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Virginia thoughts

Last Tuesday, Jacory Harris was talking about how he and his teammates kept playing down to opponents. For the first time all year, the Canes showed us they could play a complete game. Yes, there were gaffs. Virginia took advantage of two blocked punts and an interception to score 17 points. But UM dominated in the second half and rolled to a 52-17 victory because it was the superior team and played like it.

A few more quick thoughts before I head down for postgame interviews...

> Thearon Collier's 60-yard punt return in the second quarter was without question the play of the year thus far. Collier channeled his inner Ted Ginn, running backwards and across the field before turning on the afterburners. He got three huge blocks on the return to spring him -- including ones from Ramon Buchanon and Chavez Grant that made the crowd at Land Shark Stadium "Oooh" and "Ahhh" during the replay on the Jumbotron.

> While there is plenty of good to talk about from this game, there is still work to be done. Virginia's two punt blocks were break downs on blocking schemes and will be a point of contention in the Canes film room this week. Brandon McGee also took a real bad angle on Rashawn Jackson's 34-yard touchdown run that put Virginia up 10-3 in the first quarter. I also thought Mark Whipple took a chance early on with the flea-flicker and Jacory Harris made a terrible read throwing the ball into triple coverage toward Aldarius Johnson. But that was about it. This way by far UM's best overall game.

> It was nice to see Graig Cooper return from his ankle injury and shine. He finished with a career-high 152 yards rushing including a 70-yard burst and three-yard TD run in the fourth quarter. Miami pounded the Cavs for 268 yards on the ground as a team. That's making up for the 21 carries at Wake Forest.

> Safety Jared Campbell had a few nice pass breakups. That's good to see considering it doesn't look like Ray Ray Armstrong isn't coming back anytime soon. He was on the sideline with a knee brace. Linebacker Sean Spence had one too. Eric Moncur had his left leg in a soft cast. Lucky for UM, it didn't look like anybody else suffered injuries Saturday. Although Joel Figueroa did point down to his ankle in the third quarter. He stayed in the game.


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Alonzo highsmith is horrible. He shouldn't be our fourth string qb let alone backup. We are trouble guys

R u nuts??? Highsmith looked good

My point is he needs more reps in a game like this.

Agree with everything, Manny. Also nice to see Highsmith, the backup OL, Streeter and others get some playing time late in the game just like the old days. We need to get to work on the deficiencies, but this game was a nice break from the past few weeks and clearly a step in the right direction.

I'm talking about all the throws I've seen him throw. That came out wrong. I'm not upset about his performance. I'm worried of his lack of playing time.

Rick "Doc" Walker who called the game for Raycom Sports must read this board. He was dead on too. He said the "fans" that complains about this team must be brain dead.

Welcome aboard!

Keion Payne, a 5-foot-11, 160-pound defensive back from St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), has committed to Miami-Florida.

Payne, who holds nearly 30 offers, also considered Ohio State, Florida, Florida State and Tennessee as finalists.

Well we see what happens when we play with enthusiasm.

I didn't like the flee flicker play either, there was no reason to call that in the first half.

The OL looked provided good protection. I also liked that the protected Jacory when his helmet was ripped off.

McGee will make mistakes, I would expect that from a freshman. Hopefully he learns from Brandon Harris.

Wish they would let Highsmith throw it a bit more. Also, his name is A.J., Caneman. Alonzo is his father... and he was a frickin stud. Maybe you should be a 4th string commenter....

Great game!

I think only practicing 1hr a day really helped this team. Even though they were missing alot of players on the D side, they just looked fresher. Quicker to the ball and more aware of what was going on.

Great call Shannon!

Doc Walker needs to the shut up. He watches highlights, we watch games. If noone demands excellence, it won't happen.

You see what this team is capable of if they show up to play. Don't watch 3 hours of Canes football and tell me I have no right to complain. Look at what we did to Georgia Tech and compare that effort against last week before you say we can't complain. Look at today v. last week. That's was the same 'injured' team that was making plays.

There are always a group of haters! This week : caneman

Today we looked like CANES, and I dig it. Jacory fired up the crowd when that defender ripped his helmet off, and he got po'ed, and Jason Fox knocked the s-h-i-t out of another guy who was about to fall on JH. That's what we've been missing. I also like the way the ball was spread around, and not just wr's, but the rb's as well. PEOPLE WE HAVE A VERY DANGEROUS TEAM when they want to be. Enjoy today Canes, and get ready for UNC. It's time we payed Butch back too. GO CANES!!!!!

