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Ray Ray, Spence might be back for Duke

After missing the last three games with undisclosed, injured extremities, there's a chance sophomore linebacker Sean Spence and freshman safety Ray Ray Armstrong could return Saturday and play against Duke. 

Sean Spence could be back Saturday against Duke UM coach Randy Shannon said both returned to practice Tuesday. "Two days they got in, so they should be ready to go," Shannon said. "I don't know how much they'll play, but they'll play... they should help out the defense if they get an opportunity to get into the game."

Take Shannon's word on injuries for what it's worth. Last week we heard the same thing about Javarris James and Eric Moncur returning to practice. Moncur (leg) is now likely done for the season and I'm pretty sure James wasn't on the field even though he was listed on the participation report. I know James didn't catch a pass or have a carry.

JACORY PRACTICES AS USUAL... Quarterback Jacory Harris, who will likely play with pain Saturday, took his usual snaps Wednesday according to backup A.J. Highsmith. "We still did the same rotation we always do, our usual routine," Highsmith said.

Harris was seen wearing a protective strap over his thumb (the finger we suspect he messed up in the UNC game) and index finger. "He did everything," Shannon said. "He had no problems, did everything he was supposed to do."

SECONDARY'S VOW TO PLAY BETTER... After Riley Skinner and Wake Forest carved the Canes up for 555 yards of total offense, Brandon Harris said Miami's secondary vowed to "never come out and have another game like that." 

Except for the final game-clinching drive by North Carolina last Saturday, the University of Miami defense has done a pretty good job of holding its own. 

The Canes only gave up 149 yards of total offense to Virginia and 16 of North Carolina's 33 points (17 came off Harris interceptions). Shannon said the improved play is the result of guys who hadn't had many opportunities to play -- Ramon Buchanon, Curtis Porter, Jeremy Lewis, Jared Campbell -- finally beginning to get comfortable. I'll buy that.

But it also didn't hurt that Virginia (118th) and North Carolina (113th) rank among the country's worst in total offense. We'll see Saturday just how much UM has improved defensively. Duke brings the top-ranked passing offense in the ACC (ninth overall) to town. The good news for UM: Duke is basically one dimensional, ranking dead last (120th) in rushing.

"We definitely want to try and keep them one dimensional," cornerback Chavez Grant said. "When you know you can stop the run, you can concentrate on shutting the down the pass."

Still, a motivated, hungry Thaddeus Lewis, who has two talented, fast receivers from the Miami area won't be easy to stop. And the Canes know it.

"It's always fun going against Thad because he's a competitor and he always wants to win," Brandon Harris said. "He's going to give us his best shot. He's coming home for the last time. His family is going to be there. They say his goal when he got to college was to beat Miami. Three years he's come close [to beating us]. He knows this is his last shot. It's now or never. We feel the same way. We won't underestimate him."

> Expect more bad injury news regarding Sam Shields and Thearon Collier to leak out soon. And don't expect fullback Pat Hill back. Shannon was asked about Hill Wednesday and said he didn't know if he'd return. Expect Hill to seek a medical redshirt for his high ankle sprain.


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James was on the field for one play to block in a shotgun formation.

Can either play Cover Corner ?

What is up with Shields and Collier?

Gators win SEC titles and National Championships
Canes win 6th best team in the ACC

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | November 18, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Umm, it helps when you know just a little bit about sports.
Miami has 5 National Titles. Florida has 3. I know this may be getting a little difficult but 5 is greater than 3.

Still with me? Ok. It took Florida over 60 years to win their FIRST SEC Title. Miami had 3 NATIONAL TITLES by then. 60 years without even winning your conference. 60 is a long time.

Ok, I know it's getting tough but hold on.

In the 3 National Titles that the Gators have they were NEVER the best team in the nation. That is correct. They have ZERO undefeated seasons. Impressive.

So, I know that was alot to take in and it sucks when you actually run into someone that knows what they are talking about, so now you are free to put your little penis in between your legs and walk away in shame. Loser.

Did I say they didn't count jerkoff? I was pointing out the fact that Florida has NEVER had and undefeated season. Moron.

Those NCs don't count therefore you really only won 3 NCs the same as the Gators?

Go back to the construction yard and build something.

