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Who is UM's Mr. October?

The second four-game stretch of the season is over and done with and the Canes are pretty much right back where they were after the first four: in need of help to reach the ACC title game.

The biggest difference from the first four to the last four? Injuries. There are a lot more of them. And it hasn't just been the losses of linebackers Jordan Futch and Sean Spence, fullback Pat Hill and defensive tackle Marcus Forston. It's been the nagging injuries, the nicked up "extremities" guys are playing with. No unit has suffered more hurt than the defensive line which has had seven players out this season at one point or another -- Adewale Ojomo (season ending jaw injury in the preseason), Forston (done for the year), defensive end Andrew Smith (2 games), Olivier Vernon (2 games), Steven Wesley (1 game), Eric Moncur (3 games), and Josh Holmes (1 game). With that said, let's take a quick look back at the month of October before you vote for Mr. October...

> Positive signs: After producing just one interception in the first four games, UM's secondary has produced four more picks -- one each over the last four games... UM's run defense has gotten better since getting lit up at Virginia Tech. Over their last four games, Miami has given up 402 yards on 126 attempts and just two rushing TDs. They also have only surrendered 3.1 yards a carry... Allen Bailey has woken up and started playing like the dominant pass rusher Miami thought he was.

> Troubling signs: After getting sacked eight times in Miami's first four games, Jacory Harris was brought down 15 times in his last four games... After throwing to the tight ends plenty in the first month of the season (14 catches, 192 yards, 4 TDs), Dedrick Epps (3-32, 0 TDs), Jimmy Graham (5-59, 1 TD) and Tervaris Johnson have been virtually silent (1-2, 1 TD) have seen fewer balls come there way over the last four games... the Canes pass defense has been getting lit up. Wake Forest was a horrible game, but it's also part of the trend. After giving up an average of 178.3 yards through the air in its first four games on 52 receptions, UM has been giving up more catches (83) and yards (263.5 avg) over the last four games.

> Staggering stats: LaRon Byrd has caught one touchdown pass all season... after making 14 kickoff returns and averaging 28.3 yards in his first four games, Graig Cooper has had just one kickoff return over the last four games... Cooper and Javarris James have combined for few yards and scores (47 att., 251 yards, 1 TD) over the last four gams than Damien Berry (43 att., 303 yards, 4 TDs).

> Offensive MVP: Jacory Harris. For those of you bashing J12, he's actually put up similar numbers over his last four games (75-120, 63% comp, 8 TDs, 6 INTs, 1,096 yards) as he did his first four games (69-112, 61.6% comp, 8 TDs, 5 INTs, 1,008 yards). The difference? Pass protection. He's been sacked seven more times his last four games than his first four. I was going to give it to Leonard Hankerson (before he his big drops at Wake Forest) and thought about Damien Berry. But when I looked deep inside the numbers -- and past J12's six picks -- it was Harris who really shined for UM. Berry collected most of his 303 rushing yards over the past month against FAMU (when he ran for 162 on 14 carries).

> Defensive MVP: Allen Bailey. The big guy produced five of his team-leading seven sacks in October and forced the fumble that led to Marcus Robinson's touchdown against Clemson. He has seven tackles for loss over his last four games and has been UM's only consistent pass rusher. If I had to pick a runner-up, it's Colin McCarthy. He led UM with 11 tackles Saturday at Wake Forest and leads the team with 60 tackles this season. His biggest contribution though was his key interception at UCF.

> Special Teams MVP: Matt Bosher. After missing two field goals against Georgia Tech, he's turned it around making eight in a row including a long of 51 against Clemson. His punting has also been on point as he's averaged 41.1 yards a boot and hasn't allowed for any long returrns. He's also handling the kickoff duties again since Alex Uribe's mishap against Clemson.

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Where's the fire Shannon checkbox? Put me down for that.

Above poster is an idiot, Go 'Canes!

Shannon all the way...

No Jason Fox?


To the idiots who want to fire Randy, what do you want? The man is 6-2 with over half the starting lineup consisting of underclassmen and a rash of injuries to starters. Are you alums? If so I doubt you paid much attention while you were in school, if not, please go root for the Dolphins.

Manny - I love what you do, but PLEASE PROOFREAD. You are a professional writer and I constantly see incorrect usage of "their," "there," or "they're," amongst many other fundamental grammatical errors. From the Troubling Signs section: "...and Tervaris Johnson have been virtually silent (1-2, 1 TD) have seen fewer balls come there way over the last four games." These are things everyone with a basic education should know without fail by age 10.

