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Ray Ray, Spence might be back for Duke

After missing the last three games with undisclosed, injured extremities, there's a chance sophomore linebacker Sean Spence and freshman safety Ray Ray Armstrong could return Saturday and play against Duke. 

Sean Spence could be back Saturday against Duke UM coach Randy Shannon said both returned to practice Tuesday. "Two days they got in, so they should be ready to go," Shannon said. "I don't know how much they'll play, but they'll play... they should help out the defense if they get an opportunity to get into the game."

Take Shannon's word on injuries for what it's worth. Last week we heard the same thing about Javarris James and Eric Moncur returning to practice. Moncur (leg) is now likely done for the season and I'm pretty sure James wasn't on the field even though he was listed on the participation report. I know James didn't catch a pass or have a carry.

JACORY PRACTICES AS USUAL... Quarterback Jacory Harris, who will likely play with pain Saturday, took his usual snaps Wednesday according to backup A.J. Highsmith. "We still did the same rotation we always do, our usual routine," Highsmith said.

Harris was seen wearing a protective strap over his thumb (the finger we suspect he messed up in the UNC game) and index finger. "He did everything," Shannon said. "He had no problems, did everything he was supposed to do."

SECONDARY'S VOW TO PLAY BETTER... After Riley Skinner and Wake Forest carved the Canes up for 555 yards of total offense, Brandon Harris said Miami's secondary vowed to "never come out and have another game like that." 

Except for the final game-clinching drive by North Carolina last Saturday, the University of Miami defense has done a pretty good job of holding its own. 

The Canes only gave up 149 yards of total offense to Virginia and 16 of North Carolina's 33 points (17 came off Harris interceptions). Shannon said the improved play is the result of guys who hadn't had many opportunities to play -- Ramon Buchanon, Curtis Porter, Jeremy Lewis, Jared Campbell -- finally beginning to get comfortable. I'll buy that.

But it also didn't hurt that Virginia (118th) and North Carolina (113th) rank among the country's worst in total offense. We'll see Saturday just how much UM has improved defensively. Duke brings the top-ranked passing offense in the ACC (ninth overall) to town. The good news for UM: Duke is basically one dimensional, ranking dead last (120th) in rushing.

"We definitely want to try and keep them one dimensional," cornerback Chavez Grant said. "When you know you can stop the run, you can concentrate on shutting the down the pass."

Still, a motivated, hungry Thaddeus Lewis, who has two talented, fast receivers from the Miami area won't be easy to stop. And the Canes know it.

"It's always fun going against Thad because he's a competitor and he always wants to win," Brandon Harris said. "He's going to give us his best shot. He's coming home for the last time. His family is going to be there. They say his goal when he got to college was to beat Miami. Three years he's come close [to beating us]. He knows this is his last shot. It's now or never. We feel the same way. We won't underestimate him."

> Expect more bad injury news regarding Sam Shields and Thearon Collier to leak out soon. And don't expect fullback Pat Hill back. Shannon was asked about Hill Wednesday and said he didn't know if he'd return. Expect Hill to seek a medical redshirt for his high ankle sprain.


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Miami games were constantly not sold out during the 2001 Championship season.

Posted by: Canes | November 18, 2009 at 03:23 PM


in 2002, U averaged 70,000 …


Posted by: green | November 18, 2009 at 03:39 PM

Yeah but I said 2001.

Yeah but I said 2001.

Posted by: Canes | November 18, 2009 at 03:43 PM

I followed up ...


Yeah but I said 2001.

Posted by: Canes | November 18, 2009 at 03:43 PM

I followed up ...


Posted by: green | November 18, 2009 at 03:51 PM

But that's just showing how fair weathered the fan base is.

But that's just showing how fair weathered the fan base is.

Posted by: Canes | November 18, 2009 at 03:56 PM

in all kinds of weather …
the business of sport is winning …
impress me …


Did you know that not one Canes defensive back touched a ball against the Heels? No breakups of even close to an interception And this is one of the worse passing offenses in all of football. Duke will dink and dunk their way downfield causing Miami all kinds of problems. Watch the quick screen passes to the flats & bubble screens. Thadeus Lewis might finally get his wish.

Posted by: goes both ways | November 18, 2009 at 01:37 PM

Monkey see, monkey do!

DC Cane?? I thought I was canesrule?

Go 'canes!

Why worry about how many flippen fans or fins come to a football game, players win the games while we party on! We don't have an onsite field so we ain't never going to average 80 thousand, not if we go 12-0 or 0-12. It never mattered bfore when we won 5 SHIPS!

I love envy!

Talking to these Gayturds is like peeing in the wind.

They seem to forget just TWO YEARS AGO they were 7-3! They lost to a team , USC, that was 7-3!

We are 7-3 and just lost to, UNC, who is 7-3.

