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Jacory Harris sees common theme with INTs

If there was a point last season when Jacory Harris proved to Randy Shannon he might be better than Robert Marve it was at Virginia. With the Hurricanes trailing 17-10 in the fourth quarter, Harris came in and marched Miami right down the field for the tying touchdown and then the winning score in overtime.

Jacory Harris We all know what happened after that. Earlier this week, I gave you Jacory's stats through his first four games when fans were chanting Heisman (69-112, 61.6% comp, 8 TDs, 5 INTs, 1,008 yards) and his last four when they've wanted someone to reel him in for throwing the ball up for grabs too often (75-120, 62.5% comp, 8 TDs, 6 INTs, 1,096 yards).

So why does it feel like he's not playing as well as he was earlier this year? Because he's getting sacked more (UM has given up 20 sacks in its last five games) and because he's making the same mistakes on the same blitzes.

"It's been a common thing," Harris said of the interceptions. "I'd say last game [Wake Forest], the Oklahoma game and FAMU, just about all the interceptions look the same. It's the same blitz, the same coverage and the same routes. But just a different play going to that side. It's sort of the same thing. They've been on blitzes."

So the challenge now is "when we're running something of that kind just to make sure I'm doing the opposite of what I have been doing."

Harris said he and offensive coordinator Mark Whipple sit down every week and review every pass -- completed, incomplete and intercepted. Sometimes, receivers will join in during the study session.

"I'm making little mistakes here and there. For the most part I'm doing okay," Harris said of his play. "One of the picks I threw was costly this last week. But I don't think any interceptions put us in real bad situations to the point where we couldn't get out of it."

"I know I can get better. Looking at this season, we've come through with some big-time victories. And I just feel like as long as I'm playing to the point our team can win, I have to keep on getting better individually and we'll come out with better victories and not come out with so many close games."

JACORY'S ARM STILL HURTS... Of the 24 sacks he's taken and other unaccounted hits, Harris said the one he still feels is the one Florida State freshman Greg Reid delivered to his throwing elbow on a pass that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown in the opener.

Harris said his elbow doesn't bother him when he throws the ball, "but it does when anybody touches it."

"People say I'm too skinny for this, too skinny for that," Harris said. "But I've survived so far. You just have to be tough."

Allen Bailey is your Mr. October WHY IS BAILEY HAVING MORE SUCCESS NOW? Even if you don't look at the numbers, it is pretty easy to see Allen Bailey has been UM's best pass rusher this season.

He leads the team with seven sacks, 9.5 tackles for loss and is finally exhibiting the special playmaking ability that made him one of the nation's top recruits in 2007. So what has been the reason for Bailey's emerge of late? It's simple according to safety Randy Phillips.

"He moved from defensive tackle to defensive end -- that's it," Phillips said. "He's too big, strong and fast. There's no tackle that can match up with him in the country. He's too big, too strong, too fast for those guys."

Bailey started five games at tackle this season. But the last two he's played primarily at defensive end. He forced a fumble against Clemson and had three tackle sacks.

YOU VOTED... After nearly 2,000 votes, you have decided Allen Bailey is the Canes Mr. October. He edged out quarterback Jacory Harris with 32.8 percent of the vote. Harris was second with 29.1 and linebacker Colin McCarthy was third with 14.0 percent of the vote.

My favorite part of the polling process... checking out where some of the votes were cast. Among the places where voters chimed in -- Seoul, Korea; Quito, Ecuador; Stockholm, Sweden; Nieuwveen, Netherlands and Bahrian.

JAVARRIS RETURNS TO PRACTICE... UM coach Randy Shannon said running back Javarris James was back at practice Wednesday. It's still not 100 percent Baby J will be back in the lineup this week for Miami after missing the Wake Forest game with a "lower extremity" injury.

"He's going to add to the run game and what we do as an offense. Javarris is a veteran guy," Shannon said. "When you get him and (Graig) Cooper back and they're healthy - you got Damien Berry, Lee (Chambers), now you have guys you need for the long stretch."