Allen Bailey....hands down. The dude has been a beast. If the Canes have any guy who is first round material it's him. Keep it up AB, we need you big time. Can you guys imagine where we'd be w/o him? I still have love for J12 also. I just think Bailey has picked up a lot of the weight of the defensive injuries on his shoulders.

leave Manny alone he whent to FIU.....:)

NYC Cane05 - right on point, I hate these fairweather fans, they must have forgot what it was like under Coker

I agree Canesjunkie... This team will continue to struggle against the Wake Forest's, Duke's, and Virginia's of the world with clueless Shannon at the helm...

Message to Hocutt and Shalala... Grow a pair, spend some money, and go out and sign a top coach... Cincy coach, Utah coach, Whipple?

There are plenty of quality coaches who would love to get a hold of this young talent!!

Go get it... Shannon is not the answer... He would make a great Recruiting Coordinator though

leave manny alone he whent 2 FIU... :)

Manny, great work.

Miami is still one or two years away from truly being back. The Miami teams of old, stayed healthy, and if they did get nicked up, they had players in the shadows waiting to shine as well.

Example: Portis replaced James Jackson, McGahee replaced Portis; Dan Morgan replaced Nate Webster, Vilma replaced Morgan; Sean Taylor replaced Ed Reed, Antrell Rolle and Kelly Jennings replaced Mike Rumph and Phillip Buchanon.

Most importantly, the defensive line was incrediblly deep for the U in their haydays.

Damion Lewis, William Joseph, Vince Wilfork, Jerome McDougle, Jamal Green, Cornlius Green and many more held it down when injuries hit the unit.

Miami is getting closer, but this year's class is real important. Not important for glamour or hype, but important to meet the needs of depth for the Canes to take a run at the national title in 2010 an 2011.

we can look at excuses and blame all day..as we all do all year..what we think and what we write or two different things. Injuries are the biggest anchor on this team. Addressing the WHY in all the injuries is a must in the off season. The last 4 games are all tough and without some great play and better d we could go 2-2...lets go 4-0 and get 30 days to prepare for a great BOWL...GO CANES

Extend Shannon .com

Thanks Manny. Good stuff.

I think the lack of depth on the o-line (only 5 guys playing) and d-line (injuries) are the reason for some of the really weird stats. I'm loving the emergence of Berry, and I only wish that J. James hadn't gone down. With the backs we have red shirting and the recruits we have coming in, we should be a force running the ball next year.

I can't believe Byrd only has 1 TD. I've noticed he's been conspicuously absent recently. I hope he turns it around quickly.

We need some guys to get healthy quick on D. Our pass defense is getting lit up because our D-line can't get a rush, and they can't get a rush because we're working the 3rd string and playing them the whole game.

Anyway, we're still going strong at a 9 win season, so I'm happy for now.

Go Canes!

One question though...I was watching the highlights of the games from early this year and noticed a lot of misdirection plays, stunts and screens and things like that. The last couple games it seems like we've been dropping straight back and letting fly 35 yards down the field. That has to be contributing to our high sack total as well. I hope we get back to some of the more creative playcalling we had early in the year.


Any news on the Dent story?

I am not going to come here and apologize for UM's performance against Wake, but anyone with any football knowledge or any intelligence (which is severely lacking by many on this blog) knows that WF coaches prepared and game planned to a "T" and UM played into their hands with very poor adjustments. Skinner did he same thing over and over and Lovett was like a lost puppy, doing the same thing over and over, using the same D schemes, and not changing an iota. the lbs and Brandon harris, and even sometimes Sam Shields were literlly CHASING WF players the entire game! So the bottom line is????

BINGO! Defensive coaching. That is a major problem for UM.There is no imagination, no attempts at creating confusion, etc. AN example of thelack of adjustments was whenClemson took the ball on 3rd an 11 in OT, we played a soft zone and rushed 3. R U KIDDING ME????????

An accurate short passer 5th yr QB like Skinner was like a kid in a candy store. he was probably thinking,, " This is too frig-in easy"!

Coaches need to step up and take some of the blame. They need to game plan better, esp Lovett.

Otherwise, I see the Wake game as a post Clemson hangover in sh-ty whether, away. Believe me. Wake knows about that. the same thing happened to them against Navy.