Just TWO YEARS AGO they were playing with a bunch of sophomores, and their defense SUCKED!!!

What a difference a year makes. They've played ONE ranked team all year. LMBO!!!

Their opponents have a losing record, and their final two games are a combined 8-12. That's just weak!

Bye, bye Gators. It's almost over. Glad you enjoyed your 2 years of success in a 100+ years of football! LMBO!!!


the gaytards are just trying to enjoy everyminute of this casue like i said before at the end of the year fl loses to ala or nc game weiss gets fired at ND urban and tebow leave and charlie strong hc over his head

360 you forgot, the Gator's "reinvented" the game (or so they think).

The "Big 3" in Florida go up and down like clock work, more so now with parity throughout all D-1 schools. Sometimes a school can stay on top a little longer, but they always drop.

Are we to believe that Pete Carrol is now a bad coach since he isn't playing for a title every year? Is Stoops finished as a coach? Perhaps they're just in their down cycle.

Randy pulls (2) 4 star tackles out of J-ville and UM fan is saying cool.

Meyer pulls a 4 star CB out of Cali and Pete Carrol is suppose to pack his bags and head back to the NFL?????????????? Because UF has reinvented the game??????????? WTF is that???????

Can U just go undefeated once UF??????????

Is there a more insecure fan base than Gator Fan anywhere in the country?


P.S. Thanks for cleaning up the blog Manny!!

Why do Canes fan continue to bring up our history? Because we can.....

Just imagine if the Canes did sell out their stadiums or had a great college atmosphere at their home games. The Canes would be bigger than Notre Dame...

I cannot think of any other school that can accomplish what Miami had with our fan base. We still recruit well (locally and nationally), TV ratings are either broken or very high, and like it or not Gator fans, the U will always be relevant in college football.

Anyone would think that top talent recruits would not want to go to UM after seeing the fan support they get at their home games, but the still do.

The U will play anybody anytime while the Gators avoid Miami. I guess I cant blame Florida because playing Miami would be playing with fire...

Once you are on top, there is only one way to go Gator fans. Believe me, Cane fans know. While Shannon has cleaned the program, Urban Liar is recruiting thugs that Miami passed up on. It takes time to get to the top (80+ years for the Gators), but it doesn't take long to fall.

I've never wanted Bama to win so much in my life until this year. This dude linksys is a flip-flop for life. Man don't you know Cane is Family. U suppossedly went there and you used to root for UM now you a gator. Wow straight turncoat sell-out right there. The kind that will turn on family. When you compare UF and UM you got to look at why they don't play every year. Gotta look at people in the league and overall wins. Gotta put in NC's and coaches. Will see what happens with Tebow but you know he ain't a number 1 pick. For all the runnin he did for Urban he wont be drafted high. Oh and if Notre Dame get rid of Weis do you think for a moment Urban won't bolt. Just think for a minute the ain't bare in S. Bend. For UM to suck that bad you shouldn't be comparing anyway. We been down for a minute. But UF know things are looking up down at UM. Won't be long and if Meyer leave yall its gonna hurt your team for a couple of years.

McCarthy is coming back!!! That's a good sign for Miami, keep it up 'Canes get your act together and then more of us will come out to support you the way you deserve.

Ah Ke-puke, so now you predict us to be 8-4? Not long ago it was 6-6.

Youtard fans are the most pathetic form of fan in the world. You have been good for 4 years and you hav been lucky and won 2 NCs and you act like youve been dominatingthe decade. Proof is, you haven"t! Check the numbers, losarts

tsk tsk jealous little billie bobs. Did uncle rufus take away your derbacky?

Or did momma whip youwith the horse switch?

Why so jealous? Did your sister look at good ol' daddy in a strange way/

Quote from a former gator cheerleader: My daddy says I'm the best kisser!

Go away, Kehow, pedro and you poor excuses for Darwinian theory. Yo' daddy wants you to return his g-z.

None of you, No UF team will ever compare to UM. We own you, you pathetic losers. We have since we first went to Traylorville to play you and beat you in 1938! To you 5th grade graduate 'necks, that's 71 years!

The way i look at it, if these fools are'nt hating, then Miami must not be doing their job,and they recognize the future of UM football. Thanks Haters! We appreciate your support.

P.S. if USC gets to the National Championship game last year, florida does not win! With that defense USC fielded. I mean my god, you lost to Ole Miss.

Go Canes

Well at least Jacory has an excUse for this weekend for all the fumbles and INTs.