Posted by: Hoo haw.. | November 18, 2009 at 11:25 AM

And if they didn't count (which I never said). It would be 3 - 0, you genius.

I posted Sunday on the blog asking if any one new Sheilds was not on the field at UNC. That is a big loos against Duke if he can't go since Duke throws the ball so much. What happend to him?

lol...Sure, let's just pick a random date and start counting from there. Forget anything that happened before that, huh? lol...unbelievable the stupidity.

Careful Canes, he wont discuss facts, he will just try to twist your words and then claim he "owned" you.

More national titles,
More conference titles,
More NFL players,
QB-U, TE-U, and LB-U versus what, trailer park-U?

Curse is a joke, and has been baneed from every reasonable blog out there. he is close to getting banned on the Post, too.

Posted by: Reality Fan | November 18, 2009 at 11:36 AM

That guy won't "own" anything. It's real simple, just look at the facts, look at the history, and look at the NFL. Miami is heads and shoulders a better football program than Florida. In every way. There is no argument.

It's kinda like a guy that scores a TD and talks crap while his team is still down by 40 points.

Don't worry about Shields, he's just as inept as Vandyke covering someone and besides I'd rather have McGee back there getting toasted, at least he'll be here 3 More years.
With all these injuries, maybe it's time to quit worrying about body fat and start putting some meat on these guys.
Speaking of Nat'l Champ. it's true we only have 5, got crapped in 2002 against O.S.U., got crapped out of playing against Oakl. in 2000, Gave one away against Penn. st., Heck we've been in so many I can't count them all and all this in about 80 years of existance.
How many have you Flo-tards been apart of?

For petes sakes, would some of bloggers GROW UP. I've seen such childish bs from kids who don't even LIKE the Canes, but want to come onto OUR blog site, and start trouble. Are you not in school, do you have a job, do you have a life? Geez Lueez, go outside and play or something. Now back to football. I would also like know about Sheilds, and also Travis Benjamin? Anybody, MANNY any input brother?

My question is if national championships don't count if you have a loss how can Miami be tied with florida wouldn't that mean the tally would be three to zero
Just making sure

I'm a Gators fan, but there's no doubt the Miami program is a great one. Titles, NFLers, swagger. But seriously 'Canes fans you guys haven't been relevant for a while now, not since the 'Canes lost to Georgia Tech in 2005 when Tech's Offensive Coordinator was, you guessed it, Patrick Nix. Even before that Miami's been a big disappointment. And can you really say Shannon is a better coach than Meyer? Shannon is a great person, great football man, but as a head coach, man he looks more confused than I've ever seen any coach, except for maybe Zook.

'Canes haven't been to a BCS Game since the 2003 season, haven't won an ACC title, haven't even been to an ACC title game! Sure you still had first-rounders going into the NFL until last season, but so what? Your team hasn't done much. In the past 15 years, you have one National Championship to Florida's three. If you want to take it back 20 years, then we're even at 3-3. Yea, I know you have 5 total championships, but that was a really long time ago and at some point you have to let the past go. I'm not sure your argument of "We have 5 Championships!" would stand 10 years from now if the Hurricanes don't do more. You don't hear the Alabamas and Notre Dames talking about their titles from the pre WWII era. Notre Dame knows it's a mediocre program and that is where Miami seems to be headed. Look at Navarro's blog, the 'Canes signed Daniel Stegall! Who?!!! and passed on that kid Lewis! Incredible! And no offense, but you're one dropped pass at FSU and a Riley Skinner concussion from being 5-5 at this point.

I'm not saying the Gators are the best team ever, ever, ever. But you Hurricane fans have a long way to go to catch up with UF here, now, in the present. Live with it. Go Gators!!!

So, Using Ur convoluted logic, ALL these Programs are better than Urs Right ?

School ...National Championships

Princeton 28

Yale 26

Alabama 12

Michigan 11

Notre Dame 11

USC 11

Pittsburgh 9

Harvard 7

Ohio State 7

Oklahoma 7

Pennsylvania 7

Michigan St 6

Minnesota 6

Tennessee 6

California 5

Cornell 5

Georgia 5

Illinois 5


Ohhhh the yearning for the days of being an Independant, Big Least Bully and playing Ur National Championship Games in the Dust Bowl formerly know as the O.B.


psssst... those days are gone and never to return U Tards .