How about putting Ian Symonette at Defensive Tackle??

What could that hurt???

Agreed that injuries/lack of depth are by far the anchor of this team. To those out there looking to lack of conditioning as a cause for the injuries, I think that hypothesis is misguided at best. There's a reason why NFL superstars come back to the U to train with Swasey year after year. The issue is much more likely a product of young bodies simply not being adjusted to the rigors of big-time college football.

Right now we're REALLY struggling on the lines, due to lack of depth and injuries. Protection on the OL hasn't been great for a few games and the DL is getting NO PUSH at all.

I think Lovett was a questionable hire and has proven to be a weak link on the coaching staff. I don't want to say it due to turnover the last few years but I think he needs to go at year end. Ditto for Pannunzio. After reading the interview with him (I think on the Herald) from a few weeks back, I'm really not a fan of this guy.

How about putting Ian Symonette at Defensive Tackle??

What could that hurt???

A bye week sure would be nice right about now. Too bad we traded that for national exposure and a Monday night game.

Fire Shannon? The people who say this need to wake up to realty. Winning on the road in college football is tough. The team he took over in 2007 was pathetic. One draft pick last year and I don't see many going this year. Last year's team was better than '07 and this years team is 6-2 and ranked. We can all see the issues and flaws this team has but they are much better than that '07 JV squad that could barely get a fist down. ESPN is showing 22 verbal commits already for the current recruiting class. Looks like kids want to play for UM which is a great sign for the future. Who are the options if you fire Shannon? Look at Rich Rodriguez at Michigan. He apparently is a can't miss superstar of a coach. They just got smoked by Illinois. Be careful what you wish for!

Why is Ojomo out all yr. with the jaw, does not seem to make sense. Most players seem to be back 3-4 wks with like injuries.

It will be hard to impossible for the U to take the next step on defense without a lot better coaches on defense. Coaches did not prepare during fall or spring practice on defense with a variety of defensive moves. From game 1 been bland, predictible and waiting to get taken apart by other OC's (exception ga. tech.}

Greg Dent And Storm Johnson commit!!! It just keeps getting better for the Canes!!! I believe that the weaknesses on defense are actually helping the recruiting. Guys feel like they have a chance to step in and start because the guys in front of them aren't doing so good. I think you'll see that this will help the returning players on D next year get better much in the same way the competition at WR has made that group better. Hankerson was an after thought going in to the season, now he's turning into a 1st day NFL prospect. That to me is what has been missing the last several years. There's no hunger. Guys aren't worried about losing playing time because there isn't anyone behind them pushing them off the field. I believe the depth was there at d-line until EVERYONE got hurt. Is there another team in the country that has lost more guys at one position than the Canes d-line? Give the D coach a break, everyone says blitz more, but do you really want to leave our db's one on one? Brandon Harris has been tough but you saw what happened to him on 0 coverage with everyone blitzing. Only so much you can do with th personnel. I think he has to mix things up more and surprise offense's to hide the d's deficiencies. Don't get me started on the o-line.

my vote goes to allen bailey. he has been a force on the d-line and has been the only defender besides mccarthy who is consistently making plays and actually tackling, especially in the last two games.

second would go to benjamin, it seems like he has really stepped up as a receiver this year so far and has made some huge catches. hank too, but like manny said those two drops in the 4th quarter against wake were plays that he needed to make.

hopefully that wake win gives us some momentum for the rest of the season. GO CANES!

I agree. Our offensive Play calling has been so vanilla the last 2 games...Whipple, please get back to "Whipple Ball" and keep opposing defenses off balance.

As for our Defense, injuries have caused the most problems. We have no depth.

ALL TRUE UM FANS need to show up next week (I will be flying in from Connecticut) to support the U against UVA.

HOMECOMING...lets help make a "W" with some NOISE!