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canes fans are the worst in the country. ill informed, mean spirited and no loyalty. its a wonder any player whats to come to miami with
this fan base.

Not to mention, he's a true sophmore in his 1st year (really just spring & Summer) learning the offense. If this is not potention to rival the other QB's at the U, I dont what is.


A. Brown vs D. Sharpton
exclusive video breakdown

Unhappy and all of the haters- Dudes- You make no sense. While it is fun to compare different years, different eras, it is not all too accurate. Nonetheless there are interstingsimilarities and differences:

Kenny Dorsey hardly ever got sacked
KD had superb rbs and full backs: DJ Williams, JJ, Portis, Gore, Mgahee, Davenport, Payton (+/-)

KD had a better O-line
KD's teams had better Defenses.

Now the similarities- both smart, both cool under pressure, both do not have a rocket arm, both have led game winning drives, both have great receivers.

Neither are in any way similar to Wiright, Freeman or Berlin, except Berlin is the only one top go undfeated against the turds aand seimenholes

Hey Manny, thanks for noticing. Once a Cane always a Cane, despite home town or nationality. The time difference sucks though. Great blog btw. Keep up the good work!

I say right now Jacory is more similar to Brock Berlin than Dorsey. Dorsey rarely went downfield, rarely took chances and managed the game. Berlin took a lot of chances, was a real tough competitor, but under pressure would fail to read the coverage, much the same as Jacory. Manny's article had it straight from JH, the blitz comes, and his intense will to win overcomes his thinking and he forces it. Same thing Brock did. Both are great QB's, look Brett Favre does the same thing!

The reality is we will not be championship ready until we build real depth at all positions.

If we don't have depth next year then this coaching staff is to blame. Either they recruited poorly or did not develop the talent they have.

We are right where we should be for the talent and depth we have on defense. The offense is top 10 material, the defense top 25, kicking top ten, kick return and kick coverage out of top 25. When they all sync up and get in the top 10 we then have a shot at the top.

i for one can not wait to see this kid pick people apart in the years to come ,as the running game gets better and the pass blocking improves ... (guess what the kid can also run if he has too). not so much this year because of the lack of depth at qb. . bottom line the program is moving forward , keep the talant coming in, improvement in the coaching as well (ie) (kickoff team)(punt team) (almost blocked every week) and 3rd and long "d" (wake found a weak spotor two ) . dear coach randy its your baby you are the man ,continue to suport your kids keep'em safe and kick some butts if you have too ,if the canes will play hard all 4 quarters cut down on the mistakes and get after it the rest of the year . we will see "U" at a very good bowl game THIS YEAR ! GO CANES !


When will we see a feature article like this on #44 C-mac? He's been having a great season.


Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field


Posted by: duvalcanesfan | November 04, 2009 at 08:41 PM

this is really good advice. im sure whipple is reading right now and taking notes. truly enlightening stuff. thx dbag


Man some of the posts on here are just unbelievable, lol. People things are NOT the same when Dorsey was QB, and recruiting is a helluva lot tougher than it was in 00 and 01. Many of you have TOO HIGH of expectations for this STILL very young team. We have a GREAT chance to be 10-2, which would be an awesome improvement from 6-7 and 5-7, I mean let it go. NO team in the nation is going to be lights out every single game, especially with the amount of injuries we have. To come back from almost losing last week, says alot about the mentality of this team. Just chill out folks, and show up at the game, and lets pound the Cavs.

I see Paco is playing on Daddy's computer again.

