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Wake Forest thoughts

NEW YORK -- Greetings from the Big Apple. As you can see, I didn't end up going to Wake Forest this weekend to catch the Canes. After covering Games 1 and 2 of the World Series, I was asked to stick around and help cover Sunday's Dolphins-Jets game. It worked out well because my wife and I got to attend her grandmother's 102nd birthday this afternoon.

Sam Shields Between those family moments, I was able to follow the game on my Blackberry before I was able to sneak away and catch about the last 10 minutes on TV (I started watching right when DeMarcus Van Dyke grabbed his first career interception). Some quick thoughts on the game and more since I've been away all week...

> When it was 27-14 in the fourth quarter all I kept thinking about was how badly Randy Shannon and his coaching staff must have been getting ripped by some in Canes Nation. Now, after the thrilling come-from-behind win, I'm guessing some of them are back to being "his biggest supporters." Got to love the fine line between loved and hated.

> The Hurricanes are now 6-2, 3-2 in ACC play. To me, all we've really learned over the last four games is that this team isn't as great as we thought they were (Yes, that was a little Dennis Green like).

Look, I'm not taking anything away from Miami's blowout of Georgia Tech or the 21-20 win against Oklahoma. But those four ranked opponents UM played to start the year now have a combined record of 22-11. The last four games haven't been played against better teams either. And yet, no matter how uncomfortable you feel about the Canes this morning (and you might be asking yourself are really that much better?), progress HAS been made.

This team has won games this year it didn't win last year and accomplished things it failed to do last year. UM played another wild game against FSU, but won. They grabbed a double-digit lead against Oklahoma and didn't let the Sooners come back on them like North Carolina did in 2008. They struggled against UCF again, but stepped on the gas and surged ahead instead of letting the Knights stick around. And finally, Saturday, they fought back from 17-0 down in the first half and 27-14 in the fourth quarter and won.

It's not major progress (this clearly isn't a Canes team on the same level of many of the other great ones before it and still has a long ways to get there). But it's still a better football team than the last four Miami has had.

> I think it's officially safe to say Mark Whipple was right about his offense last month when he said they weren't nearly as good as he wants them to be. How Miami had two yards of total offense in the second half before embarking on its game-winning drive was eye-opening. Give Jacory Harris credit for leading UM on the game-winning drive, but he and his receivers still have work to do.

> Wet conditions or not, Leonard Hankerson had drops he shouldn't have. Hankerson is definitely the most improved player on the team. But he's not completely beyond struggles. Miami is lucky Aldarius Johnson and Travis Benjamin were able to hang onto a couple big pass plays. UM definitely needs every one of its receivers. None of them has been able to separate themselves as the definite go-to-guy.

> This pass defense is a lot like the offensive line -- average on its best days. UM's defense gave up 555 yards to Wake Forest. But 408 yards came through the air. According to the media guide, it was the third-most passing yards ever against UM. Wake Forest ranked fifth in the ACC in pass offense and has a good quarterback in Riley Skinner. But there are just way too many times when guys are wide open. It wasn't just this week.

FYI... I'll be back on the Canes beat Tuesday (this time I mean it). 


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Fox and possibly Bailey?

Yep. Fox & Bailey. VERY FEW are physically developed & ready to play right away. Mike James & Ray Ray are more examples. In most recruiting classes there are 1 or 2 that can. But that's out of 20 to 25. In recent years this program has had to put more than half in right away. Not a good ratio.

Come on, haters, think of something else to say. NONE of youhaters make any sense, you do not know history, and you know NOTHING anout football.

UM IS decimated on the D. period. In all, because of injuries, our D is as green as it was last year. Plus, the D coordinator is worse (Bill YOung am sorry to say is better than Lovett).

UM pass protection depends on Hill and Javarris. Both out.

Wake is not easy. Please. People. people. People. Please. Wake was not a cake walk. They are loaded with 5th yr seniors. They have some NFLers. They have a 5th yr QB. How did they lose to Navy? Same way Navy always gives people trouble- the triple option. Wake always plays tough at home- at least in the last 5 yrs or so.
This same team minus Aaron Curry beat Ole Miss last season.