Now proceed with Ur Annual end of the season Collapse.

See U in BOISE ...

Don't forget Ur White Jacket. U'll blend in nicely

Posted by: The 21st. Century ... What A Concept | November 18, 2009 at 12:07 PM

First of all, if you knew anything about what you were talking about, you'd know that many of those, like Princeton's and Harvard's for example, were when there were like 5 colleges playing football and many had 3 or 4 game schedules. I mean, I know you're an idiot, but at least have a little common sense.

2nd of all, just because you can wikipedia something like a monkey can do, again, doesn't mean you know what you are talking about.

And thirdly, I said before the statement is that Miami is heads and shoulders a better football program than Florida. Which it is. There is no arguing that. Please stop trying to deflect the attention to other irrelevant topics with your wikipedia stats and your poor attempts at humor.

A Turd fan playing the "what if" game? You are two ref calls from having 2 losses and being irrelevant again. One player has brought you success. One. But for that one player, you only have 1 NC.

So, you see, the "what if" game bites both ways. Just like Timmy.

Lets see how Urbie the used car salesman does without Bible Boy next year...

Posted by: linksys | November 18, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Are you serious? Yes the Gators are PRESENTLY better than Miami. But, you have been better than Miami for what? 4 years?

You've had 3 years of success and you're saying that Miami has a long way to catch up to you? Are you freaking kidding me? How conveniently of you to forget the over 2 decades of success Miami had over you before 2006. Talk about short sighted. Good Lord.

Gaturds view of college football history:

[---] = 3 years back

Everyone else:

[--------------------------------------] 30 years

When you have nothing else, define "history" as it best suits you. Unfortunately, Turd fans are the only ones who buy that.


I think you are respectful in your arguement and made valid points. However, why do Gators fans come onto a Canes blog? I really don't understand. This isn't a UF vs. UM blog....

Don't take it the wrong way. I'm just asking why.

Can you explain to me? Do Cane fans do that to you? Bc I don't.

Well I guess UM will be going to the "I do not know what to call this bowl, beacuse there r too many Bowls" Bowl.


UM has to pay the organizer just to get to play in that Bowl.

So.Cal has about 50 top 100 players on there roster now, what good is it doing them. It looks good when you sign em but it's what you do with em once you get them. I'll have to give it to you guys, you are the flavor of the month, east of the Mississippi but all those stud teams that came before you all have had there ups and downs and yes that includes us. It won't last forever. We went through mediocrocy back in the 90's and rose again and this will be the 4Th year in this cycle. 2010 & 2011 will be back to where we belong - on top and then what you gonna do when the mean green & orange blows through on you! WOOOOO!

Damm another injury...when will this crazinnes stop. Maybe they just need a better doctor?

How many is that now!!!

I can hear the excuse already. We lost 'cuase collier was out and we could not return the kickoff, punts.

DA []_ _[] is back!

I'm actually a 'Canes fan trying to convince myself of why I should stay a 'Canes fan. I've got degrees from both schools. I go to some games at LandShark Stadium and used to go to the OB and wondered if 'Canes fans were struck by some flu virus or something. But then I realized they were all alive when the FSU's and Virginia Techs rolled into town. I'll be at fan appreciation day this weekend.

Then for grad school I went to UF and went to a few games at the Swamp and even when Northwestern Tech A&M was in town there were 90,000 people packing the stadium. I live in Miami, how do you think I know so much about the 'Canes and their history? I keep up to date on both teams, both schools.

I'm a Miami grad, but go Gators!!!! If Miami is ever good again, maybe I'll switch back. Maybe I'll go to more games when Miami is good, and maybe I won't talk about national championships that happened when I was learning how to add. Maybe I'll root for Miami when Shannon learns to use timeouts at appropriate moments of the game. Maybe I'll root for Miami when Shannon makes sense in his interviews.

So the turds have the best record since 1990? Why do they have the same # of losses than Um between 1999-20008 (the decade during which they have two of their 3 NCS)? # of losses=33.

You see, if you compare UM and UF in football, there is no was that Uf can even come close to holding UM's jock.

