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Who is UM's Mr. October?

The second four-game stretch of the season is over and done with and the Canes are pretty much right back where they were after the first four: in need of help to reach the ACC title game.

The biggest difference from the first four to the last four? Injuries. There are a lot more of them. And it hasn't just been the losses of linebackers Jordan Futch and Sean Spence, fullback Pat Hill and defensive tackle Marcus Forston. It's been the nagging injuries, the nicked up "extremities" guys are playing with. No unit has suffered more hurt than the defensive line which has had seven players out this season at one point or another -- Adewale Ojomo (season ending jaw injury in the preseason), Forston (done for the year), defensive end Andrew Smith (2 games), Olivier Vernon (2 games), Steven Wesley (1 game), Eric Moncur (3 games), and Josh Holmes (1 game). With that said, let's take a quick look back at the month of October before you vote for Mr. October...

> Positive signs: After producing just one interception in the first four games, UM's secondary has produced four more picks -- one each over the last four games... UM's run defense has gotten better since getting lit up at Virginia Tech. Over their last four games, Miami has given up 402 yards on 126 attempts and just two rushing TDs. They also have only surrendered 3.1 yards a carry... Allen Bailey has woken up and started playing like the dominant pass rusher Miami thought he was.

> Troubling signs: After getting sacked eight times in Miami's first four games, Jacory Harris was brought down 15 times in his last four games... After throwing to the tight ends plenty in the first month of the season (14 catches, 192 yards, 4 TDs), Dedrick Epps (3-32, 0 TDs), Jimmy Graham (5-59, 1 TD) and Tervaris Johnson have been virtually silent (1-2, 1 TD) have seen fewer balls come there way over the last four games... the Canes pass defense has been getting lit up. Wake Forest was a horrible game, but it's also part of the trend. After giving up an average of 178.3 yards through the air in its first four games on 52 receptions, UM has been giving up more catches (83) and yards (263.5 avg) over the last four games.

> Staggering stats: LaRon Byrd has caught one touchdown pass all season... after making 14 kickoff returns and averaging 28.3 yards in his first four games, Graig Cooper has had just one kickoff return over the last four games... Cooper and Javarris James have combined for few yards and scores (47 att., 251 yards, 1 TD) over the last four gams than Damien Berry (43 att., 303 yards, 4 TDs).

> Offensive MVP: Jacory Harris. For those of you bashing J12, he's actually put up similar numbers over his last four games (75-120, 63% comp, 8 TDs, 6 INTs, 1,096 yards) as he did his first four games (69-112, 61.6% comp, 8 TDs, 5 INTs, 1,008 yards). The difference? Pass protection. He's been sacked seven more times his last four games than his first four. I was going to give it to Leonard Hankerson (before he his big drops at Wake Forest) and thought about Damien Berry. But when I looked deep inside the numbers -- and past J12's six picks -- it was Harris who really shined for UM. Berry collected most of his 303 rushing yards over the past month against FAMU (when he ran for 162 on 14 carries).

> Defensive MVP: Allen Bailey. The big guy produced five of his team-leading seven sacks in October and forced the fumble that led to Marcus Robinson's touchdown against Clemson. He has seven tackles for loss over his last four games and has been UM's only consistent pass rusher. If I had to pick a runner-up, it's Colin McCarthy. He led UM with 11 tackles Saturday at Wake Forest and leads the team with 60 tackles this season. His biggest contribution though was his key interception at UCF.

> Special Teams MVP: Matt Bosher. After missing two field goals against Georgia Tech, he's turned it around making eight in a row including a long of 51 against Clemson. His punting has also been on point as he's averaged 41.1 yards a boot and hasn't allowed for any long returrns. He's also handling the kickoff duties again since Alex Uribe's mishap against Clemson.

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17/18/19 year old kids going up against 22/23/24 year old men! I don't care how talented you are. You are at a disadvantage when playing a physical game against 5th year seniors. No matter the program.

Posted by: Dyrty Dawg | November 02, 2009 at 04:40 PM

Name me ONE 17 or 18 year old kid that is playing significant time for Duh U . Just ONE ! They're ALL 19-20-21...

Problem is rather they're 20, 25 or 30 yrs. old, the PLAYMAKERS just AREN"T There ! But they are a coming right ?

And ohhhh yeah, no doubt, all the teams Duh Canes have played this year are starting 22, 23 and 24 yr. olds huh?

Drop that ExcUse, it's way too weak .

