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UM's J. Harris, Sharpton earn ACC honors

UM quarterback Jacory Harris was selected as the Offensive Back of the week by the ACC for the fourth time this season Monday afternoon. 

Harris, who threw for 348 yards and two touchdowns in UM's 34-16 win against Duke, became the seventh Hurricane to surpass 3,000 yards passing in a season and the first since Ken Dorsey in 2002. Through 11 games, he's thrown for 3,003 yards, 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. I'm pretty sure no other ACC quarterback has been named Offensive Back of the week as many times as Jacory. Does that mean he'll be First Team All-ACC?

UM linebacker Darryl Sharpton, meanwhile, earned Defensive Lineman of the Week honors after recording a career-high 12 tackles and returning an interception 73 yards for a score. Sharpton is second among Canes and ninth in the ACC with 79 tackles this season. It's the second time this season UM has had two players earn weekly ACC honors (Jacory Harris and Brandon Harris also did it earlier this year).


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We haven't always been a defensive team, not in most of our championship years, we still had a potent offense. Randy Shannon is a problem. We were down to duke, wake forest, lost to five loss teams, and south Florida with lesser recruits is a problem. Why? Better coaching. And for all u guys wanting Tommy, let's stop that. I don't want to win games 10-3. I want chip kelly. What do u think?

Always I have a question to pose to us all canes fans: WHY do u think the reason that Jacory, mark whipple, and Randy Shannon have gotten worse as the season progresses? Because I consider myself an intelligent follower of the game and of my canes and that answer is escaping me completely.

"Are you kidding me! The only positive games were Oklahoma and Georgia Tech."

And GT was totally out of gas that game because they had played 3 games in a 10 or 12 day span. What would a rested GT team been like one has to wonder.

Posted by: Moe | November 23, 2009 at 05:24 PM

Wow! Are you really a fan?

53 freshman n sophmores going up against juniors n seniors and holding their own, and those that want Shannon replaced, Get Real! After all the recruiting Shannon has done, and that his first n second recruiting classes have matured n grown to juniors n seniors n 2010! Please KICK ROCKS!!! Do anybody out there realize that due to all the injuries that Miami will have the most returning STARTERS of any team in the nation in 2010 plus their second year under offense n defensive coordinators. Besides even the o- line should b better. I believe Shannon was just being loyal to his seniors. Cane4life, let's go CANES!!!!

Lyricane, Apparently you're missing the boat on the main thing that hurts us right now. I dont' care what team you are, the Gators, Texas, Bama, whatever, when you have the players INJURED that we have out on Defense, it's going to hurt you big time. Also, our O-line is NOT the best, and that hurts a young QB. Jacory is NOT a 3 year starter, or a 4 year senior, this is his FIRST year starting, and under a NEW OC. Last year he played sparingly, but had to learn Nix's O, now he's learning a new one. Our team has NOT had consistency in coaching, and that hurts production of any team. Some of you so-called fans are so freaking impatient it gets very old. Jacory and our O should be lights out next year, and our D too, especially with the coaches also being here another year. We've got great recruits, and I expect more this coming year. Just chill, and good wil come of it.

You guys will be fine. Your 1's are as good as any other team in the country. The grind of the season took out too many critical 1's. Once your coach gets 2 and 3 deep at the line and DB's with his recruits you won't be fading late in the season like this year and last year. Remember, Jacory's thumb is busted up, he's doing pretty good considering. I think you guys need to cut Randy some slack...

Can somebody please post the comments that Nelson made about FU about his trip over the weekend. Its on the espn insider.

We will get 'um next year. Whose following the bus to Tampa? Let's support our guys!


I don't want Tubberville. I don't know who should be coaching the team. I just don't think Randy Shannon is a good head coach.


Great question, not sure why we wear down.

My best guesses:

1. Our practices are pretty hard (and at 5:30am).

2. We get pyschologically down when we're out of the running for anything significant (ACC, BCS bowl).

3. We have a 'wait till next year' mentality that goes into effect at the middle of the season.

4. Overall lack of discipline by coaching staff. We react to problems, we don't prevent them.


I have no doubt we can be good. That's part of my frustration....this team has talent.


Yes, we've had great offensive teams, but we were based on defense. In our best years we were turnover machines.

Our offense was great because of the talent and field position.

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