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Jacory Harris sees common theme with INTs

If there was a point last season when Jacory Harris proved to Randy Shannon he might be better than Robert Marve it was at Virginia. With the Hurricanes trailing 17-10 in the fourth quarter, Harris came in and marched Miami right down the field for the tying touchdown and then the winning score in overtime.

Jacory Harris We all know what happened after that. Earlier this week, I gave you Jacory's stats through his first four games when fans were chanting Heisman (69-112, 61.6% comp, 8 TDs, 5 INTs, 1,008 yards) and his last four when they've wanted someone to reel him in for throwing the ball up for grabs too often (75-120, 62.5% comp, 8 TDs, 6 INTs, 1,096 yards).

So why does it feel like he's not playing as well as he was earlier this year? Because he's getting sacked more (UM has given up 20 sacks in its last five games) and because he's making the same mistakes on the same blitzes.

"It's been a common thing," Harris said of the interceptions. "I'd say last game [Wake Forest], the Oklahoma game and FAMU, just about all the interceptions look the same. It's the same blitz, the same coverage and the same routes. But just a different play going to that side. It's sort of the same thing. They've been on blitzes."

So the challenge now is "when we're running something of that kind just to make sure I'm doing the opposite of what I have been doing."

Harris said he and offensive coordinator Mark Whipple sit down every week and review every pass -- completed, incomplete and intercepted. Sometimes, receivers will join in during the study session.

"I'm making little mistakes here and there. For the most part I'm doing okay," Harris said of his play. "One of the picks I threw was costly this last week. But I don't think any interceptions put us in real bad situations to the point where we couldn't get out of it."

"I know I can get better. Looking at this season, we've come through with some big-time victories. And I just feel like as long as I'm playing to the point our team can win, I have to keep on getting better individually and we'll come out with better victories and not come out with so many close games."

JACORY'S ARM STILL HURTS... Of the 24 sacks he's taken and other unaccounted hits, Harris said the one he still feels is the one Florida State freshman Greg Reid delivered to his throwing elbow on a pass that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown in the opener.

Harris said his elbow doesn't bother him when he throws the ball, "but it does when anybody touches it."

"People say I'm too skinny for this, too skinny for that," Harris said. "But I've survived so far. You just have to be tough."

Allen Bailey is your Mr. October WHY IS BAILEY HAVING MORE SUCCESS NOW? Even if you don't look at the numbers, it is pretty easy to see Allen Bailey has been UM's best pass rusher this season.

He leads the team with seven sacks, 9.5 tackles for loss and is finally exhibiting the special playmaking ability that made him one of the nation's top recruits in 2007. So what has been the reason for Bailey's emerge of late? It's simple according to safety Randy Phillips.

"He moved from defensive tackle to defensive end -- that's it," Phillips said. "He's too big, strong and fast. There's no tackle that can match up with him in the country. He's too big, too strong, too fast for those guys."

Bailey started five games at tackle this season. But the last two he's played primarily at defensive end. He forced a fumble against Clemson and had three tackle sacks.

YOU VOTED... After nearly 2,000 votes, you have decided Allen Bailey is the Canes Mr. October. He edged out quarterback Jacory Harris with 32.8 percent of the vote. Harris was second with 29.1 and linebacker Colin McCarthy was third with 14.0 percent of the vote.

My favorite part of the polling process... checking out where some of the votes were cast. Among the places where voters chimed in -- Seoul, Korea; Quito, Ecuador; Stockholm, Sweden; Nieuwveen, Netherlands and Bahrian.

JAVARRIS RETURNS TO PRACTICE... UM coach Randy Shannon said running back Javarris James was back at practice Wednesday. It's still not 100 percent Baby J will be back in the lineup this week for Miami after missing the Wake Forest game with a "lower extremity" injury.

"He's going to add to the run game and what we do as an offense. Javarris is a veteran guy," Shannon said. "When you get him and (Graig) Cooper back and they're healthy - you got Damien Berry, Lee (Chambers), now you have guys you need for the long stretch."


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how come you round up his completion percentage in the second half of the season but not in the first it should be 62.5%

"It's been a common thing," Harris said of the interceptions. "I'd say last game [Wake Forest], the Oklahoma game and FAMU, just about all the interceptions look the same. It's the same blitz, the same coverage and the same routes. But just a different play going to that side. It's sort of the same thing. They've been on blitzes."

Great - now how about fixing it? Isn't the point of watching film to learn and avoid making the same mistakes over and over? Even if the OL is terrible, can't we throw the ball out of bounds or take the sack instead of throwing it up for grabs? It is getting difficult to watch.