Make Simple GAME ADJUSTMENTS !!! ... There In Lies Ur Problem | November 02, 2009 at 07:11 PM

That's what bothers me the most about watching Miami these days . All the coaching turnover these past 3 years just isn't fair to the kids. Is there more coming? I still hope it gets better soon, but won't believe it until I see it.

The bottom line is we won that game (from a 17-0 deficit) where any team from the last 5 years would have lost. Those were Coker's kids. These are Shannon's kids.

Posted by: NYC Cane05 | November 02, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Is that to say that being down 17-0 early to a 4-4 team is acceptable?

There is fear which breeds hate.

This program is headed in the right direction. Someone posted a video from Rivals where the guy predicts that Clements, Michealee Harris & Lemonier are probable locks to sign with the U. Linder is deciding between ND & The U & is expected to make it public soon.

Obviously someone is going to say RS missed out on Luc or Joyner or some other player. But other programs missed out on what looks like a 25 to 27 player recruiting class that Miami will put together.

I do have to wonder if that silent commit was actually Lemonier or Harris. Most speculated it was Clements.

This program is headed in the right direction. Someone posted a video from Rivals where the guy predicts that Clements, Michealee Harris & Lemonier are probable locks to sign with the U. Linder is deciding between ND & The U & is expected to make it public soon.

Posted by: epsab@msn.com | November 02, 2009 at 08:06 PM


Relax, Signing Day is still over 3 months away ...


I do have to wonder if that silent commit was actually Lemonier or Harris. Most speculated it was Clements.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i hear it's Tebow's clone ... u got u a qb ... maybe ?

This must be the link:


17/18/19 year old kids going up against 22/23/24 year old men!
I don't care how talented you are.

Posted by: Dyrty Dawg | November 02, 2009 at 04:40 PM

Fox (sr), Franklin (jr), Trump (sr), Figueroa (jr), Pipho (sr)


You are at a disadvantage when playing a physical game against 5th year seniors.
No matter the program.

Posted by: Dyrty Dawg | November 02, 2009 at 04:40 PM



We need Don Soldinger back at rb coach.
lets list his guys:
Not a bad resume

Good stuff Manny. I agree the offensive player of the month is J12 with D.Berry being runner up. I kinda disagree with U on the defensive side. I would give C.McCarthy player of the month. With out him this defense looks like last years defense. With A.Bailey being runner up. Here is my list of guys on the rise.

1.T.Collier- All he does is make plays.
2.T.Johnson- Most all around player. Need more touches.
3.A.Johnson- Best hands on team but a posession receiver.
4.J.Campbell- Playing the best ball in the secondary.
5.DVD- Confidence is growing with each game. He's starting to get it.
6.J.Joseph- Should be playing every down at one of the DT positions.
7.M.Bosher- Big time punts in the Wake game. Was my MVP of the game.

anyone else like the idea of us getting commitments from guys who liked UF(devonta davis) and FSU(greg dent) but decided to be a cane? i think it makes for a good storyline. theyre motivated to show the other schools they made a mistake not offering them and they get their revenge.

This program is going in the right direction.

The talent pool is almost to the depth that is required to sustain.

A few key stats not recently mentioned. A very high graduation rate, no players arrested, no stupid off field headline making acts.

Manny, thank you for the insight you provide to the program.

True Cane Fans you know who you are. Thanks for your support and interesting opinions.

To those of you who complain about the coaches, the players, the this and the that, you are without a doubt the same morons that give S Fla the Road Rage title every year... 1 word... Pathetic.

Good Luck Team against Virginia and the rest of the season.

May the bite of the injury bug stop!


anyone have a subscription to insidetheu.com? whats up with hall's reaction to storm's commitment? please post!

I got BANNED FROM POSTING for making criticisms of PANZY before the Clemson game. The guy CANNOT coach and that game showed it!!! He's a HORRIBLE coach.

I am sure someone has mentioned it before, but I couldn't read all of the posts; however, UM's problem is POSITION COACHING plain and simple!!! It is NOT youth! It is NOT injuries and lack of depth. Why do the CB's INEXPLICABLY leave their feet to bat at passes that the have NO chance of even touching?!

I said it before and you guys flayed me, but UM has VERY BAD DL, LB, and DB coaches! They are pretty bad and it shows in tackling and technique. Someone said it too, it really shows in their lack of ability to ADJUST in the game. They make the SAME mistakes in the 4th qrtr that the made in the 1st. And they make the same mistakes game after game.

Case in point, and I am going to stop boring you all, but why hasn't anybody told Sam Shields (one of my favorite players of ALL TIME in ANY SPORT) that he's not Deion Sanders? Why hasn't he been told just let the guy catch the ball as long as he's in FRONT of you?! They couldn't have told him that and he's making the SAME mistake and is still on the field! I won't believe the coaches are even that bad!

