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UM's J. Harris, Sharpton earn ACC honors

UM quarterback Jacory Harris was selected as the Offensive Back of the week by the ACC for the fourth time this season Monday afternoon. 

Harris, who threw for 348 yards and two touchdowns in UM's 34-16 win against Duke, became the seventh Hurricane to surpass 3,000 yards passing in a season and the first since Ken Dorsey in 2002. Through 11 games, he's thrown for 3,003 yards, 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. I'm pretty sure no other ACC quarterback has been named Offensive Back of the week as many times as Jacory. Does that mean he'll be First Team All-ACC?

UM linebacker Darryl Sharpton, meanwhile, earned Defensive Lineman of the Week honors after recording a career-high 12 tackles and returning an interception 73 yards for a score. Sharpton is second among Canes and ninth in the ACC with 79 tackles this season. It's the second time this season UM has had two players earn weekly ACC honors (Jacory Harris and Brandon Harris also did it earlier this year).


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clearly this award is won solely by looking at stats and not by watching the games

Congrats boys.

J12 should be 1st Team All-ACC.

Gator Bowl...maybe.

We have nothing to gain this week and a lot to lose against USF.

Congrats to Darryl, I seriously hope he gets drafted into the NFL.

Good bounceback for jacory

This Team is headed in the right direction! Must beat usf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9-3 Good!

8-4 Bust!

Good for jacory...but even better for sharpton to shut up all the haters


Glad Sharpton had such a big day on his last home game... man was a beast.

and J12 showed some real maturity and resiliance.

A 3 loss season isn't very good for us when you factor in the 3 losses.

Virginia Tech, Clemson, and UNC, tell me those weren't winnable games. All this talk about the first 4 games and we come out 3 and 1.

Virgina Tech - I can accept losing to Virgina Tech, they just took it to us in that game. We fought and came up short, no problem. Don't blame the rain, blame our inability to match VT's offensive line and pass rush.

Clemson - A talented team that is poorly coached. We should've won that game easily.

North Carolina - No excuse for losing to that team. I don't care who their coach is, they are a bad team.

Also look at the near losses...Wake and FSU. 2 drops, that was the difference.

Duke and UCF played us tight.

Are you kidding me! The only positive games were Oklahoma and Georgia Tech.

Bad season.

I disagree, good season no way. But a lot still hinges in how we finish. Any word on B. Linder? Would love to hear he's coming to UM.

I think if he's the ACC QB of the year it's a travesty. Way too many picks. I'm a jacory fan, but the nuumbers don't lie. Go Canes!

Every team can look back and say "shoulda won" or "shoulda lost". Bottom line is that we are 8-3 and I am content with that. We need to finish strong to put us in the Top 10 to start next season.

We should be 9-2. No way we should of lost to Clemson (bad coaching, UNC gave the game away). We always choke when we play Va. Tech and we should of lost at Wake. With our talent compared to everyone elses, we shouldn't lose in the All Canes Conference. We will finally be over the hump if we win out this year and go 10-3. Next year no excuses, it's put up or shut up time. Only question mark will be the O-Line.

GREAT SEASON...were better than last year...for two years straight we might have beaten the ACC champ..that is sad,,,,We are looking at the Music City Bowl...Dec 27th...crappy bowl...but three teams will get better bowls than us...GT, Clem, VT...one will get a BCS bid the other the Gator and chick a fila...

Can someone tell me why Whipple thought it was best to throw the ball 28 times in the first half with Harris clearly struggling or hurt? The pass/run ratio must have been close to 75% pass. Love Whip, but I don't think he was doing Harris any favors with that many passing plays.

bad season? Are you on crack Canesjunkie???

We're 8-3, we're ranked, we've received national recognition from time to time, we've lost two close games (which means we weren't beat convincingly) and we lost those games by beating ourselves. IMO that makes us a GOOD team!