Wake just the lead, WOO HOO!!!!

Am I the only one who loved seeing Jacory get fired up after his helmet was ripped off? I know we all love his calm/coolness, but that was the first time we saw his true fire. C-A-N-E-S CANES!

Canesjunkie and Penflacane... I couldn't have said it better. We need to demand excellence!

SPECIAL TEAMS COACH PANUNZIO HAS TO GO!!!! We can't protect our punter, we can't block a punt for the life of us even though we have some of the best athletes in the country, and our kickoff coverage has been inconsistent and average at best. He's a significant part of the reason we lost against Clemson and VaTech and a huge part as to why so many of our games have been close (e.g. FSU). He's the common factor, so get him out of there Randy! With our level of talent and a little creativity, there's no reason to have ZERO blocked punts and so few TD returns on punts and kicks. After our OL, which did pretty good today, special teams is our biggest weakness.

Good game today! Calling the flea flicker after very efficiently getting into the red zone the drive before was completely unnecessary, but at least we came back. Whip's unpredictable but sometimes that unpredictability works against us.


How about Wake Forest 17-10 over G Tech at the half

Come on Deacs. Seriously though, we need to focus on UNC. Butch has got us 2 in a row, and we need to pound them. Maybe we'll get some more guys back for injury too. Hey ANYBODY, what happed to Travis Benjamin? Don't tell me he's injured too?

god teams wins 52-17 and from some of the posts youd think they lost. Im getting so tired of the so called canes fans who only complain. Thats all they do. If you win 52-17 aj highsmith a true freshman who was suppose to be 4th string till 2 guys transfered out not wanting to back up jacory. Give the kid a break god. special teams needs to not give up blocks ill agree but im so tired of the negative attitude some of you have. this team is 7-2 they are better then last year. This team still starts alot of true sophmore, redshirt freshman and true freshman. they still lack depth. Oh and arthur brown and company who cant find the feild need to take some of the blame themselves. Look at spence when you put in the work and get it shannon will play you. i think the coaches are doing a good job overall and people need to relax. Most people coming in were predictin miami would start 1-3 or 0-4 with there schedule and to maybe win 8 games. this team has overachieved most weeks in my opinion giving how young they are. Give randy and this team a break and be happy they are on there way back.

Seriously I can't believe someone actually complained about our backup QB. We just won big! How about Coop's great game??? Punt Return TD? No, no.... the backup FRESHMAN QB..... WOW these kids don't deserve fans like that. They deserve better.


Quick thoughts:

* Play of the game? Fox protecting Harris after that ridiculous facemask. That's what I call senior leadership--would easily have been worth the 15 yards

* Okay, Collier had the real play of the game. Nice to see the Hester specter making a visitation. AND he did that in a punt block formation with zero protection back deep

* Our five-deep running back rotation looked strong. Sorry that Baby James is ending his college years in such an underwhelming manner, but kudos to Coop, Berry, Mike James, and Chambers

* I liked the flea-flicker call. If it had gone for a TD, everyone here would have been praising The Whip's unpredictable, gutsy schemes

* Great to see the second (third/fourth) stringers getting action

* To everyone who's been clamoring for Arthur Brown: he's on the field for all of two plays before getting hit with a 15 yard penalty. There's a reason he hasn't seen the field

* Haters can say what they want, but I think Brandon Harris is at least a 2nd round pick by the time he leaves, probably a 1st rounder. Kid has great instincts

Fantastic win. Let's put up another 50 on Butch & Co. Go Wake Forest!

And Manny, you're the best, but the irony of you misspelling "gaffe" is classic.

We weren't saying "ooohh" and "ahhh" were saying "BOOOM!" on the punt return

I doubt anybody will wonder why Arthur Brown doesn't see the field after today. In the last series he over ran two plays (one badly), missed a tackle and had a 15 yard face mask penalty. Oh yeah he's a stud. The coaches just aren't preparing him or utilizing his talents. what a joke. This guy was totally overrated.

hey guys what's going on at canesport.I seen that Keion Payne committed .But now I see post
about Joshua Shaw and Linkenhiemer . I dont subscribe I just wanted a heads up !!

does anybody subscribe to canesport? They are posting about joshua shaw and linkenhiermer .
I'm trying to see if its worth getting excited about ?

can we stop jumping all over the Canes for their performance against Wake Forest last week? the Deacs are now tied with Georgia Tech at 24 with 4 minutes left in the game...LET'S GO DEACS!