The issue is heart. The guys have the talent to win, but it takes heart to win every Saturday. On the first play in OT against Clemson, Coop goes all the way to the 6 yard line. After a few bad plays, we do a sweep and I swear there was an opening for James just to fall through for a TD. Instead he acts gimpy and goes out of bounds. Berry would have gone across the line even if someone shot him. He has the heart, and every time he runs he runs with abandon. Say whatever you want about him getting yards against FAMU. Yep he did! And if you put him in against Florida, Alabama, Texas he would treat the game the same. All out heart and running for his life. That is what it is all about. I want to see some 15 yrd. penalties from our DB's slamming the opposing WR on the ground. Get nasty or get off the field. You can run fast, great! You can cover Brandon Harris, great! They don't fear you though. Put the fear into WR that if they go out on a route they are going to get hurt. I will never forget against UNC back in 2003 or 04 my favorite cane Antrel Rolle absolutely mauled the little receiver that was killing us all game. It was on their final drive before they beat us, and the little receiver went into motion and when the ball was snapped Rolle demolished the receiver before he even crossed the line of scrimmage. It probably should have been a penalty but nothing was called and the receiver was lying on the ground. Do you think he wanted to get up and run another route? No one fears UM right now whatsoever.

Thanks Manny; good write up. I don't have Someone posted the espn tape of Storm Johnson yesterday. He runs like a bull. I'm not sure about Dent. The article I read said he wanted an FSU offer, was at their game, didn't get the offer, called UM and committed, then got a call from FSU w/ an offer. I guess we'll see what happens.

Coach Randy Shannon is the right guy for this job. I don't agree w/ everything they do, but overall, he's got a good and disciplined football team that is exciting to watch. He brought in a talented OC in Coach Whipple, and his staff is doing a pretty good job when it comes to recruiting.

The offense, and Whipple, I like. He knows what he's doing. The defense is another story. Lovett does not have a clue. He doesn't make adjustments, and where in heck is Arthur B.? Is he playing special teams? Why? He was all-everything in high school, right?

We are back, trust me. But, still a ways to go, etc. Bailey is definitely first round.

J12 is best thing since sliced bread: It's the defense that's troubling. lovett is a defensive nix, and we know where nix is now? Guess where?

I say 'Canes go undefeated for rest of year, and finish No. 8.

Next year, look out. The young U team is gonna be back with a darn vengence. Shannon is one of best recruiters in college football.

They'll beat UVA easily, by 24 pnts.

NYC..yes, I'm an alum, but what's that got to do with firing Shannon?

Wake Forest people...Wake, marinate in that for a little bit.

Every team has injuries, so don't use it as an excuse. Even with the injuries, it's our bench against Wake's starters. That should still equate to a blowout right?

Wake looked like the Saints against us and some of you are going to sit here and accept that?

Junkie - It has to do with the fact that, as an alum, I would expect you have seen and taken note of the history of this Miami program. Coming from someone who has followed this program closely for 20 years, I see the significant parallels to the 1999 team. I see Shannon recruiting local players that are athletes first, and proven winners. I see Shannon creating a team first mentality with a locker room that polices itself. Shannon is a coach who embraces competition whereas Coker would have just given the starting job to the most senior player. These characteristics are hallmarks of the successful UM teams of the past.

Additionally, I see 18 and 19 year-old KIDS making big plays in big games. I see a lack of senior leadership in a BIG way. I see more starters out to injury than any 'Cane team I can remember.

Wake may have looked like the Saints on us and I'm not sitting here saying we look incredible or there's not work to be done. The bottom line is we won that game (from a 17-0 deficit) where any team from the last 5 years would have lost. Those were Coker's kids. These are Shannon's kids. Do you not remember the 2001 'Canes, one of the greatest teams of all-time, needing a MIRACLE to beat an unranked Boston College?

Good teams don't win all their games. Great teams have close calls against inferior opponents. I've sat and watched Shannon take over a complete mess at Miami and make it start to show simliarities to great teams of old. I have a ton of faith in Randy because he's been there and done that, and understands what makes Miami the program that it is.

A ton of great points & observations made by many. I am also glad that there has been minimal responses to the chronic haters! Continue to IGNOR them.
What I still don't get is why some still fail to realize that this team is loaded with kids who are still physically developing & saying the "injuries" should not affect the team. 17/18/19 year old kids going up against 22/23/24 year old men! I don't care how talented you are. You are at a disadvantage when playing a physical game against 5th year seniors. No matter the program.

Agree with NYC Cane05. You Shannon haters need to get clue! I love the resiliency them boys showed on Saturday. Showed heart, discipline and courage. Will be in full support on Saturday! I hate these fairweather fans!