A win is a win. Tell that to USC, Okl State, Va Tech, who now has a worse record than UM. No matter how ugly. Luck is part of the game. UM dropped like 5 passes yesterday. Was called on a phantom int. HAs a bunch of injuries. Wake got lucky on several plays. UM also turned the bal over. Um scored too fast. And finally the clincher: Wake has always been a run first team, setting up the spread offense. They knew they could not ryn the ball against us, so they adjusted beautifully, with small quick passes, screens, etc. very few teams can defend thatto perfection and teams willalways move the ballwith that type of Off. What UM didnt do well was adjust. But because Skinner basically threw the ball the entire game, that made thegame longer, and gave UMtime to come back. Um's first TD took 33 secs!!!! The last one took 1 min. and change over 82 yds. That calm and composure is vintage Jacorry. He will make mistakes, but given a chance, he will not get down, or panic, and he will bring you back. He did it in hs- 99 yd drive. He did it last year- Duke, Virginia. And he will do it again. THAT, my friends, is the similarity between JH and Dorsey.

Note this ACC vs SEC this yr 2-2.

THE real rankings:

1- Texas. There is no number at this point in the season thatyou can throw at me that contradicts this.
2- Alabama
3- UF
4- Boise State
all of the other undefeated teams

Give the guys a chance, but I agree withCanes Junkie- We should be allowed to criticize the coaching which thus far, with the exceptionof the Ga Tech and Okl games has been PITIFUL! lack of adjustments, Lack of imagination. lack of aggressiveness. One micro example: $th down and 7 on the Wake 32. We are down 14-0. And we punt? RU kiddingme?

But two problems are for real: The running game and the O-line.


Seriously? ExUses is what it sounds like..

Ignor the fakes. Do not respond to them.

I just don't understand, with a team as talented as these canes, that the coaching staff cannot get it done, I don't understand how at the end of the first half with less than a minute, they got into the endzone and made it look flawless, then at the end of the game in the final drive, same thing, we were able to get in the endzone. How come they can't do that throughout the game, why??

Johnson is a ESPN top 150 recruit. I know we take care of home but it's good to see we are making inroads to Georgia too. I would like to see Lemoiner and Linder commit too.

Gred Dent, a DB out of Bell Glades also just committed to the Canes!

We want Butch!

Posted by: How many UM guys would start for UF, AL, or UT? Zero!! | November 01, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Where do I start? All 8 UM receivers could start for UF, Berry, Coop, and both James' would start at tailback for UF (ESPECIALLY now that "Gobs of cash" Rainey is out. Jacory would run the UF offense in passing situations, Spence would start at linebacker, Bailey at tackle OR end....stop me anytime you F-ing Swamp Donkey!

Oh yeah, Whipple at OC...

Go 'canes!

Hey REAL Sarasota! Ignor them. Do not respond to such mindless posters! You give them incentives to continue as they have nothing going on in their pathetic lives. They live for our responses.

Gred Dent, a DB out of Bell Glades also just committed to the Canes!

Posted by: Caneiac | November 01, 2009 at 06:32 PM

Great news! Picked up two recruits, and one is a BIG back. Just what the doctor ordered.

We didn't play the best game against WF, but we pulled out a W. Last year we would have lost a game like this. 11 D players were out for the game, so if we can get some of them back it will only get better.

Anyone know how many scholarships we have left?

Scholarships will depend on how many JR's if any will leave early. Also any players who are not getting PT who THINKS they should be playing or is scared of competition leaves.

FAke sarasota cane- ANdd I am idiotic brainless morons who live in a bubble like yourself.

All you j--kasses and the likes who spend their existing moments hating on the U make me want to gag:

You make no sense.
You do not back anything up with facts.
You are wrong on all counts, and all of your predictions thus far have been dead wrong. In fact, where is your girlfriend Pedro, who predicted a Wake blow out? I mean, please can you just stay off this blog, and let us UM fans vent about our team, and discuss whats right and what wrong about the U without your stupidity? I mean I would hate to live in a cloudy world like you, where intelligence is but a luxury.

Please. leave the Kinkos computer, go home, close your door and stare at your Timmy Number 15 poster and do your thing. Because,

U can't teach swag. UM had it this year. Lost it, and we are looking to get it back. F-U never had it.

Let the excuses begin!!

Any takers??

Common lets hear the excuses for the piece of crap show THE EWWW PUT ON YESTERDAY.

Posted by: Pedo | November 01, 2009 at 08:05 PM

Ok so pedo....phile didn't get the memo.

A win is a win no matter how ugly. Need proof look no further than jump pass Jesus and the ugly wins against LSU and ARK. I guess luck is a ref making a blatantly bad call in your favor.