It's Coker's fault...it's Nix's fault...Jacory has a soft cast...ray ray has a cold....Lamar Miller will NEVER see the field...we recruit 550 RBs but our OL is garbage....randy shannon is the best game manager in all of football...donna shalala likes men.....paul dee likes men.....manny navarro throws up softball questions and drinks heavy canes kool-aid....susan miller degnan doesnt like men...sarasota cane has gator envy.....jacory harris will be looking for a job coaching high school football in 3 years....

ray lewis is a HOF so WARREN SAPP REGGIE WAYNE,portis.mcgahee, vinny, tez kennedy, how many do you have . gayterds have 24 arrest under urban lier

by the way i live in sarasota and we dont have any good football here (highs school)all the real football team are in MIAMI how many championchips does your high school have sarasota high 0, riverview rams0 , ASK SAM SHIELDS football in sarasota county is WEAK, in fact you probable dont know much about football being from sarasota ha..

Funny. Gayturd idiots say Randy is a liar when the worst two-faced maggot this side of Lou Holtz is coaching UFelony.

u-f-ker need to play someone other than west central michigan and miami of ohio eastern kentucky who are these teams , i'll tell U there easy W's . t-e-a-b-a-g will never make it in the nfl bank on it line backer or qb saftie it doesn't matter

Well I guess UM will be going to the "I do not know what to call this bowl, beacuse there r too many Bowls" Bowl.


Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | November 18, 2009 at 01:33 PM

chick-fil-a: 9-3 v. Lsu or ole miss
gator: 9-3 v. notre lame
emerald: 9-3 v. usc
-- gary ferman


I cannot think of any other school that can accomplish what Miami had with our fan base.

Posted by: TampaCanes | November 18, 2009 at 05:37 PM

along with udub, U top attendance for a BCS university in an NFL market


a great college atmosphere at their home games.
The Canes would be bigger than Notre Dame...

Posted by: TampaCanes | November 18, 2009 at 05:37 PM


Notre Dame's 40-14 rout of Washington State on Saturday night wasn't exactly a win for NBC. In drawing 1.4% of U.S. TV households, NBC's coverage had the lowest rating of any show on the four major broadcast networks last week
-- usa today

the ratings say otherwise …
except for marquee match-ups, viewers tune out the golden domers …



when you go to the games is it too much for you to see both sean spence and ray ray were wearing knee braces. why do you need to belittle the injuries and the way they're handled. do some work when you go to the games
look at the injured players on the sidelines and you can figure out why they're not playing. probably to much work for you because your nothing more than all the hacks that post on this site. by the way vane fans blow. the most negative, hostile crown in the country.

the not-so-golden domers


Take Shannon's word on injuries for what it's worth.

Talk all the trash you want, Gator fans. After Jesus Tebow goes on to become an NFL tight end, and Urban Meyer leaves for his "dream job", you may never get to talk trash ever again.

Fact: Randy Shannon has more National Championship rings than Urban Meyer. How about that for an iconic wardrobe?

In December he rescinded his "dream job" comments and called Florida his "dream job" instead. Twice over the summer he said he's not going to Notre Dame, including this definitive response in July at a golf fundraiser -- "I'm not going to Notre Dame. Ever."

In December he rescinded his "dream job" comments and called Florida his "dream job" instead. Twice over the summer he said he's not going to Notre Dame, including this definitive response in July at a golf fundraiser -- "I'm not going to Notre Dame. Ever." Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | November 19, 2009 at 07:45 AM

Dillusional. Butch, Saban & others have said they are not going anywhere. ND will go after that guy VERY HARD! They are desperate to get back to where they once was. Too many years have gone by where they settled on their 2nd option at head coach. Not gonna happen this time. Say buh bye to Meyer!



Let's focus on the team not the crowd. It's been a great year to watch the Canes--a couple of plays here and there and we would be 9-1.
The team is loaded with young talent, we get Ohio St, Nebraska and the Gators coming in the next few years--It's getting fun again.

Let's focus on the team not the crowd. It's been a great year to watch the Canes--a couple of plays here and there and we would be 9-1.
The team is loaded with young talent, we get Ohio St, Nebraska and the Gators coming in the next few years--It's getting fun again.

Posted by: BV | November 19, 2009 at 09:41 AM

Completely agree BV. Who cares where Meyer is going to coach next year. Shyt UM took them deep into the 4th last year with their best team of all time and arguably UM's worst.

UM is recruting well, our young players are growing up, and our injured players will all be ready to go. Couple that with the announcements that Bailey and McCarthy are returning and our defense looks to be one of the best in the entire NCAA.

The future is bright for UM!

Go 'canes!

I agree with real 'Sota

If the canes were really that bad, these UF punks wouldn't be on our blog. They just feel that they need to get some shots in before the tables turn again. They feel that fire burning under their butts and are freaking out.

In the words of Green,



So, Urban. Were you lying when you wrote the book or were you lying to the boosters? Do you know, do you know, do you know?

You REALLY aren't the type of person to say anything anytime to appease your specific audience, are you URBIE?

You have never lied before, have you URBIE?


Go Duke.