You undercover racist fans. Shannon is good enough to coach your Championship Defenses, Good enough to recruit the best talent in the country, hell even good enough to bring us to 6-2 from a losing record with sophmores and freshmens with stagering 1st team injuries. But you want this Whipple guy to be your head coach whom you've known for 8 games. Its like u people are saying, Shannon just go get us all the good boys, go into their homes and make there parents feel good and comfortable, you know how to make your people trust you, you know all the right things to tell them, you can relate to them. But you're not smart enough to coach them. You're clueless, so just turn over those talented athletes to Whipple, the Boss, the Brain, the superior coach, and the more equipped leader, and sit down to next recruiting year. What losers you people are to spew out this crap.

College football is all about recruiting... Pete Carroll sucked in the pros but looks like a genius in college because he gets the best recruits. Randy Shannon doesn't need to be Bill Belichick to win at UM. He just needs to continue to pull in those top 10 recruiting classes and everything will take care of itself. Firing Shannon would be the biggest mistake UM could make.

A Win is a Win is a Win is a Win... Great WIN ! Right ?

It's not whether U Win or Lose the Game U Tards... (500+yrds./30pts. per game)

It's how U play and where Ur going to get there ... (ie- there ='s BACK)

OFFENSE... Exposed ...

DEFENSE... Regress from Average to awful to pathetic ...

SPECIAL TEAMS... Other than Ur MVP, it's wheelchair special

COACHING... Must I ?

U non blinder wearing Cane Fans that get it, aren't in denial and have the vision plus the rationale to see where U've been under Captain Clueless and Where Ur at and heading ... It's just a matter of time before reality sets in.

Only Mutiny will save Ur yet again, full of holes, Water-logged USS DEJA VU Sinking Ship...

The U's Program is NOT in Great Hands... Just Average to Mediocre ... (Donna's n Kirbys included)

ps- Sooo, who'll be Ur new O n D Coordinators next year ? What's that, 7 in 4 years ?

Yup, that's stability alright.

We were down 17 and showed great heart and toughness to rally for the last second WIN @ WAKE!!! GREAT WIN . Woooo Hoooo!!!"

'Cane Fan

University of Miami football fans might not be satisfied with a one-point victory over Wake Forest, but there was one person who has a different viewpoint.

``I'm kinda proud of this football team,'' UM coach Randy Shannon said the day after Miami's 28-27 victory over Wake Forest. ``They responded from a tough situation when they were 17 points down. They responded, they didn't panic.''

Capt. Clueless USS DEJA VU Lifeboat
Here's a Novel Idea Cane Tards ... Get UP by 17 at HALF, then WIN by 34 against just an Average to below average team just once... How long has it been? Can't remember huh ?

Yup, Duh U is Back !

Look, Shannon ain't going anywhere. He has improved this team every year from the dumps. If it were up to some of you guys we would fire a coach every other game. It's a good thing you aren't in charge. Shannon has some flaws but even he's gotten better since his first year. I see improvement in his coaching. He recruits as well as any great coach out there. Butch Davis would have been fired after his first year if it were up to you. You would be firing Pete Carroll this week if you were in charge. You guys (you know who you are) just frustrate me. You won't go to a game, which is your part as a fan of the program, but are quick to throw the team under the bus. To ALL of you fair weather fans, I'm caling you out!

You know it's funny. All these fire Shannon fans want somebody else but do you think it would be different for someone else ? We would have to go through another transaction period which could take anywhere from at least 2years and then what fire him and then what ? I don't even think some of you who come in here with your fire Shannon crap are even fans. We have the possiblity of winning anywhere from 8 to 10 games this year when have you been able to say that in the past few years? I'm tired of you Shannon haters you want more damage to be done to the program rather than rally around what you have now. Butch Davis, Rob Chudzinski, nobody who you wanted wanted to be the coach so shut up and live with it.

Bertdawg...shutup. We bash Shannon. Because we care about the canes, and even with his history, it is plain to see he is a great defensive coordinator, but a horrible head coach. We should be five and three, because our coaching is abysmal. And when we lose more games this year to less talented teams because our coaching is as conservative as it is clueless, I want a change, and any REAL canes fan should want the same. This is goingto e a hard year folks. A much better team than last year but a similar record because our coaching staff will take wins away from us. Count on it.

Also, I don't like the covering of the canes right now, the last two games were missed completely by this blogger...really??!! They allow this? Thousands and thousands of fans haven't missed a snap and this is who is covering our canes? Pathetic!

You undercover racist fans.

Posted by: CaneBoss | November 02, 2009 at 04:53 PM

criticism = racism


conservative play calling?? Get a clue. JH threw the ball 43 times against Wake and was sacked five times. Overall, the O has been solid. The three running plays to try and run out the clock against Clemson is where you can be critical. It worked against OU. I still think it was the right call. Give another back a try next time.