For reasons I won't say here I can't be racist but I am going to say that I think Shannon is a good coach, but he has some SERIOUS shortcomings!

UM's defense has had the SAME problem for 10 years! They can't stop a running shot gun QB! You'd think after two years he would've figured out how to teach his linemen to read and react to that!

Someone explain to me how EVERYTIME the DL run stunts THREE linemen ends up in the SAME spot on the field?!!! HOW?!!!

UM's coaching of fundamentals is PISS POOR!!!



Where is the love for Theron Collier? This guys has been 100% clutch. Without getting any of the press that Hankerson, Byrd, Baby-J, Coop, etc get...he just does his job. He clearly has the best hands on the team...dude catches everything near him. Say what you want about Benjamin's TD catch or Berry's running, if Collier doesn't catch that crazy (thrown behind him) pass near the 2 yard line AND that terrific sideline catch where he twisted his body around and took it from 2 defenders, we have ZERO chance to win this game. He's the MVP in my mind. Keep tossing it to #28.

Colin McCarthy - defensive MVP, not just for October, but for the whole year. Keep this guy on the field!

Sorry Manny.. but I think you missed the boat on this one...

MVP of Defense and Offense... should go to Sam Shields!!! Yeah, I said it, Sammy. Look beyond the missed tackles and follow him thru to the end of the plays... He is getting better at CB and that bogus call for pass interference was BS. then look at another pass block play, then look at a missed tackle and then watch him follow the play to the end and caused a forced fumble, then look at another recovered fumble...

Yeah, Sam for MVP

As for Jacory... Just another average day... No big deal... LOL, but also give most of the credit to the receivers for making some circus catches during this game

And as for Bailey, not taking anything away from him... one because I can't, LOL. and yes he had a great day but without Sam's contributions... I think we would have lost.

Graham has 3 TD's not 1, i think you need the Rabbi Shmuley.

I just hope Bailey will stay around for his Senior season... talk about eating his Wheaties! The guy is a MONSTER!

Let's go Canes....REGARDLESS of what some might say on here about Shannon he still turned this program around and he will soon be rewarded for that. Let the haters keep hated and that includes our own fan base. I personally think some of U have some personal issues with Shannon..therefore i can't wait until he brings home the crystal (NC) one day to silence some of U!!! I still think even if he does that some of U will still find something to Nagg about...It is plain and simple some of U whine all day and i bet your girlfriends are tired of your b@$%icthing too.. U are always crying about this and that...i bet she is like " i thought i was suppose to wear the panties in this house i guess not"! LOL...Anyaways lets get it this week Canes. We are at home so we should play with a little bit more energy then we did against Wake. Besides after all that has gone on this season WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE A BCS BID AND PLAY FOR A ACC TITLE barring that G-tech looses another game.. But still we will have some Cane fans bi@%^&tching and moaning something that will NEVER I MEAN NEVER LEAVE THEM.. JUST PLAIN PATHETIC


We can't get caught up in rebuilding the 2001 Miami Hurricanes, that strategy is destined to fail. That was the greatest college football team ever!!!! Noone should ever doubt that!

It's not the receipe for a sustainable winner. There will be times when we have to develop players and that's something we don't do right now. Look at Sharpton, he hasn't gotten any better here. Arthur Brown has 2 years in this system and he still can't get on the field. We will run Colin McCarthy until the wheels fall off before Arthur Brown gets in. Shields, who is performing with so much heart, isn't being coached on technique.

IMO we want that much talent to overcome the coaching. I used to believe it was all about talent, it's not. College football is evolving and we have to evolve with it. Having anyone as the head coach isn't going to work anymore.

Its good to see Pedro back... After the Canes won against Oklahoma... He went back to eating Churros in Hialeah...

The good thing is that we have the W against WF... Canes will continue to win... but these W should be an eye opener for every player who is not injured... Hope the really step up and finish stong...


canesjunkie i guess Usc coaches haven't coached up their players enough after getting drove by Oregon... Pete carrol is a lousy coach huh.. Man it happens all the time in college so get used to it. We will get better in time besides don't it ever doan on U that maybe some of these guys are not that good anyways even if they were coached by Vince Lombardi himself... again all we do is criticize the coaches(mainly Shannon) and the team. i wonder how many Gator fans are barking at their team play this year when they played sub par on offense before the Georgia game....well not many because they can careless , all that matters to them is thw "W".