On the offensive side of the ball, everyone (including me) is on the OL bandwagon when it comes to recruiting. Clearly we need to make some serious improvements on the line. However, we also need to start figuring out how to recruit top notch QB's to this program again. The only reason people thought Jacory was Heisman material earlier in the year is because everyone before him since Ken Dorsey has been absolutely awful. Marve, Freeman, Wright, Berlin - none would ever start for a conference champion, much less a national championship program.

I like Jacory and really don't want to take too much away from him. He is clearly an upgrade vs. previous QB's and is still just a sophomore with less than a year's experience as the starter. However, I'm not sure his potential is anywhere near the star QB's that have come through this program.

Will all you fans just chill out. He's is a SOPHOMORE for peets sake. I'm really excited about where are program is going. At the beginning of the season, Jacory was not even talked about as a significant factor, but just more of a facilitator. We have found a real gem here in Jacory and can't wait to see what he will do for the remainder of his career as a CANE. Go CANES!!!

Star QB's that has come through this program has has great Junior/Senior talent surrounding him on offense & defense.

I understand the frustration but you have to realize back then of those years (Kosar, Testeverde, Walsh, Erickson, Torretta, Dorsey) the team was "Reloading" each year. This program is clearly "Rebuilding" & they are headed in the right direction.

I truly dislike all of you haters! Jacory will be the next star quaterback at the U and will establish the foundation for the rest of the talent in Dade County. What more do you pricks want from a first year starter? I do feel he would be much better if he didn't have to sit behind Marve last year. Next year is where it all begin. You dummie's fail to realize that we actually overachieving this year. But these same fans making these ignorant comments are the one that don't go to the games, don't know the history of the program, and really aren't true fans to begin with. UM will go nowhere if another coach was to come in. Believe it! Every athlete and coach in Dade will never send a recruit to UM without Shannon at the helm. The only other person that will come close is Jimmy Johnson, and he's retired!

We haven't had an arrest in 2 years! He's changed the culture of the program. Players are being accountable and showing a lot of class. The injuries are what is killing us. These guys that are playing are suppose to be redshirting and getting stronger physically/mentally, but they're out there giving their all. I like the direction we're headed in.

you guys need to chill jacory is heading down the right path he is a sophmore with a young team all around him he is going to get better.


J12, like Dorsey, will be a serious Heisman contender as an upperclassman.

Hopefully, our D steps up for the final stretch of the season.
Bailey is a freak!

Go Canes!!!

Pedro, you sound like a puny queer pillow-biter. Please do not post anything on this blog ever again. That is all.

Jacory is getting sacked 4 times a game and the running game has got up in smoke, no to mention he is playing with a bum arm. Oh, did I mention his is in a new offensive system too. He is doing more than alright given the circumstances.

Manny, if Jacory told you privately that his arm still hurts if someone touches it, why would you print that???

We haven't had an arrest in 2 years! He's changed the culture of the program.
Posted by: Dee | November 04, 2009 at 05:53 PM

can we quit with all of the assertions that randy shannon changed the culture at miami. whie he has CONTINUED to run a clean program, BUTCH is the one who cleaned up the mess that erickson left behind. randy seems to be a good man, but is not head coach material. i hope im wrong, but i foresee another late season collapse, just like 07 and 08. im not sure why, but teams seem to regress as the season goes on with randy at the helm. and spare me the "were young" BS. we have vets in the secondary (shiels, phillips, DVD), vets at LB, RB, and Oline.

and dee... im not a hater. im a die hard cane fan, and have been since 85. i just choose not to give randy the free pass that many on here do. i hate alabama... but lets look at the facts. saban took over an awful bama team, and hes in yr 3 as well, and his teams are much more prepared and disciplined than miami.

Sorry, guys. I'd love to be wrong, but Jacory does not compare to a young Dorsey and this team is definitely not over-achieving. We beat a terrible FSU team as a result of a dropped pass + a 3-loss OK team. We got blown out by Va Tech and lost to a very mediocre Clemson team. We barely got by a less than mediocre Wake Forest team. The only really great win this year was against GA Tech, which doesn't matter if we can't beat the mediocre teams in the conference. You have to win the games you are supposed to win. Period.

The team's performance is getting worse as the season continues - just like last year. Injuries are a contributing factor, but the performances over the past 3 weekends have been pathetic. Hopefully next year will be better. However, the fact that our terrible OL plays the entire game + the defensive replacements for injured starters appear to be awful do not leave me optimistic.