The fire Shannon talk is getting old.... U guys need to come stronger than that.

We were in the dumps two years ago and you want to revert to that? Losing recruits, dropping team morale. Please think before you post.

We are 6-2. Not 2-6. Not all our wins will be blowouts.

Listen, Randy had multiple top 5 defenses. So if he can't fix the problem, nobody can. The injury list goes on and on and we cannot control that. So it's time for the D to bend not break, and the O to pick up the slack.

How many defenses in the country can survive with 3 injured safetys (phillips, Ray Ray, telemaque), LB (spence), d line (multiple)?

NONE that's who. I'd say we are fairing pretty well.

So drop the Shannon crap or come with an educated arguement please.

Fire Randy Poster are coming from the same person over and over using different screen names. Don't bother responding. Go Canes! 6-2 now let's take care of business with Virginia. I can't believe that this team is still finding a way to win given all these injuries. Go Canes!

The bottom line is we won that game (from a 17-0 deficit) where any team from the last 5 years would have lost. Those were Coker's kids. These are Shannon's kids.

Posted by: NYC Cane05 | November 02, 2009 at 04:29 PM

No U TARD, the bottom line is that Shannon and Company continue to Coach down to the level of what should be inferior teams... And then U proceed to play CLOSE, average games against below to average competition that puts Duh U in position to either have to barely hold on for Victory or luckily pull it out in the Closing minutes... Week after week after week. And that philosophy will NEVER waver and U know it.

So by all means, bask in Ur mediocre perceived 6-2 success, but know that it's a mirage and 2/3rds. into Shannon's 3rd. season, Ur still nothing more than just an average, two steps foward, one step back, just above .500% overall Football program .


Remember waaaay back when ?

Please Cane Tards ... Riddle me that.

*** Here's a riddle just for U ... What's the difference between Randy Shannon and Dave Wannstedt ???










Just the Wannstache ... That's it .

Cane fans- ignore the ignorants. They spew hate and stupidity.

Let's see, I am a USC fan, with Joe McKnight, a stacked Wr and rb core, an all everything QB, Pete carroll, Lbs out the wazzooo. I am 6-2. I just got my a-- wooped by Oregon 47-20 (could have been worse but Oregon backed off). Do I say fire Pete Carroll?

I am a Michigan fan. the winningest program in the history of CFB. My team lost to App State. My team stinks. It lost to Illiois coache by Zook! Do I say fire RR?

I am a ND fan. I have a former NFL coah as my head coach. I have an all world QB and a top 10 recruiting call the last 10 yrs. I have an NBC contract so I can see my ND anytime. But myteam is the most overrated program in the history of cfb. Do I say Fire Fat boy?

UM is back people. It is on the same path as 1997-1998-1999-2000. recall, even with Edgerrinjames and Santana Moss we lost to east carolina. twice. FSU owned us from 1996-1999. Syracuse beat us like 62 tosomething. fats forward 2005- 9-3
2006- 7-6
2007- 5-7
2008- 7-6
2009- I predict 10-3 season.
2010- Either NC or top 3
2011 NC. No doubt Anyone want to wager?

DirtyDawg, Cane Boy, NYC cane, Da U is back- all correct.

Letthe chips fall. be happy with a win. Mistakes will be corrected. By next year all of Cokers recruits will be gone.

The issue is heart. The guys have the talent to win, but it takes heart to win every Saturday.

Posted by: Jared | November 02, 2009 at 03:18 PM

Wrong yet again U Cane Dolt ...

It takes PLAYERS !!! 20-30 Pure PLAYMAKERS on the roster minimum ... U Remember those day huh ?

Right now, including the ones OUT with Upper, Lower, Port and Starboard Extremities and busted glass jaws, Duh U maybe has 5-6 true playmaking players period...(and that's being very generous)

Yeah, freaking yeah, I know... They're coming, they're just young ...

So, just what kind of year after year Stabilized Coaching will the talent get to develope their playmaking skills is the real question...

And U know the jury's still out on that.

Yes. IGNOR the hatred. No words are more powerful than the ones not spoken.

Absolutely there is progress. When RS has this program where 2/3rds are upper classmen instead of underclassmen will be the TRUE berometer of the program being back.

One thing for sure is that it's headed that way.

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