Last night, Unhappy brought up an excellent point that I've commented on a few times but have not received much of a response. Guys, what are your thoughts on the O-line issue? Many of these guys will be gone next year and will be replaced with those getting NO experience this year. I feel this may hold the whole team back. There should be lots of talent, with upperclassmen, next year at the skill positions on offense and the D should be ready as well. We should have tons of experience on D next yr with all of the injuries this year. But with an inexperienced O-line that can't pass protect and can't open up holes for the RB's our offense may be held back, which creates more 3-and-outs, which puts more pressure on the D, etc...I would like to see them get more playing time this year b/c there are only 5 games left, and before you know it they are starting in the 'Shoe in Sept with one game under their belt. I know the argument against this is that if you play them now, when they are not ready, the J12 could get hurt and then you are even worse off. Maybe so, but I am very worried about them next year. I just don't want to see the whole team get slowed by one unit...the unit which I feel is the most important to a team.

Ewwww what a comeback, lol. Just showing your age Paco.

Jacory Harris has showed signs of greatness in clutch situations. In my opinion, had he been given the chance to throw at the end of the game against clemson we would have one loss not two. The problem all year, but for the GT game has been that our defense as a whole is really bad accept, ironically, in the red zone. Here we are lights out. Therefore, what I suggest is that we gamble more on 4th down. No matter were we are on the field. And all you Shannon haters need to chill. But for Shannon, every Bull on the field would be playing in a Gator uniform.

Five words Brian;


Chug Koolaid all U want, that won't be improving next year.

Posted by: Purple Drank

What a dumb post. Why do you even care? Isn't school in session somewhere? Where do you children come from? If you dont' like Miami, then why bother posting stupid comments?

dont forget that dj williams played fullback during dorseys freshman year. dorsey was surrounded by the best o line in college football history he also had willis,gore,and portis running the rock. andre johnson , shockey , winslow catching the ball. Jacory is as good as dorsey ever was, but he doesnt all the nfl studs surrounding him .
to make his stats better the oline needs to block better,
the running game needs to pick up.
no more tipped picks , recievers catch the ball and stop breaking off routes.
and last but not least stop gambling so much jacory.

dorseys soph year

It is beyond me at some of the comments you non-football playing wanabees post sometimes. You can really tell some of you never played football and you know nothing about the game.

Our OL is nothing but average and the right side is garbage most of the time. I can almost guarantee that Jacory wants to snatch Figueroa and Pipho out of there and go with Brandon Washington and Ben Jones to protect his right side.

Yes he needs to throw the ball away at times, but at least 3 of the picks were not his fault. Many great QB's have struggled with picks early in their careers and I think Colt McCoy has about 9 this season and he is not new to a system.

I can only imagine how J-12's stats would be if we had a quality OL that gave the QB great pass protection. FSU, Ga. Tech, Va. Tech, WF and Clemson all have better OL's than we do. We have a bunch of lazy 300lb. monsters who showed up in two games (OU and Ga. Tech).

Jacory is a real good accurat QB who can make all the throws. Just like any other QB, if you put pressure on them, they will make bad decisions. Put a lot of the blame on our garbage OL, who only show up half of the time.

Coach Whipple has said that Jacory has the potential to be the best ever to come out of UM and I will take his eye over a bunch of message board, non football playing wanabees.

Brian concerning the O-line, IF we can get a BIG lead, and keep it, then by ALL means get the younger O-liners in the game. They need to get some play time, but at the same time, we need to pull ahead and give them the opportunity to do so.

The Oline was mostly healthy for the Wake debacle. Can't use the injury excuse for that unimaginably bad showing. What do U blame it on? The receivers are "studs" and J12 has ice in his veins. The passing game couldn't take any pressure off the running game???

Maybe it's what I've been telling U dumb F'ers for Eternity.


U clueless idiots told me I was crazy at least a thousand times. The difference between me and all U clueless idiots is objectivity based on performance versus injecting Koolaid in your veins


keep singing that song for three more years dumbasssses

Posted by: Purple Drank

I'll ask you again, WHY do you care? Who are you talking to? Go beetch to someone else dude or chick or whatever the hell you are. It doesn't take a degree in physics to know the O-line stinks, geez let it go already.

