if you get that up there)

Anyone know if this weekend's game is available online?

Posted by: NYC Cane05 | November 04, 2009 at 11:26 AM



Apparently it's very difficult to realize that star ratings are highly susceptible to error at best

Posted by: NYC Cane05 | November 04, 2009 at 10:55 AM



Matt Bosher ranks second in the ACC in punting (42.3 yards), is fourth in field-goal percentage (81.8, 9-of-11) and hasn’t missed a PAT in 72 attempts since he became UM’s place-kicker last season.
-- jorge milian



Great stat from pro-football-reference.com which reports that UM alums have scored a touchdown in an NFL game for a record 113 consecutive weeks. San Francisco tailback Frank Gore kept the record going last week with a 64-yard touchdown run. The streak began in the 15th week of the 2002 season and has continued for the next six-plus seasons. Ohio State is a distant second on the list with an alum scoring an NFL touchdown for 82 consecutive weeks (1996-2001).
-- jorge milian



Spoke to UM Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt on Tuesday and he said 60,000 tickets have been distributed for Saturday’s game against Virginia. Saturday’s game will combine homecoming and UM Employee Day so Hocutt is hopeful for a big crowd.
-- jorge milian


Some of you are clueless.

If the DBs are going to the DC to put Grant at MLB then don't ya think that has something to do with AB not getting it mentally? I don't care how many stars you earned in Kansas. You're not in Kansas anymore! #6 was hinting right there that guys are NOT putting in enough time...WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COACHING! The coaches can't drag them to the film room. The guys that are in that film room are the ones seeing the field. I bet AB is working more on his poetry than football anyway. LOL

As far as having many injuries, well, look at OU. IMHO, I think it is the youth of this team. The fact that they had to come in as young as they are, and play majority of the minutes. We simply don't have the rotation that other teams have. When your football team goes 5-6 years without a recruiting coordinator, things tend to get a little foopahed.

P.S. And for the guy that said "this team is not getting better", and "8-4 here we come". Isn't 8-4 better than 7-5? LOL

Wake up people. We won't be there until next year. It is what it is. National Title race starts next year. This year's hopes are premature, and would have simply been a media darling like it was in Week 2. Face the reality, we just aren't there yet...

2007: 5-7 (no bowl)
2008: 7-5 (-1 bowl)
2009: 6-2 (with 4 to go)


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