Moreover, we're ONE UNIT AWAY from being an elite team--i.e. the offensive line. You fix the offensive line and we have less turnovers, a better passing game (and our passing has already been pretty good), a better running game, and a better defense because of the reduced three-and-outs. That alone should put us in the top 10. You fix the special teams and our coaching staff works a little smarter and more cohesively, and we're a title-contender.

The U is ON THE RISE. We're not going to win a NC every year--that's just unrealistic. We're also not going to win an NC after going 5-7 and 7-6 with two first year coordinators and a sophomore at QB. Realistically speaking, we've had a GOOD season--albeit NOT perfect--but we're on the rise and we're improving, which is all we can ask for as Canes fans.


Well said cjunkie.

The record really isn't an accurate reflection of the quality of this team.

Sad that USF will teach UM what a crowd is supposed to look like.

What the hell do you all want.... Your expectations are way too high. The three teams that beat us are in the top 25 and I am sure they didn't get there just because they beat us... VT is always a tough game.... Clemson is in the ACC title game... and NC was ranked in the top 25 at the start of the season and they are ranked there again. These teams are motivated to play us because we are Miami... they circle this game on their calendar.... they are not gonna just lay down... a win against us can make or break a season for an ACC team...At least we now show signs of having a sack and never letting up, even in the face of adversity.
There are over a 100 teams competing week in and week out, jockeying for a top 25 and bcs bowl position...but in your eyes Miami should just dominate because of their name.... get the hell out of here and get real.... your all delusional... There is amazing talent all over the country and we cannot have it all. RS is doing a good job of getting the players he wants and is positioning this team to return to greatness and in all aspects of the game. You give nobody any room for error. they should be perfect every second of every game. Hope your not held to such a high standard in every aspect of your lives. Than again if you are that perfect and know as much as you think you do about the game of football, maybe you should think about a career change or maybe Just shut your mouths and enjoys the ride... even if there a few obstacles in the way...lets turn the negatives into positives and stop looking back!

I agree with canesjunkie completely, but also with canesfan. I was at the game, and jacory looked just pure awful. He had maybe five passes that shouldve been picked, his throws were off all day, and with this wide receiving core and his capabilities he should be better. The stats may be good, but let's compare it. Sam Bradford in his first two years has averaged like 40 Tds and 8 interceptions. And he may have a better line but throws to lesser receivers. I'm not comparing him to jacory, I'm saying jacory has more than double the interceptions and half the tds. And he has no fire to his ball and the accuracy has gotten worse through the weeks. He makes the same mistakes he promised he had fixed for five weeks now, and he has gotten worse every week. We need to go qb hunting now, not to replace him of course, but if we get another qb in there then he can start runnig with the ball, and show his true talents.

So at this point, what constitutes a successful season (obviously we wanted more)?

A few criteria from my opinion:
- 2 more wins for the first 10 win season in way too long.
- an AP/BCS top 15 finish (dare I hope for top 10?).
- a top 10 recruiting finish to help build depth.

Do you agree Manny? What else is on your list?

The point is, this keeps momentum going forward and sets up to take the necessary next two steps: ACC Championship & BCS Championship!

but you have to look at what we have accomplished compared to what we did last season. I mean yea we are losing games we should lose, but we are pulling out in the close ones. Also the team is still growing up. They have made a load of progress this year, and with everybody basically coming back, we are only going to get better. I don't know why you all are calling this a bad season. This has been a great season if you are optimistic. Next year is gonna be even better, and when I get into the "U", I can't wait to be a part of their program.

correction to my earlier post, its games we shouldnt lose

USF is next. We kick off a SIX-YEAR series with them this Sat. Why? Probably economics (i.e. low travel costs), but if you ask me, this is a HUGE game for USF and a relatively normal in-state game for us.

We better come out with intensity, because motivated is an understatement when talking about how USF is going to feel when we take the field. Not only are they playing against "The U" and all of its mystique, which every team uses as motivation, they're playing against players they know personally, against the school that in many cases didn't recruit them, they're playing for the bragging rights to show off to new recruits, and to be part of their mythical Florida's "Big 4" (which doesn't make sense to me since UM, FSU and UF each have MULTIPLE NCs while USF made their first bowl game only a few years ago... Win some championships b*%ches!!!).