Junkie - You make fair points but I'm not sure I completely agree. Well yes, I agree we shouldn't be seeking to "rebuild the 2001 'Canes," I think it's unfair to look to college football evolving as the issue. We're not talking about distant history here. Also, if you're going to use the "college football is evolving" argument, then you can't expect to have the same success going forward as we've had in the past.

I agree that talent alone will not allow a team to be consistently dominant, but it still wins games the majority of the time in D1 (yes, D1, screw this FCS crap).

Pointing to Sharpton and Shields is unfair because they're Coker's guys. But I'm glad you point out Shields. The guy was a disaster with tons of attitude issues until Shannon took over. At that point he was WAY behind the curve in developing, but now he has the right attitude, is playing where he's told, and is contributing. I'll note that he's my least favorite player on the roster because his technique is atrocious.

Lots of people will point to Brown but he's ONE guy. The star system doesn't always get it right and I'm glad we don't solely use that to recruit anymore. But let's look at the talent that Shannon has brought in and the impact they've made:

All of the Northwestern guys who have got playing time have contributed in MAJOR ways as freshmen/sophomores. Mike James is a stud in the making. Same for Olivier Vernon.

All I'm saying here is look at Butch Davis. He was 5-7 in his third year and you would without any doubt be calling for his head in the same way right now (NCAA sanctions or not). Shannon is following the same blueprint Davis laid out and is 6-2 in his third year, and really should get a complete pass on his first year. Do you really think we'll lose the rest of our games and not make a bowl? All I'm saying is take a good look at what he's done from what he started with. If Randy is still putting together lackluster teams and mediocre season in another two years, then he's not the right guy for the job. But remember, this is the same guy who coached the 2001 and 2002 defenses. As fans and alums, we owe our support to a man who was part of (and materially contributed to) THREE national titles at the U.

As fans and alums, we owe our support to a man who was part of (and materially contributed to) THREE national titles at the U.

Posted by: NYC Cane05 | November 03, 2009 at 10:04 AM


Very intelligent observation Green. Please pat yourself on the back, and go ahead and take the rest of the day off from driving the school bus. Heck, you can even go home, enjoy yourself a frosty Keystone Light and have yourself a nice dip of that Skoal. You earned it.

I'm sure you're proving your wife and kids that you'll make it out of the trailor one of these days.


I'm not from New York and don't have an accent. That's real sharp though, are you going to call me a doodoo-head next? I guess maybe that Keystone Light was a little premature.

Keep trying and maybe some day you'll be able to be an adult who can participate in intelligent conversation. Until then, the wheels on the bus go round and round.

The only good thing with all these injuries on defense is we will have about 20 guys back with starting experience next year. The bad part about the defense is we get zero pressure on the Q.B., aside from Bailey, and our secondary is getting ate up. Where are the 6'4 or 6'5 DT's? We need some tall beefy guys up front, we are to short. We need to disguise some blitz packages and not make it so obvious when we do blitz. The O. Line will continue to be an albetros for us and it will be worse next year, if we don't start giving some young guys some P.T., it couldn't be any worse than it is now.Stick with Berry in the backfield, at least he runs hard on every play. There is also no reason that Benjamin, Johnson and Byrd, shouldn't have at least 4 catches a piece or more every game. It amazes me how every game one of these guys disappears.
It's not Shannon that needs to go, he either needs to be his own D. coordinator or get rid of the secondary coach.

Junkie - It has to do with the fact that, as an alum, I would expect you have seen and taken note of the history of this Miami program. Coming from someone who has followed this program closely for 20 years, I see the significant parallels to the 1999 team. I see Shannon recruiting local players that are athletes first, and proven winners. I see Shannon creating a team first mentality with a locker room that polices itself. Shannon is a coach who embraces competition whereas Coker would have just given the starting job to the most senior player. These characteristics are hallmarks of the successful UM teams of the past.

Additionally, I see 18 and 19 year-old KIDS making big plays in big games. I see a lack of senior leadership in a BIG way. I see more starters out to injury than any 'Cane team I can remember.

Wake may have looked like the Saints on us and I'm not sitting here saying we look incredible or there's not work to be done. The bottom line is we won that game (from a 17-0 deficit) where any team from the last 5 years would have lost. Those were Coker's kids. These are Shannon's kids. Do you not remember the 2001 'Canes, one of the greatest teams of all-time, needing a MIRACLE to beat an unranked Boston College?