Arthur Brown, Arthur Brown, Arthur Brown, And MORE Arthur Brown!!!!!! There is no doubt that he has gifted skills. So what if he cant make all the calls, maybe his a in game player cuz sharpton is always not making the easy tackles, and is too slow for fast miami defense. Looking the game and always see us not make the easy tackles is sick to watch. And its always the same players every time. Arthur Brown, Mcgee, Hits Strong needs to play alot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how anyone can watch this team on a week to week basis and feel good about them. Don't get me wrong, I love the canes, I've had my whole life. But you people need to be realists. It's not being negative, it's being real. This team is TERRIBLE on defense. We don't have a leader on D who can step up and make a big play. We get out coached every week. I am one of Shannon's biggest fans, but WTF is up with his game management. It is horrible. What was that time out he took late in the WF game? Retarted. In addition, that was not a great drive by Harris. That dude dropped back and threw prayers up for anyone to catch. There was nothing great about that drive, we got lucky. This team should have bounced back strong after the Clemson loss. Instead they came out flat feeling sorry for themselves. I don't care about the injuries, they looked terrible.

I disagree with you somewhat about the O-line. I think we need to get these younger guys some playing experience THIS year because these are the guys that we will be relying on next year. Sept 11th we visit The 'Shoe and our O-line cannot afford to still be learning on the job. People keep talking about next year is when we take it to the next level as our team will be mostly juniors. It will be a waste if J12 is running for his life and there are no holes for the RBs next year. I believe the O-line is the most important aspect of a team. Everything revolves around it. They need to be ready for next year as the rest of the team is ready to take off. Go Canes!

Just as I've been saying. As soon as you respond or call them out, they come out of the woodworks! They require your attention to exist. They feed off of your responses! IGNOR them!!!

Be proud with the win. Support the team no matter what happened. If it would have been a loss, some people would be calling for Shannon's head. we need to have faith we still young. look at Alabama they almost loss to Tennessee and they are one of the best in the country. It takes time, glory don't come over night. We have a first year defensive and offensive coordinators. Let them get it together, but while then enjoy the wins and hard work. The point is our CANES never gave up. Lets support these kids and our coaching staff see where they at the end of the season.

One shall have to undergo suffering to reach truth.

Another excuse with D injuries. Sure Spence is hurt but all the rest should be replaced. Look at the real problem. Arthur Brown, CJ Holton and so on cant get on the field. No player development on the D side or Oline. Why is Miami only playing 6 Linemen?

In other news with todays commimtements they are building depth, with Storm Johnson and Darion Hall are both 6'1" gives Miami bigger physical back to go along with those alreay there.

Along with Greg Dent who is 6'0" will probably start his play at corner back builds upon the depth with the commitements of Rodgers who is 6'2", and Buxton who is 6'0", to builds depth.

With the expierence all players are getting along with Miami being 6-2 better than last year Miami is on the right track.

What Oline or TE is getting experience? What CB is getting experience? Last I checked, I still see Sam Shields but not no McGee. I still see Miami not playing any Olineman that Shannon actually recruited outside of Gunn.

That's because they're npt good enough to play yet. Let's see.... Play another O lineman who proceeds to deliver a "look out!" block and allow the one defensive lineman to run free and send Jacory to the hospital on a vicious hit. Sure play that guy!


I this going to change the mind of that silent commit?

someone asked how many times has jacory brought us back...I am not sure but he sure does better under pressure and in the hurry up...maybe that is how we start games...get him in the 2 minute drill early and lets see his magic...GO CANES...


Anyone should be able to come on here and rip this coaching staff, it doesn't mean your not a fan. In fact, it means you care enough to voice an opinion.

I did graduate from UM, I do attend games, and I do have the right to come on here and criticize this program.

You think you're helping by accepting a gift win from a Wake Forest? Do you think that type of attitude is going to get us anywhere? Do you honestly think we are going to be better next year? That was Wake Forest...I basketball school, and they were about to blow us out of the stadium!