I like Shannon and hope he succeeds, but can't see him making it if we collapse again this year and show up mediocre again next year, regardless of what the recruiting gurus say. I don't really care about getting the top ranked recruiting classes if the players don't work out. Kyle Wright, Ryan Moore and Lance Leggett (and Arthur Brown?) are perfect examples of why.

I think the reel problem is Lovett. No adjustments, and doesn't use proper players in the right roles.

Recruiting class next year looks good. RS has to go out of state and get that mix of players, and different personalities.

I say 'Canes finish 10 in the country this year. Arthur Brown is a bust!!!

Manny - you still think Miami has a lot to worry about in recruiting for 2010?

gotta love the haters

the thing mostly in common, is they all went to the WRONG team. no arm strength, so we cavaliers will have at least 2 picks sat. UVA 42 UM 28

WOW! Did someone try to compare the Alabama team that Satan took over to the U team that Shannon took over???

Ummm... Wasn't that Bama team loaded with talent already starting with their QB???

Parker = Freeman/Wright???

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- With all the negative attention
"weighing heavy on his heart," Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes asked to serve a full-game suspension for apparently trying to gouge the eyes of a Georgia running back.
Coach Urban Meyer obliged


i like what unhappy says, we will be getting a new coach next year. understand, sometimes you just have to change. shannon is holding you back. the acc needs teams to get better. its a weak conference. GT is good, but not great. miami always gets good recruits, regardless of the coach, the players have to be coached PAST the high school level. talent wins some, {WAKE} but coaching must win the big games. we both LOSE in that dept. see you sat at the game


You are misguided. What other true Sophmore has done with Jacroy has at UM?? So what do you mean he doesnt have the potential as the other Star Qb's.I understand he doesnt look like them and maybe thats why you dont believe he wont be as good as them, but he is in a class of his own as far as starring so young. You say he doesnt measure up to a young Dorsey,and then you start talking about barely beating a terrible FSU team. Does Jacory play Defense? I think averaging 30+ as a true Sophmore in his fisrt year as the starter is to be respected, especially not with the upperclassmen and polished Oline and players that Dorsey had surronding him.

Manny, what's up with the AUDIO???????

you've been slacking, man.


Jacory doesn't play defense, but he throws plenty of INT's, which put pressure on the D, particularly last week. My original post was in response to his comment that all the INT's are the same thing over and over. Eventually, you have to correct those situations, not repeat them.

Sam Bradford won the Heisman as a sophomore last year and was outstanding as a true freshman, to name one QB in response to your question. There have been plenty of others as well, such as Dorsey himself - 25 TD's, 5 INT's(http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/dorsey_ken00.html).

Jacory is good, not great. I hope he exceeds my expectations. I just don't see a reason think he will be a star based on his performance this season, which we now know was against less than stellar competition. We thought we started the season with the toughest schedule in the country and it turns out that 3 of the 4 teams (incl. Va Tech) weren't that special after all. Then he (and the rest of the team) looked awful against some pretty poor teams. Not sure how it will get better next year, when most of the terrible O-line graduates and they are replaced by guys that aren't good enough to sub this year.

Good stuff Manny. U da man. I noticed Jacory said the common theme was the same ole blitz. Get used to it Jacory, Whipple, O-Line and RB's. That is the scouting report on us. Advice for Jacory, check down to the RB. Advice to Whipple, impliment the short passing game. Give Jacory the freedom to check out of plays. Positive yards are better then negative yards and there is nothing wrong with punting. Here are plays that are good against the blitz.

1.Screen to RB
2.Quick Slants
3.WR Bubble Screens
4.Anthing with a 3 step drop
5.RB Draw

Again with false information. Bradfors was a RS Sophmore. 3 years in his system surrounded by a great OL & WR's.

Same with Dorsey when he played. Let's see:
McKinney, Gonzales, Edge, Portis, Vilma, Reed, DJ Williams, Shockey... Many more.

What's your point? Are you saying that Jacory would be having the same year that Dorsey had if he had that surrounding cast? Are all 7 INT's (so far) someone else's fault? That sounds absurd to me.

What happens next year with a new OL that will be worse than this year's line? Will Jacory be better than this year because he has more experience or worse because the OL is terrible?

Sorry, make that 11 INT's.

we all know what happened to sam bradford once his entire Oline left for the nfl. any QB can look great with great protection.

My point is that your argument/view point is full of holes since you are basing it on false/poor information.