Arthur Brown : He wasn't overrated - he dominated high school ball and was rated accordingly as a high schooler. Brown hasn't lived up to the same potential in college yet, but he is a team mate and devoted Miami Hurricane.

Stop bashing any player who makes a commitment to the U - He is family now.

Maybe U were overrated - what have you done in your career?

also I'm noticing that Whipple's unbalanced formations tend to be very susceptible to pass rush off the edge and we know how he loves to shift offensive linemen before the snap...I'm wondering if maybe he should try breaking the huddle in some unbalanced formations and then shift into balanced to neutralize the pass rush off the edge...it seems like they only really shift INTO unbalanced but shifting OUT of it could avoid some sacks I think

Arthur Brown is going to make mistakes when he gets in the game. He hasn't played LB in college yet. Doesn't mean he shouldn't play. If anything, it means he should play more often.

Unreal, the gets one penalty and he's a bust. And it was a bad call.


I'll seriously crap in my pants if the Deacs can pull it off!!!



The most disturbing thing about the Wake game was our lack of intensity, not the result.

CanesFanStuckInCal I agree with you completely. Pannunzio cannot coach. He is a holdover from Coker staff and he is totally incompetent.
This team is very dangerous and starting to really become balanced. every area has improved but ST's.

Arthur Brown : He wasn't overrated - he dominated high school ball and was rated accordingly as a high schooler. Brown hasn't lived up to the same potential in college yet, but he is a team mate and devoted Miami Hurricane.

Stop bashing any player who makes a commitment to the U - He is family now.

Maybe U were overrated - what have you done in your career?

Posted by: Cane_Hopeful | November 07, 2009 at 06:33 PM

Great post!

Wake and GT in OT go WF

Wake Forest Tech in OT... Go Wake Forest!!!!

WF won...

WF won...

Oh well no acc championship this year

Oops. I spoke too soon. Damn! lol

That was a pathetic effort by the WF defense on 4th and 1...how do you not push into that line like it's the last play of your life...it looked like those guys just stood there and let themselves get blocked

Tech won. Credit to Wake, they played us and GT back-to-back tough.

When was the last time we played back-to-back good games? FSU and GT?

Better be ready to bring it to UNC.

Notre Dame lost to Navy? OMG, Charlie Weiss should be cleaning his office out right now.

Hope Urban Meyer goes there and puts us on the schedule. It would totally bring that rivalry back.

So where do we end up in the standings? AP-13 BCS-14

Jimmy Graham looks better every week. Is he the starting TE now? Kind of makes me rethink Pannunzio. Specials stink, but he's done well with Graham and Epps.

Too bad Wake couldn't pull it off. I knew they would lose but a part of me kept wishing I was wrong.

Gator Bowl here we come. (Unless Duke can pull off their biggest win ever, which IMO is not happening! Wake had a better shot at GT and couldn't get it done).

NC is next. Would be AWESOME to finally beat Butch! They're gonna play us hard but the Canes should win.


where's pedro HATERRRRRRRRR not saying much today.

Manny is great, but for a writer his grammar is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a good game for the canes. Couple problems with the blocked punts being the most obvious. Hopefully they can get that figured out real soon. Nice to see the D standing tall again that's for sure! Go canes beat UNC!!!

I know this is old news but I found it funny that Urban Meyer would criticize the SEC officials even though he has been benefiting from their horrible calls. Wasn't he the same whiner that insisted on the SEC ref's calling the game against UM last year?

Anyway, good showing by the Canes today. They were sloppy on special teams but nice to see it all worked out.

On another note, the trolls were blasting away with their statements about how Navy beat Wake. Well, I guess you can't underestimate Navy since they beat the golden domers today. Maybe they're not that bad.

Watching the Cal vs Oregon St. game. Dude on Cal scored a touchdown but was knocked out when he landed. Rough hit. I hope the kid is ok.

Anyone have any information on Keion Payne? Would love to see what he said after his commitment.

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