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USF thoughts

TAMPA -- I've got one thing I need to get out of the way: Man, I was wrong.

I didn't think the Canes would be able to win Saturday's game without left tackle Jason Fox. Turns out, I didn't have nearly enough faith in Orlando Franklin and I had far too much respect for George Selvie and Jason Pierre-Paul. 

Orlando Franklin  Franklin, making his first career start at left tackle in place of Fox, didn't just "fill-in." He dominated Selvie, a two-time All-American and -- with the aid of freshman Brandon Washington (who made his first start at left guard) -- kept Jacory Harris' new all-white uniform pretty clean all afternoon. 

Not only did Franklin help UM's offense roll up 240 yards on the ground and another 161 through the air by protecting Jacory's blind side, he may have answered a major question heading into the offseason: Who replaces Fox when he's gone.

Afterward, Franklin admitted to us he was nervous, but only because center AJ Trump opened his eyes in a team meeting Wednesday. "It was pretty much the biggest game of my life," Franklin said. "I've played in big games at guard, but I know what to do at guard. I never played tackle before. I was going against an end that was an All-American. I never really thought about it being the biggest game of my life until AJ Trump said it in a meeting a few days ago. I couldn't sleep at night because of him."

Maybe now Canes fans can sleep easy knowing Franklin can handle being the starting left tackle in 2010.

A few more thoughts/notes...

-- I didn't get a chance to speak with Jason Fox after the game, but he gave me a fist bump as he was heading to the team bus and nodded when I asked him if he was feeling better. UM is still saying Fox missed practice this week with an illness, but WQAM reported Saturday what I had been told by a source that Fox was in the hospital this week with an irregular heartbeat. Franklin said he's hoping Fox will be back for the bowl game. But at this point you have to be concerned. Fox has made 47 starts in his career at UM. He was really looking forward to moving into second place all-time behind William Joseph (50). 

-- Hats off to UM's defense, who despite having a little trouble handling the elusive BJ Daniels in the third quarter, once again had another solid performance. UM hasn't given up more than one touchdown on defense in each of their final four games. Consider that as big a reason as any why they've finished this November 3-1 as opposed to 0-4 (2007) and 1-3 (2008) in Randy Shannon's first two seasons.

-- Linebacker Sean Spence, who returned a week ago to only play on special teams for one play, had a big sack in the third quarter in his first real action since hurting his hamstring against Clemson last month. It was his only tackle of the game in limited action. Spence told me afterward he expects to be healthy and have a bigger role in the bowl game.

-- Hats off to Leonard Hankerson who has put together the best season by a receiver at UM in a while. With his 44 catches, Hank recorded the most grabs by a receiver since Kellen Winslow's 60 catches in 2003. His 774 yards on the season are the most since Santana Moss in 1999. Maybe he will head to the NFL after this season. 


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agreed on all fronts manny

A good win - love the 200+ yards on the ground. Good job men - now go get #10.

My Canes Looked great today!
Cant wait to see who we play in the bowl game and Whoa look out next year...

Based on pre-season expectations,9-3 is a really successful season. However, when you see SEC doormats dominating the 2 teams playing next week in Tampa you have to wonder if this Coach can get us to where we think we should be. We have the Talent and I hope that Randy Shannon finally raises his coaching to match the Level of Talent we have. With that said, congratulations Canes on a 9-3 season. Its an improvement from the previous season and thats the least I can ask for from our coach and the players.

Who can clear up the bowl picture for me now?

Man did we look good in those new uniforms and white shoes. Looked like the Canes of Old

What about Damien Berry, who seems to come up big whenever we need him.

Andre Johnson's two seasons are better than what Hankerson threw up so far this year. It's impossible then that its the best season since Moss's.

Rumor: The Big East is considering adding Army, Navy, Univ of Central Florida and East Carolina for football to create a 12 team conference and a title game .

Not a great game but a good one against an average team.

BTW the uniforms have gotten progressively worse since the 2001 era. Today's were ugly and bland.

A great Team Victory, what a way to make a statement to end the regular season.

Thanks Manny for your coverage and insight to the Canes.

Lookin forward to another W in our bowl game and more great football for 2010.