You were speaking of other great Qb's at UM. Compared to QB's that have come through this program as you mentioned. How has Jacory measured up this yr as a true Sophmore??? Your comment was not based on the entire NCAA. And pressure from a poor Oline does add to QB hurries and int's. You remember that yr Dorsey was only sacked like once?? The talent around you matters, and compared to any other true Sophmore QB starting his first yr at UM with all variables included there is no other QB at UM that can compare. If so name him? And remember your comment said>>>> However, I'm not sure his potential is anywhere near the star QB's that have come through this program.

Some people just want o believe that what they're saying is true. It makes them appear dumber than they they actually are. Keep talking "Unhappy". I'm getting a kick out of reading your posts. btw... How does it feel knowing that you have a successful black coach and a successful black qb and there's noting you can do about it except cry on here?

If Dorsey isn't the best comparison, who is? (and I don't think Edge played with Dorsey and several of the other guys mentioned above played on D while we are talking about misinformation).

I already said Jacory is better than the last 4 guys and most of the others didn't start as sophomores, so there is no comparison. I don't expect him to play like a jr or sr, but I don't see the potential in his game to get as good as the others, either. Of course better talent around him would make him look better, but what makes you so sure he would be anywhere near as good as the others if he had the same talent around him? I just don't see it.

Thanks for the invite, but I'll skip the racial debate.

My point, exactly....

It's a team game. O helps D & vice versa. Many picks & good field position helps the O. Good long drives helps the D.

Your point exactly is what?

I was wrong about James. He was the year before Dorsey was the starter.

Lets see:
James Jackson, Portis, Davenport, Moss, Wayne, Shockey, Daryl Jones, Andre Johnson

Yeah. I would say that those guys would definitely make Harris look just as good.

Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems with this team, so I don't see their talent level reaching those former guys (some of whom were still young or not playing yet themselves when Dorsey was a So) in the next 2 years. Therefore, I guess we'll never see Jacory's full potential at the U.

More bad information. Check the link. Many of those players named & on the team were upperclassmen or 3 plus yrs. You should stop.


Jacory is every bit as good and every bit as smart as Dorsey. The kid knows how to win and he's a leader, and let's face it, he's not surrounded with as much talent as Dorsey or the other QB's. I would say only Jim Kelley is a cut above him talent wise, he does compare equally to Testaverde, Kosar, Torreta, etc.
Best part about him? Doesn't like to lose and will take some chances if he has to..

And looking it up just reaffirmed so much for me that RS is the right person. I forgot that it was Butch's 6th yr when things turned around.

Unhappy if u can do a better job than Shannon please do so if not please shut up

I see you have a case of selective reading disorder. I said SOME, not all.

Portis was a SO. Andre Johnson was a RS FR and Shockey was a SO after transferring from JC. Yes, there was much more upper class talent around Dorsey than Jacory, but not ALL the talent mentioned was experienced either. So if you are trying to make the point that Dorsey was surrounded by nothing but upper class talent when he was a SO QB, you are wrong. Some of those future stars were still young, too.

Also, Daryl Jones was far from a star. I'd leave him off the list.


Are you in a position to offer me a contract? if not, why don't YOU shut up.

"Many of those players named & on the team were upperclassmen or 3 plus yrs."

Yep. Selective. Look in the mirror.

OK, I've had enough for tonight. I hope I am wrong and you guys are right. Have a good night.

Alrite please tell your experience in head coaching college football or any football for that matter, deal with the pressure from the most fairweather fans in the country and to go out and get the BEST athletes in the WORLD

I think Manny posts comments on his own blog as aliases that spew hate or criticism to rile up supporters & drive up the hits to the blog!

Manny! Knock it off!


I'm not a dummy and I love this program. I'm also a season ticket holder etc... I don't think anyone who comes here to post should have their fanhood questioned.

Ahead of schedule? What schedule? There is no schedule. Do you think year 4 is going to hit and we are going to learn how to use timeouts? We'll stop creating our gameplan at halftime and actually show up with one before kickoff? These are things we should be able to do now.

Don't look at the record, look at how we've played. Look at what FSU is and how it took every single second to beat them. We dismantled Georgia Tech and now they are going to go to the ACC championship game. That's not progress. If anything, we were better in September. Don't look at the injuries....every team has injuries.

The best thing Jacory Harris did last week was throw a couple of balls away when there was noone open. Protecting the ball like that is something he's starting to learn.

Bailey is a beast. If he keeps improving he's going to earn himself a lot of money one day.

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