They're also coming off a big game against Louisville: http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/article1053729.ece so they're going to be confident.

Miami better be ready to leave it all on the field on Sat. They do NOT want to be the Miami team that lost to USF."

We need 4 strong quarters! We can rest and recover, hopefully for a month, once the game is over. LET'S GET THIS 6-YEAR SERIES OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT!



I agree that someone at the Top of the ACC glanced at the stats, and said yeah that Harris kid had another good game (LOL)

Lets give him the offensive back of the week award!!

Love the Canes, and Lord knows i love Jacory, but it wasn't his best game, nor his worst; but still offensive back of the week?

Jacory, you're a great kid, but take what the defense give you son! Throw the ball into the flats, hit the tight end like you've been doing, look off the safety get em' to react to something that isnt there...

You cant just eyeball the deep guy in the middle of the field and throw it...

Know you know better than that, and appreciate the aggressiveness, but break em down methodically first dude!

I say that all in love.

Lets Go Canes!!

You're so right Canesjunkie... We should have only lost 1 ames with all those injuries and lack of O-line depth. We are the U and we can play true freshmen and sophmores and beat anybody because they are talented and the best athletes...

If you believe all that, I have a bidge to sell you. NEWSFLASH!!!! Those other schools have players on scholarship too, buddy! And they have upperclassmen. What do you expect with a roster of 50+ freshmen and sophmores on the 2 deep? Typical unrealistic canes fan!

when I look at this team I see the 99-00 canes teams. young and learning how to win. Remember Mike Rumph getting beat deep on the last play of the Ohio State game in '99? Sure you don't, because you only see undefeated championships and not the building process. He only played on arguably the best college football team ever. and that's the vision that I see this team heading into... you will too if you'd only wake up and see the "process".

Here's the only number that really counts: After UNC beats NC State we will be 4th in our division of the ACC. 4th!!! That's horrendous! Not acceptable. You're delusional if you think the program is headed in the right direction. No way.

Canesjunkie go to _ _ _ _ ! Go cheer for some other team. Close games are apart of football. Get a grip. 8-3 is 8-3. Florida isn't winning pretty but they're winning. This team is not world beaters, but they're finding a way 2 win, unlike the past few years when they found a way to lose or just got there butts kicked. Chill out!

Canes you trippin man. This season was great. I saw some kids grow up this year and that set the tone for the whole season. Two big positives is our QB got experience under his belt now and we can come back and win in any game we in. Now I want blowouts and all that good stuff too but that 83 to 92 run wasn't made overnite. I believe Coach Shannon got us on the right track to succeed. We gonna roll into to the BCS next year. I got my Ohio State Tix we should roll in 2010.

The iterception by Sharpton was a great sendoff for the seniors on senior day, a great way to end his career at Miami with his performance on saturday.

This season has been a big step in the right direction this year, no one could have predicted that Miami would have the record of 8-3 at this point of the year. Although with the tough l's aganist Clemnson and North Carolina they could be used to keep these players focused.

Just wondering if anyone knows where the "U" will be playing its bowl game. I saw a prediction that stated that Miami would play Auburn in the Music City Bowl in late December. So if the "U" beats South Florida to finish 9-3 that would only qualify us for the Music City Bowl? We are 5-3 in the ACC this year, is that why the "U" is religated to such a lower division bowl game? Gator Bowl sounds a little better. Just wondering. GOOOOO! CANES!!! No excuses. Get it done vs South Florida.

go canes. were going to be really good next year. you wait and see.

If we beat USF then beat Pittsburg or a one loss team in a bowl, then we can call this a great season. If we lose to either USF or in a bowl game to anyone, then we can call it an average year, with some improvement. If we lose to USF then go to a crappy bowl game, then win or lose, it will have been a disappointing year.

"Are you kidding me! The only positive games were Oklahoma and Georgia Tech."