Good teams don't win all their games. Great teams have close calls against inferior opponents. I've sat and watched Shannon take over a complete mess at Miami and make it start to show simliarities to great teams of old. I have a ton of faith in Randy because he's been there and done that, and understands what makes Miami the program that it is.

Posted by: NYC Cane05 | November 02, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Remember, the game vs La. Tech when Dorsey threw 2 picks & it lowered us in the computers? That is why FSU played OU for the title, evern though we beat them that year. No 1 team will always play their "A" game. I believe in the staff. 6-2!!!!

green is the same pig that posts all over the place. He is also pedro. Stupid ignorant pig with only negative things to say. He needs to get laid, by a woman, more often.

Clements just came out of the woodwork for the Canes. Keep the recruits rollin in!

Caneiac - More info? What's your source? Lot's of us (myself included) think he's the silent commit.

Eduardo Clements

He** yes!


So who is the silent commit?

Sorry guys, rivals has it. I hope the silent is someone else, that would be awesome...but I suspect it was Clements and Storm's announcement made him think it was time! Hopefully Manny sheds some light on that this afternoon.

BTW, we really need Linder...

Phuckthis first off you should be happy someone like manny is covering UM because everyone else in the media puts us in a negative light. Second of all like I said to you before you want a change meaning somebody else is going to come in which means the kids have to adjust to new coaches which doesn't automatically mean you are going to see production right away wich will only want you to get rid of that coach too. And don't really assume coaches are going too run down here to coach @ UM anyway. Remember Shannon was the 4th or 5th option so I'd rather have him be our coach and go through the growing pains with him than wait another few years with someone else. It's not just about coaching these kids need some heart too.

Right now, I think Damien Berry deserves mention as Miami's Mr. October. As Jacory goes, so do the Canes, but he's been shaky lately and Damien Berry has been a bulldozer for the Canes every time his number's called.

IGNOR the FAKES & HATERS! That's not the real green who's posted the last couple days! The fake is even trying to imitate how green posts! IGNOR!

Shannon has the right approach & is the right person in charge. The recruits know this as well. Their parents know this too!

Colin McCarthy has been consistently on his game. Even against VTech he was one of the only ones who looked like he came to play. Some positions just don't get the press.

Man Shannon is really bringing in the KIDS! Clements commits! That makes 3 commits in 3 days!

Yea fire that head coach.

Ranked for weeks now in the top 25 Fire that head coach.


What good are these running backs if we got no talent on the line. We have all the offense skilled players you could want. WE NEED GOOD OFFENSE & DEFENSIVE LINEMEN, no make that big time stud linemen. Linder is a must and it would be nice to get lemonaire or have ever you spell his last name and Ferguson would put icing on the cake.
With the talent we have now we should be blowing these bums out of the water.

Posted by: green impostor | November 03, 2009 at 01:54 PM

assumed identity ...


IGNOR the FAKES & HATERS! That's not the real green who's posted the last couple days! The fake is even trying to imitate how green posts!

Posted by: Dyrty Dawg | November 03, 2009 at 01:02 PM

can you see the real me, mother? whoa, mother!
can you see? can you see the real me?
can you see? can you see the real me, the real me, the real me ...
-- the who

Dyrty Dawg got my back : )


green is the same pig that posts all over the place. He is also pedro. Stupid ignorant pig with only negative things to say. He needs to get laid, by a woman, more often.

Posted by: TruThruCane | November 03, 2009 at 11:48 AM

Green? Who cares about that phrase uttering moron. Dude couldn't put a sentence together to save his life.

This is the same guy that trumpets "Kohler toilets".

What an enormous tool.

How'd those toilets work out for U Greeeeeeeeeeen?? Were the $17 chicken sandwiches moist and delicious? Was watching Beanpole Harris run for his life in HD more enjoyable. Did Wayne lube you before he bent you over for $20 parking? Did you enjoy the ambiance of having 30k in a 75k stadium? Did you shed a tear of pride when you glanced upon the polyvinyl removable ring of honor?


Posted by: Gator agent provocateur....great work detective greeeeeen | January 29, 2009 at 08:21 AM



Posted by: green | November 03, 2009 at 02:07 PM

Amen to that!

Go 'canes!



Posted by: The curse of Art Kehoe | November 03, 2009 at 08:45 AM


That's how you F'ing Swamp Donkey! Randy's building a power that will last for years to come! Any shortcoming on display in this years team is viewed as an opportunity for a recruit. But of course you know nothing about the game or how it's played.

Welcome Eduardo!

Go 'canes!

Great comeback "Fakey"! Did you type that all by yourself?

Ready or not, here they (UM) come!


Go 'canes!

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