Go Canes!!!

Great game canes, ? for u manny what bowl would the coaches love 2 play in

i like what i saw today. we didnt play down to competition. hats off to randy and his staff. it gives me hope for the future(especially if we win our bowl game).

So the regular season is over, there is about a month before the bowl game. The subject now should be recruiting. The herald summed up nicely the recruits we already picked up, but who are we most likely to get? What are the probabilities on Linder now that Weis will surely leave? Or what about Lemonier, some say he is a sure canes other say he wants to leave town. What's the story? And the two Linebackers, Charlie Jones and Josh Shirley? Will they commit to the U? The only other position with some big names left is WR. Harris is supposed to be a lock being from northwestern, but what's the deal on Kenny Stills and Mcartney? Any answers about any of these questions would be appreciated.

Thanks for the update Manny! And we forgive you for that lousy pick--these Canes are hard to predict!

QUESTION: Do you know when bowl games are announced, the ones we have a shot at in particular?



Hank Already made it clear he was staying. Andre Johnson had 1,000 yds his last year so it would be the most since Johnson. Go Canes!!! 10-3 would be great. Next year we go undefeated.

manny the canes are insane


Leonard said he wasn't leaving for the NFL. He was for sure he's coming back next year. The Canes played well today. I hope they can play lights out defensively again at their bowl game.

P.S. Manny, it takes a big man to admit when he's wrong...:)

I think we got a lot to look forward to next season, hopefully Hank stays. Bandwagoners aside, this squad did better than most people thought, and better than last year as well. Hope we get a decent bowl game.

Thank You Manny. Good game. I had a good time with my other CANE Fans. Seeing the USF fans that were next me leave the stadiums was great.

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.”

These guys looked great yesterday. If not for USF QB's unbelievable escape scrambling it was a total beat down. Next year is going to be awesome if they stay healthy.

Manny, why don't you post all the comments from the haters that felt compelled to air their comments at the beginning of the season? Where are y'all at now, idiots! GO CANES!!!

1st! Uno! Una! primera!

Great game!

i wonder how kayvon webster feels?

I sure hope we get to play a good team, I mean sombody like ohio state or some big name team thats having the same kind of season we are...


BCS BOWLING 2010!!!!!!!!!!!


Andre Johnson had over 1,000 receiving in 2002

Hat's off to the boys in the wicked white uniforms.
This has been an immensely promising season - and a thrilling one at that. Succulent victories, a couple blowouts, and a few (but just a few) agonizing defeats.
I want to thank Shannon and the Canes for a great season. There is swagger back in our lives as Canes fans, and I do believe we have a pre-season number one ranking heading our way.
Time for finish this bowl business first.
Let's make the next game just like this one.

Yeah Manny- you seem to nothave grasped the talentthis team has, but then again, neither have many of us- recall the LV line was 0 until friday then went to 5 1/2. Not many people think much of the 9-3 canes. ESPN and the media have been drooling all over themselves about "Tebow farewell tour". Chris Fowler is the most idiotic of them, stating bluntly, that the SEC ch. game is the bona-fide semi-final in this "playoff system" Are you serious, Chris (I want to marry Tebow) Fowler? What is the other semifinal? Texas-TCU? Not gonna happen. Texas Boise? Nope. Texas-Cinci. Not! So for this chump to say that, it is a reflection on how stupid the anti-playoff, pro-BCS people are.
recall, Fowler was the one with the most dramatic anti-Miami trants of false indignation during and after the UM-FIU brawl. he hate us.


These canes are 9-3. Possibly 10-3. Shut up many critics. I am still uphalled (I'll get over it) that we lost to Clemson and NC. That never should have happened. Coaches had a lot to do with it and no one took responsibility. I mane- go back to the Clemson game. 3rd and 3. 4th and 3. And you think Berry wont get the first down to run out the clock? That man is a BEAST! If he stays healthy- Berry will be the first 1000 yd runner next year since Gore (or Mchagee?)

Manny. Now seriously. with carolina losing. Clemson losing. GT losing. Does UM have a chance to go to the Peach Bowl (or better?). I say at worse the gator Bowl Jan.1st. The media will love it.