Here's why, "rocket scientists":

UM has 5 NCs in 82 years of CFB
UF has 3 NCs in 88 years of CFB

UM won its first meeting with UF at UF in 1933

UM vs UF: 28-26

UM is and always has been a much smaller school. 50,000 students vs at most 10,000.

UM has played as an independent and in two conferences in the last 30 years, versus UF confining itself to the SEC. The SEC you say?

In 1987, UM played 4 SEC teams en route to its 2nd NC,and an UNDEFEATED season (1 of 3)

UF has never had an undefeated season

UM alumni have scored TDs in 134 consecutive NFL games. UF? Not even close to even mention

UF and UM have the same # of losses since 1999 (33).

UF is 4-6 in postseason play in the last 10 years

UM is 5-3

Despite 5 off recruiting years, and a record of 19-19 in the last 3 years, UM STILL TO THIS DATE has more NFL players than UF, who has won 2 NCs in the same 3 years> I wonder why? Could it be that gimmicky, gadgety pseudo-option, pseudo-spread, wild-cat full-back offense?

Gator fans always say we live in the past, yet as recently as 2003 UM was in the top 5 nationally,that is 6 years ago, and as recently as 2007 UF had a 9-4 record. That's 2 years ago!

If I was wrong about UM being THE football king in florida, then why are their gator fans on this blog whing to us about their mighty gators?

Please, go away. Even after this gift NC this year, you-eff will still have less NCs than UM!

Why get mad @ the "trolls" if you are going to con't responding to their nonsense?

Go Canes!


Posted by: Enjoy Shaking Hands With Urself | November 18, 2009 at 12:25 PM


averaging 50,000 up to now …
not to mention the untold millions out there in TV land …
yearning for the inevitable return of Hurricane glory …
one way or another, U never walk alone …


Buh Bye Urbie. Medicrity, irrelevancy, 7-5 and a fine El Camino, HERE WE COME.

The stench in the trailer park is getting worse. Come on back, Zooker. Our trash school in a trash conference needs you.

i'm fom little rock , ar and coming to the game saturday. the last time i saw the canes live was in '91 when they beat the crap out of the razorbacks. i'm a long time fan ( since '87 when they came to little rock and stomped the razorbacks ). would like to know where the fans tailgate before the game so i cane meet some true cane fans.

You Gator garbage come on here brag about the 2 Booker T kids you got... really?? You Gator garbage are like the Noles in the late 90's when the Canes were down and they came away with 1 Nat'l Title.. Pedro and Juan go pick the tomatoes for BK and stop using the public library computer.

Linksys, for someone who CLAIMS to have to gone to BOTH UM and UF, you're NOT very bright. I didn't go to EITHER and know MORE about the U than YOU do. Do you know what Miami's ALLTIME Alumni numbers are? About 185,000. Do YOU know what UF's are? In the MILLIONS. Miami has about 14,000 students, UF has over 50K. MOST UM students go to ALL the home games, but in a 79,000 seat stadium it doesn't fill many seats. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do in Gainesville on any given day, but go to a football game. Miami has world class fishing, beautiful beaches, shows, concerts, night life, and movie stars. Miami is a PRIVATE school, UF is NOT.It costs more, and is MUCH harder to get into than UF. Our fan base is spread all over the country. It sure is funny even WITHOUT the fan base of UF we STILL manage to have NC's, and MORE 1st rounders, and MORE NFL'ERS than UF ever thought about. We don't need YOU back as a fan, stay with UF. Have a nice day.

For those of U with ESPN insider, read this link labeled "Meyer to Norte Dame may hinge on his wife"...


Oh Gators, what are U going to do when Liar is in South Bend and Charlie Strong is a head coach somewhere?

Do U think that all those recruits will still sign?

Don't think so... U have had a nice mini-run, caught some breaks, been saved by refs, etc... But it will come crashing down very soon.

How do U like your crow? Medium, medium well, or well done?

OK. Riddle me this 'Gayturds: Who was the best offensive line coach in 'Cane history? Hint: His initials begin with AK?

Here comes another: Was RS a good linebacker when he played? Is he a better coach?

'Canes win 9 games this year: What's up with all these injuries? Gotta be something they're not doin.'