And GT was totally out of gas that game because they had played 3 games in a 10 or 12 day span. What would a rested GT team been like one has to wonder.

Any Jacory('09)-Bradford('08) comparisons are totally bogus.

Bradford played in a Big 12 conference infamous for not playing ANY defense and for lacking parity. The 2009 Canes are playing in an ACC conference with better defenses overall and much more parity.

Moreover, as was already mentioned, Bradford had an offensive line. Jacory has been sacked almost THIRTY TIMES this season. If you think that doesn't take a toll, both physically and mentally, then you're delusional. Bradford was only sacked 11 times ALL SEASON (i.e. 14 games) in 2008.

Finally, if the 2009 Canes played in the 2008 Big 12 they would've been a Top 2-3 team. Point in case--look at how we spanked Texas A&M on back to back years. Sure they were a bad team overall last year when we blew them out IN THEIR STADIUM 41-23, but the year before that, when we didn't even go bowling, we beat them convincingly at the OB, a year they had a winning record (7-6). Heck, if we were in the Big 12 THIS year we'd be a top 2-3 team.

When the O-Line gets fixed, the REAL fun will begin. With a STAR-QB, STAR-WRs, STAR-RBs, and GOOD-TEs, we'll be unstoppable!


If we LOSE out, it will be a disappointing season. That would put us a 8-5, which when compared to last year's 7-6 record, does NOT look like much of an improvement. It will also add to the already established expectation that the Randy's Canes collapse after 8-9 games.

However, if we go 9-4, even if we lost to USF (or if we beat USF and then lose our bowl game, the slightly better scenario), that won't be so bad. We were 9-4 in 1999, the year before we went 11-1 in 2000 and began our 34-game winning streak. I believe the 2009 Canes are where we were at in 1999, which means good things are coming our way!

So 9-4 is my threshold for a good season, one that marks progress. 10 wins would be awesome, but 9-4 wouldn't kill me.


D injuries , young replacements not ready for prime time. If not for that this team would be 10-1. GO CANES!! SARASOTA BAY CANE FAN

seriously guys, come on, are you serious?

8-3. When was the last time that UM played and beat Oklahoma, a ranked FSU, a ranked (and now top 10) GTech? G Tech in my opinion is unstoppable and I would venture to say that unless they beat themselves or Josh Nesbitt gets injured, at this stage, NOBODY will beat G Tech, and nobody cane! They now have that triple option downpack. They put 56 on vandy when UF could only put 27. They will kill Georgia.

And come on, about JH. He has a hurt throwing hand, and arm. Yet he still thre for 348 yds!!!!! yeah I can do without the ints but dontforget he is a sophomore! Pleeeeasee!

If Um wins out it will be 10-3. If they lose won, 9-4. Tell me did anyone here beleiev honestly that they would win 9 games?

And I'll tell you, things could be worse- we could be Michigan, ND, Oklahoma, USC, tennessee, Georgia. All former powerhouses. UM is on the right track. UM is rebuilding. UM is young and injured.

Next year- run Berry till he cant run anymore. he should get 20-30 carries a game. So should Coop. One for you one for me. Sprinkle in a little Mike James and a little Lamar, and we good. Themn throw it to Streeter, AJ, Thearon and TB, and Byrd and we will be unstoppable!!!!

And finally.... Build a stadium, Kirby Hocutt!

i saw a young team that wants to win. an average div1 qb throw to many pics. we need to go after a top 10 qb recruit. when that happens we'll be in a bcs title game. oh yea get rid of randy shannon. tommy tubberville maybe? lets go canes.

Manny, Do you know where I can get one of these new UM rivalry gear Jerseys online? Allcanes is sold out... Hook it up man... Looks pretty tight.

Where the grades at Manny?

This is a good season record wise and performance especially with the injuries but The Only team we beat is Georgia Tech. Everybody else sucked Oklahoma 4 loss team, FSU 5 loss team, Wake, FAMU, UCF, Duke, and Virginia. I think we could of had this record with last years team. We have to win the next two games to consider this a successful season.