Great win.

Way to put USF in their place.

Very good as always Manny, thanks for your commitment to the team and to us as fans. Thought I would give you a shout out since I'm first. I was down all week about this game because I didn't think Miami would match the intensity of USF. I don't think they did, they did something much better. They just took care of business against USF. No big deal go out and show that you have better talent all over the field and beat an inferior team. Unlike Clemson, and UNC the Canes looked liked the Canes of old against a over hyped opponent. It was refreshing to see the Canes talking trash again, and CMack screaming constantly on the field. Berry is something special.

What bowl is Miami going to be in?

Please, Hank has a lot left to work on before he heads to the NFL. This Hank to the NFL talk is a bit silly, I think.

Anyway though, love what he's done this year and GO CANES!!!!!!

Manny I was very happy with our Canes.

Now we Win our bowl game and finish strong in recriting..

Hopefully Hank stays it would increase his draft spot and he could help us and what could be the best team we have had since 2002

Quick Thoughts:

We must win the Bowl game

Keep Whipple!

Never under estimate recruiting, one bad class can send you back for years!

Recruit in numbers, never put to much faith on one player

More, More, More, and More Damien BERRYYYY!!

It was a season making game. Nice win for the U, something to build on.

1st... good year canes.. next year were coming for the crystal ball.

Wow....we really could have been undefeated this year...the ball just didn't bounce our way...we can chalk it up to being young and injuries....I think the key factor that has me beliving that we will compete for a NC next year is the fact that we finished the season strong....not like last year....I think our Canes will be ready for their bowl game and will put the nation on notice that their is a CAT 5 coming their way next year!! What are the chances of us getting Art Kehoe back?

Nice synopsis Manny. Thanks.

Hank can return next year and possibly end up as a No.1 pick two drafts from now. If he chooses to leave early, he's a mid-2nd or early 3rd round pick at best.

Great overall team performance by the players and coaches. Total team dominance. Now the staff needs to get hot on the recruiting trail to get those last remaining prize recruits to round out the 2010 class, cement the existing commits or defectors, and the players need to rest-up and get ready for their final exams. Study hard team!

Thanks Manny. I hope Fox can be put on some meds or something. I think an irregular heartbeat could be a career ender. There was that O line prospect a year or two ago who dropped dead before the draft. I think he ended up having an enlarged heart. Most teams don't like to take a risk on something this potentially serious. Hopefully it's nothing.

It's going to take a little while for most of us to have our faith restored in this team. It didn't go away over night and it won't come back overnight either.

Get ready for the recruiting season Manny and thanks again.


Great win for the canes!! That's the way to finish. Game balls go to Offense and Defense line. Offense opened up huge holes and kept Jacory clean. D-Line was dominate at times and got alot of pressure from the front four. Game ball goes to the Coaching staff. Whipple-Lovett way to have guys prepared. Coach Shannon for just having the team ready to play. The importance of winning this game. I love that this game can become a anually end of season game. "It's got rivalry written all over it"


Great game for berry and b.wahington

can't blame Hankerson for getting it while he can if he leaves, but I would sure like to see him stick around to help this team step up to the next level.

I'm very proud of the job that Randy Shannon and the 'Canes have done this season. We've been showing steady improvement year over year and have had top 5 recruiting classes, so it seems we will only keep getting better. Given that most of the prognosticators had us at 7-5 to finish the regular season, this has been an excellent season.

I will never understand those fans that constantly call for Randy Shannon's head when he's doing all the things we could ask of him--recruit talent, coach it up, show progress, become ranked. The only things we haven't yet seen are contend for ACC titles and National Championships and those will come. Given the team he was handed, the 3 year turnaround has been great! Go 'Canes!

The Canes outclassed USF and in part that came from a balanced attack on offense. No 50 passes. Lots of players touched the ball ... a real team effort.

And on defense, don't be so surprised the Canes excelled. They were healthier than they've been in a long time.

Just imagine if they had been healthier this season with Ojomo available as well and Moncur playing more than a few games.

The potential is very high for next year. If the Hurricanes can minimize the injuries ... look out!

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