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 01, 2009 at 04:20 PM


the d is broke, i want nasty ! maybe next year .... go canes keep plugging away ...TEAM !
i see other teams on saturday playing with fire in their eyes ..... look out for nc butch is working hard ........ usf tuff d ,i'll be there ... and let them know "we got some canes over here "

Lay off sam shields please guys he has more heart than any other cane he never gives up and he is arguebly learning to play the hardest position on the field as a senior! He is gettin better week by week sure he is makin some mistakes but brandon harris is gettin torched for TDs not sam shields! If sam shields was a sophomore with 2 years to learn the position he would be an all american with his speed his heart and his never give up attitude he would be a high draft pick! So back off sam its his first year EVER to play the hardest position on the field and he is still better than all the rest except B harris and by the end of the season he could be better than him! GO SAM # 9 keep gettin better every week!

It pretty sad when the primary Miami Hurricane reporter misses a second straight game. What a woos Manny is!!!

Only a complete jabrone would be happy with a lucky win against a bottom dwelling ACC team

Sam Shields is playing his tail off. Great D on that "pass int." and nice hit to force the fumble.

He deserves certain criticisms but not vs. Wake. How many people would be willing to do what he did, and not only swith positions, but go to the other side of the field? Cut him some slack.

One good point I read: Why was Jacory chucking up so many deep balls on that last drive? I'm not going to lie he was freaking me out for a bit.

Well put the U is back! Kid works really hard and not many would make the switch their senior year it goes to show what a team player he is! Sam bleeds orange and green. he is a true cane anything for the team is what he will do!

Yeah Brando harris was schooled big time against Clemson AND Wake. he was out of position, wiffing on tackles, missing tackles, always chasing never anticipating. I am down big time on# 1. He has been a huge dissapointment. This D is not a typicalMiami D with thenastiness and gang tackling that we are accustomed to. Itis not slow like it was 2, 3 yrs ago, but it is just notsmart or nasty. No swag. Dont get me wrong, there have been some glimpses of it but not consistently.

For the haters- the D sets up the offense. If Wake was controlling the pace of the game as swell as the clock, with those short passes it leads to a tired D, followed by anOffense that becomes one dimensional. Bad formula!

And can you all just stop with the "gift win" and the bottom dwelling Wake, and all that? I mean, USC lost to Stanford last yr, and to Washington this year. Wake isnt as good as it was last yr butstill you can't diminish thatit was a win. Please. get over that. The days of Um beating everyone 56-0 are gone or in fact never were- They beat BC in 2001 by 12 points or something. BC! BC always plays tough at home. So does Wake. And look at Mississipi State giving UF such a hard time this and almost every yr at home.

I am not saying UM has all of its pieces together, esp with all of the injuries and young players, but look at the record. Compare to last yr at this time, take Ws as they come. And be excited for the future,especially since dirty pig Brandon Spikes and Jump-Ball Jesus ( I saw that earlier-hilarious) are gone next year!

someone asked how many times has jacory brought us back...I am not sure but he sure does better under pressure and in the hurry up...maybe that is how we start games...get him in the 2 minute drill early and lets see his magic...GO CANES...

Posted by: Nealtrom | November 01, 2009 at 10:37 PM

I like the idea but it doesn't work. The faster you score the more your D has to be on the field. We do not have the talent or amount of players (due to injury) to do it. Everyone is getting on Brandon Harris for his CB play, but he is the best CB we have. He just doesn't have a back-up to give him a blow. Even the best CB in the NFL have back-ups who give them a rest.

Well our best CB is gettin burnt every game if he is the best he needs to start playin like the best! I'm tired of the seein the big plays being made on our defense. Whether their tired or not they can cover better than they have been! Brandon harris is talented but he is makin mistakes! Most of the big plays have been made on brandon harris not sam shields so we should stop sayin sam shields this sam shields that! He isn't doing a bad job guys he hasn't give up a big play since the oklahoma game! Like I said sam is gettin better game by game and b harris is gettin worse!

Well our best CB is gettin burnt every game if he is the best he needs to start playin like the best! I'm tired of the seein the big plays being made on our defense. Whether their tired or not they can cover better than they have been! Brandon harris is talented but he is makin mistakes! Most of the big plays have been made on brandon harris not sam shields so we should stop sayin sam shields this sam shields that! He isn't doing a bad job guys he hasn't give up a big play since the oklahoma game! Like I said sam is gettin better game by game and b harris is gettin worse!

Even though our d-backs got lit up for some 400 yards I did like the fact that Lovett blitzed alot more. From what I saw the blitzing did make the slight differnce in the game. Remember Miami's D did make the stop when it had to. When it mattered most at the end of the game. The "U" needs to get healthier if we are to beat teams like North Carolina and South Florida on the road. Can't go in their with some 11 players out. Could be to much to ask of the young Cane backups. GO CANES!