Brief it may be, but I'll take briefness over beetching like an old woman. Jump off the cliff man, get it over with for pete sake.

More sacks to come with average O'Line. Better start recruiting better quality O' Linemen and if you think how bad it is this year wait till next with 3 new starters. Bad Virginia offense and bad Carolina offense good remedy for those two teams feed them our defense. Will find away to keep them close and help them get well offensevily.

As well as the special teams, the coaching, the RB's, and player development.


Posted by: Purple Drank

Oh hell yeah, the kicker, the trainers, the waterboy, the cheerleaders, Sebastian, all of them are just reprehensible.

Recruiting is only half of the problem when dealing with our OL. Yes Stoutland needs to recruit well, but I'm not sold on him as and OL coach yet. Why? because if you take a look at a OL coach like Trickett up at FSU and you will see that he did not have a lot to work with when he took over 3 years ago.

If I had a chance to pick out of the two coaches, I think I would go with Trickett. Trickett did not have a lot of 4 and 5 star top OLinemen when he got there, he coached them up and now they give Ponder all kind of time to throw the ball. I would like to see Jacory playing behind an OL like that.

FSU, Va. Tech, Ga. Tech, NC State Wake and Clemson all have better OL's than we do and they are all in the ACC.

Playing the youngens on OL is a double edged sword right now. I agree they need experiance. No doubt. But it has to come at the right time.

Don't play them - no experiance.
Play them - Jacory may get hurt.
I'm sure the coaching staff wants to get them experiance but to risk their only QB with real playing experiance?

It has to come at the right time. The current line is average enough as it is. Imagine what how the reserves are right now. I'm sure the coaches would play them if they were better than the guys in front of them.

No, news flash to you, U MORONIC MESSAGE BOARD JUNKIE. Come at me with X's and O's and not with taking your life frustrations out on a message board because you could not make the flag football league.

These are facts I'm stating not excuses. Since you have such a problem with the head coach, why dont you go out to Green Tree Practice field an express your views.

Oh no you want do that, because U know they will send your wanabe a.. back home to sit under the quamquat tree you sit under everyday dreaming about being a football coach.

Get real clown. I know the game and you know message boards.

It is simple man and It's All About The U!

Javarris James and Carig Cooper = Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright

We finally have a QB now when these guys leave we will have more successful running backs period!

How can Jacory do it on his own when he has no running game?

IGNOR the Haters & the Fakes! They do not deserve your time & energy! Do not reply or respond to their ignorant rants no matter how they try to attack you!

It Is All About The U!

With every post Pedo makes we get a glimpse of what life is like living under the Julia Tuttle causeway.

"Orange on one side, green on the other side"
"Orange on one side, green on the other side"
"Orange on one side, green on the other side"
"That's right!"
"UM...UM...UM, won't stop!"
Go 'canes!

Don't worry guys, when the Gators lose to 'Bama, the haters will disappear.

Just ask SammyNole.....

I just had to write this, for once and for all get off Kyle Wrights back. He never quit on being a Cane, stayed with us no matter how many guys transferred. One thing he did not have that Jacory has, is a receiving corp. NONE period. He's a Cane Alumini who stood in there hit after hit.

purple drank- why the hate? Are you such a sad human that you have to post this crape? I mean, I could see if you had a point, but ,,, newsflash, ya-reject-from-FIU: You don't!

So UM isnt great yet. What's your point
So UM has a bad O-line. What's your point.
So UM hasn't won its 6th NC in 26 years. What's you point.
So JH has thrown a few INTs. What's your point. He's a sophomore. They are kids. They need to develop.

UM will win at least one NC with JH. After this year- guaranteed- UM will win a NC before the gaturds. MAybe two.

The pieces are falling together. Unfortunately, Impatient, no-football-knowledge lame a$3es like yourself can't understand that Rome wasnt bult in a day. If you son't beleive me, look back at the 1997-1998-1999-2000- recotrds of USC
and the 1997-2006 records of UF.