Jascary will be out before the end of the first quarter. Spence and Ray Ray will be out by the middle of the second quarter.

Randy will wondering if he left the iron on.
Whipple will be wondering how can I get back to the NFL.

And the EWWWWWW fans will be wondering what did I do to deserve this!!!



Well ya'all here goes another loss to the GREAT STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.... You So. Fla transplants from all over the north and mainly from SO. America and Cuba and them there Islands to the east do not sstand a snow balls chance in the North Pole in beating the big blue. We came close twiced before ands I knows that we shall whip you WHIP boys into shape. You can not stop the pass and when we run it will be all the way to the end zone. You can'ts cover kick offs or punts so our special teams are going to get you'al there two's. I'd be a gown to the game except for the faxt that I'll be sittin in my tree stand and drinkin beers and shootin at Bambi's. I will be listein on my radio. So scream real loud you'al as we score and score twiced more then you does. We'z gonna go to a bowls game how about you guy's..

Gator fans are trash. If you have ever been to Trailerville, you know. Wallowing in a cesspool over-run by religious fanatics. An undergraduate base wholly unprepared for the world (so long as that world does not include trailers next to churches).

UFelony degree is worthless. Ask Jeremy Foley. Dismiss professors but give coaches raises. That is how they roll in Trailerville.

Interesting to note. This is taken from the University of Florida website (http://www.ufl.edu/facts/) Florida's largest university - and the nation's fourth-largest - traces its beginnings to a small seminary in 1853.
With an enrollment approaching 50,000 students annually, UF is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. couple that with this also from the same website More than 300,000 alumni are located throughout the world.

now compare it to this

This is taken from the University of Miami website (http://www.miami.edu/index.php/about_us/about_our_alumni/) There are just over 166,000 alumni in UM’s history. Couple that with this also from the miami website private research university with more than 15,000 students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the South Florida region and beyond.

Now if florida has a student population of 50,000 on a yearly basis and miami has a student population of 15000 but florida has only a little nmore than 300000 grad and miami has 166000 do the math. Maybe florida has so many people in thier stands because they never graduated and just hang out at the stadium for lack of anything else to do.

So the turds have the best record since 1990? Why do they have the same # of losses than Um between 1999-20008 (the decade during which they have two of their 3 NCS)? # of losses=33.

You see, if you compare UM and UF in football, there is no was that Uf can even come close to holding UM's jock.

Here's why, "rocket scientists":

UM has 5 NCs in 82 years of CFB
UF has 3 NCs in 88 years of CFB

UM won its first meeting with UF at UF in 1933

UM vs UF: 28-26

UM is and always has been a much smaller school. 50,000 students vs at most 10,000.

UM has played as an independent and in two conferences in the last 30 years, versus UF confining itself to the SEC. The SEC you say?

In 1987, UM played 4 SEC teams en route to its 2nd NC,and an UNDEFEATED season (1 of 3)

UF has never had an undefeated season

UM alumni have scored TDs in 134 consecutive NFL games. UF? Not even close to even mention

UF and UM have the same # of losses since 1999 (33).

UF is 4-6 in postseason play in the last 10 years

UM is 5-3

Despite 5 off recruiting years, and a record of 19-19 in the last 3 years, UM STILL TO THIS DATE has more NFL players than UF, who has won 2 NCs in the same 3 years> I wonder why? Could it be that gimmicky, gadgety pseudo-option, pseudo-spread, wild-cat full-back offense?

Gator fans always say we live in the past, yet as recently as 2003 UM was in the top 5 nationally,that is 6 years ago, and as recently as 2007 UF had a 9-4 record. That's 2 years ago!

If I was wrong about UM being THE football king in florida, then why are their gator fans on this blog whing to us about their mighty gators?

Please, go away. Even after this gift NC this year, you-eff will still have less NCs than UM!

Posted by: Urban Liar is bolting! | November 18, 2009 at 01:51 PM

it gets awfully stuffy in the trailer.

anybody know the gators bowl game record for this decade???

anybody know number of gator arrets the last 3 years?

what happened to the unc post where you say, i dont want to jinx it. did you realize that you did jinx it and delete that blog post and its comments? CENSORSHIP

Manny, the suspense is killing me. Is Jacory having surgery???

God Bless Him, but Sam Shields is a horrible defensive back. With all his speed, it's a shame he was never the WR or DB we thought he could be...best of luck to him in his future, trust he gets his degree.

Well if Jacory is out, we are done...

The injury situation is truly sad... I have never seen a worst case in my 27 years than what the Canes have dealt with this season.

I guess it's time to think about next year if those reports are true...

Lastly, is it just me, or are all the teams in this city cursed? The Dolphins, Heat, and Hurricanes... I don't care about the Panthers, and the Marlins have won a couple championships in their short existence

The guy has three Ns in his name.

Its a fake.

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