Sam Shields got a lot of heart. The guy has been in the doghouse so many times and now he's fighting and making plays in a new position. A great story.

We should play McGee, but he's not going to help this year. I'd expect McGee to get burned a couple of times, the guy is a freshman. We can't screw him up psychologically...really not fair to the kid.

On my last post...I'd play McGee. I would just be careful with his mindset if he gives up a big play.

Yea I think mcgee needs some playin time for sure but your right canesjunkie if he was to get beat a few times as a freshman that could hurt his confidence movin into next year but every corner gets beat I don't care who you are its a tough position to play it takes a special athlete to play the position after all more times then not your by yourself on an island and its up to you to make a play 1 on 1! This team is young but talented very fast I think they should be a bit more aggressive and use their speed to their advantage by jumpin routes and makin big plays instead of gettin beat all the time and playin on their heels! Its a work in progress guys but after all we are 6 and 2 and still have a chance at the ACC championship!

The criticism leveled at this team is a joke...we won...it wasn't pretty, and it wasn't with the assistance of the refs (i.e. -UF v Arkansas but we won. Are they great? The jury is still out. They are a young team, Jacory's class (Randy's first real class) are a group of sophomores and redshirt freshman. We obvioulsy lack depth, and have been hit by the injury bug, but we're still 6-2. Most folks had us at 4-4 or worse at this point. Under Coker they would have folded being 17 points down. This team has the steely resolve of it's head coach, let's just keep everything in perspective...damn haters...are yall really fans. And I PLAYED COLLEGE FOOTBALL. I'M AN EXPERT so please confer with me before posting negative comments. Manny you should be ashamed of yourself for this post

A Win is a Win is a Win is a Win... Great WIN ! Right ?

It's not whether U Win or Lose the Game U Tards... (500+yrds./30pts. per game)

It's how U play and where Ur going to get there ... (ie- there ='s BACK)

OFFENSE... Exposed ...

DEFENSE... Regress from Average to awful to pathetic ...

SPECIAL TEAMS... Other than Ur MVP, it's wheelchair special

COACHING... Must I ?

U non blinder wearing Cane Fans that get it, aren't in denial and have the vision plus the rationale to see where U've been under Captain Clueless and Where Ur at and heading ... It's just a matter of time before reality sets in.

Only Mutiny will save Ur yet again, full of holes, Water-logged USS DEJA VU Sinking Ship...

The U's Program is NOT in Great Hands... Just Average to Mediocre ... (Donna's n Kirbys included)

ps- Sooo, who'll be Ur O n D Coordinators next year ? What's that, 7 in 4 years ?

Yup, that's stability alright.

We were down 17 and showed great heart and toughness to rally for the last second WIN @ WAKE!!! GREAT WIN . Woooo Hoooo!!!"

'Cane Fan

University of Miami football fans might not be satisfied with a one-point victory over Wake Forest, but there was one person who has a different viewpoint.

``I'm kinda proud of this football team,'' UM coach Randy Shannon said the day after Miami's 28-27 victory over Wake Forest. ``They responded from a tough situation when they were 17 points down. They responded, they didn't panic.''

Capt. Clueless USS DEJA VU Lifeboat
Here's a Novel Idea Cane Tards ... Get UP by 17 at HALF, then WIN by 34 against just an Average to below average team just once... How long has it been? Can't remember huh ?

Yup, Duh U is Back !

The only issue I have with UM is Randy Shannon tries to stop every team with man coverage. It's not going to work with 5 wide or Spread. Why was Clemson so successful against us. Because Spiller was being covered 1-on-1 with Linebacker instead of us being in zone where the safety is already in position over the top. Wake Forest????? R u serious?? I think we have great DB's but bad coaching. You can only blame the coaching for letting your Pass Defense look so bad. I don't remember this with Antrell Rolle, Ed Reed, Kelly Jennings, Phillip Buchanan, R.I.P "The Sean Taylor".

I agree with all the Real Canes Fans out there.
Shannon MUST GO!!!! How many games does it take to realize the middle of the field is always open on Miami's Defense. If we fire Shannon now we can Keep Whipple get rid of Lovett cuz he has no say. Maybe hire "Chuck Amato" as Defensive Coordinator. Just a suggestion

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