Plus remember, UF and UM have the same # of losses in the last 10 years: 1999-2008.

Whoever wrote that Canes fans are not loyal are downright wrong. The same negative pr*&ks are on every board, year after year, complaining if the Canes don't blow every opponent out of the water.

The team IS still young - that counts...

Harris is basically a first-time starter as a true sophomore - that counts...

The team, especially the defense, has more injuries than most teams, and to crucial players. That counts, too...(perhaps the conditioning coach needs to answer to this point.)

All in all, the team is having a good season. The reason it's not even better has nothing to do with the points above - or the O-line, or the running game sometimes disappearing. Get the defense to stop giving up so many big plays, and find someone who can cover punts and kickoffs, and this team's destiny would be in its own control.

People, ignore the negative posters, quit taking their bait.... keep this as a discussion board for true fans.....
Back to the original topic, I'm fine with Jacory, the fact that he is trying to figure out how to fix the INT's vs making excuses, says a lot about the individual, and given he's only a sophmore, good things await J12 and this team is seasons to come.

your opinion purple boy. As I have mine. All of your negative rhetoric is biased and stupid- how else can I put it other than you use no facts, nor admit the reality of:

a young inexperienced, non-deep injured team which is on the rise.

But thats ok, you go ahead and say your piece. Heres mine. You are a f--ing moron.

Cane75. I would not be surprised if the ones responding to the HATERS are the HATERS themselves posting under mor FAKE names. Trying to make it appear they have an audiance. I agree! IGNOR!!! But soooo sad. I feel for them.

Pedro....don't you have a soccer team to follow :)....it's funny how we get these kids that want to come here and talk trash to us...Virginia Cavaliers...haha....ok....

More bad news:
Charles Nemeroff, an Atlanta psychiatrist who was the subject of a Senate investigation concerning huge sums he received from drug companies, is being named chair of the psychiatry department at the University of Miami medical school

some of those seats will be full, of fans with the winning team. UVA 42 UM 28

Posted by: Where U at ? | November 05, 2009 at 04:41 PM

I'm on the outside looking in because of media credentials.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 02, 2008 at 08:35 PM

for the unitiated …
that's the disadvantaged competition assuming an insidious alias to undermine Eye on the U …
jealousy consumes …
b/c the University of Miami wants nothing to do with tom thumb popadak & his ill-gotten blog …



Posted by: green | November 05, 2009 at 06:36 PM


pure william

if it weren't for all the injuries, dumb ass shannon would still have bailey playing dt! these last couple years we've wasted alot of talented players by playing them out of position!

I try to get Manny and Shandel to manage their blogs but it is more complicated at major media sources to do so.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 12, 2008 at 06:31 PM

I'll send your comments to Shandel and his editor in the morning for further action.
Thank you for displaying your ignorance, again.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 22, 2008 at 08:43 PM

I'm going to talk to Manny and his editor via email today to try to get them to do something about it ASAP.

Posted by: 86Cane | May 02, 2008 at 09:32 AM

Udyn...U going DOWN bro! Who's NEXT?
The days of the Internet blog bullies are OVER, and I am here to see to it.
This site and all others are for Canes fans. PERIOD! The MH is already fixed and this one is next.
Udyn...look outside your window. See that white van parked across the street? Ha, ha, ha...

Posted by: 86Cane | May 29, 2008 at 09:44 PM

You did the exact same thing on the SS....Is it a coincidence, that you are disliked on both blogs? Is everyone else crazy but you? Even Shandel asked you to stay on your blog, and mind your own business.
Who are YOU to decide what is right and what is wrong?
And you can't stand the fact that the Herald and Sentinel, are picking up those posters.
Manny and Shandel, do a terrific job, and do NOT need your help.
Go Canes.

Posted by: M.H. | August 08, 2008 at 07:01 PM


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