Posted by: Dajediknight

The injuries excuse is getting really tired, every team has injuries and lack of OL depth is our fault.

No we can't beat everybody, but there's enough talent there to play better than we have. A UM team that beats Oklahoma and Georgia Tech should be able to win at UNC and at home against unranked Clemson. If we would've lost to Georgia Tech and Oklahoma then I wouldn't have expected much out of this team. Those games proved that the talent is in place.

How can we pat Randy Shannon on the back for every good recruiting class and then say we don't have enough talent? Seriously. Either we have talent or we don't, you guys need to pick one and stay with it.

You need to realize Wake Forest is now a big game for us. Realize we now have to sweat out games against Duke and UCF. Realize we're talking about this USF game like it's a rivalry game. That should tell you about the state of our program.


Some kids did grow up. Brandon Harris looked really good this year. Bailey is coming along really well, same goes for some of the other DL's.

Ray Ray looks like he could be a beast, the receiver are looking great, and we've got depth and running back.

I'm concerned about the OL for next year. We also need to recruit LB's.

Jacory Harris will be OK, I'm not worried about him. This is his first full season and he's had 2 different Offensive Coordinators.

Nix and Whipple are really opposite ends of the spectrum. Nix was agressive formation with conservative playcalling, Whipple is conservative formation with aggressive (hyper-aggressive) playcalling.

It's natural for Jacory to be confused at times. Especially with the array of looks that Whipple throws at teams.

Whipple shouldn't simplify anything for Harris, treat the kid the way you want him to be.

You're all obvious fans, so remember that we have historically been a defensive football team.

Before you come on here saying we're on the right track, think about how much we resemble a Steve Spurrier UF team from the 90's.

Homie wake and smell the U smoke. We really really improved over last yr. I know Jacory look bad right now but consider his O-line is weak and he playin hurt. I know they wanna put him in this box but he still developing. Jacory will be okay because he got heart. He got the sense to put ints behind him and still try to win the game. I do agree the O-line is suspect. We losing Fox who I think has worked his way into the 1st rd. Franklin has not proven he can play tackle so hopefully Washington, Bunche, or somebody else will step up but it is hard to replace a top OT. Randy has not recruited lineman well in TX. We had Winston and Fox so UM can get guys in TX. Linder is needed really bad. But think about this if Bailey comes back we'll have Colin, Bailey,and Ray Ray leading the 3 units on defense. We set at RB WR and I think Highsmith is gonna surprise yall. Only question mark is O-line. If we can solidfy the o-line we good.

If ur friggen serious about replacing Shannon with tuberville...please do the world a favor and go live under a rock but then again if u do want tuberville to
coach...u problary do live under a rock

You guys that like this season are a joke. Like ponce said, we are going to finish fourth in our division. FOURTH! inthe ACC!! And those who think this is a good year, remember these two things. Jacory has gotten worse as has mark whipple and the defense in every game played starting with the Clemson game, and under Randy Shannon both years his team has both lost games by being severely outcoached AND has gotten steadily worse as the year went on, which is very hard on a program and on fans. I wanted this team to get better as games went on. But in comparison I wouldve killed for them to staythe same. We lost to Clemson with no d lost to unc, which this year is not easy to do, we made wakes qb look amazing, clemsons and unc qb look heisman and they all suck, and we were down to duke atthe half (I was at the game and jacory shouldve had at least three more pics and of course Thaddeus had a great game). Don't tell me ur happy with this season after the start we had. With Sam Bradford no way we beat Oklahoma, and nine times out of ten that ball is caught against fsu. BOTTOM LINE: We are LUCKY to be 8-3 and downright blessed if we go 9-3. And before any dummie wants to call me a bad fan, ask yourself were u atthe duke game? Have u even came out to support your canes? We all should. I'm tired of seeing stadiums filled in every city but ours. And that is one of the best tailgating stadiums in the country. Believe me I know.

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