Cmon "DC 'cane" don't be scared to post under yer real name.
( Sarasota clown)

Posted by: NONE OF THE PRODUCT AT HALF THE PRICE | November 18, 2009 at 02:49 PM

I'd post under Sarasota Cane, if I were him and actually in Sarasota, but... I am sitting at my computer at home in DC enjoying my day off... Don't know the guy, but I like his passion on this blog

I am an idiot. I didnt think but I forgot to add that because of UF's avid alumni following, the students season tix go through a lottery so not every student gets season tickets. I also forgot to mention expansion of the airport and new hotel have been added in the last 15 years because of the vast following of fans who come to the games from South Florida, Tampa, and Jacksonville. The sames places that have NFL teams, world class fishing, beautiful beaches, shows, concerts, night life, and movie stars(because movie stars are a big draw to college football fans geek).

Posted by: ColaCane

Making your childish self look even DUMBER than you are. Apparently if you're going to COPY MY handle, at least read what I posted. You CANNOT compare 14K student body to 50K student body. You CANNOT COMPARE an alumni of only 185,000 to UF's millions. Are you that stupid man? There is also NO comparison to Hicksville to Miami, and if you really are that stupid, than you have much to learn Young Skywalker. WOW you got a NEW MOTEL down by the concrete pond, woo pee doo, LMAO. WHat else did you get Uncle Jed, reckon they'll build a movie too Uncle Jed. What a DA!!!!!!

Are you serious? Yes the Gators are PRESENTLY better than Miami. But, you have been better than Miami for what? 4 years?

Posted by: Canes | November 18, 2009 at 12:32 PM

Gaturds view of college football history:

[---] = 3 years back

Everyone else:

[--------------------------------------] 30 years

When you have nothing else, define "history" as it best suits you. Unfortunately, Turd fans are the only ones who buy that.

Posted by: TruThruCane | November 18, 2009 at 01:13 PM

(----------------------------) 20 years (average age of current players)

Since 1990...Florida ... More Wins and Championships .

spin that

Posted by: Case Closed | November 18, 2009 at 01:26 PM

Spin? Yeah, let's just pick a random date and go from there. Again, you're not very smart and the only reason I choose to engage in this conversation with someone so dumb is because I'm kinda bored today. You pretty much pick any random date to suit what you're trying to say. I say look at the entire history of both schools. Miami = more success, more Championships, more (and better) players in the NFL, better program period.

And TruThruCane said it perfectly. You know who are the people that say stop living in the past and all that nonsense? People that have no history and nothing to speak of. Perfect example: Gator fans. "We have 2 titles in 3 years! Forget about everything that happened before 2006. We are the kings of college football!"

Now go away, you uneducated moron, or at least go talk crap to people that know as much as you, which is next to nothing. I'm getting tired of shutting your dumb@ss up.

All the Gator fans know we are in our giving cycle now: giving games away, giving Crappy Q.B's a chance to improve their completion average, taking dives when we go on the road, taking a back seat to all these lousy teams in the A.C.C. and in general just giving these teams and their fans a chance to fill good about themselves, well all that is about to change in less than a year. we've built the A.C.C. up enough now and help these teams get nationally ranked, so when we thump them next year all will do is zoom up the charts and our power ranking will be through the roof.

Posted by: linksys | November 18, 2009 at 01:47 PM

Thanks for clarifying. If you are from Miami, then u know the attendance issue is not a Canes problem, but a South Florida problem.

The Marlins average 15k (2 time WS Champs)
The Heat are hurting as well (06 champs)
Even the Phins struggle to fill Land Shark.

And any Gator fan/ SF resident falls into that category. Are you guys going to the Marlins/ Heat/ Phins games? Not likely.

Before I get called out as a fraud, I'm a UM and Dolphins season ticket holder.

You can't compare SF lifestlyle to Gainsville's c'mon. What else is there to do?

Its just the way it is down here you should know that already.

Posted by: If Ur Averaging 50k... That Fish House Must Hold 150k | November 18, 2009 at 02:38 PM


who are you to question the veracity …


Turds are the tacky couple who moves in down the street. Flaunts their newfound wealth as if they had it all along; as if it gives them a seat at the table with the rest of the establishment; as if they get a free pass to belong.

Sorry, Turd fans. Lose the tacky clothing, obnoxious behaviour, ignorant fans and get a sense of your place among peers. According to your timeline, UF is the best college football program of all time.

Now that is funny. You couldn't find one person in the country who would want to argue in favor of that point. Unfortunately for Gaturd fans, they are the only program that could not find someone to take on their case because of the distaste for them. Not hatred. Not fear. Just disgust. You truly are, the turd in the college football punch bowl

Hey the U is back, I cooked Linksys too. He says he went to both UM and UF, YEAH RIGHT, lol. The fans in SFla have way MORE choices of things to do than go to a football game. Now if Miami was 10-0, maybe a different story, but it's just the way it is. We STILL love the U though.

YOU DOUCHES at least 35% of the people attending Gator games are from out of town.

You sound like idiots when YOU compare Gainesville life to South Florida life. Hicksville and such..
It's the fairweather fan base and that's it. When the Heat had Wade and Shaq they sold out everygame. When they were losing it wasnt sold out. When the Canes were wining every game at the OB even against Rutgers, IT was sold out. When you consistenly put garbage on the field then you don't get fans. IT has nothing to do with worldclass fishing, beaches, and movie stars. Same with the Dolphins. I am a season ticket for both the Heat and the 'Fins.

Posted by: Reasonable | November 18, 2009 at 03:13 PM

Incorrect, as far as the Hurricanes are concerned. Miami games were constantly not sold out during the 2001 Championship season. The Canes have maybe 30K die hards. The rest are a bunch of bandwagoners.

You CANNOT COMPARE an alumni of only 185,000 to UF's millions.
Are you that stupid man?

Posted by: ColaCane | November 18, 2009 at 02:58 PM


Today University of Florida alumni on record total nearly 340,000.
-- wiki


why all the references to the blue turf bowl? the acc doesn't even play there anymore...

oh yeah, i forgot, you went UF...


At the end of the day, it's about the kids playing on the field. I do hope Miami returns to prominence some day. It can still happen don't lose faith Canes fans, it might take a decade, but it can still happen. I'm hoping that it will happen and I will cheer for J. Harris, Coop, Fox, and B. Harris, and all the other kids that play their hearts out.

I'm not going to judge between Gainesville and Miami. Obviously Miami has way more to do than in Gainesville, but it doesn't mean you gotta degrade the town. It is what it is, a college town built around college kids and a great football team. I went to both schools, so I got lover for both.

But I'm a Gator for life. All you all can talk what you want, I'm a Gator for life. Until Miami is good again, then maybe I'll come out and really support them. I'll go to the games and cheer with the rest of the dull student section (I gotta get my college football fix), but if I had to choose, Gators over 'Canes any day. Like ColaCane said, Miami is smaller, weaker, and people care less about football in Miami than in Gainesville. I know what side I want to be on. Maybe I'll defend Miami when it doesn't really need to be defended. For now, Go Gators!!!


Canes never sold out vs. Rutgers. That is a lie. You have no idea what you are talking about. Fair weather town? Ok. What is the point? That thousands of 'billies emerge each fall from their swamp trailers to attend UFelony games. Is that your point?

Congratulations. Swamp 'billies, bears, butterflies and maggots all have something in common. Let's celebrate this union of slime.

Until Miami is good again, then maybe I'll come out and really support them.

Posted by: linksys | November 18, 2009 at 03:30 PM

Are you kidding me? Who says that?

Look at all these pathetic canes comments. U guys live in the past with dusty history books. It's 2009 LOSERS. Your program is a disaster and will be terrible again next year when your whole SORRY oline is NEW.


Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | November 18, 2009 at 02:31 PM

What is UF going to do when Tebow leaves? Please name one ship UF has won without Tebow? C'mon, just one? Knew you couldn't do it.. Back to irrelevance next year once your golden boy is a 5th round draft pick..

But I'm a Gator for life. All you all can talk what you want, I'm a Gator for life.

Posted by: linksys | November 18, 2009 at 03:30 PM

Then why are you on a Miami blog?

Miami games were constantly not sold out during the 2001 Championship season.

Posted by: Canes | November 18, 2009 at 03:23 PM


in 2002, U averaged 70,000 …


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